The Moral Depravity of the Obama Administration

2016 is drawing to a close, and the Era of Obama is almost over. Emmet Scott takes a look back at the eight years of the Obama presidency and the cultural sewer it brought to the forefront of American political life.

The Moral Depravity of the Obama Administration

by Emmet Scott

It is axiomatic that politics is the art of the possible, and that governments are guided by practical considerations rather than strictly moral ones. Nonetheless, until fairly recent times the citizens of Western nations could be confident that their governments at least subscribed in public to culturally Christian concepts of right and wrong when it came to framing and interpreting legislation, and that, by and large, the interests of the citizenry were considered of some importance to legislators and administrators.

That Western governments no longer even pretend to subscribe to Christian morality, and that they no longer have the interests of their own citizens at heart, is painfully obvious to all but the most blind or obtuse. A new “religion”, namely radical secularism, is the belief system which now informs the thinking and actions of most Western politicians. That this radical secularism is every bit as hostile to traditional Christianity as was the Marxist secularism of Communist regimes is not to be doubted. We have already witnessed the beginnings of a low-key and so far bloodless persecution of Christians who insist on holding to their traditional beliefs whenever these beliefs clash with the new secularist orthodoxy. A society that can fine a Christian family bakery $135,000 for refusing to bake a lesbian “wedding” cake, and which can throw a public registrar into jail for refusing to officiate at a gay “wedding”, is a society which has already travelled far down the road of Soviet totalitarianism.

The overturning of Christian ideas relating to sexual morality can only accomplish the complete destruction of the family and the normalization of the most depraved sexual activity imaginable. That the political and economic elites have already travelled far down that road is fairly obvious, although it would appear from the emerging evidence of the hacked Podesta emails that they have travelled much further even than most people hitherto realized. More on this presently.

If the radical secularism of the Western ruling elites is militant and proselytizing at home, it is equally so abroad. In pursuing the selfsame agenda overseas, the Obama administration has stirred up wars and revolutions throughout the globe, transforming America into a real menace to the peace and stability of the world. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in Syria.

The decision of the Obama and Cameron administrations in the US and UK to assist the anti-government insurrection in Syria in 2012, even though they knew that the “opposition” was comprised entirely of Islamist extremists, illustrates in the most graphic manner possible the utter moral bankruptcy of the Western political class. From 2012 onwards delegation after delegation of Christian prelates and lay-people arrived in Europe begging the West to cease helping the rebels. Even by that time we were already used to seeing images of ancient Christian communities massacred by the jihadists. Yet all such pleas fell on deaf ears, as Cameron and Obama ramped up hostility against the Syrian government. In this they were supported and even encouraged by the equally immoral Western media.

It was eventually left to Russia to save the Assad regime and prevent the country falling to ISIS, Al-Qaeda and their affiliates. Had it not been for Russian intervention at the end of 2015 the whole country would have been overrun and the Christian and Alawite communities exterminated. This, apparently, was a prospect which did not trouble Obama, Clinton, Kerry, or Cameron in the slightest.

America under Obama had effectively become an ally of fundamentalist Islam. Neither Obama nor his backers of course see it that way. To them, the Holy Grail is democracy: If they can bring democracy to any society they can transform it into a liberal/secularist paradise. They fail completely to understand that democracy only works in societies like Europe, where the civilizing influence of Christianity has, over the centuries, produced a climate where men can (to some extent at least) agree to disagree. As Christianity fades in the West that civilized modus operandi is breaking down even here. But the idea that democracy can be used as a tool to civilize people is utter idiocy.

Which brings us on to the question of Russia. The demonization of Russia and her leader Vladimir Putin has been a consistent feature of the Obama regime almost from the word go.

Many theories have been proposed to explain this; and undoubtedly there is more than one cause. Yet we cannot doubt that Russia’s refusal to go along with the secularist agenda is a major factor. Russia has been accused of initiating an ideologically-motivated war against the West, presenting herself as the defender of Christians and Christian morality in a world that is increasingly hostile to both; yet the evidence would suggest that it is the West which initiated hostilities. In January 2014, long before the Ukraine crisis or Russia’s intervention in Syria, a vocal campaign, supported by influential Western politicians, was launched to boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics, on the grounds that the Putin regime was “oppressive” to gays. In actual fact, there was no “oppression” whatsoever; Russia had simply banned “gay propaganda”, namely the promotion of the homosexual lifestyle to children.

A couple of decades earlier, such attitudes would have been considered absolutely normal in the West. In this, as in so much else, it was the West, and not Russia, which had changed and which was promoting something radical and new, whilst at the same time attacking and demonizing anyone or any society which did not conform. The same attempts at secularist proselytism (often backed by Soros-funded NGOs) are also to be observed in the allocation of aid and even in trading relations with African, Asian, and Latin American countries. Those states which do not conform with regard to questions such as abortion and LGBT “rights” are punished financially.

