The Subway Kicker is a Roma From Bulgaria

It turns out that the “subway kicker” — the man who kicked a woman down the stairs of the Berlin subway in a surveillance video that went viral — is indeed a culture-enricher. But he’s not a Muslim, he’s a Roma, a.k.a. a gypsy. His name is Svetoslav Stoykov, and the news reports refer to him as a “Bulgarian”, because that’s the passport he carries. Designating him a Bulgarian is a cause of great shame for ethnic Bulgarians, as the following news report shows.

Many thanks to Tanya T. for translating this clip from Nova TV, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   We continue with the topic which has been a leading one for all German media during the past week
00:06   and has been for the last two days in Bulgaria as well, because it turned out that
00:09   the man who brutally pushed, without any reason whatsoever, the unsuspecting German woman
00:16   down the stairs in the German subway is Bulgarian. He and his three companions.
00:22   They are relatives. He was born in Dobrich, he lived
00:26   in the Roma quarter “Maksuda” in Varna, where he (settled down) —
00:29   he has three children. He lives in Germany with his wife.
00:33   We will find out for how long in a moment.
00:37   He has been reported for robberies, for (hooliganism), for thefts…
00:42   What exactly does he do in Germany? — His relatives claim he is an unskilled worker.
00:46   Is he an unskilled worker, or does he do something else, something illegal and criminal? —
00:50   all these questions await their answers. Nova TV has even learned his name — Svetoslav Stoykov.
00:56   We will comment on this topic with Maria Stoyanova — a long-standing correspondent from Berlin.
01:03   Marina Tsekova (followed) the reactions and comments in the German press.
01:07   We learned that this the third or fourth news report on television.
01:13   Still. — Yes, still, which (indicates) there is a great interest in this topic,
01:18   and the huge shame, since he turns out to be a Bulgarian citizen.
01:24   Late last night Vasil Ivanov and Iskra Urumova visited the home of this man
01:30   wanted by the Germans, and we hope by the Bulgarian authorities as well.
01:33   Let’s see the report now.
01:38   The man who brutally kicked a woman down the stairs
01:42   of a German subway station is Svetoslav Stoykov, say our sources.
01:45   He was born in Dobrich, but settled in Varna. He lived in Varna
01:48   with his partner in the Roma quarter “Maksuda”.
01:51   This is the address where, according to our information, the 26-year-old Svetoslav lives.
01:57   The man has a long criminal record. He probably was last in the country about a month ago.
02:03   We find the parents of his wife Tsvetanka — Ibryam and Elmaz.
02:07   They maintain that they don’t know anything about the video.
02:11   He very brutally kicks a woman from behind, she falls, breaks her arm… —And?
02:15   And we come to find out… we learned he was in Bulgaria.
02:18   No, no, they aren’t here. —Absolutely… —They are absolutely not here. —They didn’t even enter.
02:23   We can show you the video, so you can tell us… —No, no, no,
02:27   I don’t want such things… to get scared for the children…
02:30   So you have not watched the video? —No. And I don’t even want to see it.
02:33   Svetoslav and Tsvetanka are in Germany, her parents assure us.
02:37   When was the last time he came to Bulgaria?
02:40   When was it? Was it in August, was it in July?
02:45   Here? —Yes. —And when was the last time you talked with Svetlyo and Tsvetanka?
02:48   An hour ago. They call me all the time.
02:51   Did they tell you they were in Germany? —Yes, they are in Germany.
02:54   Has this man been aggressive before? —No.
02:58   —No? —No, no, no. —According to our sources the subway attacker
03:02   has been arrested and tried for thefts, robberies and hooliganism many times.
03:06   How are they tracking him down now? How will this man enter Bulgaria? I don’t understand anything…
03:11   If there is something of that kind, then before he comes home they will find him.
03:17   Oh my God!
03:21   What work do they do in Germany, do you know? His woman…
03:25   they work in a restaurant, and he is an unskilled worker there.
03:30   Elmaz and Ibryam tell us that they look after the children of Svetoslav and their daughter.
03:35   the eldest is ten years old, the youngest is six.
03:38   Three boys? — Yes. So you live with the children here?
03:44   But we can’t see the children, nor are we allowed in to see if their father is hiding in the house.
03:49   You don’t want us to come inside…? —No, no, no, I don’t want to…
03:52   The man is not here, why would I hide him?… —If you want, come and check.
03:56   If he comes, he will be caught at the border.
04:00   We are not allowed inside, however.
04:06   If it turns out that Svetoslav is in Bulgaria after all,
04:09   the German authorities will probably request that he be extradited.
04:12   The Ministry of the Interior say that there is no such request yet,
04:16   but they are already cooperating with their German colleagues on this case.
04:19   For “Zdravey Bulgaria”, Iskra Urumova.
06:18   Thank you. We were debating whether they stress the origin of the perpetrator —
06:24   why they say he is a Bulgarian, and not a European citizen…
06:27   We discussed in the studio this morning whether it should be reported,
06:30   in cases when it is known that the perpetrator is of Roma ethnicity, that he is of Roma ethnicity,
06:33   or what matters is that they are Bulgarian citizens with Bulgarian passports,
06:36   and in this sense they are simply Bulgarians.
06:39   This is another topic, it includes also other topics, such as media regulations.
06:44   We have invited Maria, as a journalist who has been our correspondent from Berlin for many years.
06:53   What is your prognosis? Will this create negative attitudes about Bulgarians? Let’s start here.
06:57   This topic is extremely disturbing for the whole Bulgarian community,
07:01   not only in Berlin, but in the Federal Republic as a whole.
07:05   I see that you too feel a deep sense of shame,
07:08   and to some extent humiliation, as a part of a community that also has such representatives —
07:15   who are capable of attacking unsuspecting women, from the rear, and in such a brutal way…

