Twilight of the Angela

The populist uprisings this past fall may portend a “European Spring” in the new year. The future does not look bright for Angela Merkel and all the other EU-philic political leaders west of the old Iron Curtain.

What will become of Frau Dr. Merkel after the inauguration of Donald Trump next month?

Many thanks to JLH for translating this essay from Geolitico, a classical-liberal magazine of political culture:

Twilight of the Chancellor Since the Advent of Trump[1]

by Wolfgang Prabel
November 18, 2016

Chancellor Merkel will run aground on Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin as Erich Honecker did on Gorbachev and Reagan

Frau Dr. Merkel was chosen almost yearly as the most powerful woman in the world by the American stuffed-shirt magazine Forbes. We will forebear to comment, for now, on how that may have gone to her head. What is clear is that Merkel’s power was on loan, as long as she faithfully carried out the orders of the propaganda ministry in Hollywood. For example, destroying Germany’s energy supply, naturalizing limitless numbers of North Africans, and constantly propping up Greece. Merkel was President Obama’s European executor.

If a European head of state refused to follow the Imperial Berlin Chancellery, pressure came from Washington. If there was no European consensus, Merkel went it alone, without consulting her European partners. And so it was for the German energy policy that weighed on all its neighbors, and the grandiosely collapsed Turkey deal.

Allies Hardly Reliable

Nonetheless, an anti-German block formed, encompassing all of East and Southeast Europe. For instance, in the case of the “refugee distribution,” the sinister Dr. Merkel made not an inch of progress. Resistance formed up at first in the Visegrad states of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Czechia. Austria joined in and blocked off the Balkan route in cooperation with Macedonia, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria and Albania. In addition, Poland, the Netherlands and the Czechs are shielding themselves against the German maelstrom. Denmark is guarding its German border, France its Italian border.

The euro rescue operation is over in South Europe. In Portugal and Greece communist regimes are in charge and scornful of any consolidation measures. Italy’s debt has long since passed the point of no return. France and Spain are being infected by the example of the others. The euro has been destroyed by Merkel’s mistaken decision to let Greece continue muddling along in the eurozone. Merkel, meanwhile, is storming against a defensive backfield that forms a soft-euro bulwark.

The UK had already fled via Brexit, before Merkel’s ill-considered policy catastrophe. Only Luxembourg and the mighty US were still reliable allies. And now all that is left is the Grand Duchy. Martin Schulz, president of the European Parliament, is sitting on his already packed luggage in Brussels, and planning his flight to Berlin, before the storm breaks over him.

Merkel’s Electoral Dilemma

As of January, all of Merkel’s European opponents will be encouraged by Washington. In good German tradition, she will lead a lone battle against the rest of the world from her Führerbunker, tinkering with the moral atom bomb. Sinister German politics will not welcome the fact that the French presidential election will take place shortly after the changing of the guard in America and still before the German parliamentary elections. This is significant, because all recent elections have been angry and fearful reactions to Germany’s kamikaze policy since September, 2015:

    Oct. 2015   Lurch to the right in Swiss national elections
    Oct. 2015   Civic Platform Party voted out, sharp right turn
    Nov. 2015   Erdogan landslide victory
    March 2016   Strong move to the right in the Slovakian election
    March 2016   AfD, good results in three German state parliaments
    April 2016   Successful anti-European referendum in Netherlands
    June 2016   Brexit
    Sept. 2016   AfD outdoes CDU in Mecklenburg-Pommern
    Sept. 2016   AfD = 14.2% in the German capita
    Nov. 2016   Election of Donald Trump

All these elections owe their outcomes to the policy of the open barn door. The voters of the world fear nothing so much as the Merkel monster. Why should there be an exception in France? If the French wish to express their gratitude to the CDU and the SPD for the attack on the Bataclan, they will vote for none other than Le Pen.

And on it goes in Germany. There are also elections in the Saarland, in North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein in the first half of 2017, and finally in March in the Netherlands. The projection is that the CDU will lose about a third of its representatives in the 2017 national elections. An election result like 2013 where — much to the CDU’s benefit — over 16% of the votes went to waste because AfD and FDP failed by a hair — will not be repeated.

