White Masochists Just Wanna Be Safe, Ya Know?

At the recommendation of a commenter, I looked at Black Pigeon’s new video. I’ve seen his work before, but I don’t remember hearing about his own background before this. It proves to be quite interesting. One presumes he’s talking from his own background of The Privileged White…but then again, he’s a Black Pigeon, isn’t he?

The ugly phenomenon of White Masochism has a counter-reality: those mixed race folks who desire to “pass” as white and leave the burdens of ethnicity behind. That isn’t discussed by Black Pigeon but for American Southerners, it’s simply part of life – an obvious and eternal reality. “Whiter is Righter” is lived out in places like, say, New Orleans, all the time. The rage of those Black Lives Who Natter (on and on) stands against those silent “almost white” folks who sneak over the Color Border to get out of the whole mess, or those who marry whites in hopes their children can be spared the pain of being not-white. You can watch it happen among the rich and famous all the time.

Life is full of existential burdens, skin color – oops, “ethnicity” being just one of them. If Zeus would flash a bolt of white light and make the whole world pale – or at least those who found their rage on their color – they’d find something else to differentiate and kvetch about. That’s just how we are…

So onto the joys of being Japanese and not having to pretend we’re all alike:

We have a donor who lives in Japan. She’s been there for some years; from her name she would appear to be of European extraction. Considering what is going on, I pray she remains safe.

An important reminder:

As Black Pigeon says about his comment section: keep it civil. But y’all already know that. Obviously, BP doesn’t moderate his own comment section, so it has quickly become an anti-Semitic swamp. That won’t happen here, despite the Herculean efforts of those heavy-breathers with the parentheses around their code words. Clever tykes, cute beyond words.

At any rate, our readers know we do indeed watch the threads carefully. There is a wonderful myth about our comments that “Dymphna the Deleter” is solely responsible for suppressing free speech. T’aint so, but I rather like the reputation.

45 thoughts on “White Masochists Just Wanna Be Safe, Ya Know?

  1. Only whites themselves seem to ignore how envied they are by other people. It took me to travel to latin america and asia to see first hand the inferiority complexes and racial obsessions that corrode the lives of so many people in such places, the whiter the better is the rule in those regions, the most racist countries in the world are third world countries.

    • And yet look at any 50+ human, and the ones with more melanin will have much healthier, more beautiful skin, especially in warmer climates. My white friends over 50 are getting bits chopped out of their faces now to curb melanoma (Australasia).

      We evolved with different amounts of melanin for good reasons and should just appreciate that our colour is best for the climate our ancestors evolved in.

      Why can’t people just see the matter as a scientific fact instead of a whole false value system?

      • Absolutely baffling. “They” just refuse to see the truth. Black people in the US have been pointing this out to the white people for how long now? The key to success and longevity is melanin. Who ya gonna call?

    • We are not ignoring our skin color, we just don’t spend our valuable time on earth thinking about it.

      • I certainly don’t spend much time agonizing over my skin color. It’s not an issue — except to Marxists who want to beat me over the head with it. Then I have a catalogue of sassy retorts to the fools.

  2. The current system of what passes these days for education has much to answer for, however, those who cannot accept who they happened to born as have become lost souls who wander the world in search of something that they will never be. I think we all have to learn that in this life what we are is all we are going to get, which can be a heavy burden for some, but an uplifting experience for others.

    As a very wise man once quipped, ‘There are two great events in everyone’s life, the first is to be born, and the second is to find out why we were born.’ – Mark Twain.

    Many, it seems, never take the opportunity that life presents to them to take up the investigation those very wise words invite them to do.

  3. this white privilege meme is the communist party doing to white people what the Nazis did to jews in the 1930s.

    • Precisely. It shows you how similar totalitarian systems work. Islam is the very same just with infidels.

  4. “BP doesn’t moderate his own comment section, so it has quickly become an anti-Semitic swamp” – why does this unfortunately happen so often?

    I’m absolutely convinced that a LOT of anti-semites would be very helpful to the cause, if they could just get their heads out of “It’s the Joos!” and look at reality in the face.

    Sadly, I’ve hardly ever seen a reformed anti-semite.

