German Police Union Leader: “These People Should Be Deported”

The following interview from German television discusses the security concepts used on Silvester Night (New Year’s Eve) in Cologne. The man being interviewed is Ernst Walter, the Chairman of the Federal Police Union, a direct subordinate of Rainer Wendt, the Federal Chairman of the Federal Police Union.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The following related post, also translated by Nash Montana, was published at the German police union website:

Cologne Silvester Night — DPoIG: Police employed measures based on experience

Accusations that the police used racial profiling on Silvester night, are emphatically rejected by the DPoIG. Rainer Wendt, the chairman of the federal police union, said to the Huffington Post: “That has nothing to do with racial profiling. The police are merely relying on their experience from the past, and not on skin color alone. It is now unfortunately a fact that when it comes to criminal acts during the Cologne Silvester Night of 2015 to 2016, it wasn’t 60-year-old German pensioners who took part in the chaos, it was young African males.”

The chairman of the DPoIG Police union Ernst G. Walter also defended police procedures. The majority of the controlled individuals were acute offenders, Walters said in an interview with the TV channel PHOENIX. The federal states therefore will have to finally examine and change their deportation methods. It can’t be that so many who have committed multiple crimes are still free to walk around.

Below is a quote from Rainer Wendt, also on the police union website:

Thousands of fathers and mothers weren’t able to celebrate Silvester with their families — they were working on location for the police, the fire department, and as security personnel to prevent women from being groped, raped, or robbed. A considerable number of security measures were necessary as well in order to prevent any possible terror attacks. Both worked out; the smart operational concepts worked.

It is the duty of the politically responsible to change the conditions under which such celebrations take place. Nobody would want the kinds of civic celebrations with a Christian connection to take place only behind concrete walls, and only with heavily armed protection. Anyway, it is a reality that the offenders will find new opportunities to offend. And it is clear that the police with all their help will not be able to hold that level of security all year around the clock. We already know the number of Islamist threats, and it is already too high to be able to surveil them without any gaps. Furthermore, there’s the possibility that dangerous terrorists are already in the country, but we don’t yet know who they are. There are definitely too many uncontrolled people that came into Germany, and we are paying a price now.

If the government thinks that they have a lot of time in order to make the necessary decisions and then give these decisions legs, they are massively wrong. A changed asylum policy is necessary, and it should be done as quick as possible, as well as a massive investment in personnel, equipment and technological improvements for security people. The states have to stop thinking in their provincial patterns, and they finally have to act in collaboration with the others. The police need a universal and interconnected structure in order to exchange and direct existing information better, and additionally protective measures, communication and authorizations/warrants have to be optimized, and that especially is true for our news services.

And lastly the justice system has to see to it that the duty of the state to protect receives a higher significance and importance than it has up until now. Pointless suspended sentences often have the opposite effect of what it was hoped they would achieve — the freshly released offenders laugh at and despise our nation of laws, and only feel encouraged to commit more crimes. And dangerous offenders who have no right even to be in Germany have to be taken into custody so that their deportation can take place as soon as possible.

Police, fire department and security personnel did an excellent job on Silvester Night, but the year has 364 more nights to go. Now politicians and the judiciary must finally realize that they have to act.

Video transcript:

0:00   In Dusseldorf I now greet Ernst Walter, chairman of the German Police Union.
0:03   Good morning to Dusseldorf!
0:06   Good morning, and a happy new year.
0:09   Right back at you, and at this point I want to thank you and your colleagues
0:12   for all your hard work on Silvester Night. Many of your colleagues were at work that night,
0:15   thank you for that. And now of course the discussion
0:18   about the operation in Cologne
0:21   is already in high gear on this Monday.
0:24   The Green party boss Simone Peters praises your operation,
0:27   but also asks if that was legally permitted in Cologne,
0:30   to wholesale-control [stop and demand ID] so many North Africans so off-handedly.
0:33   What is your opinion of this?
0:36   Well, first of all I have to say that the operational concepts
0:39   of the Cologne Police president in charge, Jürgen Matthis,
0:42   and of the police president in charge of all of Westphalia,
0:45   Wolfgang Wurm, that the concepts worked as they should,
0:48   and that thousands of colleagues have prevented
0:51   A repetition of the excesses of last year.
0:54   And one has to clearly recognize
0:57   that it would have come to such rampages, to such anarchy,
1:00   If we hadn’t been on location
1:03   with this massive number of security personnel,
1:06   and that doesn’t just go for Cologne; there were other
1:09   cities in Germany where it came to such excesses.
1:12   The question one really has to ask is not
1:15   the one that Frau Peters is now asking
1:18   as the self-appointed speech police,
1:21   the real question is how we can politically prevent
1:24   even the existence of such serious North African criminals,
1:27   and that is what we really should think about.
1:30   In my opinion, and in the opinion of the German Police union,
1:33   these people should be deported.
1:36   If they are serious criminals, and they can’t be deported,
1:39   then they belong behind bars under lock and key,
1:42   and not on the streets of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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  1. Things will change when the political and manipulating (ruling?) classes live in fear. It’s time to infiltrate their security-providing system . . . and make it very “unreliable” and unpredictable.

  2. I have said this before,but the DPolG is a minor union, not “the” federal one, and thus overrated by the media.
    Nevertheless, they are ubiquitous in the media.The big DPG is not to be heard of, inclining more socialdemocratic and liberal.

  3. well,I hesitate using the word deportation,but it makes me think of lesser cushioned means , below coach class i.e.Maybe a deal with Mr. Putin about creating jobs in Siberias penitentiary system could encourage the invaders to return to their homes immediately.

  4. Interesting that in Germany a senior police official can publicly use the word deportation. In Britain it would not be possible.

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