69 thoughts on “The Subway Kicker is a Roma From Bulgaria

  1. As a Croation, I feel the pain of the Bulgarians, so does everyone in Eastern Europe.
    Every time you here that the Perpetrator of a particularly galling crime, like robbing a food bank (What?) or mugging a Girl Guide selling cookies, is Romanian or Bulgarian, you want to scream from the rooftops, we’re not all [obscene intensifier] Gypsies For [obscenity’s] Sakes!!!!

    • I second that. I went to renew my passport at the beginning of the week and half of the people in the queue were gypsies. Most are illiterate in the local language (one behind me was struggling to read a poster); they go abroad to beg and rob. Not because people might carry more cash, but because it’s easier (people aren’t as careful with their possessions) and the police and justice systems are very lenient. Gypsies are always overrepresented in crime statistics here and, even though they get a lot of positive discrimination, they still cry discrimination and racism. If I could offer an advice, it would be: Please make it harder for them to take advantage of you, it’s best for everybody.

    • (double post, sorry, I didn’t hit the right “reply” button to The Classy Gentleman’s message)

      A lot of people seem to have that highly romanticized vision of gypsies, like, they’re free, they travel the world, when in fact most they often bring a lot of troubles to their neighborhood.
      I’ve once been chased by a bunch of gypsy teenagers because I dared answering back to them when they insulted me as I was passing by. They were already picking up stones to throw on me, can you imagine?
      They give eastern Europe a bad name but I guess a lot of people see them for what they are and don’t really confuse them too much with “real” people from Eastern Europe, don’t worry. They don’t really belong anywhere anyway, which seems to give them a license to do whatever they want.
      In France, a bunch of them recently blocked a whole highway because they wanted one of their family members to get out of prison to attend a funeral. That’s so lame.
      Reply ↓

    • I assure you, many Austrians fe. are quiet aware, who usually is responsible when the media talks again of a crime commited by someone from these countries.

      That doesn`t mean that there are absolutely no criminals who truly are Croates, Bulgarians, Romanians, Slovaks… or Austrians for that matter.
      But in most cases it was an ethnic gypsie from the mentioned countries.
      There are even some decent people to found under the gypsies, but sadly most are not.

