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Three men have been remanded in custody in Sweden for allegedly participating in or abetting a gang-rape that was streamed live on Facebook. Two of those who were remanded are Afghans, and one is a teenager.

In other news, President Donald Trump announced that he will request a major investigation into voter fraud that took place in the November presidential election. Mr. Trump maintains that three to five million people voted illegally in the election.

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Financial Crisis
» Market Charges Higher, Dow 20,000 Achieved
» A Woman Flew Through a Tornado in a Bathtub and Survived
» Al Gore’s Latest Climate-Change Lie
» AP Sets up Secure Web Site So Trump-Hating Federal Employees Can Run to the Media and Not Get Caught
» Arizona Man Helped Baruch College Student Join ISIS: Prosecutors
» Assange: Obama Commuted Manning’s Sentence to ‘Make Life Hard for Me’
» Faithfully Divided
» Faith Leaders for America Denounce Imam Mohamed Magid; Call on President Trump to Designate Magid’s Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood
» Madonna Banned From Texas Radio Station Following DC Women’s March Comments
» Secret Service Agent May Face Disciplinary Action Over Her Anti-Trump Facebook Posts
» The Damage Done by Yasmin Seweid’s Hijab Hate Hoax
» Trump Promises ‘Major Investigation’ Into Alleged Voter Fraud
» WaPo Continues Calling President Trump a Liar for Citing Its Own Piece on Non-Citizen Voting
» White House Deletes Spanish Version of Its Website and Spain Isn’t Happy About it
Europe and the EU
» Austria: Firearms Freedom Advocate Sentenced to Jail for Claiming Islam ‘At War’ With the West
» Catalonia Vows it Will Hold Independence Referendum in September
» Denmark Once Again Declared World’s Least Corrupt Country
» EU Hikes Support for Libya Coast Guard to Stop Migrants
» France: Jihadists ‘Stashed Thousands of Euros’ Among Graves at Famous Paris Cemetery
» French Prosecutors Open Probe Into Report of Fillon’s Wife’s Fake Jobs
» Germany: Former EU Leader to Face Off Against Merkel in Election
» Germany: Cologne to Protect Its Famous Carnival From Truck Attacks
» German Police Say Sex Attackers Flock to Cologne as ‘Magnet for Migrants’
» Hungarian Prime Minister Calls EU Federalism an ‘Illusion’
» ‘My First Reaction to Brexit Was That I Cried’: German Finance Minister
» Spectacular Viking Manor Discovered Near Birka
» Sweden: ‘Facebook Rape Video’ Trio in Court for Detention Hearing
» Sweden: More Calls to “Honour Violence” Support Line
» Sweden: Hoards of the Vikings
» Trump’s Likely EU Ambassador Hints Euro ‘Could Fail’ In 18 Months
» UK: Rotherham Sex Gang: Five Men Guilty of Sex Offences on Two Girls Raped and Held Hostage
Israel and the Palestinians
» Former Chief Rabbi of Israel to Serve Time for Corruption
Middle East
» Truth About Hate
South Asia
» Afghanistan Orders Arrest of Vice President’s Guards in Rape and Torture Case
» Year of the Rooster: Good Fortune for Malaysia’s Dwindling Chinese Community?
Far East
» China’s Foreign Minister Says Beijing Wants to Manage Disputes and Promote Bilateral Relations With US
» China Tightens Great Firewall by Declaring Unauthorised VPN Services Illegal
» Chinese Lunar New Year: The Billions of Journeys
Sub-Saharan Africa
» Madonna Applies to Adopt 2 More Children From Malawi
Latin America
» ‘Donald Trump’s Doomed to Fail’ EU Goes Head to Head With US With Huge Attack on President
» Four Bitcoin Miners Arrested in Venezuela
» AfD Leader Petry Wants to Strike Right to Asylum From German Constitution
» Austria: The 6,165 Irregular Migrants Who Can’t be Deported From Vienna
» Austrians Living in Fear as Migrant Gangs Carry Out Daily Attacks
» French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen Refused Entry to Refugee Camp
» Migrant Who Tried to Rape Woman Jailed Said ‘He Was Aroused’
» Soros and MasterCard Join Forces to Profit From Immigration
Culture Wars
» Say No to Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

Market Charges Higher, Dow 20,000 Achieved

The stock market once again pushed to all-time highs for the second day in a row as the market followed up Tuesday’s gains with more upside.

The Nasdaq rallied 1%, reaching a new all-time high, while the S&P 500 and Dow Jones industrial average both followed up with 0.8% gains, as the blue-chip index finally captured the 20,000 level.

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A Woman Flew Through a Tornado in a Bathtub and Survived

Violent thunderstorms tore across the South over the weekend, killing 19 people. But in an incredible stroke of good fortune, a bathtub probably saved the life of a woman sheltering from a twister that carved a 13-mile path in east Texas, near the border with Louisiana.

The National Weather Service forecast office in Shreveport, La., filed a storm report Monday night that is a simply jaw-dropping. It describes an 800-yard-wide tornado packing winds of 130 mph that tore off the roof of a storage building on Saturday and tossed a party barge 200 yards into a grove of trees. But here is the unbelievable part:

A woman inside took shelter in a bathtub and the tornado lifted the tub out of the home and deposited it in the woods with the woman still in the tub but the woman was not injured.

Jason Hansford, a senior meteorologist who conducted the storm survey, said he spoke to the woman after the incident.

“She heard the tornado warning come out and she took cover in the tub in her bathroom,” he said. “The only thing she remembers is that the tornado came in from the southwest across her home. At that point the whole backside of her house was sheared off. Her bath tub was ripped out of her bathroom and she ended up still in her tub in some woods near her home.”

Hansford said he didn’t know exactly how far the women, who he estimated to be in her 60s, was thrown. Except for some cuts and bruises, “she was uninjured but emotionally shaken,” he said, adding that her house was totaled.

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Al Gore’s Latest Climate-Change Lie

With his lucrative climate-change agenda and predictions under water, former vice president Al Gore (shown) is pulling out all the stops to salvage his reputation and earning potential. The latest example is a spun claim that one of his (many) incorrect predictions has actually come to pass.

In his global-warming propaganda film An Inconvenient Truth, Gore spoke of how ice melt-off could lead to the flooding of low-lying areas, including Manhattan. In fact, nine years ago he warned of a high probability that the “entire North Polar ice cap” may well be gone in five years. Instead, reports are that Arctic ice is the thickest it has been in 75 years. And Manhattan? Well, it’s still dry and as all wet with liberalism as ever.

