Vicky Maeijer: “We Are Stronger Than the Political Elites”

Vicky Maeijer is a Member of the European Parliament for the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV), the party of Geert Wilders.

Earlier today Ms. Maeijer gave the following speech on the floor of the EP.

Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:08   Last weekend Mr. Juncker couldn’t resist praising Fidel Castro as a hero for many.
00:15   The sympathy the EU has for dictators is significant.
00:22   Under EU leadership the union morphs into a dictatorship without room for aberrant opinions.
00:25   Freedom of speech only applies if you say something the politically correct want to hear.
00:30   That’s the elites in Brussels shining today.
00:35   Denouncing unwanted opinions as racism, xenophobia or islamophobia.
00:41   Nothing is spared to silence the opposition. The elites of Brussels
00:45   continue to tar patriots as extremists,
00:50   equate criticism of the flood of refugees as hatred.
00:53   But chairman, you explain to the millions of voters what is racist
00:57   about protecting your country against islamic terrorists, against illegal immigration.
01:03   What’s wrong with defending your country, your own people?
01:06   Chairman, also in The Netherlands we see that in a political trial the elites
01:10   assault freedom of speech. In a way that befits Turkey.
01:15   My own party leader, the leader of the Dutch opposition, Geert Wilders must defend
01:19   in court what millions of Dutch think.
01:23   Chairman, he won’t be gagged. We won’t be gagged.
01:27   For the time of politically correct looking the other way is over.
01:31   Everywhere citizens are showing that they are fed up with it.
01:34   We are stronger than this politically correct ‘down with us!’ mentality.
01:39   Stronger than this cultural relativism. We are stronger than the political elites.
01:42   Thank you.

19 thoughts on “Vicky Maeijer: “We Are Stronger Than the Political Elites”

    • RIH = Rest in Hell Traitors! How can a governing body called democracy ( government by the people . . . etc) , when the Traitors take every decision against their OWN people and make every decision with utmost determination to support islam and islamize the west.
      “we can’t stay around and do nothing while Saddam is killing his own people. ”
      “we can’t stay around and do nothing while Gaddafi is killing his own people. ”
      “we can’t stay around and do nothing while Assad is killing his own people. ”
      Saddam, Assad, Gaddafi were busy killing ONLY islamists who wanted to establish Caliphate, The Pirate Way. They did not want to kill the whole nation.

      Guess who were talking about “morally obliged to save other people from their rulers?”

      Yes, those who don’t even know what morals are.

      Morals are those that you are sublime reject petrodollars for your own coffer, reject siding with your, and your fellow citizens’ enemies.

      Morals are like virginity: What is it, how can I get it, who has it, where can you find it?


  1. We, the real Dutch people, will break left wing idealism and extremism, in 2017. It has brought the Netherlands nothing but trouble. We want Holland back, and we will have it back. Just wait and see. But first, December 4th, Italy 🙂 Let’s break the Euro and the EU just like it should be broken, and brick by brick the house will crumble, and fall.

    • Isn’t it Austria voting on Dec 4th?
      I wish you guys good luck (also in the name of Hungarians) for taking your country back. I always fly with KLM from Canada to Hungary… The last time I was at the airport in Amsterdam, it looked like I am in Morocco!

      • Hahaha. I’ve heard that before 🙂 They play games with statistics in Holland, so the Dutch think we have only 1 million immigrants where it is more like 5-7 million coloureds, just look around and see for yourself, in Holland they never extradite, so all who come remain, which is easy to notice.

        I’m actually 50% Dutch, and 50% Italian, and could have predicted the fall of Renzi in Italy. Glad he is gone with his crazy leftwing proposals, hopefully Italy will have their referendum next year on EU, and if all goes well, EU could be history in a few years. Italy has a big economy that could do much better but mostly suffers under bad leadership, and additionally, boatloads and hundreds of thousands of refugees each year are not exactly helping the Italian economy – but of course – EU dictates they take them in instead of sending them back with the same boat. That has to stop of course, and all the millions of immigrants should go back and rebuild their own countries, instead of coming to Europe and harvest what we worked for.

    • According to google Latin to English translation, this means:

      ‘All this in their ignorance, they called civilization, when it was part of their servitude.’

      Could you explain exactly how you intended this to apply to the speech?

      • I think Marnix means the speech points out that the Dutch too long believed that cultural relativism and vast immigration showed their civilization, while becoming slaves to islam. And now this belief has faded.

      • I referred to Tacitus, who wrote this when on his travels, he meant that the civilisation they brought as Romans in Britain, was actually just part of their slavery.

        ‘Because they didn’t know better, they called it “civilization,” when it was part of their slavery’ is a better translation, which is analogues to indeed the (non-democratically elected) EU that brings us leftwing, so called liberal slavery, importing extremism, mass immigration and terrorism in the name of all sacred globalisation, foresaking the European peoples, who have to pay for the idealist dreams of leftwing politics, until there is nothing left to share, and once again, Europe will fall to war, but then weakened by our leftwing governments, no armies to defend us, deficits skyrocketing, the list of leftwing corruption is endless, selling our jobs and industries to the highest bidders, shipping jobs and profits to tax havens, leaving millions jobless in Europe, while every muslim or other opportunist passes through 7 safe countries to arrive in Holland where welfare, childsupport and other free benefits are worth years of salary in their homelands, waiting to be handed over to them by leftwing politicians. They import them in masses into Europe and do nothing, simply because the leftwing needs them to vote for them, which has already split many of our native peoples in some invented racial war, which will only get worse. 75 million muslims today in Europe is not normal, and once they become the majority, we can say goodbye to Europe, with neighbours like Turkey, our so called Nato ally, that holds us hostage with threats of flooding us with millions more refugees. Turkey – a corrupt muslim state at best – which has been invading Europe for over 2000 years. Now their armies are not strong enough anymore they are flooding us with everything they want to get rid of in the middle east, and the end is not in sight, by far.

        I can not wait till March when Holland gets to vote on this with the new national elections. People are sick of the corruption that is bleeding Europe till the last drop.

  2. Thanks for the vid, but after a few seconds I was forced to switch over to the transcript. To see this courageous person addressing the EMPTY self-styled “most important/relevant international forum” on what is, literally, a battle to the death for social and cultural survival, was just too disheartening and way too depressing.

    While I realise that my comment will be drowned in this ocean of justified righteous indignation, my controlled anger is no less than yours.

    I do sincerely hope though, that the esteemed absent members were just far too busy advancing the cause of social and cultural survival (a holid… errr… reaearch trip to Bermuda, studying the concerns of the indigenes, perhaps?), to be concerned with the wholesale destruction of Freedom and Truth in their own homes.


    • Brave lady speaking g the truth on behalf of the Netherlands.

      Look to history folks, Mussolini thought the had it made and look what happened to him. There are plenty of convenient lamp posts in Brussels and Luxembourg which could accommodate the traitors of the European Union political elite should the need arise.

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