      Btw. te first gypsies in Europe settled in Constantinopel (shortly before the city fell), and still live there today (Turcs call them Kara Göz – Black Eye, which is also the name of the turkish Punch in puppet theater).
      Basically they were camp followers of the muslim armies at that time (Turcs, Mongolians, Tatars).

      • Byzantines called themselves Romai (Romans), the Gypsies in Eastern-Europe adopted that name and call themselves Roma.
        Non-Gypsies are called Gadje (“village idiots”)

        Just like the turkish Seljuks (before the Ottoman invasion) adopted the name Rum-Seljuks.

    • His inlaws have Arabic names. Thus his inlaws and wife are Muslims. Most likely he is Muslim.

      • Actually, his in-laws’ names are semitic Christian names (Ibryan and Elmaz), his wife name is a slavic Christian name (Tsvetanka) and so is his own name (Svetoslav Stoykov). But you […] still label him Muslim? Probably the only Muslim in the scenario was the victim girl kicked.

  2. Knowing the “Roma” that is the gypsies for centuries from direct experience is one of the reasons that Hungarians, Slovak, Czech, Bulgarian people are so resilient to the globalist propaganda regardin “refugees”, islam religion of peace etc. We know those tribes lived among us since about the 1400 and never adopted anything good, emulating only the worse features and vices of the nations among whom they lived. Of course the Gaussian bell hides under its right shoulder some talented peaceful good hearted intelligen Gypsies but the mass is aggressive, promiscuous, ignorant and unreliable. And this makes a Bulgarian to understand easier than a Swedish snowflake that if Asan the Gypsie didn’t make it over 500 years in Europe his coreligionist Hassan the Afghani who looks and behaves like him will not be different.

  3. P.S. you mention “he is not a muslim” well his father in law is Ibryam (=Ibrahim). While muslum (“Turkish”) and non muslim (“Bulgarian”) Gypsies sometimes intermary, in general they tend to mary within their community, often consanguineously. It well may be that “Svetoslav” by passport is actually Sali, Suleiman etc.

  4. Well he may not be a muslim migrant but he is a deadbeat thug. Even has his Mum and Dad raising his kids while he does a bit of crime here and there in Germany. If ever a good reason was made for bringing back the Stocks and Tarring and Feathering, this Roma kicker just made the case. I feel sorry for decent Bulgarians, this piece of slime has dragged their nationality through the gutter.

  5. I prefer to call them Gypsies. I believe the title suits them and gives fair warning ahead to the unwary for why they are called Gypsies and have earned that reputation for.

  6. Interesting to note in the picture there are THREE other men shown. Were they rushing towards the perpetrator with bared teeth and raised fists, ready to do him over before calling the police? It would appear not! What is WRONG with the German men? Have they ALL been emasculated?

    • They are not Germans, they are his companions.
      Quite likely Gypsie themselves, maybe even relatives.

    • Did you not notice on the tape that the PC correct German commentator, railed the fact that he had been described as Bulgarian , offended that he was singled out to one cultural group . No wonder Europe is in the deep Do Do as it is

  7. Yes I am beginning to get the picture. The Muslim “race” and udders with infidel citizenship and passports. What a way to go. ?

    • Soon this cheese eating mo b will be calling on the U.SA. to help them clean up the dross of this disaster

  8. There is no big difference. Gypsies also have some similar habits and tradition as Muslims. They was, big majority , during the ottoman empire slaves of ottomans, used to work for the big ottoman army. Ottomans lost many battles in East Europe, and so many of prisoners were Gypsies. 200 years ago, primary condition to release the Gypsies was that they convert to Christianity.

  9. The word “gypsy” comes from “Egyptian” because Byzantines thought they were from Egypt. In fact they come from India (their language have similarities with Indian dialects0 where they were one of the lower castes.

  10. we’re not all [obscene intensifier] Gypsies For [obscenity’s] Sakes!!!!

    Nor are all Moslems terrorists. But I don’t have the sense that Roma would, as a group, try to make excuses for this thug, or claim that his rage was “understandable” in view of the indignities he had suffered. If anything, my limited sense of Roma people is they would be pained to think of such a thug as one of their own. Therein lies a yuge (to non-Americans that means: really, really big) distinction between Roma and Moslems.