Nonetheless, Gore insists in his latest environmental monetizing effort, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power (video below), that Manhattan did in fact end up under water, as per his warning. His reasoning?

Super-storm Sandy caused Big Apple flooding.

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AP Sets up Secure Web Site So Trump-Hating Federal Employees Can Run to the Media and Not Get Caught

You’ve probably heard in the past day or two that the Trump Administration has imposed a “gag order” on the EPA and the USDA. That’s the media being drama queens. As with any change of administration, policies are reviewed, and until new policies are put in place and everyone understands them, the new boss doesn’t want agencies under him undermining his priorities by making public statements that conflict with them.

For example, the White House doesn’t want the EPA posting on Facebook and Twitter about “climate change” in ways that reflect Obama policies but not Trump policies. That’s as ordinary as the day is long, and you’ll see it at any level of government or within any corporation when new leadership replaces old and policies are reviewed.

But the media are all about giving you “news” that advances the narrative that Trump is Hitler, and the faker the betterr, so they’re in a meltdown over this Gestapo-like silencing of the brave, truth-telling public servants deep in the bureaucracy.

And since the media are most definitely at war with the president, they’re trying using their social media accounts to let bureaucrats know how they can disobey the boss and — they hope — get way with it.

The AP has set up a secure site that serves little purpose other than to let Trump-hating federal employees cover their tracks when they give unauthorized leaks to their favorite AP reporters. One of those is Seth Borenstein, who is letting his Facebook friends in the deep state know there are many ways they can violate policy and live to tell about it:

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Arizona Man Helped Baruch College Student Join ISIS: Prosecutors

The Baruch college student who died fighting for ISIS loved his life in the bloodthirsty terror group — even marrying a 16-year-old “sex slave,” court proceedings revealed Wednesday.

Ahmed Mohammed el-Gammal faces federal terrorism charges for aiding the student, Samy el-Goarany, in joining ISIS in early 2015.

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Assange: Obama Commuted Manning’s Sentence to ‘Make Life Hard for Me’

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange famously promised to accept extradition to the United States if the original WikiLeaker, Chelsea Manning, was set free.

His views on Manning’s freedom underwent another curious mutation in an interview with Australian television, in which he described Barack Obama’s commutation of Manning’s sentence as a move intended to make Assange’s life more difficult.

As the UK Guardian reports, Assange accused Obama of “wanting, I guess, to look tough” by denying he signed the Manning clemency just to put Assange in a tough spot.

“What’s the result? It is going to make life hard for Assange because either he will be extradited to the US or we will show him [to be] a liar. Therefore, it is OK to pardon Chelsea Manning — that’s what happened,” he said, referring to himself in the third person.

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Faithfully Divided

Critics of Trump’s inaugural speech complained that he did not do enough to reach out to the opposition, and that his narrow victory compels him essentially to share power with the other side. But the “resistance,” including members of Congress, has already made clear that it will do everything it can to gum up America going forward, in an effort to delegitimize Trump’s government. If the protests we have seen so far are any indication of what the future holds, then it’s doubtful that our nation’s divisions will be bound up any time soon.

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Faith Leaders for America Denounce Imam Mohamed Magid; Call on President Trump to Designate Magid’s Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood

In his inaugural address yesterday, President Donald J. Trump powerfully pledged to “eradicate Radical Islamic Terrorism from the face of the earth.” Today, at the National Prayer Service in Washington, D.C., a prayer was offered by one of its most dangerous practitioners: Imam Mohamed Magid, a top leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States. Mohamed Magid is the lmam of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) mosque complex in Northern Virginia, one of the most Sharia-adherent and jihadist in the country.

He was also for two terms, the president of the group that the U.S. government has established in court as a Muslim Brotherhood front, the Islamic Society of North America. In fact, it is the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization in the country. (A partial dossier of Magid’s jihadist ties, his ominous policy prescriptions and his access to and influence during the Obama administration is below.)

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Madonna Banned From Texas Radio Station Following DC Women’s March Comments

Madonna has been banned from a Texas radio station following her controversial comments at the Women’s March on Washington.

HITS 105 in Texarkana, Texas, made the announcement in response to the singer saying she has “thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.”

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Secret Service Agent May Face Disciplinary Action Over Her Anti-Trump Facebook Posts

A senior official with the U.S. Secret Service may face disciplinary action after posting comments to Facebook suggesting that she would not “take a bullet” for President Trump.

Kerry O’Grady, the special agent in charge for the Denver district, also added “I am with her,” a nod to the slogan for Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to the posting.

O’Grady’s comments were made in October, during the height of the presidential campaign and shortly after the release of a tape in which Trump made lewd comments about women. But they only came to light this week.

“Despite the fact that I am expected to take a bullet for both sides. But this world has changed and I have changed,” O’Grady wrote, according to the Washington Examiner. “And I would take jail time over a bullet or an endorsement for what I believe to be a disaster to this country and the strong and amazing women and minorities who reside here.”

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The Damage Done by Yasmin Seweid’s Hijab Hate Hoax

Baruch College student Yasmin Seweid, we now know, was not herself the victim of a hate crime. She made it all up. But by telling the tale of her attack by men shouting “Trump,” ripping at her hijab, while a trainful of New Yorkers sat silent, she victimized many others.

First on the list: the New York Police Department, which spent precious resources chasing a fabricated assault. Cops tried to track down witnesses — there were none. They reviewed video for clues — there were none.

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Trump Promises ‘Major Investigation’ Into Alleged Voter Fraud

President Trump announced Wednesday that he will be asking for a “major investigation” into alleged nationwide voter fraud — a day after his press secretary was grilled on Trump’s claims that 3 million to 5 million people had voted illegally in November.

Trump announced the move on Twitter, and said the probe will focus on “those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and even those registered to vote who are dead (and many for a long time).”

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WaPo Continues Calling President Trump a Liar for Citing Its Own Piece on Non-Citizen Voting

Did millions of non-citizens and illegal aliens vote for Hillary? There’s certainly a sizable amount of non-citizen voting. The Washington Post has been denying it the loudest even though it ran some of the original materials on non-citizen voting.

How many non-citizens participate in U.S. elections? More than 14 percent of non-citizens in both the 2008 and 2010 samples indicated that they were registered to vote. Furthermore, some of these non-citizens voted. Our best guess, based upon extrapolations from the portion of the sample with a verified vote, is that 6.4 percent of non-citizens voted in 2008 and 2.2 percent of non-citizens voted in 2010.

