The Thwarted Jihad Attack in Melbourne

As reported in last night’s news feed, a major Islamic terror attack planned for Christmas Day in Melbourne was averted by the dedicated efforts of Australia’s police and intelligence services. Yesterday seven people who allegedly plotted the attacks were arrested, and four have been charged. All but one of them were born in Australia, and are of Egyptian and Lebanese descent. They are said to have been inspired by the Islamic State in their plotting.

Below are excerpts from a press conference given by police and political leaders about the terror raids. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for editing and uploading this video:

Some of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s remarks were included in the above video. Mr. Turnbull spoke to Australians on television about the thwarted jihad attacks — without ever mentioning JIM, of course. He did manage to refer to “Islamism”, “Daesh”, and “ISIL”, however, identifying them repeatedly as “criminals”.

Afterwards Pauline Hanson, the leader of the One Nation political party in Australia, had a few choice words to say to the prime minister and other clueless political leaders who fail to address, or even grasp, the threat posed by Islam to Australia:

News articles about the arrests:

33 thoughts on “The Thwarted Jihad Attack in Melbourne

  1. There are lefties (you know, the ones who usually accuse folk like us of conspiracy theories) who are saying, ‘Every Christmas, another terror attack thwarted–it’s all so the political leaders can thump their chests and come up with new ways of restricting and controlling us.’ Every Christmas? In Australia? I don’t think so–and, in any event, who recruited the latest crop of dimwit jihadis to get themselves arrested? When they are tried, will that all be part of the government’s theatre as well? Puhleeeeeze!

    • I actually feel more concerned about the number of arrests and thwarted attacks that are not publicized.

  2. Latest from behind the paywall: “RANTING social media posts attacking Christmas celebrations have been published over the past fortnight by those accused of planning to target Melbourne’s biggest landmarks in a terror attack.” How not to attract attention.

  3. There is far far more to come and on an accelerating trend too. All way past analysis and “dialogue” at this point and simply a matter of which event triggers the great correction first. It may be a huge massacre-like event or something relatively trivial, impossible to say.

    I am, however, personally of the view that our Lords and Masters are also aware of what I write above. They will of course intensify repressive measures against the indigenous populations to try to maintain the narrative. It’s what they do.

    When the societal pressure is eventually released though the explosion will be so much the worse.

    We are almost there now.

  4. ALL Muslims are radicalized. There are no peaceful Muslims. The switch is either ‘on’ or ‘off.’ These are looking like the end of freedom. As a decorated vet the bowing and scaping and forced importation of the vilest of mankind’s enemies is just beyond me. Intelligence 101. This woman is absolutely right to my survival instinct. Unless we get radical soon and remove the trash the stench will become overwhelming.

    • I hate that word “radicalized”, however you’re dead right about the switch being ‘on’ or ‘off’, in that a moslem can be seen as quiet, friendly, and a good neighbour one day and a screaming murderous jihadi the next, which to me at least, means they have NO place in the western world, since they must always be impossible to trust.

      And Pauline? The ‘educated’ class may look at her as an uneducated yokel, but for my money–she’s right, and they’re dead wrong!

  5. Unfortunately, as in the American Civil War, the sides of opposition have already been drawn up, and are now set in concrete. Pauline Hansen, a rural Queenslander (enough said) is despised by the big city, southern enlightened, university educated elites – going back to the 1980s and her issues with indigenous Australians. She has a reputation as a racist. Whether she is or not, I cannot say.

    Obviously she speaks the truth about Islam, but that is the last thing the PC elites are concerned with. They wish to usher in the Brother-Sister-Otherhood of Universal Victimhood – and nothing will stop them – except perhaps an army of Trumps.

    • ‘………her issues with indigenous Australians’. And then, ‘She has a reputation for being a racist……..’ Then you add you cannot say whether she is or not.

      Well what is it that you say? Because I say this:

      The Australian government disbanded ATSIC (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission) under John Howard after Pauline Hanson raised the issue of all those wasted billions that were then being thrown at the Aboriginal problem without any hint of it ever becoming successful.

      So in your opinion, does that then make Hanson a racist, even though the very government who contrived to have her jailed copied her policy on ATSIC?

      And BTW, I am sixth generation Australian, so doesn’t that then put me in the same ‘indigenous club’ as every other person who refers to themselves as Australian?

      • Hanson’s ‘reputation as a racist’ is nothing more than corrupt politicians, leftist media and brainwashed chattering classes pointing their fingers and screeching ‘raaaaacist!’

        It has no relation to anything in fact or deed.

    • Warning: some ad hominem – so Baron please feel free to edit it.

      “…a rural Queenslander (enough said)…”

      As a rural Bavarian I’m putting you in the “sneering class” (enough said)!

      “…is despised by the big city, southern enlightened, university educated elites…”

      Mentioning the above descriptors as if they were qualities entitling their carriers to “despise” rural Queenslanders, makes you sound like a “social-ist climber”.