The CIA Took Note of Everything

The bunker mentality in Berlin-Mitte is like that of 1989. At that time, chief ideologue, Kurt Hager told West German Stern that, in light of “the Soviet decisions on accelerating socio-economic development,” (that was his verbal tapeworm) a change of scenery in East Germany was not necessary. The fight against political correctness can be compared one-for-one with Glasnost. Political correctness raises an impenetrable smoke screen around any unpleasant subjects. If Dr. Merkel thinks that a reversal of course in the face of the predictable American Glasnost and Perestroika[2] in Berlin will not be necessary, she is mistaken. I remember well the inauguration of Ronald Reagan. In 1981. He was derided in writing and speech as Trump is now. The fascist German media presented him as if he were dim, and always on the way to his barber. By the end of his presidency, the Soviet Union had given way, Poland was on the path to democracy, Hungary had been doing as it wished for a long time, and the revolution was imminent in Leipzig, Prague and Bucharest.

Reagan and Gorbachev ruined Honecker’s racket, and Merkel will run aground on Trump and Putin. A self-confident superpower will not be taking lessons in democracy from Dr. Merkel. The foolish remarks of the future German president as well as those of the minister of economics have been noted down in God’s great book and, thanks to comprehensive spying and modern communication technology, the CIA has a duplicate copy.

With Trump comes the twilight of the chancellor.


1.   Kanzlerdämmerung = a play on Wagner’s Götterdämmerung, rendered into English as The Twilight of the Gods
2.   Glasnost and Perestroika — approximately “transparency and reform,” keywords in Gorbachev’s attempt to alter Soviet society.

22 thoughts on “Twilight of the Angela

  1. You are too optimistic.
    The problem in germany is not only Merkel , it is all german people that lost their power of thinking.15% AFD is by far very low in comparison with what they should be by now.
    German people are very slow thinkers, they are known in slow reacting well oiled machines but not more than that.They have no spirit left ;they are lost and conquered.

    • I agree.If the German people were capable of critical thinking the AFD would be polling at a comfortable majority of at least 60 %.

      The fact that they are not suggests that the Germans have decided that as a nation they can best atone for Hitler by committing national suicide and forcing as many other nations as possible into their suicide pact.

      This is ridiculous.

      My father and my uncles fought for the allies in World War 2.
      My uncles flew bombers and rained havoc on German cities.
      My father flew spitfires and was shot down and interned in a German prisoner of war camp.

      My father was always horrified at the way ordinary Germans who had been at the mercy of Hitler’s regime and too afraid to resist ,were punished and vilified.

      He said that there were as many war criminals on the Allied side as on the German side .But only the Germans were singled out for punishment at the Nuremberg trials. Allied war command ordered the dropping of phosphorus bombs on the wooden houses of workers in the Ruhr.Whole families burnt to death in their thousands .The Allied war command all received medals for this egregious piece of cruelty .They should have been indicted for war crimes.Many Germans were indicted for less.

      I have always agreed with my father’s view and sympathized with the Germans.

      But really I am beginning to loose all respect for the Germans simply because support for AFD is so low.If I am to retain my good opinion of Germany I can only square this with a hope that support or the AFD is really far higher and the polls have been manipulated to hide this.

      But if Germany votes in Merkel again instead of the AFD I shall have to conclude that Germans are a danger to themselves and others. And I will then rank Germans with the incurably criminally insane .

      • If I may add my own suggestion as to why the AfD results still are so low, it is, in my opinion, because a) they do not have any prominent figures yet who everyone finds agreeable, and b) especially Mrs. Petry, sometimes appears to be trying to cater to the very tiny percentage of genuine right extremists that Germany has, without realising that this steers conservative voters away. I am not saying she is a right extremist, just a very bad strategist.
        I will vote for them nonetheless, because the danger of Islam is more important. But the majority of Germans, I’m afraid, do not yet realize just how great that threat is.
        But this is just my own theory based in some observations. A lot of people are wondering why the AfD is not stronger.

        • ** the majority of Germans, I’m afraid, do not yet realize just how great that threat is **

          The morons who welcomed the “refugees” with teddy bears are proof of that. Americans are similarly oblivious to the dangers of centralized power and have no antipathy toward communist regimes and their crimes. Did not millions and millions vote for the freak who started his political career in the living room of two communist terrorists and whose “pastor” of 20 years spoke the inspiring words, “God damn America! God damn America.”

          For the life of me I can’t understand the European obliviousness but millions of Americans are no better with their pathetic desire (1) to see white racism as the throbbing pulse of the Eternal American Nation, the character flaw for which there can never be atonement and (2) to pursue a sappy, surreal equality and simpering metrosexuality.

          A commenter elsewhere observed that realty always wins. May its victory be only weeks away but I fear much devastation will follow in its footsteps.

      • Agreed. Same thing goes for Sweden : past a certain point, people are ultimately responsible for their fate.
        The sad thing is that people who don’t agree with those policies have to suffer for the mistakes of others.