Because non-citizens tended to favor Democrats (Obama won more than 80 percent of the votes of non-citizens in the 2008 CCES sample), we find that this participation was large enough to plausibly account for Democratic victories in a few close elections.

WaPo insists that Trump’s claim has no evidence even though the evidence has been repeatedly cited. It got so bad that WaPo’s fact checker called its own paper a dubious source. But that’s just the media’s alternative facts and alternate reality.

The original study was dangerous because too much of the political machine runs on voter fraud. And the obvious solution, Voter ID, has been fought tooth and nail.

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White House Deletes Spanish Version of Its Website and Spain Isn’t Happy About it

Spain voiced concern Monday over the disappearance of the US White House’s Spanish-language website since Donald Trump came to power, saying it was “not a good idea” in a country with millions of Hispanics.

The White House has not yet clarified whether the Spanish section of the website has been taken down temporarily to be updated, or whether US President Trump’s new administration has decided to remove it altogether.

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Austria: Firearms Freedom Advocate Sentenced to Jail for Claiming Islam ‘At War’ With the West

Austrian firearm legislation liberalisation campaigner Dr. Georg Zakrajsek has been sentenced to five months in prison for claiming that Islam had declared war on the Western world.

The Vienna court ruled Mr. Zakrajsek, secretary general of the pro-gun Society for Liberal Gun Laws in Austria (IWÖ), was guilty of incitement and hate speech.

In December 2015, he posted to his website that “the Muslims have declared war on us all”, and added “our traitorous politicians determined to be on their side. They promoteand facilitate terrorism. But we will fight,” Kurier reports.

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Catalonia Vows it Will Hold Independence Referendum in September

THE President of Catalonia has vowed it will hold an independence referendum this September.

Carles Puigdemont made the promise to a packed Brussels auditorium yesterday, confirming it will go ahead with or without Madrid’s consent.

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Denmark Once Again Declared World’s Least Corrupt Country

For the fourth consecutive year, Denmark has topped an annual ranking comparing the levels of corruption around the world.

Denmark shared first place with New Zealand in this year’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI), released by anti-corruption campaign group Transparency International on Wednesday.

Denmark and New Zealand were both given a score of 90 on the 0 (highly corrupt) to 100 (very clean) scale, followed closely by Finland and Sweden, which scored 89 and 88 respectively.

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EU Hikes Support for Libya Coast Guard to Stop Migrants

BRUSSELS (AFP) — The EU unveiled plans Wednesday to increase training for the Libyan coast guard as part of new measures to stop African migrants leaving for Europe in a feared spring surge.

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France: Jihadists ‘Stashed Thousands of Euros’ Among Graves at Famous Paris Cemetery

Police say that they recovered a stash of jihadist money that was hidden in the famous Paris Montparnassee cemetery.

Anti-terrorist police say they recovered €13,300 that was hidden in a crack in a grave in the Montparnasse cemetery, reported Le Parisien newspaper on Tuesday.

The famous cemetery in the south of Paris is a popular stop on the tourist circuit due to some of the famous names that are buried there such as singer Serge Gainsbourg, philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir and Irish writer Samuel Beckett.

A police source told the paper that the cash was found and removed from the cemetery during the summer after police managed to infiltrate the jihadist cell.

The money was allegedly to be used for buying weapons for a terrorist group that police dismantled in November in Strasbourg and Marseille.

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French Prosecutors Open Probe Into Report of Fillon’s Wife’s Fake Jobs

Frontrunner Francois Fillon faced a crisis in his campaign for the French presidency on Wednesday when prosecutors opened an inquiry for misuse of public funds after a press report that his wife drew a salary as his assistant but never actually worked.

Fillon, a right-wing former prime minister, said he was outraged at the report by the satirical weekly Le Canard Enchaine which he said showed “contempt and misogyny”.

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Germany: Former EU Leader to Face Off Against Merkel in Election

After years spent honing his political skills in Brussels, former EU parliament head Martin Schulz has returned home to enter the race for Germany’s top job, seen as the only man popular enough to challenge Angela Merkel.

In a surprise move, Social Democrats’ leader Sigmar Gabriel on Tuesday said he was standing aside so the 61-year-old Schulz could replace him as chairman of the SPD and run as its candidate for chancellor.

Despite his image as the ultimate Brussels insider, a December survey put Schulz’s approval rating among Germans at 57 percent — matching that of the untouchable Merkel.

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Germany: Cologne to Protect Its Famous Carnival From Truck Attacks

Cologne will install concrete blocks at its famous Carnival celebrations to protect from possible truck attacks like the one on a Berlin Christmas market in December, police said on Wednesday.

“The general security situation and the terror threat have an impact on how the police act,” police chief Jürgen Mathies told reporters.

He noted that concrete blocks had been installed at the city’s famous summer fireworks display, the Kölner Lichter, which took place shortly after a truck attack in Nice during France’s July 14th celebrations left 86 dead.

“The events in Berlin have made it clear once again that this is necessary,” Mathies said.

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German Police Say Sex Attackers Flock to Cologne as ‘Magnet for Migrants’

GERMAN investigations have revealed that young Arab men see Cologne as “the only true metropolis in Central Europe” and are attracted to the city.

The authorities wanted to find out why so many migrants from countries such as Iraq, Syria and Tunisia travelled to Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

Head of Cologne police station, Carsten Dubbers, said: “Cologne has a reputation of being a centre for celebration and events, and enjoys the highest appeal in this respect.”

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Hungarian Prime Minister Calls EU Federalism an ‘Illusion’

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has blasted European Union (EU) federalists saying Brussels should “let go” of the idea of federalism and that Europe’s future is multipolar.

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‘My First Reaction to Brexit Was That I Cried’: German Finance Minister

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said during the World Economic Forum on Friday that his first reaction to the UK voting to leave the EU was a very tearful one.

“My first reaction was that I cried,” Schäuble said during a discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

Schäuble was at the World Economic Forum with dozens of other political and business leaders, including outgoing US Vice President Joe Biden and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

But the German Finance Minister’s stance on the Brexit vote has been widely known before.

In 2015 before the referendum took place, Schäuble said that the UK leaving the Union would be a “disaster”.

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Spectacular Viking Manor Discovered Near Birka

A large Viking manor has been found near the ancient town of Birka in Lake Mälaren.

Birka, on the island of Björkö in Lake Mälaren, 40 kilometres from Stockholm, is thought to be Sweden’s oldest town and has been the site of excavations since the 17th century.

But there is still plenty left to be discovered on the island, as Swedish and German researchers’ latest find proves.