      “……. – going back to the 1980s and her issues with indigenous Australians. She has a reputation as a racist. Whether she is or not, I cannot say…….”

      But you are strongly suggesting it and that, for me, puts you firmly in the Nietzschean “herd” that you might call “the elites”.

      You get some brownie points for not calling her, as your “elites” do, a “fish wife”, just because, before entering politics, she owned a Fish-n-Chips shop.

      • Rita. I note that some use the ownership of a mixed business in which part of the turnover involved the cooking and selling of hot food, as a means to denigrate – and I am not suggesting you have done this – which has often puzzled me as to the motive for such denigration.

        At the time when Hanson was running her business the typical store that she operated was more often associated with Greeks or Italians – maybe there is a subtle racist hint in that as to the underhandedness when referring to her solely as a Fish and Chip seller by the bought lying media and her paid for detractors?

        Hanson is one tough woman who has managed to shake off all that has been thrown at her. There are not too many people like Pauline Hanson.

  6. I have no faith in our police forces or intelligence services as they are currently made up to be continually one step ahead of the Great Jihad. We will have our ‘major terrorist attack’, it is just as to when and where it will take place.

    As a Senator, Pauline Hanson is privy to some classified info as to this country’s preparedness against Islam. Her well thought out message in her latest video tells me that she also is none too hopeful that our politically correct police forces and intelligence services can keep on thwarting a determined enemy that lives amongst us and is continually planning to carry out their jihad activities.

    I know many who are well prepared to take on what they know is coming and will do so if the political system keeps failing us. Our pollies have had nearly 100 years of warnings concerning Islam. This country was one of the first to experience an Islamic terrorist attack back in 1917? at the Battle of Broken Hill, yet few wish to recognize that act of wanton murder against unarmed civilians as anything other than criminal, just as the Globalist mouthpiece, Malcolm Turnbull, refuses to utter what many Australians are now aware of and refuse to be politically correct in saying it.

    • I wonder what would happen if the Muslims blew up an entire sitting government? You know – take out an entire parliament building full politicians. Muslims make no distinctions. We are all infidels. Or if they get close enough to munitions? Or a hijabed babe on a frigate. The west in general is the land of opportunity for the murderous perverted backward Muslim savage. We are stark raving mad. The sad part is that when it comes to insanity – Muslims rule.

      • I believe it is now common knowledge with those of us who recognize what Islam is and why it is now living amongst us that their Mosques are used for weapon storage.

        During my time as a policeman I became aware of many incidents involving the break, entering and stealing of explosives and explosive devices from isolated storage sites. The modus operandi of these incidents were all similar and to my knowledge, none have yet been recovered.

        It won’t be the country’s seat of government that will be initially attacked, it will be the police stations and military bases that will get done first. Any government can only maintain authority through its law enforcement agencies and military – they are naked and vulnerable without them.

        • Another use mosques have, which is right up there with fake news: the umm…parishoners? attendants? members? – whatever…they’re the perps when it comes to the purported Islamophobic attacks on these places, which OPEC lists in its Annual Reports. The “damage” by “haters” goes on for pages and pages but there’s no there there. Bacon on the welcome mat? A damaged swing on the playground? Sprayed graffiti? (I’ll bet they use water-based paint). None of it amounts to a hill of beans. If they weren’t so cheap, they’d make themselves appear seriously victimized with arson, broken windows, etc. Surely they have enough bomb-making expertise among those poseurs on the prayer rugs to pull off a big event.

          But no. They want to play victim without paying the price, though they sure make ethnic natives pay for their presence in the West.

          But to return to your issue, Nemesis: so far they’ve gone after civilians gathered en masse in public places (if you don’t count Major Nidal or the military recruiting offices. Police stations are much further down on their list because they’d risk great harm to themselves. Nope, it’s nightclubs, shopping malls, churches, trains, etc. Easy targets and lots of gore. The point being to demoralize citizens of whichever country they’ve invaded been invited in as migrants…

          • With EU open borders and apparently very dense re-enforced ignorance of just about every rule in the book of survival on our populations, how can any Muslim atrocity come as a surprise? In a hugely underpopulated country like France or a hugely Muslim overpopulated country like the U.K. I would imagine locating “dumps” would not present too many obstacles. When patience finally reaches its limits I hope there are no surprises. Do Muslims swear allegiance to the countries they live in on off?

          • Of course what you put up is just the opening scenes to the final act. Islam is a very patient virus.

            Playing the victim, demoralizing the citizenry, infiltrating the government and its agencies, undermining the culture BUT, while they wait for the appropriate time to cause the final collapse of government, they shoot up police stations and military bases or other suitable targets from which to gauge the reaction they then learn from and how to effectively counter in future.

            You may wish to read about an incident I wrote on that occurred back in 1998 that was, to me at least, a planned reaction exercise by Lebanese Muslims to determine police response.

