Canada on the Brink of Incorporating Islamic Speech Codes

Via ACT! For Canada, below is a warning from a Canadian veteran about Parliament’s legislative initiative to fight “Islamophobia” and “religious discrimination”.

With Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau at the helm, the Canadian ship of state is steering rapidly towards the European model of Islamophilia, illiberality, and curtailment of civil liberties. Given the unanimous parliamentary vote on the initial measure, I doubt there’s much that can slow it down at this point — even as Donald Trump is set to steer our own ship in the opposite direction.

Canada on the Brink of Incorporating Islamic Speech Codes

The Government of Canada is proceeding at breakneck pace to address unproven increases in instances of “Islamophobia” while calling for countering unsubstantiated charges of “systemic racism and religious discrimination”.

This issue was originally tabled in Parliament in the form of a House of Commons “E” petition (e-411) by Thomas Mulcair, the leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada. The petition called for the condemnation of “all forms of Islamophobia” and received UNANIMOUS consent by Canadian Members of Parliament on 26 October, 2016.

This was followed in rapid-fire fashion by a second motion sponsored by Iqra Khalid, Member of Parliament from Mississauga Erin-Mills. The first initiative proceeded with little public input and scant interest displayed by the media at-large. The second motion was tabled on 01 December, 2016 and, incredibly, called for the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage to produce related findings and recommendations within 240 calendar days of the motion’s acceptance. It is anticipated that legislative remedies will be front and center in the Committee’s efforts.

Given the current Government’s stated goal of obtaining a seat at the United Nations Security Council, pressures from within and outside the country from powerful Islamic lobby groups, and the Canadian Government’s demonstrated proclivity to advance the “Islamophobia” initiative with undue haste and in the absence of evidence, there is a real risk that the fundamental right to free speech by all Canadians will be unnecessarily curtailed to accommodate the sensibilities of a special interest group. The risk being what it is, I wrote the paper linked to below to go beyond emotional argumentation and place the anti-Islamophobia initiative within a framework of accepted Islamic doctrine, a doctrine that in many respects is antithetical to Western concepts of liberty and free speech. The paper concludes with an email link to a related petition that can be viewed directly here.

A Letter to All Canadian Members of Parliament – Choosing Free Speech in the Face of Allegations of Islamophobia. [pdf]

Major (Ret’d) Russ Cooper

19 thoughts on “Canada on the Brink of Incorporating Islamic Speech Codes

  1. I have read the letter to the Members of Parliament. I think the level the writer targets is way beyond what they can understand. Here is the simplified version which might have some chance (not much chance, because they must be literate to read it):

  2. This really is the stuff of a major civil war. Nature takes its course. Liberalislam cancer feeding off each other. Ladies you are going nowhere without your udder half. Who will puke first?

  3. Excellent letter. I think we need to make some points very clear:
    1. It’s not the terrorism, or, at least, not just the terrorism. It’s Silvesternacht, indeed, anything that gives people a well-founded fear of danger, whether of being blown up or run over or just groped or mishandled in any way, particularly when the latter involves large numbers (by no means infinitesimally small) of perpetrators.
    2. Islam is the only religion (to the extent that it is one) on the planet of which you can say that a good, devout practitioner is likely to be dangerous. Devout Catholics, Buddhists, at least outside some parts of India Hindus (and I’d be happy to know from a Hindu whether those who go about murdering Christians are actually getting some part of their faith demonstrably wrong–because all the Hindus I have met have been good and ethical people), Zoroastrians, Mormons, Baptists–you name it, won’t be a danger to you. Only ‘not very devout’ Muslims are safe, and not all of them.

  4. Justin Trudeau will be the PM that will break up Canada. His old man almost did back in the 1970s ,not only with Quebec but also peed off Western Canada with a grab at it’s energy sectors. Forty years later his son is at large.
    The “Deplorables” of Canada basically exist in Western Canada (except Vancouver) and rural Ontario. Back in the 1920s and 1930s the KKK operated openly in Saskatchewan and west Ontario.A Saskatchewan Klan member was even voted to Parliament. Most Canadians are told that the KKK was “an American problem” and don’t believe it existed “north of the border” but it did. I’m not applauding the Klan but it sure breaks that quaint notion so many have that Canadian history is “made up of nice peace-loving Canadians who always go along with Big Government” . That’s the kind of (stuff) that is swallowed whole in Nova Scotia,New Brunswick and Newfoundland that voted 65% -80% for Justin Trudeau in the last election. Maybe if Trudeau floods those provinces with too many “refugees” there will be a back-lash. I hope. I can certainly affirm that a large majority of us living in the Western provinces of Canada are absolutely disgusted by Trudeau (and most other politicians too) with their immigration policies . It’s been said that Alberta and Saskatchewan are the most “American” of the Canadian provinces. That’s probably true because so many Americans immigrated to those two provinces (as settlers or business men) in the early days .
    I hear that Trump will be meeting Putin sometime in late January . Okay, but not before President Trump visits Ottawa and gives Justin a royal boot in the.. (bum) !!

    • Your letter talks about breaking Canada up as a bad thing. But, Canada is like the US in that a cultural divide splits the country and makes it pretty much ungovernable through compromise. It might be better off for a conservative Canada to pursue its interests, and a liberal Canada to do the same…but as separate countries with borders so the bad judgment of one will not bring the other down.

      The same regional tensions brought about the US civil war. It wasn’t slavery, and it wasn’t even tariffs. The only thing explaining the dynamics was that regional cultural differences made it hard for the south to stay attached to the north.