    • Actually we had over the years 2 Gypsies or Roma in our small family company as apprentices or trainees.
      It was in the early 1990`s when we had this young girl who stemmed from a little town in Serbia.
      Where all have the same family name (her words not mine).
      She was decent and diligent, no problem at all.
      Her only peculiarity was with her long fingernails, something about social status I guess.

      She married quiet early (16 or 17) a kind of cousin of hers, and all the money she earned she had to deliver to her mother in law.
      Who she had to ask first in case she wanted to buy something more expensive then a sandwich and coke.
      But it was fiine with her, and she was not treated cruel or mean in any way, as far as I can say.
      Very likely she now has children of her own and her daughters in law have to deliver all their money to her. 😉

      It`s a world of its own, and not everything is unproblematic when living in a societey with other values and laws (fe. when it comes to child marriage).
      Sadly some Roma are very active in the field of child prositution, forced prostitution or pocket picking.
      Forcing other young Gypsies into it, or “buying” their children.

      • A threat that American parents have used for years to get their children to behave: “…or we’ll sell you to the Gypsies.”

        • In Europe we had similar “threats” in the old days.
          But I would guess that was mostly nonsense.
          They would have got more trouble then a Gadje-child was worth it.

          But such things are a reminiscent of hardships people had to suffer in former centuries (actually up to the early 19th century).
          Every war party that moved through the land could take your children away, as well as ones King or Ruler could force them into the army or even sell them to armies of foreign nations. Or the children could be taken by the Turks or some of their allies (becoming slaves or Janissaries).

          But with the Gypsies in South-East and Eastern-Europe there was something else.
          Since they had not status as Citizens or (slavelike) Peasants they physically often “belonged” to the local ruler of the land (sometimes they even took the family name – “I belong to Sarkozy, my name is Sarkozy”).
          And they didn`t fall under the normal jurisdiction.
          So they were sometimes used for “dirty” business (like punishing someone inoffically), and if one did get into quarrel with a Gypsie he theoretically had to address the local aristocracy. Mostly a useless venture for lower classes. Of course this also didn`t make the Gypsies very popular.

          • Kidnapping by Gypsies – It is not nonsense. Lately the Greek Police has made several arrests of gypsie families, who pretended that kids of typical Northern appearance are theirs; the DNA analysis proved the kids were abducted and the gypsy “parents”have no link to the girls. There are several plausible explanations for the kidnappings: 1) gypsies still use to buy their wives – i.e. the family of the 14-16 yr old groom pays good money to the parents of the 12-14 yr old virgin bride; fair complexion is very valuable and may bring tens of thousands of euro to the “parents” of a blue-eyed, blonde girl. 2) the White kids are more successful in begging, and begging remains a highly profitable “business” for our Roma relatives by humanity; in fact, territories for beggars are divided by some sort of contract between gypsy clans and if a really poor person decides one day to beg for his living, he/she will be savagely beaten and even killed by the “beggar” gypsies that already occupy this place. Even in a poor East European country like Bulgaria, a beggar in a strategic position (near a church, etc) will make several hundred euro daily.

  11. I know a number of real Gypsies, the kind that stick to the character – they play good music, have a discipline problem, and do petty crimes. But they are proud – I bet you they were the warrior class of the Huns or someone, fighting strength is in their blood. Its just diluted by alcohol and drugs so often these days.

    One thing I noticed is their “apparent stupidity” when it comes to forward planning – a year or two ahead? Impossible. Just like any good soldiers who won’t move unless told what to do… I know stupid young soldiers too – cadets from 16 years old. They often act carelessly just like those Gypsies.

  12. When I lived in Italy in the 80s, I saw first-hand the begging and thieving of Gypsies. The nursery school where our kids attended was boarded up and locked when Gypsies were spotted in the neighborhood because they would literally steal kids. One of the families I worked with in the American consulate also learned first hand. The mom was at a local outdoor vegetable market with her infant son in a stroller. She was distracted for a moment while paying and when she turned around the stroller was gone. Fortunately, she saw a gypsie woman pushing it down the street and was able to recover her son.