    • It is my observation that secular Jews from Germany did indeed develop the pernicious ideologies we are battling around the world. Based on the previous achievements of these communities, there’s no surprise the intellectual erm capital built up in their gene pool over generations, has proved destructive when separated from source.

      It was not hard to work this out … you can ask Freud.

      Jews are successful because of Torah study and devotion to God, and because they always have to be on their toes. They’ve moved around a lot because people erupt in violence against them unexpectedly and on the flimsiest of pretenses, so they are adept.

      As far as the banking conspiracy that’s always thrown at them … the same scenario applies. Among the people who have made money their god, the Jews excel. Among those who ply their trade in the financial world and who are Godly, the Jews excel. What’s so hard to understand about that ?

      The Actuarial Society in my country read like a who’s who of Jewish families (we don’t have that many Asians). Yet no one slams Jews for this. Why not?

      Anyway, the left is out of tricks and that includes the Jewish left.

    • Philosopher – that is a shame because if you have something you really believe to be important you wish to share with others, I believe you should be able to do so, but this is not yours or my blog, so really, we are subject to those who run it, and while I at times have to grit my teeth as to the rules, nevertheless, rules they are in which we must all abide if we are to keep this blog to the high standard that it now has a reputation for.

      I am sure that if you word what you need to say according to the GoV requirement then you may get your message across. What you have to remember though, is that you must use the less inflammatory descriptions and fractious wording to impart that message which may take a little getting used to, but in the end, you will gain a handle on it if you believe you have something to contribute.

      PS, you may also become aware that some subjects are taboo – so good luck with it all if you decide to recommence commenting.

      • Ah yes Nemisis ,the GoV can be confusing at times.Which are the subjects that are taboo?This is a genuine question. I’d really like to know so as to avoid stepping on either Dymphna or Baron’s corns.

        • Shelagh, don’t become too involved in trying to expose Roman Catholicism and its many offshoots. One also needs to be very careful on the descriptors used when identifying one’s enemies.

          Keep that in mind and you should be OK.

          • Nemesis and Shelagh:

            I’ve thought about your questions. Dymphna, for her part, might answer them differently. But here are some of my thoughts on why we delete or redact certain comments.

            Imagine a comment like the following — there has never been one like it, but I am creating it out of my imagination to illustrate how we would respond:

            I elevate my rear end in front of your face while I break wind. Take that, Gates of Vienna!

            The above (imaginary) comment, by euphemizing certain bodily functions, conforms with the letter of our guidelines. Yet I would delete it. Why?

            Because it’s ugly, unpleasant, and doesn’t further the conversation in any way. That’s why.

            Yet it’s hard to explain why such a comment ought to be deleted. If it’s not obvious, I don’t know what to tell you.

            Ultimately it comes down to a subjective judgment by the moderators (i.e. Dymphna and myself). If we think someone is being nasty, or beating a dead horse, or being unpleasantly repetitive, or mean-spirited — then we may well delete or redact the comment.

            Our ordeal during the Anders Behring Breivik affair back in 2011 (wow — it’s been more than five years — amazing!) toughened me to the point where I no longer sweat such trivialities. It burned out the last of my innocence.

            If I don’t like it, I delete it.

            Deal with it.

          • Thank you Baron. In my own way, and just like you, I am dealing with it. It just takes a little getting used to as you have pointed out.

  5. All non-white cultures are inward-looking, conservatively homogeneous and excluding. And the reason is that they have never been brave enough to undergo an Enlightenment of self-scrutiny!

    (White) Western culture is outward-looking, self-deprecating, skeptical, ironic, intellectually subtle and self-interrogating.

    But who is going to win a fist fight between a bespectacled, sophisticated, self-questioning intellectual and a muscle-bound barbarian, who has never entertained a scintilla of self-doubt?

    Therefore, Western culture now needs warriors to protect its intellectual freedom, or we will be overcome by bigoted, asinine barbarians.

    Those whites indulging in cultural masochism are the most stupid of our population – so they ‘deserve’ annihilation. Others of us refuse to sink to the level of their psychological derangement.