Thanks to high-resolution geophysical surveys carried out in September 2016, researchers now believe they have located one of the most important Viking halls of the era, situated in the harbour bay of Korshamn, outside of Birka’s town boundaries. They believe that it can be dated to the period after 810 AD.

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Sweden: ‘Facebook Rape Video’ Trio in Court for Detention Hearing

Three men have been remanded in custody in connection with the alleged rape of a woman in her thirties in an Uppsala apartment, reportedly live streamed on Facebook.

They were arrested on Sunday morning after police were alerted to an ongoing sexual assault by witnesses who reported seeing it live in a closed Facebook group.

Uppsala District Court on Wednesday remanded two of the men, a 20-year-old Afghan national and an 18-year-old, also from Afghanistan, in custody on suspicion of rape.

The third man, a Swedish citizen aged 24 according to court documents seen by The Local, was detained on suspicion of failing to reveal rape.

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Sweden: More Calls to “Honour Violence” Support Line

Sweden’s knowledge centre on so-called honour violence has been getting many more calls for help from government and volunteer groups, and one reason may be female asylum seekers asserting their rights.

The knowledge centre’s helpline, set up in 2014, received 50 per cent more calls between 2015 and 2016, rising to 455, reports Swedish Radio News.

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Sweden: Hoards of the Vikings

Evidence of trade, diplomacy, and vast wealth on an unassuming island in the Baltic Sea

This array of silver coins, bracelets, and other forms of Viking wealth typifies the hoards found deposited at numerous sites across the island of Gotland.

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Trump’s Likely EU Ambassador Hints Euro ‘Could Fail’ In 18 Months

THE man tipped to be Donald Trump’s ambassador has warned that the European Union’s single currency “could collapse” as Brexit negotiations rumble on.

Professor Ted Malloch suggested the doomed eurozone could face “a real problem” in the next 18 months.

In a devastating blow to the EU’s single currency, he said he would “short the euro” — taking a market position which bets on the value of a currency falling.

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UK: Rotherham Sex Gang: Five Men Guilty of Sex Offences on Two Girls Raped and Held Hostage

The men abused two young girls aged between 12 and 14, from 1999 to 2001 in Rotherham, south Yorkshire, a court heard.

Basharat Dad, 32, from Rotherham was found guilty of six counts of rape, five counts of indecent assault and one count of false imprisonment.

Nasar Dad, 36, also from Rotherham, was found guilty of rape, inciting indecency with a child and false imprisonment.

Tayab Dad, 34, from Sheffield, South Yorks, was found guilty of one count of rape.

Mohammed Sadiq, 40, and Matloob Hussain, 42, also from Rotherham, were each found guilty of one count of sexual intercourse with a girl under 13.

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Former Chief Rabbi of Israel to Serve Time for Corruption

A Jerusalem court has reached a plea bargain with a former chief rabbi of Israel that will have him serve time for corruption.

The district court announced Tuesday that Yona Metzger will serve 3.5 years in prison and pay a $1.3 million fine.

Israel has two chief rabbis, representing the Ashkenazi tradition from Europe and the Sephardic tradition from the Middle East and North Africa. Together, they lead the country’s supreme body overseeing Jewish religious services.

Metzger, who served as Ashkenazi chief rabbi, is the highest-ranking Israeli rabbi to be incarcerated for corruption.

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Truth About Hate

The West hates and detests radical political Islam that antagonizes the entire world

By Salah Al-Sayer

Saying that the West antagonizes Islam is baseless and is mainly built on illusions to spread hate among human beings. The West long ago surpassed the issue of religious beliefs and thus built states and communities governed by law. One can live in Europe for years without being asked about his religion. People there respect the individual’s right to choose or change beliefs. You might even find a family with a Christian father, Jewish mother, Buddhist son and an atheist daughter, because these individuals believe and follow the Arab saying of “Everyone has the freedom of belief and may Allah help him!”

“Be it atheists, Muslims or Jews, no one should be deprived of rights because of their religion,” said Thomas Jefferson, the second president of the United States (1801-1809). In Canada, the first mosque was built in 1938. The British elected a Muslim man of Pakistani origin as London’s Mayor. There are over 2,500 mosques in Germany. A Muslim of Somali origin was elected as the Senator of Minnesota in the United States. The French government allocated € 9 million to equip mosques with security surveillance systems to protect Muslim worshippers. The government funds Islamic centers in Norway, and there are many such examples.

As a matter of fact, the West hates and detests radical political Islam that antagonizes the entire world. One look at the actions of the Islamic State (IS) group or Taliban are enough for believers, and spares them a lot of explanation and slipslops. Neither the West nor the East antagonizes Islam as a religion. Religions are no longer a motive for hate among civilized peoples that had never experienced Islamophobia and suspicions about Muslims until after the rise of political Islam in the Middle East. It also started after the spread of political Islam’s terrible practices, starting from the US embassy hostages crisis in Tehran after Khomeini’s Islamic revolution, all the way through the September 11th attacks and the repeated assaults on innocent people in Europe in the name of Islam.

-Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

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Afghanistan Orders Arrest of Vice President’s Guards in Rape and Torture Case

The attorney general of Afghanistan has ordered the arrest of nine vice-presidential bodyguards over accusations of rape and torture made by a political rival, and the vice president himself remains under investigation, officials said on Tuesday.

The arrest warrants, confirmed by the attorney general’s office, came after Gen. Abdul Rashid Dostum, the more senior of Afghanistan’s two vice presidents, and his bodyguards refused to show up for questioning about the allegations, despite repeatedly being summoned by prosecutors. The case is testing the government’s resolve to deliver justice in the face of a potentially dangerous showdown between a powerful former warlord and the shaky coalition administration of which he is a part.

Ahmad Ishchi, a 63-year-old elder from General Dostum’s own Uzbek ethnic group, has accused the vice president of abducting him from a sports stadium in November, personally and repeatedly beating him, and ordering his men to sexually assault him with an assault rifle during five days of captivity in the northern province of Jowzjan.

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Year of the Rooster: Good Fortune for Malaysia’s Dwindling Chinese Community?

Despite disquieting migration statistics, a young Chinese Malaysian couple say they are happy where they are and see prosperity ahead in the Lunar New Year

According to the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI) think-tank, the Chinese Malaysian community’s numbers are plummetting.

The ASLI warns Chinese Malaysians will constitute just 19.6 per cent of the country’s population by 2030 if migration trends continue as they are, down from 37.2 per cent in 1957.

