You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

A German entrepreneur has figured out how to solve the rape crisis and make money at the same time.

German women may now purchase rape-deterrent lingerie that keeps out intrusive culture-enrichers and sets off a loud alarm when any hot-blooded “southerner” tries to get past milady’s sartorial defenses.

The device even comes with a padlock. But this is the 21st century, and German women have been liberated, so the Modern Multicultural Fräulein controls the key to her own chastity belt. No husband required!

New Year’s Eve is coming up shortly. I wonder how well this handy garment is selling in Cologne…

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Chastity underpants to deter rapes! A German designer
00:04   offers tear-proof knickers with an alarm of 130 decibels.
00:08   The device consists of a powerful sound alarm and a system
00:12   of laces, secured by a padlock, all in materials similar
00:16   to those used in bullet-proof vests. This initiative aims to combat the many attempted
00:20   rapes that are happening in Germany.

31 thoughts on “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

  1. There is a theory that the heavy folk costumes with metal lacings worn by women in Macedonia were to deter rape by the Muslims under the Turkish rule.

  2. I was impressed that the German girl reporter could tell this with a straight face. I think half way through I would have burst out in laughter.

  3. What about an external garment braided with metal strands connected to a battery pack and micro transformer giving electric fence like protection. Shocking idea?

    • Better yet, a little pistol in a purse or handbag, or maybe a slavic boyfriend by her side to pound into the dirt any multi-culti wannabe rapist scum who dares to try and molest.

      The Germans will keep on being good little Eloi because the Morlocks might spare them for last if they just are obedient and continue to behave like the sheep they are.

  4. Oh great! Now instead of being raped and beaten to death, you just get beaten to death from the get go. How encouraging. Maybe they could wear full medieval body armor.

    • Maybe the current national meat market should be moved to a market area set up for Muslims only. There’s a real demand for German meat across the Muslim enclaves right now. The Muslim rapists would then only have to venture main stream for fresh flesh as per current demand.
      The Islam meats West meet. Sweet?

  5. A pistol shot to the [testicles] deters rape and makes noise, and eliminates a rapist from the gene pool, can your panties match that?

    • A pistol shot to the face also eliminates rapists from the gene pool, and has the added advantage of saving the costs of legal and medical care for the savage.

    • Should the rapist survive perhaps the state could remove any remaining bits of said testicles and immediately deport him without medical treatment.

      Should he ” have lost his papers” just select a country for him,
      Say Somalia for example, should they refuse to take him one pass of a plane and a parachute for the perpetrator, should you be feeling a little humane ( parachute is not mandatory)
      Would do the trick accordingly

  6. When will nations wake up to the fact that mosques are not ‘churches’. Mosques are enemy government camps within their borders. They need to go.

    Take out the hives and the hornets will go.

  7. uhmmm with all the jokes aside, this is a very serious issue, very serious. Why is there not great outrage against such criminal acts that are destroying many people within their own nation?
    These new pants are a good measure but are only dealing with the effects and not the cause, and I will say, if a woman whom I loved had to experience such a vile act against her well-being,those men would not walk properly ever again, nor would they consider (due to permanent pain) procreation.

    • They nearly always walk in gangs, as you should know by now.
      Occasionally a single ‘refugee’ will stalk a single woman, or preferably a young girl, as long as he knows she is no threat to him.

      Real warriors, these moslems!

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