But increasingly sanctions against recalcitrant states do not stop at economic measures. America under Obama has stirred up ideologically-motivated revolutions and insurrections in North Africa, the Middle East, eastern Europe and central Asia — much as the Soviet Union did during the second half of the twentieth century. In this regard it’s really no surprise that some of the keenest supporters of regime change in foreign parts have been the “Neoconservatives” — a group of mostly ex-Trotskyist intellectuals posing as “born-again” conservatives. But the so-called conservatism of the Neocons is a sham: their ideal society is a radically secularist social democracy, which has little or no place for Christianity. It is interesting to note that the recent Trump Revolution in America, which is at core a nationalist and traditionalist movement, has exposed the rift with the Neocons, who have in general returned to their natural home amongst the leftists of the Obama/Clinton camp.

And what a motley crew the latter are. The recent release of the Podesta emails by Wikileaks has exposed a terrifyingly sinister dimension to the lives of the secularist elites. Irrespective of what the evidently code-words found throughout the Podesta emails really mean (and it is interesting that Podesta has made no attempt to explain them), there can be no doubt whatsoever that high-ranking members of the Democrat Party, and some Republicans, have been involved in extensive paedophile activity. Several of them, such as Anthony Weiner and Dennis Hastert (Republican former Speaker of the House) have already been charged or done time in prison for their activities, but it is clear that these are merely the tip of a very large iceberg. We know, for example, that Bill Clinton (and apparently also Hillary) were frequent visitors to Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Island” in the Caribbean, where sex-parties involving minors were the course du jour.

It is also interesting to note that, should the code-words in these emails actually refer to underage children, then Obama himself is deeply involved: we are told that he had spent $65,000 dollars on “pizza” to be delivered from Chicago (of all places) for a private party in the White House. We know, too, from FBI insiders, that repeated attempts to investigate the paedophile activities of high-ranking Democrats have been continually blocked by the White House (i.e. the Justice Department).

That such activities are part of the private lives of the secularist elites should surprise no one. All ideas of sexual mores and restraints are religious in nature, and in the West that means Christian. The rejection of Christian morality thus opens the way for a sexual free-for-all, where, quite simply, anything goes. It should come as no surprise therefore that the liberal elites of various European societies, such as the UK, have already been exposed as harbouring massive networks of paedophiles and deviants of other hues. As in America, they have used (and still use) their positions of power to protect themselves. The recent revelations of horrific abuse by public figures such as the DJ Jimmy Savile and the MP Cyril Smith — as well as several others — are but the tip of an enormous iceberg, which the Cameron (and presumably also now the May) administration succeeded in keeping a lid on. And the extent to which the secularist elites approve this behaviour may be judged from the fact that Harriet Harman, the former Labour Party Deputy Prime Minister, and left-wing activist, once headed a body (the National Council for Civil Liberties) which had, as one of its affiliated associations, the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange.

Whether the elites in America will also continue to be able to suppress the truth, in view of the Trump victory, remains to be seen. Indeed, the exposure or non-exposure of the truth in this matter may be the litmus test whether Trump is a genuine alternative or just another tool of the anti-Christian elite.

Time will tell.

Emmet Scott is the author of Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited: The History of a Controversy and The Impact of Islam.

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71 thoughts on “The Moral Depravity of the Obama Administration

  1. In a normal world, the braggadocio of Trump would have put him beyond the pale, with no chance of succeeding politically. However, the amoral, bitter climate which the Obama faction proceeded to spread over our governing class eight years ago, provided the very environment which made Trump appear reasonable by comparison.

    At least it did so for anyone still in possession of a moral compass.

    Trump doesn’t hide his sins and indeed they are the sins of privilege, a position for which he rightly refuses to apologize. No matter how hard they tried, the opposition couldn’t find any classmates willing to say Trump was anything other than a leader.

    Obama has been an eight-year embarrassment for America. I have never waited for the inauguration of a new administration as I have for this one. When the saga of 2008-20016 comes to be written truthfully (and it will take us a long time to heal enough to produce that tale), the damage Obama did to America and to the world will be shown to be horrendous. His ignorant interference in the affairs of other countries makes the long list of sudden-death/suicides/accidents trailing behind the Clintons look provincial in comparison.

    America’s respect for the Nobel “Peace” Prize was permanently altered when they crowned a lazy, narcissistic, ignorant Communist community organizer whose only claim to fame was his skin color. That was – and is – an insult to black Americans of real accomplishment. I’d say Denmark was exempt from this condemnation except for the deeply disrespectful “playful” behavior of the Danish PM and Obama at Mandela’s memorial service, taking selfies on their phones until Mrs. Obama separated them.

    I cannot wait to see the back of this guy, even if his wallet is stuffed with the wealth that comes with political position in modern governance.