The ASLI’s findings chime with a 2011 World Bank study that found 57 per cent of Chinese Malaysian emigres ended up in Singapore.

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China’s Foreign Minister Says Beijing Wants to Manage Disputes and Promote Bilateral Relations With US

China wants dialogue with the new US administration to manage disputes and promote bilateral relations, but only on the basis of respecting each other’s core interests, like the “one China” principle, China’s foreign minister said.

US President Donald Trump, who was inaugurated last Friday upset Beijing before taking office by casting doubt on the “one China” principle, under which Washington acknowledges Beijing’s position of sovereignty over self-ruled Taiwan.

China views Taiwan as a wayward province, to be brought under its control by force if necessary. However, proudly democratic Taiwan has shown no interest in being ruled by Beijing.

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China Tightens Great Firewall by Declaring Unauthorised VPN Services Illegal

Beijing has launched a 14-month nationwide campaign against unauthorised internet connections, including virtual private network (VPN) services, which allow users to bypass the country’s infamous “Great Firewall”.

A notice released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Sunday said that all special cable and VPN services on the mainland needed to obtain prior government approval — a move making most VPN service providers illegal.

The “clean-up” of the nation’s internet connections would start immediately and run until March 31, 2018, the notice said.

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Chinese Lunar New Year: The Billions of Journeys

Hundreds of millions of people are expected to be on the move this week as China gets ready for one of the biggest celebrations in the world.

Chinese New Year, which this year falls on Saturday 28 January, sees people from across the country head home or, increasingly, abroad to mark the occasion.

There will be 2.5bn road journeys, and millions more will make trips by air or rail so they can welcome in the Year of the Rooster with their loved ones.

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Madonna Applies to Adopt 2 More Children From Malawi

Pop star Madonna has filed for the adoption of two more children from Malawi.

Madonna in 2008 adopted David Banda and a year later adopted Mercy James.

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‘Donald Trump’s Doomed to Fail’ EU Goes Head to Head With US With Huge Attack on President

European Union Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmstrom, came to the defence of the bloc’s policies insisting Mr Trump’s ideas on trade and migration “will not work”.

She said: “Those who in the 21st century think that we can become great again by rebuilding borders, reimposing trade barriers and restricting people’s freedom to move, they are doomed to fail.”

Saying that Brussels had learned from the “dark days”, she added: “Building a wall is not the answer.”

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Four Bitcoin Miners Arrested in Venezuela

Federal police in Venezuela today arrested four bitcoin miners in the town of Charallave. Three men and one women were accused of “electricity theft” and “internet fraud.” The news, which was reported earlier today by Venezuela’s leading bitcoin news site, CriptoNoticias, was first announced on the Instagram feed of Douglas Rico, who’s the director of the Cuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas Penales y Criminalisticas (CICPC), a federal police agency.

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AfD Leader Petry Wants to Strike Right to Asylum From German Constitution

The head of Germany’s nationalist AfD has argued that the framers of the constitution had a post-War context that is no longer relevant. In a newspaper interview, she argued that is should not apply to Syrian refugees.

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Austria: The 6,165 Irregular Migrants Who Can’t be Deported From Vienna

More than 20,000 asylum seekers are officially registered and receiving state benefits in the Austrian capital Vienna, but only two thirds of those are in the process of applying for or have been granted official refugee status, according to a report in the Kurier newspaper.

6,165 people are so-called “tolerated stay” migrants, whose removal is impossible either for practical reasons (such as a lack of documents or the country of origin’s refusal to accept them) or because their removal would contravene the Refugee Convention. According to the Kurier the Interior Ministry has confirmed this figure, but would not make an official comment on the situation.

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Austrians Living in Fear as Migrant Gangs Carry Out Daily Attacks

AUSTRIANS are living in fear of being attacked by migrant gangs following a wave of violence in Vienna.

Muggings and beatings are becoming commonplace in the historic capital city, with passersby being attacked on almost a daily basis.

Noted Viennese viola player Michael Buchmann is one of the latest victims of the roaming gangs which are predominantly made-up of immigrants.

The 48-year-old musician’s career with the world-renowned Vienna Symphony Orchestra is now under threat after his middle finger was broken when he was beaten up after telling a group of migrant teens they were not allowed to smoke in the subway station.

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French Presidential Candidate Marine Le Pen Refused Entry to Refugee Camp

French presidential hopeful and leader of the right-wing National Front Marine Le Pen has been denied entry to a refugee camp outside Dunkirk.

“Today, they refused to let us enter the Grande-Synthe migrant camp. This is democracy a la francaise!” Le Pen tweeted shortly after trying to visit the camp.

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Migrant Who Tried to Rape Woman Jailed Said ‘He Was Aroused’

A TEENAGE migrant has tried to justify his attempted rape by claiming he “was aroused” as he attacked a woman in Vienna.

The 16-year-old boy attacked a 32-year-old Viennese woman inside a stairwell in Austria’s capital.

The teenager was sentenced to one and a half years in jail on Tuesday in the Viennese regional court because of attempted rape.

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Soros and MasterCard Join Forces to Profit From Immigration

Radical currency speculator George Soros is scheming to profit from the illegal immigration crises in the United States and the European Union that he was instrumental in creating.

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Say No to Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court

The latest choice we’re now hearing is at the top of the list is Neil Gorsuch. Neil Gorsuch is NOT pro-life. His selection would violate Trump’s pledge to nominate a pro-life justice to the Supreme Court. Roe v. Wade would not be overturned for 40 years if the 49-year-old Gorsuch is picked. Forty million more babies would be murdered in their mothers’ wombs with this choice.

The pro-life movement has only a few hours or days to object, protest, criticize, and veto the nomination of this pro-choice candidate. Trump floats these trial balloons to see if people object. We must strongly object, and please speak out loudly now.

Gorsuch has never said or written anything pro-life. Andy Schlafly knew him in law school and afterwards, and has reviewed his opinions and his book. He’s written multiple opinions that demonstrate he is not pro-life.

For example, in the case of Pino v. U.S., Gorsuch discussed whether a 20-week-old “nonviable fetus” had the same rights as a “viable fetus.” Gorsuch, showing that he is not pro-life, indicated that his answer is “no” unless the Oklahoma Supreme Court specifically found rights for the “nonviable fetus.” Rather than render a pro-life ruling, Gorsuch punted this issue to the Oklahoma Supreme Court for it to decide. Gorsuch’s approach is similar to the unjust approach based on viability that underlies Roe v. Wade.