    For every abuse of human rights in the West, non-Western cultures would put us into the shade. Most of them have appalling records of corruption, human rights abuse, intolerance and flat out ignorant, backward ineptitude as to how to organize their societies for the benefit of their citizens.

    Skin color is only melanin, but cultural values are key – and they reside in the brain, not the skin! The ‘Racism’ hoax of the Left and the Marxist non-whites is a total sham! It’s their lack of classical (not Marxist, PC) Western education which has led to their marginalization, not their superficial skin cell melanin percentage. But if you choose rap music over Bach, what can one expect?

    And, by the way, none of my children are ‘white’, but I brought them up to be color blind.

    • I’m curious as to how you did that – i.e., brought your children up to be color-blind. It’s such a difficult fact to ignore, just as age and gender are hard to ignore.

      Scenario: there’s a little old white lady sitting on the bench at the bus stop where you happen to be standing, both of you waiting for the bus…surely she evokes a different inner response than another person waiting with the two of you. This third person is very dark and much bigger than you. “You” being, say, a young adolescent Chinese male.

      If I were the “you” in this scene, I’d be glad to see the bus on the horizon.

      It’s a fear/relief based on statistics. IOW, while you may have brought them up to be blind, surely experience in the wider world – like attending a feral public school – will provide perceptions you might not sanction.

      • Perhaps if the dark female who is much bigger than you is scowling, surely your unease would rise? But what if that is complicated by the fact that she is reading a prayer book and has on a Christian minister’s collar?

        So many factors color our assessments of what is safe and what isn’t. “Street smarts” include acute perceptions of skin color and minute changes in facial expressions and body language.

        • First of all, I brought my kids up in Australia, which is not the USA. My marriage was a re-run of ‘Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner’ with all the shocked reactions chronicled therein. (We were married the same year the movie came out). But my African husband was well-liked and well-respected in our homogeneous white community, because he was (and is) a Western-educated, worthy man.

          We brought the kids up to be proud of their dual heritage but to understand that the color of their skin was like hair color and eye color – of absolutely insignificant importance!

          One’s character and the state of one’s soul are the only qualities that matter, and further I told them that anyone who thought differently was to be pitied – because they were obviously ignorant idiots.

          Now, when they grew up they disappointed me greatly by ‘taking on’ (at times) a color-identity. In fact it infuriated me – and still does. It’s so limiting. However when one of them traveled to her father’s home country in West Africa, she was surprised to be called, by the locals ‘white’. I was delighted – because it showed how ridiculous the skin color classification system is. In South Africa they have taken color-classification to a high degree of refinement bordering on the fantastical!

          ‘Racism’ is a a big political scam by some in the black community and all the Marxist PC nutters.

          Plato, Galileo, Shakespeare and the scientific inventors of Europe and the USA had no idea that by using their brains they were consigning people of color to eternal shame and inferiority!

          I have an answer – everyone has brains, no matter what level of melanin in their skin – so they ought to use them! Western, classical education (not PC Marxist, postmodern drivel) is the answer to 99% of the problems in the world because it teaches logical, rational thinking, self-scrutiny and the ability to critique one’s culture. Our culture was heavily critiqued during the Enlightenment and it’s what all Third world, traditional cultures need – especially the theocratic Islam.

          Because I had TWO multicultural marriages producing kids (second was Asian) I am never afraid to speak my mind. I can hardly be called a racist when some of my kids look like Obama’s siblings! So it has perhaps given me a unique perspective.

          What I notice is that white people are scared to death of speaking their mind for fear of being called ‘racist’. White people are entirely intimidated and that is deliberate. They ought to reject this shameful scheme to shut them up!

          • Should have made it clear that, like so many children of mixed marriages where the mother is white – they always take on the identity of their father! Another infuriating behavior – just like Obama did!!!

    • So what are they? Do they know? They may have a long tortuous road ahead. If they are to survive at all. Just axing.

  6. Its simple, western “common sense justice” has been used and abused against the west itself. Yuri Bezmenov said that’s how th KGB did it – they look for irrelevant topics and push them through the media in order to silence relevant topics. And it so happened that the west is preoccupied with gender issues – or “white crimes during the colonial era” – and then they fry our children’s brains with it!