    • Your earlier recommended book, Fred Siegel’s REVOLT AGAINST THE MASSES, is ‘required reading.’ You have exaggerated nothing; maybe you can ‘ps: Stronger letter follows.’ I’d comment further, but I’d just be repeating myself, or a reading list. Thanks!

      • Yep, haven’t read another that comes close to Siegel.

        It ought to be on our sidebar permanently…

        …like many of you, I found a lot of college classes deadly dull – they were anti-knowledge. There were three exceptions, no, make that four, who twisted paradigms into new shapes. One of them specialized in intellectual history; a philosopher; a Shakespeare teacher who made us strive; and an anthropologist who demonstrated why culture always eats strategy for breakfast…

        And then, so many years later, that intellectual ferment was renewed with Siegel. And with Emmet Scott. The latter dug in to make readers see how Western culture had been deranged and contaminated by its contact with Islam.

        Thinkers who cause others to experience paradigm shifts (Diana West did that, too) are often rudely treated. Past the age of 25 or so, few want to be roused from their slumber. Thus a kill-the-messenger kind of ire is the frantic response of anyone who wants to go back to sleep.

        I am waiting still for any wide acknowledgment of what writers like Spengler and Sir Gregory Copley have proposed – i.e., the widespread demographic implosion coming circa mid-century. That inescapable fact ought to be central to any country’s planning, but beyond China’s decision to (try to) walk back its one-child policy, and the UN’s call for some kind of planning there is silence.

        Here’s a bio on Copley:

        I hope Australia realizes what an incredible man he is…a polymath whose genius showed from a very young age. Perhaps our readers know someone who is equally accomplished… anyone else whose vision encompasses strategy and culture in the way he does.

        The test of a good thinker: he won’t give you answers but he will change your questions. All of those do that…

    • ‘I have never waited for the inauguration of a new administration as I have for this one.’

      And I would add to that – along with the rest of the still sane world.

      Obama has been finally outed as a fraud – and probably the biggest fraud ever played out on any one country. So, now I wonder, will those about to step into the White House have any determination to address that now blatant act of treason, and not just treat in its isolation, but also by taking into account those Clinton emails, that in some instances, is evidence for Obama’s complicity with the Clinton’s in the biggest financial fraud ever perpetrated on most of the world?

      There are a number of investigators onto this so I am hopeful on the expectation that there will be more to come. What has occurred has far reaching consequences regarding criminal behaviour in very high places that behoves it be addressed, otherwise, we will be the losers.

      If the past is not addressed and addressed properly, as justice demands it be, then nothing will change and everything will remain the same and be just as corrupt, a business as usual continuum that no one forever will dare touch while it destroys the very fabric of our civilization.

      And to think, that Joe the Plumber had Obama pegged all those years ago.

      • Your communication would be a lot more effective if you gave a few specifics, rather than making it an extremely general rant.

        For instance, what is the Obama fraud you are referring to? His birthplace? His promises on health care? When you are this acerbic, you ought to make your target clear.

        Same thing for financial fraud. Are you referring to the housing bailout? I have no idea.

        • I believe you may take your pick at any one of many things that has been exposed under this current administration, but the ‘hot’ topic since 2008 has been Obama’s American citizenship, his failure to produce a legible birth certificate and his locking away of all his personal things from public perusal that all previous Presidents have as an expectation, laid bare.

          Again, take your pick on financial fraud matters, but the ‘hot’ topic is the Clinton Foundation – perhaps you missed that one?

          Hope that was helpful.

    • Great comment Lady D! Absolutely spot on!
      Or to use one of our nutty down-under sayings: “You’re not often wrong, but you’re right this time!”

    • I find this quite an annoying essay, making broad but vague claims with little evidence of research.

      A minor but telling example:

      “It is also interesting to note that, should the code-words in these emails actually refer to underage children, then Obama himself is deeply involved: we are told that he had spent $65,000 dollars on “pizza” to be delivered from Chicago (of all places) for a private party in the White House.”

      Can the author really not know that Chicago is famous for hotdogs and PIZZA? Indeed, stuffed pizza was invented there. So the idea that pizza really meant pizza is hardly far-fetched.

      • I share the same opinion as Baron, but the pizza story discredited an otherwise objective essay.
        What are you talking about, ordering Chicago pizza? And why does this indicate obama’s pandering to the sexual abuse of children?
        What am I missing?

  2. Moral Imperative as in “God” will eventually act, if Trump does not. I think he will. I have a pal who knows Trump personally and worked with him. He vouchsafes the man.

  3. I expect DJT to unveil to the public Bathhouse Barry’s true birth certificate, throwing all of his illegal edicts into the trash heap. Along the way, I also expect he will reveal the truth behind the greatest enemy of America – the Marxist NEA.

    • JFK will be forever remembered for getting an American to be first on the moon.

      BHO will be forever remembered for getting perverted men access to little girls toilets.

      Once this lame duck president is out of office I hope that the true nature of his tenure, along with his odious partner Michael/Michelle will be exposed to the world.

