The Red-Green Alliance and the Perpetual “Asylum” Process

In the following clip from the German parliament, Dr. Bernd Baumann, a member of parliament for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) representing Hamburg, discusses the effects that the lunatic “asylum” policies of the Left have had on Germany, and especially the city of Hamburg.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   [Dr. Bernd Baumann AfD Representative Hamburg] Madame president, ladies and gentlemen.
00:06   Germany with its 80 million inhabitants constitutes
00:12   slightly more than 1% of world population. But this Germany, this one percent
00:18   tiny dot in the entirety of humanity, has, according to BAMF,
00:24   the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees, in this year, 2016, already
00:30   accepted more applications than
00:36   the rest of humanity put together!
00:42   More than all European countries, plus Canada plus USA plus Australia, plus all the others
00:48   This one tiny percent wee dot, Germany, took more asylum applications
00:54   than the entire world. Ladies and gentlemen, what gigantic “misguidance” had to take place
01:00   over there, what huge misfirings have to happen in order to bring
01:03   millions of migrants across thousands of kilometers
01:06   through countless safe countries into tiny Germany? Ladies and gentlemen,
01:12   I can tell you what misfirings those are. They are misfirings of the type
01:18   like the proposition that the Red-Green government dares again to present to us today.
01:24   This proposition basically shows the mentality of the deplorable welcome
01:30   and open border policies of the CDU and SPD, in which nobody else in the world participated,
01:35   as if nothing happened. They arrange for a greater and greater expansion
01:40   of groups for the newest mass immigration, which they want to integrate right away and permanently
01:46   with all possible measures; for reasons of flight that they alone recognize. Then it was
01:52   the definition of BANF. Those immigrants have to be integrated who demonstrate in general
01:58   A good perspective for staying. Integration programs should — following that logic — work only
02:04   with recognized refugees; and other than that only people coming
02:07   from countries recognized as needing help in over 50% of cases.
02:10   The efforts for integration should be directed at them only. All the expensive
02:16   language and orientation classes, all the usable professional qualification measures
02:22   and training assistance. Then also a residence permit. Then, however, Red-Green Hamburg
02:28   began strongly undermining the definition recognized
02:31   in the whole of Germany. They then recognized
02:34   more groups, giving them good individual staying perspective, especially to Afghans
02:40   whose largest concentration in Germany is in Hamburg. Well, today,
02:46   with the new application from the Red-Green, the ultimate softening is happening. Also
02:53   permanently integrated right away will be, from now on, all those without a tangible perspective
02:59   for staying, perhaps even those arriving from safe countries; so all those
03:02   whose applications were definitively denied, who however
03:05   for obstructive reasons are trying to delay their deportation.
03:08   Also all those whose recognition process
03:11   takes forever, and there are many ways to do that. The Red-Green application
03:17   is officially opening the door of accelerated integration and
03:20   perpetual stay to all refugees who wish it. Return —
03:23   The numbers — we know it, right? — will make deportation hard. Enough is enough,
03:26   and those are unfortunately the facts, we have to
03:29   to face up to it that the asylum process — after the Red-Green application — will be very long,
03:35   and this is already enough! It’s also enough
03:38   to be able to defend yourself against deportation after the denial.
03:41   In both cases there’s an entire “catalog” of possibilities,
03:44   a newly-created lawyer industry, we know them,
03:47   both mostly financed by the taxpayers. Ladies and gentlemen, here we are sending
03:53   wrong and totally irresponsible signals; you almost
03:56   cannot put a more glaring light in the display window
03:59   for the worldwide people-smuggling mafia business than with those measures, ladies and gentlemen!
04:05   In Hamburg there are already over 50,000 people
04:11   from the newest refugee wave, which the Red-Green wants to integrate in the job market
04:17   whether they have obtained asylum or have other good reasons to stay or not.
04:23   At the same time, however, and please, think about it! We already have in Hamburg 50,000 people
04:29   who have already been unemployed for so long that they get Hartz IV [welfare], just among those,
04:35   60% were originally not from Germany. And those people have been living
04:38   here for a long time, most of them were born here,
04:41   grew up, mastered the language, can write and read, went to school
04:44   and professional schools here: totally different from the 50,000
04:47   that are newly arrived and are being added. And here they have been failing for years,
04:50   ladies and gentlemen! You should be taking care of that first!
04:53   You should solve that before you settle tens of thousands more here permanently, without
04:56   legally recognized reasons for flight, ladies and gentlemen.
04:59   And one more thing! One more: You need to finally recognize that
05:05   YOU are the wrong-way driver in global migration politics, and not the other way around!