    Guilt is a good demoralizer, and is useful during the destabilization process, aim of which is to make every citizen of the enemy state (the West) unable to see or find viable options for future safety and well beings of their families. Thats when the crack begins…

  7. Would be nice, good, valuable (etc.) to have Nicolai Sennels’ thoughts on this EthnoMasochism concept. (If not him then someone with similar credentials.)
    I’m curious as to what he would say.

    Nicolai, please, speak to us!

    • I like Dr. Sennel’s work. A LOT.

      However, in this case, listening to the narrator, who has first-hand experience in Japan and Hong Kong, and pays attention to what he sees, is invaluable.It allows one to make comparisons to our shame-faced whiteness. Or rather our former “s-fW”. Most people outside academia – i.e., the real world – are fed up with apologizing for not having suffered enough. Let a thousand white faces bloom with smiles. And that goes for all the other colors, too.

      • Dymphna: Not trying to split hairs with you, but my desire for Dr. Sennels’ input on the E-M concept in no way was meant to marginalize BP’s excellent You Tube post. Quite the contrary. I was thinking his analysis would compliment our understanding, taking it one step deeper or one level higher.

        As briefly as I can –

        Analysis of human behavior is done on an individual level – Mr. Jones is a masochist, Mr. Smith is a sadist, Ms. Molly goes both ways. What makes, or has made, each one of them the way they are? What does it mean in regards to their personal lives and their ability to contribute, or not, to their communities, their cultures? Etc.

        Analysis of human behavior is also done on a group or societal or cultural/ethnic/racial level – This group of people is highly belligerent, this other group of people is pacific. What makes, or has made, each one of them they way they are? What does it mean in regards to academia in their country or foreign relations in the current era? Etc.

        Quite often, understanding the individual case leads to a greater, better, understanding of the larger, group, case.

        BP’s tube is a “top – down” approach – white western societies (the “top”) display an incredible amount of E-M. What does this mean to their societies and the individuals (the “down”) in them going forward?

        But what if we had someone qualified in the discipline, such as Dr. Sennels, who would look at this situation from the “bottom – up”? Do the Mr. Jones(es) of the world (the “bottom”) ever stop being masochists? If so, why? What makes them change? How does the change affect the larger group (the “up”)? Etc.

        At the 11:54 mark of his tube BP states, “So the question is this, ‘How did ethnic-masochism come about? What is it that makes westerners take pride in the desire to dismantle their countries and cultures as well as the so called privilege of white people in their own nations?’ Japanese have Japanese privilege in Japan. . . . . .

        As I state above, sometimes understanding individual case leads to a greater, better understanding of the larger, group, case

        Now, having said all of the above, the result of this effort, if it were to be undertaken, might be a big “So What?”! – and only that ( and that would be a big bummer.) Nonetheless, I’d still like to have it because I think there is, in fact, something there, something of tangible benefit.

        So, one more time: Nicolai, please, speak to us!

        I have one caveat. It is very possible that the “bottom-up” analysis of this E-M has been done already. If it has, I don’t know about it and I’d be grateful to the person who points me to it.

        Submitted with respect and appreciation for your efforts.

  8. Well, none of this made sense to me but I’ll try reading it again in the morning, when I am brighter (kind of). What difference does it matter what color we are? We were born that way and we can’t really change it, unless magical science finds a way.

    Since my mother brought me to this country at age 5, I have been an American and yes I do have a history from another country but I do not dwell on it, other than to buy Hungarian christmas candy at this time of year — and make the occasional chicken paprikas.

    • “We were born that way and we can’t really change it”

      There are exceptions. Take Michael Jackson who was born as a black male and did a pretty thorough job of transforming himself into a nearly white, sort of androgynous creature (personally I think he was trying to become Dianna Ross). Or consider the case of Rachel Dolezal who is white but somehow just decided to be black and people went along with it for years.

      I think at the root of this phenomena is the left pushing the notion that we are what we self-identify as. And to that notion, I call BS.

  9. There is no problem with multi-culturalism provided the culture does not impose rules in the public sphere that includes their children, it should not have rules which say the foreign culture is bad.