More information, including how Gorsuch opposes overturning precedent even when it is wrong, is here. He supports special rights for transgenders, too. And he is no Scalia, as Gorsuch was not even on the Law Review in law school…

These choices are coming from the Federalist Society and Heritage Foundation. The Federalist Society is attempting to get a pro-Roe judge chosen instead of another Scalia.

Who is the Federalist Society?

The Federalist Society, is allegedly an organization of conservatives and libertarians seeking reform of the current American legal system in accordance with a textualistic or originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. It is one of the nation’s most influential legal organizations, masquerading as something they are not.

The Federalist Society began at Yale Law School, (home of Skull and Bones), Harvard Law School (that bastion of higher liberal learning), and the University of Chicago Law School, (home of Bill Ayers and where protestors disallowed Trump rally). It originally started as a student organization which challenged what its members perceived as the orthodox American liberal ideology found in most law schools. Doesn’t this actually make you laugh when these three Ivy league schools are known as having a Marxist agenda?

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38 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/25/2017

  1. I suspected there had been some Arab-Viking connection, not only because of some Viking movies but because of some local names in and around Stockholm – Salem, or Gamla Stan. Both Arabs and Vikings are also known as “raiders and looters”.

    If you take the British Israel position, and that the Welsh and “Welsh speaking Indians in America” are the descendants of Phoenicians/Israelites, and that Jesus visited Cornwall and Wales and so on – then you have to wonder about the ideological divide between the two Kings Arthurs’ dynasties and the Romans and later the Saxons…

    I mean there was definitely a struggle between the Pagan religions of both the Middle East and of the North against Christianity. And Christianity was for “the lost sheep of Israel” – so there are big tribal undertones!

    There is definitely some genetic issue that the elites are pursuing through the migrant crisis, and I wonder if there is something between the Germans and the Arabs, some ancient brotherhood, maybe?

    Then if I assume strictly theoretical position of the ultimate racists, the Nazis – only the English, the Germans and Skandinavians are worth to rule the World. What about the Welsh, Normans, or Prussians, Russians, Jews and Slavs?

    If the Bible is correct, then the Target is the ancient Nation of Israel, not just the Jews of today. The People of the Book.

    • DNA tests are a reliable indicator of people’s ancestry, but not always popular. For example, don’t tell the “Palestinians” and their supporters, but the Sephardi and Ashkenazy Jews are still 70% semitic after nineteen centuries of the diaspora.

      • That brings up the question who are semitic people? Is it also the Saami and Samoyed peoples up north? Assyrians, Israelites, and others? Then who are the other families? Are they from Japeth and Ham?

        I wonder how much is actually known about history combined with proper DNA research, to connect the dots from myths and legends, and births of nations… Maybe that is really why some peoples are so catchy about “racism”. If your family background is nothing to be ashamed of, then you don’t worry about racism, maybe?

  2. “Cologne will install concrete blocks at its famous Carnival celebrations to protect from possible truck attacks”

    We often hear that muslim immigrants contribute to the culture of the Western nations they reside in. Here is a specific example to celebrate; the new requirement of truck proof barriers at public events. An enriched carnival indeed!

    • “Merkel Legos”.

      Her contribution to European culture will be with us long after she is gone.

    • Hey, they’ll look so much like the ‘Mahnmal der Schande’ that Hoecke is being called a Nazi for even mentioning.

  3. Former EU head Martin Shultz of the SPD will be running against Mutte Merkel in the upcoming federal election in Germany.

    Does anyone sniff the smell of fear from the Globalists that I can sniff in this announcement?

    So they really must think that we are all as stupid as they are!

  4. On Truth about Hate – the author is obviously an enlightened person who has now put himself at risk of being killed by his own kind for the sake of a belief system. And this is the year 2017!

  5. On China: The arrogance as being displayed by the Chinese Communist hierarchy is simply breathtaking in its belligerence, and is indicative of a cockiness that reflects the antics of the old Nazis and that includes the intimidation of the rattles of the sabre to any who question China’s policies, the annexation of the Spratley Islands for Chinese military strategic purposes so as to be used against the West, and the outright military threats to those places that China lays claim to but who want nothing to do with a Communist Chinese oligarchy government, a form of government that is deliberately misrepresented as the People’s Republic of China, but is really a country where the ‘people’ get no say!

    Trump has his work cut out with this bunch of hubris driven better than the rest of the world upstarts.

    • Actually China is the country we should be concerned about, not Russia. The Chinese (Communist Party that is) do actually have a plan for world domination, through economic and military power. They very much view the 21st century as “their century”. My son was told that by his Chinese teacher recently. Add to that the Asian obsession with “Face” or pride and you get a dangerous mix where in a crisis or miss-calculation the Chinese may not back down as they would “lose face.”
      China’s antics in Asia recently amount to acting like the neighbourhood bully. They will continue it until they meet resistance. Trump will need to tread carefully but show steel when necessary. The best way to counter China is to cultivate friends on China’s borders. The Obama Administration was hopeless in this. They isolated the US’s old Asian friend Thailand, because of the coup and now China is filling the void. They have done the same in Cambodia and are trying it with the Philippines.

  6. “Woman flies through tornado in a bathtub, is unharmed.” That could be the best analogy for the next 4/8 years in USA ever. (From a Trump voter.)

  7. On the AP’s secure drop: that calls for a lot of Trump supporters to overwhelm them with bogus “leaks” that have them chasing their tails and maybe even reporting on those fake leaks.

  8. What the hell does a “non-viable” fetus mean? I am truly looking for answers, since I don’t understand this. I might be stupid but I am usually known for intelligence.

    So. . . does nonviable mean the baby could not live out of the womb? I am really tired of the word fetus, also of the double-talk going on. If you don’t want a baby, use birth control, that’s why it is available. There rest of us would like to see stupid people NOT reproducing if possible, again — birth control — very cheap these days.

    Any woman including me, told people she was having a baby, not a foetus for God’s sake. What the hell is wrong with people today? Just wondering and I do NOT expect an answer although I’d be happy to entertain one. I depair of this “modern” world which seems to have no moral boundaries whatsoever. Very bad for the future.

    • I suspect you know already, Maria-dee; “non-viable” means unable to survive outside the womb (a period which, thanks to medical science, extends ever earlier into pregnancy).

      At the risk of reopening a can of worms, Gates of Vienna is dedicated to opposing a “faith” which believes it has the right to impose its morals on others, whether or not they share that “faith”. Christianity is a kinder religion, but the same restrictions should apply. If having an abortion is a sin, God will deal with the sinner, but it’s not for Christians or anyone else to enforce their beliefs on others.