      • So do I! Both the CEO and I saw right though obama before he was installed as Prez, and wondered why others couldn’t!

        Hopefully the truth will also come out about where the African was born, but perhaps most shameful was his declaring he would “stand with the moslems…” the enemy, FGS, and yet he was not impeached!

        • The Republicans wouldn’t even draw a line in the sand on spending. They would rather have stabbed themselves with an ice pick than think about impeaching the Man of Mystery.

    • My feeling is that you should not set the bar too high.

      If you think about it, it is not productive for a President to go after the previous President, however odious. This sets a precedence whereby a President can expect to get harassed after leaving office. Also, it is not the job of the President to expose organizations. It’s the job of the attorney general to prosecute illegal actions and actually the job of the Congress to investigate un-American activities. It would be fitting for Congress to examine taking away the authority of the Supreme Court to review security measures such as the McCarren Act, which provided measures protecting the US from Communist activists, but which was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Congress has the right to limit the Supreme Court’s ability to review legislation.

      Discretion is the better part of valor, and you may have to be satisfied with what you already know about Obama or what comes out in public investigations by small bloggers. The MSM may or may not pick up on it.

      It would be extremely destabilizing to go back and declare every proclamation signed by Obama and every law signed to be invalid. The main lesson should be to institute some formal vetting for Presidential candidates in the future. I seriously doubt if Ted Cruz, born in Canada to a mother of questionable US citizenship at the time, would pass muster. But,obviously, the mainstream media and the Congress are not able to do their oversight jobs.

      • Ronald. At some point the ‘swamp must be drained’ otherwise it just becomes business as usual as it has been ever since the first Congress.

        In a valued society those in high places must have an onus placed on them to set an example of appropriate behaviour to those ordinary citizens who rely on their leadership that guarantees to them liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

        It has been the abject failure of incoming administrations to call out the misdeeds and the just plain wrong that the previous President and his admin indulged in that has eroded the office of POTUS to the extent that an imposter was able to be elected as President in 2008.

        More vetting of Presidents will not solve that problem because as Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate has shown – documents are easily forged to a degree that it takes a dedicated team of experts years to uncover as fake. The damage has been done and it must be fixed and the people must become aware of it all if you are to keep the United States together.

      • Under normal circumstances I would agree, but the glass has been broken and there’s no going back now. The clearly subverterted media, sports and entertainment industries have positioned themselves to be the sole source of “authentic” information. In order to swiftly defang these groups direct and compelling information must be transmitted unfiltered and direct to the foggy minded public. This must include a complete dissection of the illegal activities undertaken by the previous administration and the aforementioned tools used to carry out the schemes. Otherwise, all the perfidy we have been subjected to will not only be covered up, but an incredibly dangerous precedence will be allowed to become acceptable by virtue of no consequence. This is war and it’s not even close to intermission.

        • Bringing criminals to account, no matter how high the place they have done their misdeeds, is about justice being served and being seen to be done, it has never been about going back.

          Do you honestly believe that those (the voter the media etc)who have aided and abetted the criminals in authority will actually take any notice of a public expose of what went wrong?

          These are people who are rabid team players, no matter how criminal their team has become.

          Always throughout history, it has been that actions speak louder than words, and that is what is required to set an example among those who still support the criminals in the White House and their aiders and abettors, otherwise all you can expect is business as usual, an inevitable civil war and possible breakup of the United States.

          Think a little harder.

  4. It’s possible that the Podesta crowd aren’t secular, but are Satanists, not as a fashion statement, but as an actual religion they believe in. I’ve read a lot about this at the voat pizzagate forum, and there was one shocking but believable discussion about how cannibalism can lead to visions of Moloch and other pagan gods, due to the presence of DMT in dying people, especially if they are tortured. This may or may not be true, but people who go in for ritual abuse and human sacrifice are nothing like me, a secular humanist, so maybe it’s unfair to blame this on secularism.

    • I remember a medical person telling me years ago about cases where patients who had heart transplants had ‘memories’ of the donor’s life, family etc.

      So one wonders what sort of psychological (or spiritual) experiences hard core Satanists would experience if they were into cannibalism.

      Incidentally, anyone interested in that whole affair would do well to read ‘The Blue Ring’ by A. J. Quinnell (said to be an ex-CIA agent).

    • Secularism is the foundation from which they build their “perfected man.” The sick elites believe they are gods and the rest of us are too stupid to realize our godhood and therefore are nothing better than chattel. Studying the occult is an unpleasant experience but necessary to recognize the garbage that we are being fed. Start with the concepts of dualism and inversion to begin to understand the mindset.

      Pizzagate emails are chock full of pedophile code and phrases that make no sense unless interpreted within that frame of reference.