21 thoughts on “The Red-Green Alliance and the Perpetual “Asylum” Process

  1. I love that last part. He has to have the last word in his own monologue. “YOU are the wrong-way driver in global migration politics, and not the other way around!” That’s a keeper.

  2. To me almost more shocking than the facts presented by the speaker was the studied dismissal of and contempt for the speaker displayed by the behaviour and body language of the woman to the left of the chairperson. Dr. Baumann might as well have addressed a wall or Mars for that matter.

  3. How this good man can hold onto his temper is beyond me! The catastrophic stupidity of the Red-Green Alliance can have no other motive than the total destruction of Western culture in Germany – as their fellow travelers conspire elsewhere to the same end.

    What ought to happen is that they should all be served with papers to answer an accusation of traitorous acts and giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Short of that – and it may soon come to this extreme – they should be dealt summary justice – lined up against a wall!

    It’s coming to the point where it’s not just the Muslim terrorist versus us, but our PC elites versus us!

    • I think we already at that point. Islam would not be as much a danger to us, if the traitor class would not open the door and let them in.

  4. George Soros hates your country and so does Angela Merkel and all their EVIL cronies.
    No other explanation.

    But apparently, Germans especially are an easy mark.
    You cannot atone for the sins of your fathers by suiciding your own people, culture, and civilization.

    Would that Germans cared for themselves as a people; would that they reached deeply into their history to resurrect the true German heroes, starting with Martin Luther, whose message included hope and peace (hope of heaven and the peace of God), God’s grace to sinners, and proper love of self, of others, and of country. In so doing they might save themselves from the coming destruction.
    And if they don’t, then they will reap what they have sown through an addictive love of the world and of self and a rejection of and denial of the eternal consequences for such scorning of the Savior.

    Man wandering about, living his life in the closed box of this-world-secularism, blind as a bat to eternity, will forfeit his life: For what does it profiteth a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?
    He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose (Jim Eliot, martyr, 1956).

    I pray that Germans wake up.

    • “You cannot atone for the sins of your fathers by suiciding your own people, culture, and civilization.”

      Not just that, but with this behavior they actually accomplish the very same thing (destruction of Europe) like the previous generation.
      Good job Germans, you did it again!

    • I thank Martin Luther for Bach, but apart from that he caused a schism within the church and the death of many in religious wars! He himself was antisemitic and ruthless with those who opposed him. He has been white-washed by Lutherans!

      • And King David took Bethsheba away from Uriah and sent him to the front lines to be killed; and the Apostle Paul was in the process of rounding up Christians for imprisonment and death when the Lord took hold of him and made him His servant and apostle for the Gospel of Christ. And so on.
        The “schism” was necessary because the Roman church had corrupted the gospel of forgiveness, imposing indulgences, etc, and placed a burden on man to EARN his own salvation, thus denying that Christ’s death on the cross had already paid for the sins of all mankind.
        It is not Luther’s fault that Satan weedled his way into the hearts of the competing factions to tempt them to respond with hatred, violence, and murder; which, when you think about it — what with Satan’s job being to destroy the work of Christ — it is little wonder that Satan would get upset re Luther’s work and try his best to undo it.
        The Jews he fumed against because they denied Jesus as Messiah and thus were causing their people irreparable spiritual harm; heaven awaits them when they repent of that rejection.
        No believer is perfect; and Luther is no exception.
        But his preaching of the pure Gospel should not be dismissed owing to his imperfections.