      Even with contraception, mistakes can happen, not to mention the victims of rape/incest who become pregnant, or mothers whose lives would be at risk if a foetus was carried to term.

      • Well, murder is also a sin, but somehow the secular authorities manage to limit it whenever they possibly can.

        The core argument is about whether abortion is murder or not. If it is, than no one has a right to do it, except to save her own life. If, on the other hand, it is like removing an appendix, then any woman has the right to do it whenever she and her medical practitioner agree to arrange it.

        • But it gets complicated. We permit other killing besides self-defense, for example military adventures. There is no doubt that killing the embryo or fetus is the killing of human life. However, a fetus is not a person; there *is* doubt that it is murder. I think early in pregnancy, the right of the woman should prevail, because barring abortions drives them underground and creates all sorts of medical and political ghastliness. Viz Ceaucescu’s Rumania. But as the fetus grows, so should considerations for it become more and more compelling. Pro-lifers have rightly stood against third trimester elective abortions, but were not insistent enough. I think there should not be any abortions past quickening, apart for a medical emergency (and I don’t mean mental distress). But the fanatics are the loudest, and there is no talking to them.

          • I don’t disagree with you. The important question is the point after which a simple surgical procedure becomes murder. However, as Mark pointed out, the point of viability for the fetus is moving closer and closer to the time of conception, making the moral calculus very difficult indeed.

            Some years ago a relative of mine gave birth to extremely premature twins — the earliest possible C-section, at about 23 weeks if I remember correctly. When I looked into the incubator at those tiny, tiny babies, I knew for a fact that somewhere not far away — perhaps in the same hospital — babies at exactly the same stage of development were being horribly murdered.

            That is madness, utter demonic madness.

          • Vera, with respect : what you have said is [something that I consider improbable].

            Military killing is a form of self-defense, not an ‘adventure.’ Killing the innocent and defenseless in the womb is indefensible.

            You assert that “a fetus is not a person.” That’s nonsense. Who says so? (Leave it alone, and it most certainly will be a ‘person’.)

            And why is a fetus “not a person”? Merely because the law says so. And why does the law say so? Because of political pressure, utilitarianism, and racism. (Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a eugenicist, and targeted the lower classes/races for ‘cleansing’. Hitler’s eugenicists fostered the ‘Master Race’ idea and gave us the ‘Final Solution’; they got their lead and inspiration from American eugenicists of the ’20s and ’30s!)

            Illogically, you argue that “as the fetus grows, so should considerations for it …”

            So you are not a person on Tuesday, but are on Friday? Is the mere passage of time the deciding factor?

            Carry it forward : when you are ninety (time having carried on), and non-viable, in that you can’t dress or feed or toilet yourself, and are a ‘burden’ to all around you, having become a “useless eater” of no economic “value” to anyone … will you no longer be a “person”?

            Hello, euthanasia! (To borrow a Trump-ism: euthanasia, stripped of the slogans about ‘Death with Dignity,’ means HUGE savings (more profits) for an overburdened health care / social security system.)

            A human IS a human, and a “person,” from the moment of conception … if we are to continue believing that people are different than animals.

            Otherwise, the strong, the rich, the clever, those who master semantics, the lawyers, the politicians get to decide who is a ‘person.’

            None of us wants that.

            Women who assert a ‘right to choose’ are saying they have a right to kill another human being. I say they don’t.

          • Baron said: “That is madness, utter demonic madness.”

            Exactly. That’s why I favor midpoint in pregnancy, rather than viability. My policy would give each side what they seek, with a firm limit at quickening (defined at 4.5 months).

            Frank, some military killing is self defense, and other military killing isn’t. Wars for oil in particular raise this issue. What about deaths resulting from aggressive economic policies designed to endebt a country and bring it to its knees, as written about in the Confessions of an Economic Hitman? What about assassinations of foreign leaders America did not approve of because they got too uppity regarding American policy? What about all the Kurd villagers Saddam killed with American poison gas? Etc.

            A pupa is not a butterfly. If you leave it alone, it will become a butterfly. But it’s not one now.

            I don’t think the quarrels over personhood should be the deciding factor here. For example, I believe that a baby becomes a person around two years old. What does that have to do with anything? I don’t think “personhood” will ever be resolved and should not be used as a criterion. And an old person does not cease to be a person because they already attained personhood long ago.

            And no, I will never believe that a clump of cells after conception is a person. It is human life, yes, but not a person. Even nature/God treats these clumps of cells with lesser regard than 5 month old fetuses — large percentages of very early conceptions are just flushed as a miscarriage the woman is barely conscious of.

      • Mark, a moral people would not permit an inhumane act that has now become an industry, and according to records, since abortion on demand became a woman’s ‘right’, some 88 million babies have so far not been allowed to develop past the later stages of pregnancy, and some cases are just a few weeks away from a natural birth. I have watched what the butchers, sorry, so called doctors do, when removing a baby from its mothers womb and it is obvious to me that the baby feels what is done to it, and I firmly believe that anyone with just a morsel of compassion would call a halt to this mass killing (and that is exactly what it is because the baby’s life is deliberately terminated) of babies if they knew how it was being done and the purpose for why it was mostly being done.

        Which in most cases is one of convenience.

        Every person has a right to choose what they do with her body, and no government should interfere with that choice outside of criminality, but when that choice is to terminate a life then abortion on demand should no longer be a right.

        • And victims of rape who do not want what is growing inside them? It’s still terminating a life, though you do say: “outside of criminality….”

          This question can be and has been argued for a long time, and the only thing we’ve really learnt is that it’s a real Pandora’s Box.
          Personally I think it’s entirely between a woman and her doctor–no, not even the father; he doesn’t have to have the baby.

          • A Pandora’s Box it is Peter, but I get back to the moral people in my comment, abortion on demand would not be requested if our cultures had maintained their morality.

            And becoming pregnant in this day and age through consensual sex?

            Abortion on request has always been available for those incidents that are not the mother’s fault.

      • Thanks Mark, you’re right as usual. I’ve just been seeing the photos of photojournalist Chris Arnade – the only progressive type who seems to have bothered talking to Trump voters and trying to understand them, btw.

        He has many pictures of addicts, and so many of the women, totally ruined by drugs, have produced quite a few children (then lost them to social services). They were probably in no fit state to even use contraception.

        • Guest, you do realize that in your example in promoting abortion on demand that society is only treating the symptoms and the fallout from losing its morality?

          Wouldn’t it be way smarter to treat the cause of the problem and not the symptom?