      • Ok, I have looked at the emails and I can agree that they are not talking about pizza, but what exactly they are talking about is totally obscure to me. How exactly are we making this quantum leap from obscure emails to torture, pedophilia, and Satan worship again? I’m not quite seeing it. I do think John Podesta’s creepy cannibal picture is somewhat telling, but I still can’t quite make the logical jump to what you are implying. Some sort of factual source would really help here. What witness has stepped forward to decode this for us?

    • Having been the offspring of an atheist and an agnostic, I now find myself embracing Christianity. I’ve seen where secular humanism leads to and I don’t like any part of it. When people determine their own morality, then the end result is a rapid descent to the lowest common denominator. Secularism to me is a moral cop out to actually having real values. Live your life how you want ketzel, it’s just not for me. All morality becomes just too relative to ever be a functional means of organization and cohesiveness in any society. You end up with where we are today, with moral relativism making nothing out of bounds, including the self destruction of one’s own society. For me, I now see Christianity as a true religious construct whose values are extremely important both to the society one lives in and to oneself. How do you recognize what is true or false? Maybe it is true that “by their fruits you shall know them”. Not bad advice from Matthew 7:16.

      • This is a good comment Carlos and by your own understanding of where Humanism leads to, I believe you have to some degree, addressed your own question to your first comment.

        You may wish to look up a site that has collated much evidence of what you find hard to accept.

  5. I remember John Kerry and Bill Ayers from my salad days. Both were secular humanists and both hated anything Christian. It is only natural that they and their ilk join forces, and hands with those who also hate Christianity and Christians. That the people they are in bed with are children and/or Muslims is no matter to them. They want Christians and Christianity and its moral constraints off the planet. Very soon and we will willingly oblige them. then they we see in stark reality the world they have created.

    • John Kerry was an embarrassment to the US Navy, and is an embarrassment as SOS. The only silver lining is that he’s no longer a senator, and as long as I stay away from Sunday talk shows I may live out my days without ever seeing his horse head again.

  6. There is one thing Orban did badly after his party won the election. He did not go after the criminal socialists/liberals but tried to be a bigger man. It was a serious mistake! Since at every turn, at every decision the criminal syndicate of liberals is criticizing, sabotaging and do everything in their power to force him out of politics. (Soros paying them) I am saying this because now Trump will be in the same situation. He must not shy away from going after these pedophile[s]. If he misses his window they will regroup and come back 4 years later. There are enough brainwashed idiots who would fall and vote for them. They must be destroyed or humanity has no future. I hope he will be smart!

    • I agree! But until personal accountability that covers all political actions is made into law then those who willingly destroy will be left alone to continue on.

    • We have suffered 8 years of an administration where law was bent and ignored to serve the political and ideological interests of the administration. I do not believe it would serve the country well to continue the corruption of law to serve the interests of the administration.

      The President has name as Attorney General a man of fiery determination and sterling reputation as a defender of real law. Let him do his job. The job of justice is to punish criminal behavior and to make clear the consequences of breaking the law. There are clear areas where the law is not adequate, such as the activities of George Soros, whose actions, if not criminal, ought to be. But, that can only be addressed by changing the law, not by siccing federal agencies on him in the style of the Obama administration.

      • Ronald. On Soros you may wish to look up the Logan Act. I believe there is a case for ol’ Georgie’s prosecution under that law.

        I find it incredible that given the authority over the wealth of a country that those who make decisions that affect millions of taxpayers whose money the unaccountable political elite fritter away, that there is nothing in place to counter such wasteful and at times, criminal spending.

        Even a cashier in a grocery store is held accountable for missing money but never our politicians.

  7. Well, the article was proceeding serenely enough until the penultimate paragraph in which the author abandoned fact based reasoning in favour of unsupported assertions.

    1. It is nonsense to claim that “All ideas of sexual mores and restraints are religious in nature”. There have been, and are today, religionless societies in which the citizens do not revert to the state of bonobos. Incest, paedophilia, rape etc are just as frowned upon in godless societies today as in religious ones. In fact it is in the ultra-religious societies based on the example of sexual predator in chief Mohammed which appear the most depraved. For instance, doesn’t Pakistan, the Pure Land, top the list of consumption of pornography involving bestiality?

    2. There is no evidence of Britain harbouring massive networks of paedophiles. The activities of Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, Harriet Harman (40 years ago) and their associates were certainly vile but the assertion that they are the tip of an enormous iceberg is just that, an assertion. For all the evidence that Emmet Scott has produced they could well be the entire iceberg or at least a substantial part of it.

    • Well! your idea of religion is pretty confused for a start, since you are lumping this Mohammedan ideology in with the rest. Get a grip and understand what true religion seeks

      • My idea of religion is fairly conventional and it definitely includes Islam. The fact that it has two sides, the religious and the political, doesn’t mean it isn’t a religion.

        It is both, and that is what makes it so dangerous, and so durable across generations.

      • You can’t really define as religions those cults you like, and define as non-religions those cults you don’t like.

