The Gutmenschen Are Ready to Buy the World a Coke, Yet Again

The following article is simultaneously ludicrous and disturbing. How did these people become so deeply loopy? Is there any cure?

JLH translated this piece about a Turkish-organized memorial sing-along in Berlin. He includes this note:

I would like to dedicate this article to one of our commenters, RonaldB, who said:

“The problem is, the behavior of politicians and leaders is simply so bizarre as to preclude and overtake any possible exaggeration. In other words, it is impossible to even imagine a more bizarre set of actions. So, humorists are left high and dry as mere reporters, rather than funny men.”

The translated article from (appropriately) Die Welt:

Refugees and Berliners Sing “We Are the World”

The choir of the memorial church Everybody Can Sing and the Berlin Welcoming Choir memorialized the victims of the attack. Together they sang “Shine a Light,” “We are the World” and “Stille Nacht.”

The cooperative memorial at the memorial church after the attack that claimed two victims provided a sign of human sympathy. 200 people participated in the small concert.

Refugees and Berliners gave the concert together on Wednesday near Breitscheidplatz.

The choir of the memorial church Everybody Can Sing and the Berlin Welcoming Choir, where refugees sing together with Berliners, wished to remember the victims in this manner and provide a sign of human sympathy. The two choirs and other volunteers sang together “Shine a Light,” “We are the World” and Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht.”

The concert was organized by the network Avaz[1], which has begun similar solidarity actions after other attacks. Altogether, more than 200 people took part in the concert, according to the organizer.

On Monday evening, twelve people died in a truck attack on a Berlin Christmas Market. The extremist militia Islamic State claimed responsibility for the act. According to Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU), a suspect is being hunted nationwide.

The Berlin police say they have more than 500 tips. A suspect originally arrested was released after no evidence against him was found.

You can’t make this [expletive] up.

People who like to make meme pics (Nash Montana, take note!) may find larger versions of the photo at the original article quite useful.

However, as JLH observed, this stuff is hard to satirize — how can you make up something more ludicrous than the reality?


1. Turkish radio station.

27 thoughts on “The Gutmenschen Are Ready to Buy the World a Coke, Yet Again

  1. A closer look at their song sheets shows that some of them have the notable Kennedy phrase “Ich bin ein Berliner” and others say “Berlin haelt zusammen”–a near equivalent of “Berlin Strong” Maybe they should have sung “It’s a Small World after all”

    • I shouldn’t have read this comment. That Disneyland experience has been creeping me out for 40 years.
      I’ll have to listen to some Tom Waits to get it out of my head.

  2. This is the problem when foreign pollution is allowed in. Without a strong cultural feeling, societies evidently fall apart.

  3. There is only one cure for stupidity and that is reality when it hits the stupid between the eyes like a 10 pound sledge hammer!

    • The only problem is, that lesson only comes after the Muslims won. I am OK with these people to die for their beliefs, but I find my life too valuable for a “I told you so”.

      • More and more are awakening to reality now, and that is a good thing. Those in that photo singing kambaya will never awaken, so that mentioned sledgehammer will never be used on them because if the Muslims win, then those in that photo will still be stupid.

    • No even then the Left learn nothing. There are liberals whose relatives died on 9-11 and they voted for Obama and Hillary. They are told that jihadism has nothing to do with jihadism, but is caused by anything else other than Islam. And they believe it even when a jihadist stabs them in the chest or blows their pastry shop up. The fountain of youth has more likelihood of existing than a cure for liberalism.

  4. Since Gutmenschen are seldom open to reason, I’ve begun to use a radically different method to shake them out of their madness. Now, each time a terrorist attack takes place and people start spouting platitudes again, I deliberately act indifferently to the tragedy and say: “These people weren’t killed without good reason: they were sacrificed to Moloch. He demands human sacrifice and promises his servants eternal life in exchange for blood. Have you never heard of Moloch? Well, he goes by many names. What name did the terrorists praise during the execution of their sacrifice? What was it now?”

    It leaves people shocked, offended, disgusted. In reaction to my apparent lack of sympathy towards the victims and the unexpected reference to a bloodthirsty demon demanding human sacrifice, they spontaneously start reasoning that no such demon exists, that I am mad and so on. (Their power of reason is reactivated somewhat in response to my irrational claims.) To which I respond: “Then why were these people killed?”

