The Götterdämmerung Reporters

The amount of material coming in from Germany right now is staggering. It seems the Germans are charging blindly at top speed into the final stages of their destruction as a people and a culture.

What lies ahead for Germany — and the rest of the Nordic world — isn’t any sort of Ragnarøk. There will be no valiant warriors waging a courageous final battle against the forces of evil and darkness.

No, the Germanic peoples are preparing to destroy themselves. Their end will arrive not with a bang, but with a whimper — a feeble, metrosexual, multicultural whimper, the last sound to be heard in the land before the ululation of the muezzin reigns supreme in Central and Northern Europe.

I’ll take a quick breather here between editions of The Apocalyptic News From Germany to acknowledge the members of our translation team. These are the folks who are doing such an amazing job of keeping the English-speaking world informed of events in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland:

The unfolding crisis in Germany is the most important news of our time. Gates of Vienna is fortunate to be able to witness and report on it, thanks to the help of our translators.

At the moment I have on hand (I think) twelve translated pieces from Germany or Austria, plus one about Sweden translated from the German. Time for me to buckle down to posting some of those…

15 thoughts on “The Götterdämmerung Reporters

  1. I much appreciate Gates of Vienna and its translator friends for keeping us in the English speaking world up to speed with what’s befalling Europe.

  2. Thank you to all honest people that bring light to an dishonest information world .
    Last year I was desperate when I found what happens in Europe.I could not believe what germans did.I still cannot believe it.
    Many thanks again to all of you.
    There is still hope when we find people of similar minds.

  3. Thank you Baron! I love doing this. I feel that in a small way, I can make a difference with some of the translations because we wouldn’t hear about the stories if it wasn’t for us to pick these articles and translate them and have them published by GoV and Vlad, and then be picked up even by even more famous sites on the web.

    And since you leave it up to us to judge what we deem important and timely, it makes it all the more fun because that way I never feel “obligated”.

    One of my first stories that I translated for you was about Nickelsdorf and it was such an eye opener to Americans in the mainstream, nobody had really heard much about the flood and its effect on small villages and towns in Germany before. The mainstream media omits these facts, but Nickelsdorf really hit home with Americans so much so that even mainstream media reported about it.

    So I’m really proud to be part of this great group of friends and translators and great readers and commenters. It makes me feel like I am making a difference.

  4. Those countries no longer have anything us Yanks need; they’re free to practice self-immolation.

  5. I’ve only recently come across GoV. It’s bookmarked now and I check in a few times each day. Great job everyone, your efforts are much appreciated!

  6. I too am grateful for the translators. Without them we wouldn’t know anything.

    It’s not much of a thanks but here’s another candidate video for trimming down and translation:

    Reportedly this shows an athiest being kicked off of a show and threatened with the death penalty on Egyptian TV. Maybe MEMRI will get to it first though.

  7. Don’t think for a moment that the Islamization of Germany means the end of Germany or danger from Germany. Please note the concept of “hybrid vigor,” one example being the subjugated Berbers of Morocco, imbued with convert zeal, who invaded and conquered Spain in less than a century. It was not scrawny Saudi desert Arabs who conquered Spain, this was accomplished by Islamized Berber warriors. I fear what will come out of Germany, with half-German “super Muslims” on the march.

    Matt Bracken: The Hybrid Vigor of the Coming European Islamic State

    • Excellent point. And some of these same Berbers have been all the way to the UN to try to preserve their rights to their own language and culture in places like Algeria, where they were overrun by the Arab Muslim onslaught, and are now submerged in the usual discriminatory, Muslim/Arab system.

  8. I also want to take a moment to thank the tireless translators, without whom we wouldn’t know very much. A huge debt of gratitude.

    Baron: sounds like you’ve just had a “Germany is done, stick a fork in it.” moment yourself. It happens to the best of us :-).

    • The evidence is overwhelming. It seems almost certain that Germany has passed the point of no return.

      On the other hand, I’m not German, and I don’t really understand the German psyche. They may suddenly flip, and reverse course. So may the Swedes. But I don’t see any sign of it so far.

  9. Awash as we seem to be with references to Wagner and Nordic/Germanic legend, it’s interesting to note that the most moral and active character in the “Ring” cycle is Brunnhilde (the “hero” Siegfried is too dim by half). Maybe Germany could use some more Valkyries?

    (For those who know the works, Merkel seems more like Gutrune, alas).

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