        Some religious organizations, the Union for Reform Judaism, the Methodist Church, for example, are firmly behind the rush to immigration and firmly supportive of the Obama administration.

        It is logically contradictory to claim that religious values are fixed and obvious, while secular values are arbitrary. Different religions have different values and laws, and one has the option of choosing one’s religion and hence, the values which one claims to have had no part in choosing.

        I have no objection to religion and would like to see the traditional religions strong in America, given certain restraints. I do not believe religious organizations or individuals should receive exemptions from legal requirements, but I believe legal requirements should permit, for the entire population, freedom of association including freedom to hire whom you wish. In other words, a Christian organization (or any other) should be allowed to limit their employees to devout Christians. A Christian baker (or any other baker) should have the right to refuse to bake a gay wedding cake (or any other type of cake).

        Muslims, by sharia, are unable to truthfully support the US Constitution and should therefore be excluded from immigration or naturalization. But not because they’re Muslims, but because they hold values contradicting the basis of the US. It would be very hard for a Muslim to assert support of the present form of the US government and simultaneously claim to be a Muslim.

    • In regard your denial of pedophilia being rampant throughout the West and more an assertion I would suggest to you to take a longer look at how the very privileged pedophile is treated as compared to the lesser famous and poorer class of pedophile.

      The very privileged and famous are able to count on those in high places to assist them in deflecting allegations and possible criminal charges. Do you believe that kind of assistance is only due to the wealth and fame that they have acquired or something more sinister?

      • What I believe is irrelevant. I try not to believe anything without evidence, and you have provided no more than Emmet Scott.

        • There were times I could not charge an offender due to lack of evidence even though I knew him/her to be guilty because of what I had learned about his/her movements at the time of the crime.

          Absence of of evidence is not evidence of absence.

  8. Well, we were here before.

    Democracy is bad, homosexuals bad, secularism radical, Epstein evil, Putin’s the savior.

    Author presumes that Western boycott of Russian Olympiad (actually there was no such boycott) is the same scale and proportion as
    – armed occupation and annexation of Crimea,
    – the war in Ukraine (10K only Ukrainian casualties – and mounting)
    – downing MH17,
    – harboring Chechnya – defacto jihadi fiefdom under thug Kadyrov who ones promised to “punish Paris for Charlie Hebdo”
    – executing British citizen in London with Polonium,
    – commando style mass beating on British football fans in Marseilles
    .. and similar artesan tricks.

    don’t think that in order to maintain good morality, one needs to support Putin, homophobia and Christian clericalism.

    sometimes GoV publishes an article that looks really skewed.

    • You are correct about one thing: We have indeed been here before, and the canards you list are a good sample of the Fake News peddled by what is hilariously called the Mainstream Media.

      Firstly, Crimea was part of Russia until 1956, when Khruschev transferred it to Ukraine without asking the Crimeans what they thought. When Ukraine became independent in 1991 the people of Crimea were promised a plebiscite, which they never got. They held various referenda of their own throughout the 1990s in which they consistently voted about 95% for reunification with Russia, but these votes were ignored by the Kiev administration. Is democracy acceptable for all the world’s peoples except for those of the Crimea? That appears to be your position.

      The Ukraine government started the war against the two breakaway regions in the east. Russia did not intervene directly, though it probably sent supplies incognito. There are very few governments in the world who would have acted otherwise, watching people of their own nationality massacred next door. And yes, the slaughter was started by the Ukrainians, many of whom have Neo-Nazi sympathies. Have you ever heard of the massacre in Odessa, just months before fighting began in Donbass?

      There is a question mark over the downing of MH17, and there is, as yet, no proof that it was the rebels. But even if it was, this was not an action ordered by the Russian government, which you are trying to imply it was.

      You allegations regarding Chechnya are weird. Restoring some form of peace and order to the region was one of Putin’s greatest achievements. It was indeed a jihadi fiefdom until Putin installed Kadyrov. Since then, jihadi activity in Chechnya has almost completely ceaed and Kadyrov has crushed the jihadis. What would you prefer, an ISIS or Al-Qaeda admin?

      The allegation that Putin ordered the assassination of anyone using polonium, a radioactive material that very few people have access to is frankly silly. It’s like something straight out of a second-rate James Bond movie. The whole thing was clearly a set-up to cast suspicion on Putin.

      The actions of football thugs have nothing to do with governments. Are you going to blame Cameron for the thuggery of English fans at the same competition?

      I’m afraid what you’ve written sounds completely naive. Sorry.

      • well I have better things to do than to argue with [insult redacted].
        literally all your statements are inverted truths.

        still no clue why GoV allows this propaganda from neo-imperial thugocracy.

        • So those who promote a different view point to yours have to be labelled and then pigeon holed as something you believe has ulterior motives rather than argue the points you have raised and that have been rightfully criticized.

          Is that because you lack any substantive evidence to bolster your argument […] ?