    Now we have a gypsy colony in our town in Orange County. They stand around and beg. This is one group we should keep out of the US to the maximum extent possible.

    • How do these creatures get into the US? Their ability to switch hit between Muslim and gypsy should bring some interesting outcomes and incomes to fading Orange County. Another real mind duct tape.

    • There are so many of them in the Sacramento area that the police have a separate Gypsy crime unit. They (the Gypsies) specialize in handyman work, like painting houses with watered down paint, sealing asphalt with watered down slurry, in fact they sell a lot of water.

  13. Not sure how relevant this is, but in England we have a “community” of Irish “travellers”, sometimes called “Gypsies” (and ruder names), who take advantage of the local authorities’ PC training by planting their (luxurious) caravans (“trailers”) where they’re not entitled to. Roma they ain’t.

    When I worked in a department store in Lakeside, Essex (just east of London) in 1998-2009, the women, easily identified by their skimpy clothing and short skirts (and aggressive attitude), would employ ingenious means of theft, eg buying an item and stealing an identical one, then returning one, with receipt, for a refund; their accompanying children took part. It was standard procedure for us to call store security when they appeared.

    Apparently many of them returned to their alleged places of origin in Ireland at Xmas to blow their profits on parties, which were dreaded by the locals because of the mayhem caused.

    • The Irish “travelers” are the ancestors of the Irish whose land was confiscated by the English way back when. That is the story although it might not be completely true. They are deeply rooted in Ireland and the U.K. I don’t think they lose too much sleep over what English people think of their parking habits.

  14. I once read a lengthy article, either in the NYT Magazine or the New Yorker, about the gypsies. The author was quite sympathetic–typical of multiculti writers. She decried the fact that gypsies suffered “discrimination.” She didn’t seem to realize that, in one part of this lengthy article, she revealed that gypsies think that it is just fine to steal from non-gypsies.

    After reading this article, I wondered why anyone or any community would want gypsies around.

  15. But the names of his inlaws are Arabic. Elmaz and Ibryam are Arabic names. Thus his inlaws and his wife are Muslims. What are the chances that a Muslim woman, a minority in Bulgaria, probably an underclass, will not marry a Muslim man?

  16. Elmaz is the mother in law, and it means diamond in Arabic.

    Ibryam is the father in law, and that is Abraham

  17. At this point, I do not trust anything from the news. They claim they were gypsies? Where is the proof?

    • Actually, they say he is from the “Roma quarter” or something similar — I don’t think we ever get anything more specific than that.

      • Yes we do have more specific information. The inlaws have Arabic names. I don’t believe Roma people use Arabic names. Why should they? They are not Muslims and never were.

        • Nowadays many Gypsies from Eastern Europe (so called Roma) moved to Germany, Italy, France or Austria (since the EU agreement enables the free movement of persons, and they are getting higher social wellfare in other countries).
          So it`s not uncommon to meet them.
          The western European Gypsies mostly call themselves Sinti not Roma.

          And there were always Gypsies living in Turkey, Pakistan etc. and some Arab countries.
          TH. Lawrence (aka. Lawrence of Arabia) even desribes them in his book 7 Pillars of Wisdom.
          When it comes to religion Gypsies tend to be opportunistic (and who can blame them, being already outsiders in every other aspect), in Europe they are Christian, in muslim countries they are muslim.
          But more important then religion are their own traditions (at least in former times).
          Now they are either criminals, bums living of wellfare, or try to integrate, often hiding their origin.

        • throughout history, they ALWAYS took over the religious beliefs of their “host” countries. yes, there are muslim clans among ethnic gypsies.

    • The family lives in the Roma Gypsy ghetto. Besides, his colour and face deny it. How do you prove that Obama’s father is not a Chinese? Could there be something about the appearance?