   Middle Eastern Crime.

            PS, we have already had several police stations shot up or openly attacked.

          • Dynphna: “Many parts of France suffer from under population, areas such as Deux Sevres and the Massive Central have very low population densities. France has double the land area of the UK but roughly the same population, so is generally less densely populated.” Source:

        • Dymphna: Sure. I will do a little research first. I lived in France as a lad in the sixties and seventies. The First and Second World War casualties were well within living memory. That was before the current set up. It must be far worse now since the feminists and economics have upped abortion and made the pedestal Frenchmen place their women on a bit wobbly.

  7. To paraphrase: “On second thoughts, if you *are* offended, I just don’t care.”

    That’s why ordinary Australians not indoctrinated with Marxist political correctness have admired this woman for many years and why the political establishment and their media lapdogs conspired to have her falsely jailed and to ruin her reputation.

  8. I love Pauline Hanson.One Nation is the only political party that makes sense.Tonight as an act of defiance against the Muslim invaders( trying to destroy Western democracy and our way of life ) my family and I will be attending the 11 p.m Holy Communion service.We’re Anglicans . The Catholic equivalent of Christmas Eve Holy Communion is midnight mass .

    Merry Christmas and onwards and upwards soldiers of all non-Muslim faiths and none at all .Let Islam be named ,blamed, shamed and expertly penned and contained in the Middle East and expelled from all other lands.Islam deserves no respect – it is a despicable totalitarian ideology masquerading as a religion.

  9. Pauline Hanson has said what every western political leader ought to be saying but are too restricted by political correctness and testicular malfunction from doing so.

    De-islamisation is necessary but it is a two stage process. First, we must rid ourselves of our PC/MC politicians, then we must put islam back in its box. How the latter is done will vary from country to country, but in order to achieve this, political correctnes must be permanently consigned to the trash can of history, along with its adherents.

  10. Banning the burka is a futile gesture. It is what weak leaders like Sarkozy do to give the impression that they are doing something. Society needs to confront islam head on. It needs to be publicly debated, critiqued, criticized and exposed for what it is, a political supremacist ideology disguised as a religion. We must create an atmosphere wherein moslem women will not want to come out in public dressed in a burka and mohammedans in general will start to consider whether western countries are worth living in.

    This idea alone is not the solution to the problem of islam but it is one small tactic in a strategy of ridding ourselves of this cancer of humanity.

    • “Society needs to confront islam head on.”

      Given that the gatekeepers of the majority of the west are either brain dead due to marxist indoctrination or they are treasonous accomplices in the islamic long march…those individuals who take it upon themselves to confront Islam are going to get skewered. what is the mechanism look like to enable a unified societal response?

      • Nationalism. Populism. National campaigns via press, radio, tv to educate non Muslim population about the trash written in the Koran about the majority population and the Muslim intent to butcher us at every opportunity. Dealing with empowered non Muslims will reduce or cut the religion of peace unGodly oxygen supply and Koran given license to run wild. Nature can then run its course and cure the body politique of the Islamic disease. Jingle bells..jingle bells.

  11. At the last federal election, our family members voted for Pauline Hanson and/or the Australian Liberty Alliance. It was easy. We simply voted OUT the politicians who do not, cannot or will not identify the theological threat of holy hate that is Islam. And we voted IN the politicians who say that they comprehend the threat of jihad. It was a peaceful transition of power, with the idiot child Turnbull barely hanging onto power. You watch. There are many reasons to hope for the best, and the Australian public is one of many. We voted them out and replaced some with Pauline Hanson’s party candidates. The Trump victory helped as well.

  12. BRAVO and thank you Pauline Hanson, you show real “Working Class”, the emphasis being on CLASS.

    Incidentally, non-Australians may not be aware that Malcolm Turnbull usurped Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s position, by stabbing him in the back. He sneered at Donald Trump, while toe-sucking Obama and his ilk. He once applied for a Senator Position with Labor (the Left), but was knocked back – so he joined what, in his eyes, was obviously “second best”, the conservatives who are called “Liberals” in Australia.
    His first act after ambushing a duly elected Prime Minister who “stopped the illegal boat entries” and taking the Prime Minister’s mantle for himself was to invite the MUSLIM “community” to Kirribilli (Oz White House) for a big (I think Ramadan) nosh up. Among them your usual proseletysers and assorted MB media whores was also an IMAM who explicitely – and even after breaking wind ….err ..bread with Turnbull, defended the death penalty for Gays, as Sharia will have it.

    Oh, and just in case anybody wonders: no, I do not like nor respect this Kuckuck of a PM, however, the alternative would be even worse.

  13. If only Reagan had not cut and run when the Marine Barracks was blown up by the Muslims in Lebanon back in 1982.

    • That wasn’t his only major error, but it’s right up there with making the kids walk down Good Intentions Road ahead of you to spot any IEDs.

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