        • that isn’t new either – Olgino agitprop artists do work in pairs.
          tell me about weather in Moscow, tovarisch.

          • Labelling and pigeon holing to avoid defending your stance, and now the use of sarcasm and innuendo to mock.

            You do realize that [you] are using the tools of the indoctrinated?

    • Indeed . I very much liked Scott’s “Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited” and find this essay disappointing. There is no need whatsoever to subscribe to Christian beliefs or ideas of sexual morality to find paedophilia wrong. Sexual behaviour between consenting adults who do not believe in religious fairy tales should not be regulated by those who do. But the operative words are consent and adults. Children cannot consent and the systems of law in most democracies in the West make that clear- at least in theory.
      Surely Scott does not believe that paedophilia was not going on in times when there was more lip service to Christian mores. The historic cases of paedophilia brought to light in the priesthood refute this. The raising of the age of consent from 12 years to 13 and ten years later to 16 years in the UK was an attempt to address the sexual exploitation of children. When this did happen? 1875 and1885 – slap bang in that age of muscular Christianity ( and rampant hypocrisy) – Victorian times.

      • Much of Paul’s writings address this problem, though he didn’t talk about it directly. But back then, parents hired bodyguards to accompany their children to school because kids were the targets of the pedophile rings at the time…

        Consider this: it may be the case that in a plural culture such as ours, one with a number of worldviews vying for allegiance, there needs to be a(n) (x) percentage of people who believe in some form of transcendent reality. These “primitives” (sez Hillary) or “bitter clingers” (sez Obama) function as carriers for atheists.

        [Let’s bracket the agnostics since they have no dog – or god or non-god – in this fight Zero allegiance to the outcome]

        Taking it a step further, if the whole culture were atheist [minus the bored agnostics] then as surely as night follows day- or vice versa – some of the younger folk, being rebels by nature, would find themselves drawn to set up theistic propositions as a way of butting heads with their atheist old folks. They’d see themselves as sailing into new waters, sure of their mission and superior beliefs.

        [For a lived example, see China’s Christians and China’s attempts to subvert them by creating a state church. But those crazy kids will go to the state church and still maintain their secret services…they don’t scare the state as much as Fulan Gong disciples do. Those poor souls are the ones hauled off for one of China’s growing industries – the harvesting of vital organs for the thousands of sick tourists who travel to China to get their new heart, lung, liver, etc. One hopes that the donors are anesthetized since they do have to be still extant in order for their “donations” to ‘take’ in a new body.]

        It seems to be a truism for Christianity that the more it is persecuted, the more it grows. Should it become the state religion,(cf Russia), people begin to seek once more for an authentic belief system. Voila! Atheism. Sadly, the latter’s pyrrhic victory at the bureaucratic level will find various rebel devils with their hooves on the oxygen tube and their hands entangled in rosary beads.

        We humans are an ornery bunch.

  9. Christianity fails to overcome “the burden of prof” in exactly the same way as Islam. Extraordinary claims rrquire extraordinary evidence, and you don’t have it.

    • Your contention is debatable, and hsd been debated by far better minds than ours.

      Regarding extraordinsry evidence, the anti-God side is in the same boat as the pro side.

      • Voltaire said – and without irony – ‘If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.’

        • “the anti-God side is in the same boat as the pro side.”

          Exactly correct. No religious scholar has ever been able to prove the existence of god. The arguments are either self-contradictory or start out assuming the existence of god.

          Similarly, it is impossible to prove the negative of a general assertion like “there is a god”.

          So, both theism and atheism are matters of belief, which is an opinion held without conclusive evidence. Put it like this: if there were conclusive evidence of god, a religion would not be a matter of faith, and faith is a keystone of Western religions.

          You can have religious idiots and totalitarians, and secular idiots and totalitarians. To my mind, what is important is the cultural milieu. Religion formed an important part of the social fabric in the Middle Ages: when the Catholic Church became too corrupt, hidebound and rigid, different forms of Protestantism provided a saving flexibility for Europe. Religion can provide an important social binder in the US, though not everyone will participate, thank goodness.

          • It was the “corrupt” part of your equation that did in the Church, over and over. Lots of institutions are rigid and hidebound and many people are fine with that. Corruption is a culture-killer, though.

    • You can view Christianity in different ways. What you seem to force on all Christians is that religion must be only viewed as a Scientific construct and not as a Theological construct. I object to that as well. What exactly would you call the “Big Bang” at the creation of the universe? What would you call the Cambrian period that showed an explosion of life without existing fossilized precursors to those life forms in earlier periods (remember evolution demands that organisms evolve from pre-existing species)? How exactly do you explain something as complex as human vision being the result of random mutations when most mutations do not improve any organism and are usually fatal? If anything science fails the burden of proof. Religion has no burden of proof when viewed as a Theological construct. In it’s simplest form, it exists as a way to align yourself with something better than yourself. I have no proof of God. I have no proof of Theology. This is the definition of faith. If I am wrong, then I am wrong, but at least I have not spent my life engaged in useless nihilistic narcissism. I now exist to serve something larger than myself. I now have meaning and purpose. Hope this makes sense to you. Merry Christmas everyone!

