We Are All Nazis Now!

The Reductio ad Hitlerum (see also Godwin’s Law) has been a standard tactic of argumentation by left-leaning folks for a number of decades. Ever since the presidency of George W. Bush — and perhaps going all the way back to Ronald Reagan — it has been the primary method of dealing with any opinions even slightly to the right of those held by the people who employ it.

With the election of Donald Trump, the lefties are falling all over themselves to validate Godwin’s Law whenever they possibly can. If Nigel Farage was the Political Figure Most Often Depicted as a Nazi in 2016, surely Mr. Trump will win that coveted prize for 2017.

The following article from Poland describes a recent outburst of the Screaming Nazi Heeber-Jeebers in front of the Supreme Court in London, during a demonstration against Brexit by Bremainers. An artist name Kaya Mar displayed a painting of Viktor Orbán, Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen, and Jaroslav Kaczynski dressed in Nazi uniforms underneath the grim visage of their Führer, Donald Trump. Just in case you don’t get it, the artist has painted swastikas on the soles of the goose-steppers’ boots.

This is leftist political iconography at its most subtle. One can only marvel at the artist’s skill and ingenuity.

The artist himself is an exemplar of what the European Union stands for. There’s no Wikipedia entry for him, but according to this blog entry, Mr. Mar was “[b]orn to Spanish parents in Istanbul he has lived in Turkey, France and then London”.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this brief article from the Polish news portal Dziennik.pl:

Shocking poster by an opponent of Brexit. Kaczynski, Orban and Farage in Nazi uniforms

The British Supreme Court must decide whether the implementation of Brexit needs parliamentary approval. Supporters and opponents of remaining in the European Union appeared in front of the court. One of them, the artist Kaya Mar, had prepared a quite shocking poster.

On the poster Kaya Mar put the leaders of parties and countries that he accuses of destroying the European Union. So we see on it Jaroslav Kaczynski [leader of the Polish PiS — Law and Justice, conservative party], Viktor Orban, Nigel Farage, and Marine Le Pen, dressed in Nazi uniforms. The chairman of Law and Justice also wears a necklace with a large gold swastika. Behind them, in the midst of swastikas, hangs a poster of Donald Trump.

This is a protest by the artist Kaya Mar against Britain’s leaving the European Union. Both he and other opponents of Brexit are hoping that the Supreme Court will rule that Parliament should have the last word in this matter, since MPs can vote differently than the British electorate in the referendum.

12 thoughts on “We Are All Nazis Now!

  1. The only thing these second generation fascists achieved that now anyone labeled Nazi by this leftists/marxists lunatics almost count as badge of honor, which is a shame because we should never forget the atrocities committed by the real Nazis. Of course we should not forget the horrible atrocities committed by Communists, now Leftists-Culture Marxists and of course the winner of the bunch: the muslims!
    11 million – Nazis
    60 million – World War II.
    100 million – Communists
    280 million – Muslims

    • Let’s not forget the atrocities committed by the allies in WW2:
      – The terror bombing of the German civilian population.
      – The deliberate starvation of the German population.
      – The imprisonment & starvation of thousands of German POWs after the war.

  2. At the bottom of the article I see it has been filed under; Politics, Stupidity, UK.
    That pretty much says it all.
    I have nothing to add.
    A pleasant Sunday to all of you.

    • With the greatest respect to the imbecile carrying the stupid poster- get a life you annoying little prat!

  3. What’s tragically ironic that the Left has painstakingly recreated this post-factual world that fueled the fervor in NAZI Germany:
    smear-campaigns (nazi-keule), fear-campaigns (e.g. hysterical reaction to Trump election), race as a ideological weapon, ideology delivered through education, schlaeger-truppen (antifa), state-funded networks charged with re-education, control of media and align with propaganda machine, diversion tactics (e.g. ‘fake-news’), don’t host AfD (Juden verboten), opponents are intellectually inferior etc etc

    The difference is that the post-war movement of the Left/Greens has been more patient, systematic and insidious, the second difference is that unless they are stopped the devastating results will far exceed those of NAZI 1.0. There will be no V-day to start over.

  4. “The artist himself is an exemplar of what the European Union stands for.”

    What are the odds that his “Art” is entirely subsidized at public expense.
    The good slave always knows who puts the bread on his table.

  5. On the Dziennik.pl article (very much an MSM outlet), the comments are on the whole supportive of this “artist”. While comparisons to the Nazis are both tedious and ridiculous, it’s true that by building up tensions in their respective countries, the likes of Kaczynski and Trump are providing plenty of ammo to their opponents. Let’s just hope that all this rage doesn’t blow up in the hard right’s faces – but for that to happen, they’ll need to form competent governments. While that seems true for Orban, there are strong reservations to be had about the arguably-socialist policies of the Polish government, as well as some of the proposed appointments in the Donad’s administration.

    • This is part of the Left Agenda. Make people to apologize for everything, – even for existing -, thought police, gestures or half sentences “explained” by them. The best is someone does not play their game! As the saying goes:

      “Do not argue with an idiot! He drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.”

  6. What is actually happening is that the good guys are winning the hearts of peace loving people all over the world who want their countries back. The lefties are actually the Nazis. What with wannting to create a Euro super force and just remember the likes of Merkel is one of the worse signs of a Hitler force.

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