  5. The Germans cannot wake up. The same false bravado that had them following Hitler now allows them to think they can pamper and babysit all the world’s moslems and come out ahead. Just like pre-WWII, people were warning them. Just like in WWII, this will not end well for them. Unlike post WWII, the moslems have no Marshall plan in mind for them once the conquering phase is done. Their leaders have been bribed and sold them out. Goodbye Germans. Once again you choose wrong.

    OT. I would love to see that moslem engineered Mercedes. Oh, really, a moslem engineered anything.

    • Which country in Western Europe is doing any better than occupied surrendered Germany? The United kingdom? Holland? In France the French are being massacred and the victims quickly forgotten? The demonic Muslim brethren riot at will. Belgium? Austria? Switzerland? Errrr ah Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland? Spain? Italy? Greece? I would love to know.

      • The next step down is what dissidents in Communist states have said regarding propaganda in those years. Everyone knew that what the government reported in its media were fabrications, but they all had to go along with it or suffer at the hands of the government in a thousand small ways. So most people went along.

        And the dissidents say that caused in people a kind of humiliation, being forced to ‘admit’ something was true which was demonstrably not true. And that was the point, to humiliate people, because when we’re reduced that way, not even able to say what’s true and what isn’t, removes the last shreds of resistance.

        In France the debate over secularism, the veil, burqa and burqini is lively and fully public. Not so in Germany. Same in Sweden. This is the main difference among European states.

  6. How appropriate that the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees (BundesAmt fuer Migration und Fluechtlinge) has the acronym BAMF, because printing up the application forms for the entire world’s population will produce an immense accumulation of bumf.

    Background information: bumf [[contraction for “bumfodder”, literally, toilet paper, from “bum” + “fodder”]] [British Slang] official documents, regarded disparagingly

    • Why is Merkal not under close arrest awaiting trial for crimes against humanity? This communist vulture has the Muslim Neanderthals running wild all over our countries. Knuckle dragging Muslim fear mongering shankers everywhere you look. The “minarets” are looking like Nazi crematorium chimneys. It’s surreal. Africans, and Arabs just literally walk in and rape and urinate on citizens with impunity. At any other time in history these scum would have been been apprehended or shot on sight.

  7. It makes you realize the Left in Germany is like the Democrats – blinkered, arrogant, driven by ideology, irrational, thanatonic (pursuing the ruin of one’s own country)… and deaf to reason. All across the West the Left is in full destruction mode.

    • thanatonic…hadn’t thought of that word recently. Succinct. They’re turning into Islam-lite, loving death more than life…shudder.

  8. We are in the grip of political insanity. It has not reached the level of butchery under Hitler or Stalin, but we are heading down that path.

  9. Germany is already lost, I fear. It is somewhat amazing that they could completely forget their history and then go repeat it again, in a slightly different way.

    It just proves what we already knew about Germany. They WILL repeat their mistakes. First it was Hitler, then it was Merkel, and now it’s the muslims (all of whom should be sent back to their muslim world — they have no business in the west and I do not know why people are afraid to say it.

    It is a pity and a tragedy in a way, especially when you look at Germany’s history and achievements of the past (and I’m not talking nazis, I’m talking of their educational achievements of the long ago past). They were once famous for their culture, their books and other activities. These things were pre-Hitler I think. I am not an expert on German history but I do know a little of it. at every turn they took the wrong path, at least in the 20th century. And now they are paying for their mistakes, as in rape and mayhem, created by backwards muslims.

  10. Another lorry strike, this time at the Berlin Christmas Market. It’s all over the news. Going to be shocked, absolutely shocked if Merkel is still in charge at this time next year.

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