      • There is something else the allies did, that is all but forgotten: they eradicated German history.

        My grandmother was a little girl at the end of the war, just about to go to middle school. She finished school without ever having had any history lessons. The allies hadn’t decided, yet, what German history was going to be.

        What it was, in the end, suited the cultural Marxists just fine.

        When I went to school, I learned a lot about England, France, and America. But the last knowledge of German history i was taught was Charlemagne. Then we took up again in 1848. I once asked my teacher what has been happening in Germany during those 1000 years, and she answered me: nothing. Nothing interesting, at least.

        We never learned about the gates of Vienna. About Otto the Great or about Barbarossa. We do not learn our own history, we’re cut off from our roots. And a tree can’t stand without its roots.

      • Shelagh, with respect, the Allied bombing of Germany was more morally complex than you suggest. Following the Luftwaffe’s “Blitz” on British cities in 1940-1, the RAF simply repaid Germany in kind, many times over (Dresden was, I admit, gratuitous). Daylight bombing was suicidal, night bombing so inaccurate that the best we could do was to hit broad areas of munitions production, which were centred around cities (unofficially we were also engaged in “terror bombing” to demoralise the civilian population, even though it hadn’t worked on us, but it did work on the German populace, who demanded retribution- hence the huge waste of resources on the V-1 and V-2, which would have been better spent on more nightfighters to oppose the bombing).

        Meanwhile from 1942, the heavy bombers of the US 8th Air Force started to arrive, armed with the computerised Norden bombsight, which only worked in daylight and clear conditions.* Some of the Yanks were horrified that we were carpet bombing German cities, yet the US did the same to Japan as soon as it was logistically possible. Maybe Pearl Harbor affected Americans as the Blitz did we Brits, and maybe also bombing “yellow” Japanese people was more acceptable than “white” Germans.

        My father was with the RAF in Burma on Air Sea Rescue, pulling Brtish and American flyers out of the drink; my mother was on communications for the Air Ministry, so she always knew where Dad was- a mixed blessing if there was fighting in the area! (Actually the worst things that happened to him, apart from one attack by a Japanese ‘plane, were dysentery and malaria, which recurred long afterwards).

        *By late ’43, young Americans were falling out of burning bombers by day even faster than RAF crews by night, a debt we can never repay. They were saved by the arrival of long-range escort fighters, especially the famous P-51 Mustang.

        • Uh……………….
          Just a tad of historical fact.
          Bombing of civilian areas in cities began in the winter of 1914 with the German Zeppelins over the city of London, England.
          Nothing new about that WW II-wise. It was old hat from a previous war–carried to a MUCH GREATER EXTENT by the Luftwaffe in the next one.
          (Yeah, that “payback” stuff is a bitch ‘en all that.)
          Dresden was a critical RR junction bombed at the specific request of the Soviet Union to assist their attack in the East (who themselves lacked a strategic air arm),

          • I’m aware why Dresden was bombed, Flintlock. The USAAF targeted the rail yards by day, more than once, so the RAF’s destruction of the city by night was unnececary.

        • ** maybe also bombing “yellow” Japanese people was more acceptable **

          Please. Such [material I disagree with].

          Americans had not forgotten Pearl Harbor, the Bataan Death March, Japanese cannibalism and bestiality toward our POWs, the slaughter in Nanjing, medical experimentation on one of the captured Doolittle Raid air crews, hideous torture of captured Marines during island fighting, and fanaticism where surrender was concerned. Kamikaze attacks figured into American thinking too but I don’t know whether they came after the fire bombing of Tokyo or not.

          And you think it was about racial attitudes?

          • Partly so, Colonel. The US and Japan rarely took live prisoners; Churchill tried to point out to Rooseveldt that this put all Allied troops in jeopardy.

            WW2 was an agglomeration of different conflicts, with different “rules”, and actually began when the Japanese invaded east Asia; this “aspect”, if I may call it so, like the Pacific war and the Eastern Front, was more brutal than in Western Europe and the Mediterranean. One RAF squadron in N Africa was so impressed with the gallantry and fighting spirit of its Luftwaffe opponents that it adopted their emblem, and still carried it on its (American-made) P-47s in Burma three years later. War, like the people who wage it, is complex.

          • PS: I feel honour bound to mention that just today, I asked about the Polish surname of a regular donor in the charity shop where I work. Turns out his father (still with us) was a pilot in the Polish Air Force, came to this country and fought with the RAF; “his” Spitfire is a “gate guardian” at RAF Northolt, NW of London.