    • ~4:30 One of the host is asking whether, if the ethnicity has to be hidden (for the man is Roma, and this is clear to anyone here, had there been any doubt his in-laws are Roma, and Roma women are forbidden to marry out of the community) so if actual ethnicity has to be hidden, why single out another group, and not simply call him “European citizen”. Is it because nationality is all that matters to Germans?
      And the answer is, in my opinion, people needed to know the criminal’s ethnicity and wouldn’t be satisfied otherwise, but pointing at a group that has very bad reputation is not acceptable.
      So, calm down, he is not a “refugee”, he is not Roma, but, well… he can’t be just “European citizen.”

      • It`s not because nationality is all that counts for Germans (or others).
        Actually most media in Germany wouldn`t even mention the ethnic background.

        But the influx of Roma since the EU-expansion to the east had caused some trouble in a few Western European nations.
        France had expelled some of them even (not wanting them in their wellfare system or errect illegal settlements).
        So it`s natural that there is public attention when one of them does something nasty – again.

        The other point – there is no such thing as a European Citizenship.
        One could speak idealisticly from it, or in the context of EU-papers and to some degree in EU-jurisdiction.
        But every European still is first and foremost a citizen of a national state (even if he doesn`t like it as a left nutcake).
        So, no – Gypsies are not just European citiziens.
        At least not more then they are Bulgarians, Romanians, Serbs, Slovenians, Slovaks or Austrian.

        And of course ethnic and culturell background vs citizenship is something different again (that`s why in almost every European country minorities exist, who would never renounce their minority rights).

  18. They were India’s lowest cast, according to this:

    “Who are these people?” asks the man behind the counter in the photo store in Southall, an area also known as London’s Little India.
    He is handing over my order: a hefty pile of colour photographs, of which a picture of two Roma women and their children (above) is the first.
    “They look just like the Banjara in Rajasthan – that’s where I come from,” he says.
    He points to a beautiful print on the wall, showing a glamorous group of female Banjara dancers.
    The similarity is striking.
    Historians agree that the Roma’s origins lie in north-west India and that their journey towards Europe started between the 3rd and 7th Centuries AD – a massive migration prompted by timeless reasons: conflicts, instability and the seeking of a better life in big cities such as Tehran, Baghdad and, later on, Constantinople.
    Some of these Indian immigrant workers were farmers, herdsmen, traders, mercenaries or book-keepers. Others were entertainers and musicians.
    They settled in the Middle East, calling themselves Dom, a word meaning “man”.
    To this day they retain their name and speak a language related to Sanskrit.
    Large numbers moved into Europe, where the D, which was anyway pronounced with the tongue curled up, became an R, giving the word Rom. Today’s European Roma (the plural of Rom) are their descendants.
    Maybe because they were carrying customs and memories connected to their Hindu gods, the Roma were regarded as heathens in Byzantium and were assimilated into a heretic sect: “the Untouchables” or Atsingani. This designation is the root of the words used for “Gypsy” in most European languages, such as the French “Tzigane” and the German “Zigeuner”.

    See website for the picture:

    • Yes , mostly correct.
      Though some years ago I looked closer to the argument that the name Rom(-a) derived from “Dom”.

      Actually it looked like a weak or false etymology to me then – no real prove.
      I found it more likely that it derived from the Byzantine self designation Romai (Romans).
      Because the name Rom-a for Gypsies originaly could only be found in (South-)Eastern Europe.
      Others call themselves Manouche or Sinti, but never Rom-a.
      And many parts of this region were called “Rumelia” under Turkish rule.

      Like I said above, even the turkish Seljuks, who invaded this region before the later Osman Turks, called themselves Rum-Seljuks.
      So in my opinion, the Gypsies like others just adopted the name.
      To enhance their status in the region, and to distinguish themselves from others.

      • Gypsies argue, that “Rom-a” simply means Human.
        And that “Gadje” (all others) means Non-Gypsie (or is it Nonhuman? then 😉 ).

        Everyone with a minor knowledge of how language work can see that this must be false.