      It might have been better if the Confederacy had remained independent. Regional tensions and differences in the US may well cause a split. It is difficult to see any commonality in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and more conservative Trump country. The violence and explosiveness of the protests and the utter hostility of the Democrats towards Trump make it plain that compromise is dead: one side or the other will predominate, and the losing side will see it as a complete disaster.

      People like Trudeau and Obama simply see the world differently than people like Trump or his supporters. It’s not a matter of getting a jolt of reality. They don’t respond to reality in the ways we would consider reasonable.

  5. From the article – “. . . there is a real risk that the fundamental right to free speech by all Canadians will be unnecessarily curtailed to accommodate the sensibilities of a special interest group.”

    Here in the States we have our own version of this (odiferous substance). It’s called HR 569 – “Condemning violence, bigotry, and hateful rhetoric towards Muslims in the United States”.

    We have this despite the fact that we have a First Amendment that states, “Congress shall make no law . . . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press . . . . .” I and my circle of friends cannot figure out how the resolution could ever be considered constitutional to begin with.

    Last time I checked it had 141 co-sponsors, all democrats and including my representative (whom I did not vote for, never have). We are “safe” from this (odiferous substance) as long as the House and Senate remain outside the control of the democrats or the Executive is someone like DJT.

    • The end game of leftists is to remove the individual liberties guaranteed in the constitution. You can have a collective or you can have individuals. They are fundamentally incompatible.

      Hillary pioneered the Islamic attack on free speech in the US in 2011, when she gave her speech as Secretary of State, in which she talked about “shaming” critics of Islam. In the context of an all-powerful government, “shaming” implies economic ruin, bogus criminal and civil charges, and the destruction of any means of communicating your views. These are the methods of bypassing the Constitution.

      The corollary of individual freedom is small government, and probably relatively small countries with distinct borders. It is obvious by now that the whole push for international or global laws is a complete and total disaster, with no limitations whatsoever on the evil that can be achieved.

      The only benefit of a large country is that it prevents a conquest by another large country. But, when a country becomes too large and too powerful, it becomes vulnerable to a takeover by internal parasites like the Muslim Brotherhood. All in all, it’s as Reagan said in one of his speeches: freedom is generation by generation.

  6. “…religious discrimination”?

    “If anyone desire a religion other than Islam never will it be accepted of him.”

    Koran 3:85, part of Islam’s rules.

  7. This is the worse government I have seen in my 70 odd years.
    Justin (Pinhead) didn’t fall too far from the tree. And look what he did for our Country.

    “The budge will look after itself.” He probably meant that the budget will look after him and his band of idiots.

  8. I thought this was an excellent paper but about half way through I started wondering whether a politician would even read it.
    I thought the issue of “hate speech” as it pertains to Islam was settled after Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn’s trip through the Canadian kangaroo courts of “human rights.”
    But this is a pattern now of western gov’ts. Try to slip something through, under the radar so to speak, that is obviously not in the best interests of the majority of voters to lock up the votes of a certain minority.
    And so, our freedom and our Charter or Constitution erodes just a little bit more…

    • eventually it will reach ‘ critical mass” in western nations and then , solving the “problem ” will be handled ( you know , like repeating history and all that ) .

  9. What else is “this bunch” up to that Canadians are not aware of? Why is it that we only hear this type of disturbing news from a concerned member of our military than the Trudeau’s “sheep” or the media.
    Did Donald Trump get it right when he called the media “corrupt”. Don’t know, but in this case they are well controlled.
    Come on Canadians, speak out against this.

    • You’re only going to hear what Trudeau and his mindless, windmill building, solar smitten rotten gang want you to hear as they lead us along the same ruinous road the Europeans are walking, just a decade or two behind.

      Yes John, Trump gets it dead right, but I just hope he hasn’t bitten off a bit too much to begin with, and he needs to be very cautious–the democrats/leftists/snowflakes are exhibiting murderous levels of cretinous disenchantment with him. —Pete, also from Cobble Hill.

  10. Canada is not a particularly independent country, it is just a dowdy version of the US. It is not different, just 7-10 years behind in social trends. So, it is now just starting its “hope and change” phase with a young far-left libtard at the helm. However, if trends hold, things will turn around here too and a populist will be elected within a decade.

    • Perhaps, but think of the damage ‘meathead’ and his stupid gang can do in a decade.

      Yet the people voted him in; they voted for Notley in Alberta, where they also voted Nenshi (a moslem) in–and re-elected him, and that despite the chaos in Europe being caused almost entirely by–moslems, who have been our deadly enemy for their entire 1400 year existence.

  11. Canadians are obliged to surrender our freedom of speech to appease Muslims..
    We are being compelled to refer to Islam as a religion of peace when that is an absolute lie. We are compelled to endorse Islam without exception, yet if I propagate my Christianity vocally or in writing, then I can go to jail for all manner of reasons. While we were founded as a Judeo-Christian nation, we are now being robbed BY OUR GOVERNMENT , of our Canadian traditions. 2,500 years ago we were warned of a calamity falling on all of us when we call “evil”, good and call “good”, evil. That lis where we are now.

  12. I have contacted my MP (Guy Lauzon) a few times about this unfortunate petition and have been reassured that there is nothing to worry about since it has no chance of becoming law.
    Worryingly, though, the “quiet room” at my federally funded workplace has morphed into a mini-mosque. When I complained about the islam-only nature of the room and requested that either the islamic props be removed or Christian symbols be allowed, I was told that such a move would cause problems. Apparently once islam has taken over a space it is islamic forever….
    I mention this in contection with the petition because the petition was being promoted here at my workplace in the summer of 2016.

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