    • The problem with birth control and stupid people is that it takes some modicum of common sense and motivation to use it correctly or use it at all. As abhorrent as abortion is, the efforts by abortion advocates and Planned Parenthood in particular, have most likely spared the United States from potential legions of dindus and low-information Democrat voters.

      While I am certainly no fan of abortion, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Eliminating abortion as an option will not make those who currently avail themselves of it more responsible, it will just result in more fools and irresponsible people having children which the rest of society will ultimately pay the price for when they grow up to be young thugs and cause all manner of mayhem while having hordes of dindus of their own.

      • I have known and worked with many of these “irresponsible people”. They managed to get abortions long before the government stepped in and made it lucrative for poor people to increase their numbers via LBJ’s risible “War on Poverty”. That war made it economically difficult to get work, pay for childcare, etc, while making it far easier to #CollectTheCheck, which got bigger with each child.

        Then the government stepped in again, reducing that particular goldmine, while at the same time making massive numbers of late-term abortions economically possible and morally tolerable (we had a president who pushed for just that). Meanwhile, the fatherless girls growing up under LBJ’s original largesse were pressured by their (equally fatherless) male cohorts to have their babies in order to prove a manhood they couldn’t acquire thru the usual routes. The girls didn’t know the economic rules were going to change in the middle of the game – and the only ‘game’ they knew was the governmental one: we’ll take care of you.

        I’d like to see the racial breakdown on late-term abortions. My intuition tells me it’s mostly young black girls, though it’s not solely a racial problem. Far bigger is the moral vacuum in which these kids are left to operate.

        So the quasi-governmental Planned Parenthood tells all these girls (poor and middle class alike) that the *only* viable (so to speak) alternative to a life-changing pregnancy is abortion. They don’t tell them about the considerable monies to be made in fetal body parts. But the fetuses have to be sufficiently mature to be of any value.

        Counseling does not consist of offering any alternatives to the so-called ‘easy’ procedure of termination, despite the thousands of would-be parents who’d take their babies if given a chance (Instead, the latter have to travel to foreign countries where Planned Parenthood and easy abortions don’t exist). Nor are they told to get a genetic profile to see if they carry either of the BRCA genes.

        When will the abortion industry in the US come clean about the horrific risk facing primigravida (first pregnancy) women who carry one of the BRCA genes? [A woman who carries a pregnancy to term eliminates the risk] Girls with such a genetic heritage who choose to “terminate” their pregnancies may well face an extremely aggressive form of metastasizing breast cancer as they go through their thirties. By then they have moved through their “terrible twenties” to marriage and children.

        Your “ounce of prevention” in the current ideologically-driven climate is not as simple as you have described. In addition to counseling a grieving woman who hasn’t been able to move past the abortion her mother insisted on when she was 15, I also went to the funeral of a young woman – a truly beloved human being – who, on discovering at age 19 that she was pregnant, took the route Planned Parenthood suggested. Back then I didn’t know about the procedure until she’d had it done. And back then I didn’t know that if you’d inherited the BRCA gene, the only sure way to prevent its occurrence was to undergo a radical double mastectomy.

        If I had any guts at all now, I’d tell her parents and her widower so they could warn her young daughter not to take the same easy route. But I don’t know if the parents or husband are even aware of that “termination procedure” done decades ago and I haven’t the heart to tell my dear liberal friends what was likely the real reason for their daughter’s death – i.e., a long-ago ‘terminal procedure’…

        It’s not enough to be “no fan of abortion”. What is needed is to tell the mothers of girls what the risks are and to urge them to have the necessary testing done to see if the BRCA genes are in the mother’s heritage. That way, if pregnancy does occur they’re all prepared to take in – or surrender – an “unplanned” baby.

        One reason for the rise in breast cancer is the rise in pregnancy and the resulting rise in abortions sans genetic counseling. But since the unintended consequence – aggressive, metastasizing breast cancer – occurs so far down the road from that original procedure, people don’t connect them. And TBTB aren’t about to spill the beans. The current situation, at least in the U.S., is far too lucrative for any truths to emerge.

        This sad subject is complicated by many factors, cultural and economic. Yet, as with many of the issues that divide us, the straightest road to Reality is Cui Bono.

        • Wow. Did not know that. How depressing.
          The whole Planned Parenthood style of counseling young women is awry. I don’t know if this is still true, but I heard that they basically saw their role as to push you into the abortion as quickly as possible. No counseling whatsoever. No presenting the weighty ethical issues, no presenting the risks, no explaining that the chances of infertility rise sharply with each year and exposure to whatever toxins are in the environment… no promotion of understanding that a baby is a gift, and it may be the only one offered in your particular case. Sigh.

    • >> What the hell does a “non-viable” fetus mean?

      Sadly, the real meaning is that it is inconvenient, unwanted, and will be done away with.

      Forget all of the other legalistic ballet and verbal gymnastics.

      • I think non-viable fetus is one who cannot live outside the womb yet, even with fancy incubators.

  9. The same bastards who don’t care whether a “fetus” can feel pain are the same ones who worry about whether a person being executed feels pain.

    • Actually I would have thought those who wail about whether a criminal being executed feels pain, are in fact the same people who worry about a foetus feeling pain.

  10. Well, I did open a can of worms, and learned a few things. I’d just add in response to Nemesis, on whether abortion is murder, that if you asked people whether it is, there’d probably be a majority who said not in, eg, northern Europe, but maybe not in the US?

    • Mark, the killing of the innocent and the defenceless will always be considered to be murder in my opinion.

      The majority of those abortions on demand are for personal convenience – think about for a moment. Our world has been made for individual desires and convenience while all morality has been deliberately denigrated into ‘human’ values that no longer resemble life’s truly fundamental aspect to it, and to which we must all abide if we are to live out our lives and spiritually progress, as we were planned to do.

      Whether you believe it or not, there is a Devine design to Earth life that too many now reject.

  11. “A senior official with the U.S. Secret Service may face disciplinary action after posting comments to Facebook suggesting that she would not “take a bullet” for President Trump.” She recently doubled down on it, saying she’d take prison before she’d do her job if it involved defending the President. She admits again then that she has no intention of doing her job. At the very minimum she should lose ALL of her pension immediately, which is likely huge after a decade or so of service. I’ve met retired US firefighters in their 50’s here in Thailand who receive nearly $200,000 a year, year after year for the rest of their lives. So eliminate her pension 100%, full throttle. Really make her pay for her in-your-face explicit refusal to do her job. She’s a worthless drudge. It’ll be great watching Trump really slam clowns like this.

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