“Allahu Akhbar” and Guns — Panic on the Vienna Subway

There was chaos yesterday on the U-bahn in Vienna as several high-spirited “youths” terrorized passengers with guns and “Allahu Akhbar!”

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this piece from the Kronen Zeitung:

Young Migrants Trigger Mass Panic in Vienna Subway

Incident on Monday afternoon in the Vienna Subway: A group of young migrants near the U3 station Schweglergasse started to yell “Allahu Akhbar” according to a witness — and pulled out pistols. Panic broke out among the passengers — but one courageous witness promptly intervened.

Amer Albayati, a well known terror expert for the Krone [newspaper], also witnessed the incident. Four youths with migration backgrounds were yelling in Arabic and brandishing pistols — they may have been “airsoft guns”. Shots were heard.

Brave witness attacked the youths

The passengers panicked, reported Albayati, and tried to get as far away from the screaming youths as possible. One passenger tried to take down the lads and apparently he succeeded in temporarily kicking the four out of the train at the stop at Schweglergasse. Finally, as the train reached the Zieglergasse heading towards Stephansplatz, the group left the subway for good.

Many witnesses took photos of the suspects — the four youths have been reported, and the search for them is underway.

Security measures for exactly these types of incidents

According to the spokesman for the police, Thomas Keiblinger, the youths were of high school age. “We have security measures in the train and at the platforms for exactly these types of incidents when passengers don’t feel safe anymore,” Daniel Amann, the spokesperson for the Vienna subway, added. With these emergency security measures which are located on the trains as well as in so-called “SOS-cubes” on the platforms, a passenger can directly reach and talk to the train engineer or the control room. In an emergency people shouldn’t be shy about using these measures.

28 thoughts on ““Allahu Akhbar” and Guns — Panic on the Vienna Subway

  1. Creating a mass panic is punishable right? Just like falsely yelling “fire” in a crowded theater…

    • Technically, this deliberate action is intimidation and as such is a criminal offence, and the offence of assault would come to mind here.

  2. May I just say, their “security measures” are a joke. They think those telephones in trains and on the platforms are gonna safe anyone’s life? The first thing a terrorist on the subway train will do is shoot the telephone. Their statement that their “security measures for exactly these types of incidents” is nothing but a big fat Austrian joke. Give the Austrians back their guns, and that would seriously increase “security measures”.

      • Honest, Nemesis, we really do avoid crowds, popular public places, etc. Now that Left has declared all of us knuckle-draggers as worth destroying, we have a double front to contend with…

      • Dymphna by forcing you to change your behaviour and pull back, they actually achieve their goal…

      • In a sane society it should be possible for the law to proscribe guns for foreigners and Muslims and create a legal presumption of self defense where citizens use force with foreigners and Muslims. Citizenship and voting rights should be denied to immigrants down to the fourth generation.

        More to the point, no foreigners or immigrants should be granted residency or entrance, period, but stupid countries embrace with hysterical joy suicide, non-discrimination, and foreign invasion. Stupid Western countries refuse to note that Muslim lands discriminate viciously against filthy infidels in their midst. Shia Muslims consider the kuffar to be on the level of human waste, dead bodies, and dogs.

        But the Austrians have put SOS-cubes in the trains. Whoa. Talk about draconian measures!!!

    • I laughed in a sad way when I read “security measure.” What’s wrong with these people who develop this nonsense? This is worse than that stupid Finnish “don’t get raped” video.

  3. And the deterent? Put 4 low-IQ, zero skills, unassimilable youths with absolutely no chance of reproducing in their own culture, in a nice sheltered prison with plenty of amenities, radical imams to guide them spiritually, and all the sex they could dream of.

    There’s no way to control or dissuade low-IQ, low impulse control individuals from anti-social behavior, except to hold the threat of immediate (12-hour period) execution or dismemberment, which coincidentally is a role played by tribal elders.

    The Austrian (and European) leaders continue to treat Muslim Middle-Easterners and Africans as they would the over-socialized, lethargic people of their own countries.

    • The Austrian (and European) leaders continue to treat Muslim Middle-Easterners and Africans as they would the over-socialized, lethargic people of their own countries.

      Do you mean with disdain and contempt? Those lethargic indigenous people are beginning to complain that the newcomers are being treated better, and are given more benefits.

      BTW, what does “over-socialized” mean? That’s a potentially fascinating term.

      • That’s right!

        It is we taxpayers who are the fools. We are the ones who slave away so the leviathan state can confiscate a portion of our earnings to provide largesse to our new overloads so they can live the good life, breed like roaches, and spread their poisoned ideology far and wide.

        • Okay… I’m totally confused. First it was the over-socialized lethargic indigenous people and now we have new overloads

          Anybody care to translate? I realize our commenting rules may mean you’ll have to find courteous synonyms for whatever is being said…

          “Lethargic” obviously means “lazy” – unless you have chronic fatigue – as I do. The condition that makes you pull the car over to the verge so you can sleep for 15 minutes and avoid hitting (more) mailboxes.

          But what the heck is “over-socialized” and “over-loads”??

          Maybe I just need to get out more – umm, become a little more “socialized” so that I learn the new jargon.

          • Yes, I meant overlords in the sense that they are given free checks and a free hand by the governments who have their boot upon working people’s necks.

            Perhaps auto-correct zapped me.

  4. After it was apparent that the guns were just toys, these idiots should have been beaten black and blue.

    But they’re foreign “minors”, so there will be absolutely no repercussions.

    • Do you really think beating another person black and blue will help?

      Once upon a time in a land far away, I had a husband who believed firmly in the ‘black-and-blue’ rule and applied it liberally (so to speak) to us for any and all infractions. In my limited experience, it seemed to make us even less able to follow the rules.

      • They’re both cases of bully vs. victim, but Tancred is referring to teaching the bully a lesson by beating these b[ullies] black and blue, you are referring to the victim who has already been beaten by the bully. Completely opposite situations.

      • “Do you really think beating another person black and blue will help?”

        In this case? Yes absolutely.

        • Perhaps I’m being cynical, but this could have been a dry run by “junior” jihadis on behalf of their seniors!

          They certainly have drawn attention to what is a very soft target for terrorists to note in their

          I pray that I am mistaken.

  5. just doing what your leftist politicians brought them there to do. keep loving your dole, it’s going to cost you your life.

  6. Much respect to the lone passenger who confronted and ejected the four from the train.

    Even with just bare fists those are absolutely horrific odds in a street fight, even with undernourished, scrawny, unathletic Nafri youths.

  7. Europe’s [done for]. You people ought to rise up and take back your country and throw the politicians like Merkel in prison.

    • Do you have specific plans for how they ought to carry out your idea? One that wouldn’t get them killed or their children taken away?

      I think it would be better to demand world peace immediately and make everyone intelligent and wise. While we’re at it, I want free beer for all.


  8. Geez Louise, just your typical teens having a bit of fun….bet they’re still laughing about it 🙂

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