      • BBC says they speak a language related to Sanskrit (Dom/Rom meaning “Man”).
        Byzantine language you refer to is the Vulgar Latin, the language left in its territories after the Roman Empire collapsed.
        I disagree completely with you when you say that the gypsies speak Vulgar Latin.
        From the Vulgar Latin evolved the Romance languages: Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, Romanian, Swiss Romansh etc.
        I have heard gypsies talk and they can’t be understood if you know any Romance language. Are you trying to [say] that the Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, Romanians, Sicilians and Swiss Romansh are gypsies?

        • Then you should read more carefully.
          I didn`t say that Gypsies spoke Vulgar-Latin !
          Which btw also was not spoken by Byzantines in every day live, since they were mostly of Greek descendant or at least had Greek as their colloquial language, that`s why Latin from a certain point in time was not even officially in use any more.

          Also the Turcs didn`t spoke Latin, never the less did they adopt many terms and names from Greek language.
          Mostly because they wanted to make a claim to power and as a sign of political continuity with the former Byzantine Empire.
          Fe. the mentioned “Rum” (Rumelia, Rum-Seljuks etc.) for some populations in the western part of their empire, and as a local geographical term (todays Romania also derives from it).

          And sorry, but your last sentence is inconsistent and makes no sense.

          • I think you are completely inconsistent. I speak 4 of the Romance languages and never could I understand a work in gypsy language.
            I also think you have some hidden ulterior motives in saying that Sanskrit is not related to gypsy language (probably you are from Indian subcontinent, like the gypsies) and in hiding how different it is from Latin.

          • The Gypsy language is close to Hindu. I have had close contact over many years with people from both extractions.

        • English is related to Sanskrit, as is Latin. All three are Indo-European languages. Sanskrit, Hindi, and Urdu are closely related. I presume the Roma language is in the same group.

          • Thats right, Sanskrit belongs to the eastern branch of the Indo-European Languages (so called “Satem languages”).
            Like Armenian, Persian, Pasthu and Hindi (the modern version of Sanskrit)…
            Or Sinto and Romanes (Gypsie languages).

  19. Just to add that Europe still tries to integrate them since they came here, that is, for the last 1000 years!

  20. I am Bulgarian, and I know Gypsies. Only the fear of God can turn these people around. If not, they are special breed, product of our communist/socialist societies, that was trying to ignore them and just give them yellow coins to buy their silence. It back fired.
    they have a bad culture, bad traditions and bad manners. The lack of education and the minority mentality is destructive to all of us.

    • The “communists” did a lot to make the Gypsy settle, providing them with housing, obliged them to send their children to school, provided them jobs etc. The “communist”period is the last to blame for the Gypsy mentality. But I guess during the “communict”period that ended 27 years ago you were not born… or were a very very young kid 😉

      • Thats true to some point.
        The problem was, that socialist “integration” was mostly not based on a liable (economic) foundation.
        And it was different in each country with a large Gypsie population.
        After socialism had crumbled most of them lost their jobs, like so many other people did, because whole branches of industry were unprofitable.
        And Gypsies often worked in the least needed positions
        Similar goes for the socialist agriculture sector.

        What socialism really did, was encouraging them to get even more children and larger families.
        Which on the long run didn`t make the problems or their situation any better.
        Young men like the mentioned are also a product of failling socialism.

  21. I think it is pretty clear the perp is Muslim. His first child was born when he was 16 and now has three boys at the age of 26, the oldest is 10 years old.

    His inlaws have Arabic names. Father is Ibryam (Ibrahim), and mother is Elmaz which is diamond in Arabic. That would imply that his wife is a Muslim.

    They both come from a minority community from the same place. If his wife is a Muslim, then he most certainly has to be a Muslim.

    Another vivid example of Islamic misogyny.

  22. Let’s slow down.

    Before the witch hunt for the perp people like him is carried any farther, it would be prudent to complete a background check of “the unsuspecting German woman”. If any sympathy for socialism, multiculturalism, etc. can be found in her background, then we should agree that she had it coming, “unsuspecting” though she may have been.

  23. What do you think “The fear of God” might mean? One young Italian man on tv recently said that he felt very strongly that if this bs keeps up they will be massacred. Who? Again, go figure.

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