      • It’s true there is no proven model of inter-species evolution, though there is copious evidence of intra-species evolution. What this means is that indeed, science has not shown a quantifiable process to produce evolution…yet. So, in a sense, a belief that evolution is responsible for life as it is today is kind of a belief rather than knowledge. I should mention there are tons of fossils showing intermediate stages of species development through geological history. The biblical, 6-day version of creation has pretty much been refuted conclusively.

        Science does not have all the answers yet. That’s the beauty of science: it always has more to learn. There’s a theory of “punctuated equilibrium”, stating that once an adaptive variant of a species appears, it will quickly predominate, without leaving a record of gradual change. This is an unproven theory, but intriguing.

        Believe what you will, but be aware that doctors who don’t believe in intra-species evolution are a health risk, while it doesn’t matter if they believe in creation or not.

  10. “America under Obama had effectively become an ally of fundamentalist Islam. Neither Obama nor his backers of course see it that way.”

    The first sentence is true, the second is an over-generous assumption which no-one should believe for a moment. Obama and his accomplices knew exactly what they were doing and where it would lead. They have armies of experts to advise them on every policy nuance and every contingency so do not give them the benefit of any doubt.

    • I agree it’s fruitless and risky to speculate on intentions and motives. Their actions, however, are perfectly consistent and predictable, so their internal motivations are not that important.

    • The Mainstream Media has done everything in its power to suggest it is a hoax. However, the simple fact is, many of Podesta’s emails are coded messages, and Podesta has made no attempt to explain what they mean. When we see an innocent and straightforward explanation for these messages that is believeable then we can declare “Pizzagate” a hoax.

      • Exactly!
        The FBI released a document listing many of the expressions, and defining them, used online by pedo groups. Many of the same phrases are used by Podesta and his cronies. James Alefantis, another figure in this sordid tale, has posted many things to his instagram and twitter that, at the very least, are in poor taste and revolting.

  11. All that comes to mind is an old song. “I’m just a fool, living in paradise.”

    Who knew? NOT ME. However, this is fairly stomach-turning and sick-making.

    I can hardly wait for “The One” to leave the White House!

  12. Trump doesn’t hide his sins and indeed they are the sins of privilege, a position for which he rightly refuses to apologize.


    With all due respect, as one who voted for Trump, I cannot agree with any effort to discount his sins. I do realize you did not try to exculpate the POTUS-elect.

    Trump is a sleazy businessman who stiffs his sub-contractors and uses the ponderous machinery of the law to browbeat them into accepting his demands. He is a bully who successfully got an analyst at Montgomery Securities fired for commenting unfavorably on one of his ill-fated business ventures in Atlantic City. He speaks in the crudest terms about women.

    Being born into privilege grants a man no license for this kind of behavior (and you didn’t say it did). I find Donald Trump to be an unsavory character. He may be the man of the hour, he may even serve the republic well and achieve a historic presidency, but I for one have a rather dim view of his character and I do not trust him.

    • For every denunciation of Trump I could read a thousand praises. No one is immune from making mistakes throughout their lives, but it is those who would rather choose to cast the first stone than admit to their own who are the real sinners.

    • I recall Trump saying that he once chose not to pay a contractor because he/it had not done the job correctly. That’s legally permissible. Apologies if I’ve misremembered.

      Had a subcontractor been stiffed on a Trump project it would have been the general contractor’s decision not Trump’s.

      That said, the details about such allegedly sleezy behavior of Trump’s are generally provided sparingly where I’ve seen it mentioned. You yourself missed an important fact.

      I’ve run across several anecdotes related by individual people who encountered Trump along the way. They indicate that he was generous, kind, and approachable. Compare and contrast with the well-documented unladylike speech of La Hillerita from Little Rock days. Whoa, Nelly!

      Trump’s wife and family are strong evidence of his decency and character.

      As for Trump’s earthy language about women, it helps if we remember that no one is as bad as the worst thing he’s done or as good as the best thing he’s done. Dymphna simply wouldn’t let me say here what I routinely say in private about Obongo. I assure you it isn’t “varlet,” “wastrel,” “poltroon,” and “twink.” But the vaporous, silk hanky girls think Trump is horrid for one unguarded comment. ‘Twas ‘orrid it was, Gov. A solid 50 on the Facebook Eekometer.

    • Yeah. I’m pretty much on your wavelength. I would not do business with Trump unless I had a high-powered lawyer at my disposal. And yet, I do want as President a hard-nosed doer who is not concerned with hurting feelings or ramrodding issues. I think Trump may have risen to his level of competence.

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