    • From little things big things grow. The German people, along with the Swedish people have been among the first to be indoctrinated into the New World Order way of doing things. Their senses have been assaulted non-stop with the sins of their fathers ever since the end of the Second World War and as a result of that, are far and away some of the most indoctrinated people on Earth.

      The only other people who have come close to the Germans and the Swedish for brainwashing techniques is the Russians – but take a look at Russia now!

      And the take away from that is, you can fool some of the people all of the time but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

      The Saxon is awakening and will have his revenge.

  2. Article says: “The foolish remarks of the future German president as well as those of the minister of economics have been noted down in God’s great book and,”

    Can anyone tell me what those remarks are?

  3. I read the reader comments in a German main-stream media left-wing newspaper, and NOT ONE of the Germans who commented were in support of Merkel and her immigration policies, or in support of the article, which was deriding Germans for not doing more to make the ‘refugees’ more comfortable in their new home, and insisting that they do so.

    It gave me hope, because as someone with ethnic German background whose father was a boy in Germany during WWII, I’m fully aware of the psychological impact to post-WWII Germans that the knowledge of the holocaust etc did to them.

    In the 7 years of U.S, British, French and Russian occupation of Germany following WWII, Germany was absolutely devastated, thousands of homeless Germans wondered the streets dazed, German women were considered fair-game for rape which according to a BBC documentary of the 70’s, took place on a massive scale, perpetrated by the soldiers of the occupying forces on both the Russian and allied side.

    The Germans were despised immediately following WWII, but the Germans felt that they had got their ‘just deserts’ for the Nazi evil.

    Following WWII, the German education system re-educated a nation previously indoctrinated with Nazi ideology, any form of patriotism and nationalism (except for minor things like support of German sports teams) is frowned upon, because patriotism and nationalism had given rise to Hitler and Nazism.

    As a result, most Germans (with the exception of a handful of Neo-Nazis), became a nation of sedated robots, following the pacifist socialist extreme left-wing liberal narrative of the state, right up to the time of Merkel’s invitation-to-invade Islamic mass-migration into Germany and Europe of 2015-2016.

    I’m hoping that the feel I get is correct – that the polls are once again wrong, and that most Germans have awoken from their post-WWII sedated robotic slumber, and that the ruling left-wing parties face utter defeat at the next elections in 2017.

    If that does not happen, then I’m afraid Germany is finished and we have, in our generation, witnessed the birth of Deutschestan in the space of two decades.

    However as we know the whole of Europe is under the same threat, and Europeans, sickened by WWII into a slumber, and lead by politicians with their heads in their liberal multikulti Utopia clouds and their feet high off the ground, have now woken up – maybe just, just in time to prevent Europe turning into Englishtan, Deutschestan, Dutchestan and Frankistan (pun intended, with all the beheadings the French nation is historically known for and which will no doubt take place again if France comes under the sway of Islam).

    • I like your theory but there are problems: it is not only the National Socialist losers of the War that are apparently committing national suicide. Look at Britain and France et al. And also, why did this masochistic shame take so long after 1945 to develop? All the elite have been adulturated with the idea that Islam is an OK
      doctrine to allow to infiltrate their nations. Gramsci, Postmodernism, progressivism…seem more apt to explain it.

      • I agree with you, William. Here in Argentina, last goverment used the same crap (Gramsci, Gramsci, Postmodernism, progressivism and a long etc) to brainwash poor people to convince them it’s OK living on walfare and not working because you are poor and your nation has the obligation to support you. Poor people on welfare is so easy to manipulate and will vote for you because their survival depend on that.
        They also convinced them it’s OK rob, rape or kill anyone who is better off (as result of his hard work) because you are poor.
        And it gets worse. No one prosecute these crimes. Why? Quite simple: for decades, lefties did the same brainwashing with judges, public prosecuters and lawyers, creating penal abolition zombies, voiding of content and purpuse the justice system. What about the police? They are inefficient and corrupt.
        That’s why a rich country like Argentina is a 3th world country.
        So if this happened here, why not in a WWII devastated Europe? It’ even easier.
        Here the fight is poor vs. working class. There is christian/white/european vs. muslim. The trick is always to divide and conquer.

      • William. If you can find the answer as to why the First World War occurred, and the answer is there to be discovered, then you will also answer the questions you have raised in your comment.

    • ** because patriotism and nationalism had given rise to Hitler and Nazism **

      I once tried to find videos of modern German military parades. There are loads of videos of NK, PRC, French, UK, Indian, and other nations’ military displays but no videos of German displays.

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