    An incoherent discussion often follows. Eventually, I ask them: “So, you refuse to believe in Moloch?” (They respond affirmatively.) So, I say: “Well, that’s your loss then, since Moloch told his prophet (peace be upon him) and his followers: ‘I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them’ You can read his words for yourself in the holy book of Moloch: the Koran, chapter 8 verse 12.”

    They’ll never look at terrorist attacks (or Muslim “Molechist” apologists) in the same way again.

    • You are most certainly correct, the horse faced earnest expression, lank hair, dumb PC written all over her.
      Singing, lighting candles, laying of wreaths is not going to halt
      This barrage of assaults on western values.

      The third world despises us, we beat ourselves up over our
      Colonial past, forgetting that we caterpaulted them out of the stone age in less than a century! Unfortunately they have brought their stone age values with them but want all the goodies that the 21st century can provide.

      Of course they do not want to earn said goodies, they are just going to take yours, free money, free accommodation, free rides, and worst of all in their sick little minds, free access to rape and pillage because their religion permits it!

      Until we are rid of the likes of Merkel, Tusk, Juncker, Sutherland, SOROS and the like we are doomed!

  5. Refusing to admit the possibility of evil, except intolerance of barbarians, they smile and laugh at their on-coming extermination.

  6. Germany is destroyed!

    Whats going on there now is very frightening,
    All media is in control of merkel and her new nazis,
    They must be overthrown asap! A genocide against all white indidgenous european
    Natives is taking place before our very eyes!
    The Eussr Coudenhove-kalergi plan is in full motion,

    I pray that some brave souls will commit a final act! And stop merkel and her cronies,
    Its like watching a horror movie, except is really happening!

    Europe is being led to its demise by a old communist woman, who in few will be dead anyway of old age.

    This evil woman will leave behind war, death, destruction for the brave ones of us to fight and clean up the mess she has wrought upon us.

    Germany is in grip of the very same stasi people, that the believed in october 1989, they had gotten rid of!

    Now there back!

    Come germany, its time to fught back against the phony political gang whos in the progress of ending the very likes of you all!

    • I always wondered how people with their reasoning intact felt in 1938 Germany watching the Nazis burning books. Now I know!

    • “I pray that some brave souls will commit a final act! And stop Merkel and her cronies, …”

      If it only were that easy! Look here; this was Wednesday evening:
      Identitäre blockieren CDU-Zentrale in Berlin.

      Blocking the entrance of Merkel’s party’s headquarters. For now the government has loyal police etc. and nothing would be more welcome to them than really violent resistance. This would be a great opportunity for the government to smash the opposition.

      A short time before that blockade was kind of silent vigil (“Mahnwache”) just opposite of the Kanzleramt, Merkel’s office:

      Parson Thomas Wawerka was recently deprived of his parish because he had criticsed on the Web Gutmenschen-ideology, under is clear name. Here he speaks on the vigil, following only his conscience. He delivers kind of sermon; starting from 2 Timothy 1:7: “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

      An excellent choice! Sound mind, that’s what we need most. The enemy has all the power; lets provoke them to misuse their power — thus feeding resistance. That’s what Ghandi did and what was suggested by H.D. Thoureau in his “On the duty of Civil Disobedience”. The day may come when gray-headed men dye their hair, take out their hunting rifles, and volunteer for snipers.

      At 5:18 Wawerka says: “But strongest feeling is powerlessness (Ohnmacht). You would like to do something against all that madness, but you don’t know what to do.”

      The noisy crowd in the background is Antifa.

    • there has to be something more than just an old insane communist woman. this insanity has gripped the entire western world.

  7. Muslims are laughing their bottoms off. Let’s hope the current legal system and democratic does not go completely bust.

  8. “Hotsy Totsy! We always used to sing Tsenah Tsenah and dance the Hora at Auschwitz. Sometimes the Tower Guards would join in to express solidarity. Das es gut. Yah.
    — Elie Wiesel (Sarc)

    How did the Teutonic Knights become such [penis-crania]!

  9. I suspect that when the butchers bill comes due those old national socialists will come back en vogue. The world’s not seen the end of German insanity quite yet.

  10. Gutmenschen* are people who for their own illusions walk over dead corpses without hesitation.
    No sacrifice forced on others is to big for themselves.

    Gutmenschen sind Menschen die für ihre Träume über Leichen gehen.
    Denen kein Opfer anderer groß genug ist.

    *self declared reputables or self declared moral elite

  11. I don’t blame the Jihadists for doing what they do, they really don’t know any better.

    My disdain lies squarely at the feet of these deluded liberal fools. It really must be a mental illness […].

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