13 thoughts on “Don’t Let Him Down!

  1. We should immediately setup accounts to collect money for poor little Muhamet. Every little muslim’s devil’s given right to murder someone in the name of jihad! If they can’t travel at least we should ship the appropriate number of liberals to them.

    Mr Bracken, I would love to see a continued analysis: https://gatesofvienna.net/2015/11/tet-take-two-islams-2016-european-offensive/
    I think the events of the second part of 2016, the election of President Trump, might worth another essay.

  2. Justin Trudeau has a solution: Canadian Residency!

    The family should be able to find a cozy bungalow a toboggan ride from the border.

  3. I really feel sorry for little Muhamet. Actually, he comes from a long line of terrible losers. Every time they tried to take over the world, something happened. One of little Muhamet direct relatives, the great general Abd El Rahman, was trounced and his brave Muslim army scattered to the winds in 732 near Poitiers by a very nasty racist Islamophobic Frankish warrior, Charles Martel. Earlier on, in 721, another ancestor of little Muhamet was killed by Charles Martel’s nephew, Eudes of Aquitania, while trying to conquer the town of Toulouse in Southern France. Much later on, the Culture Enrichers, who had taken over much of Spain were finally kicked out of that country. Another defeat. Still later, they tried to conquer Europe by sea, but their huge fleet was sent to the bottom of the Mediterrenean in the epic naval battle of Lepanto. Rumor has it that at Lepanto, a great, great, great, great uncle of little Muhamet was the Muslim Fleet Admiral… And in 1683, as every one knows, the worshippers of Allah — May His Name Be Blessed — tried again to liberate Europe from the racist,fascist Christian occupiers, but were stopped at the Gates of Vienna. It was a Europêan army commanded by the king of Poland that litterally exploded the Islamic Army. The poor Muslims had lost again. The Vizir Kara Mustapha, who commanded the Muslim Army was executed on orders from the Caliph. As you may have guessed, the poor Kara Mustapha was a great, great, great uncle of little Muhamet. A family of real losers!… Then the crafty Mohhameddan realized that they could not take over the Western World by force of arms. So they devised a new strategy. They said: “Let’s pretend we are poor defenseless refugees. The Kuffars ( Infidels) are so kind hearted and stupid, they will believe us and let us come in!” It worked for a while, especially with stupid Merkel. But then came PRESIDENT TRUMP! And he wasn’t fooled.He said: NO WAY! STAY OUT!… Little Muhamet will have to try again!!!

    • Meanwhile, little muhamet’s crowd really are winning throughout western Europe and Scandinavia, and only four ‘mini-Trumps’ have arisen in eastern Europe to stem the islamic tide.

      Western Europe needs a Trump to start the dominos off….

    • You left out WWI and WWII where they aligned with, who else, the Germans! They liked Hitler’s anti-Jewish position. Sadly for them, USA bailed out Europe and England collected the spoils of the middle-east, and then insult of insults, returned Palestine to the Jews!

  4. Our ancestors who managed to keep the Muslims out of Europe had one great advantage that we do not. They believed in something.

    • “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.”

      People are recovering their senses.

  5. Very good!

    Little Muhamet needs all the help he can get. Thank Allah for all those brainless Western academics, journalists, clerics and politicos.

  6. Hopefully PM Justine Trudeau will give little Muhammet a home in Canada so he can be counselled in the way of jihad. In a few years, after slaughtering some Canadians, Nazi collaborator Soros can speed him across the border to slaughter his way to Islamic paradise.

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