    The problem with Europe and America is they let in muslims, who see the infidel as disgusting , impose laws based on religion ( Islam has extreme savage ,, barbaric laws called Sharia )…….. when you are dealing with a savage you cannot deal with democratic laws you have use military machine…….or else you will be devoured like paris , cologne, Nice, 9/11, San Bernandino, Church Bombing in Cairo……………..etc

    • The problem with the concept of multiculturalism is that it allows each culture to present itself as an ideal cultural system that then tends to compete with other ‘ideal cultural systems’ while the host culture is eventually and completely disregarded to the point that it becomes secondary to upholding one’s own ‘ideal culture’.

      Do you really believe that all cultures are equal?

      Too, as the host culture’s influence begins to wane by withdrawing its dominance (and this is by design) over those other cultures it has permitted to enter the country, then all the ‘ideal cultures’ tend to adhere to their own laws and customs while paying lip service to what remains of the once dominant host culture. We can already see the impact of this on much of Europe and the UK that are fast becoming countries of tribes.

      Multiculturalism eventually brings about the destruction of the Western Nation state by dividing once homogenous nation states into various cultural tribes who have no loyalty to the country they find themselves living in.

      A classic case of how multiculturalism destroys is what occurred in Fiji a few years back that produced a profound lesson that Western leaders have since refused to learn from.

  10. “White Pig” stuff is really, really rarely in Japan, though this kind of racism does undeniably exist (and is usually directed at Koreans). Otherwise, Pigeon is absolutely spot on in his observations on JP and HK. Even multiracial-but-still-basically-Chinese Singapore, with a dire 1.3 birth-rate, is baulking at importing more people.

    • Japan is one of the most fiercely defended homogeneous societies on the face of the earth! I think the took in about three Vietnamese refugees!

      • Good for them! In this day and age of madness, the Japanese are a beacon of light!
        Sixty five years ago I would not have dreamt of saying such a thing.

  11. I think white people as a whole have drunk the Kool-Aid.
    They are heirs to the knowledge bequeathed them by ancient Greece, ancient Rome, the Celtic tribes of Britain,the Saxons ,the Angles ,the Jutes ,the Normans, Judaism ,Christianity and the Danelaw(Viking law which was applied to those parts of England ruled and settled by the Danes).

    And they are unable to understand that although they took the best from all those cultures and influences and made it their own ,such openness to new ideas is very rare.

    Whites imagine that the more they strive for excellence ,the more they will be admired and emulated(imitated) and appreciated by other races. And they are sadly wrong.

    No matter what they do they will still be hated .Hated for being white ,for working harder ,for achieving more.

    White people desperately want to be liked .So they keep trying harder and harder to please.

    It’s sad really .White people need to realize that other races will hate them whatever they do .So they might just as well stop trying to appease other racial groups at the expense of their own safety, security and existence.

    And when whites have become reduced to helpless powerless minorities in their own countries ,who knows perhaps their grip on reality will improve.But by then it will be too late.

  12. Maybe white Europeans especially have not forgotten all the millions who died in two world wars as well as all the wars in between.


    This may be true.

    Self-loathing may be in fierce competition with “cognitive dissonance” as the MOST pervasive and prominent characteristic of Western Civilization’s Leftists.

  14. I have had little contact with those who support the multicultural agenda in the West.
    My observation is these people tend to be far removed from where real industrial output takes place, finding refuge in arts, news,entertainment, education, and government–anywhere awash in government funding. Yes, government is a major advertiser.

    Multiculturalism is NOT an organic movement–it is coming from the top-down, imposed in a grimacing public.

    I feel the endgame will be dictatorship–an iron-fisted police state to prevent antagonistic ethnic groups from killing each other. We see the beginnings of this with hate speech laws surfacing in the West.

    Birth rates have NOTHING to do with multiculturalism. The legal preparation for the importation of aliens was done while the baby booms were still intact.

  15. Japanese culture is insular and conformist. It had claimed and made a fetish of the notion that Japanese were ethnically distinct from both China and Korea (never mind the ethnic cleansing of the people indigenous to Japan whom the people we think of as “Japanese,” um, gentrified to the margins), until genetic testing proved that in reality they descended from China. Much rending of garments over that, promptly followed by denial.

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