The Civil Organizations of Soros Infect Like a Trojan Virus

The following article about the machinations of Soros-backed NGOs originally appeared in the Hungarian daily Magyar Idők. Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation:

The Civil Organizations of Soros Infect Like a Trojan Virus

Analysts were warned several years ago about the Open Government Cooperation

At the time, several US analysts sharply criticized the Open Government Cooperation, which Hungary left a few days ago — and then the news MSM fired a salvo at our government. As one of the overseas authors at the time warned: the International Convention has a George Soros ‘virus’ embedded, and it was a concern, that “civilian organizations” will exercise their right to arbitrage under the influence of the speculator.

Back in 2012, at the time of its foundation, many North American analysts were greatly concerned and harshly criticized the Open Government Cooperation. For example, Alexander Savchenko, the Foundation analyst, said the Open Government Cooperation (Open Government Partnership, OGP) aimed at government transparency is like a malicious virus that is hidden in the well-intentioned program for the OGP member countries who entered into the agreement.

Via non-governmental organizations connected to George Soros, the member states become vulnerable the speculator. The author maintains that the cooperation seemingly makes efforts to eliminate corruption, but in fact they unwittingly come under the influence of informal US-based organizations. According to the article, for example, it has partly emerged that these organizations were involved in the revolutions famously known as the “Arab Spring”, which ended in bloodshed, while the US extended its influence over the natural resources of the countries.

[We all know that when the author says US interests or US influence, in reality we are talking about the globalists: (Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Clintons… etc), who hijacked the US political and military machine decades ago. However for the ordinary citizen it explains why the US of A is not well-liked at the moment anywhere! — translator]

The analysis shows that the devil lies in the details of the statement: in that document, which laid down that the nations that joined the OGP remain largely autonomous and they can make decisions, but one additional paragraph of the document states that in order for someone to participate in the collaboration with the governments in four priority areas ( for example, the transparency of the tax system, information availability) must meet certain objective indicators. However, the process is judged by faux-”independent experts” who all haves strong ties to Soros, and they scored the countries, and called upon national governments on the basis of the results, also suggesting the implementation of necessary steps. The agreement, looking at any one of the four key areas of the Convention, is not objectionable; however, it is suspicious and of concern that the right of arbitration was vested in same set of “independent experts”.

The analyst for this portal [Magyar IdőkHungarian Times] also highlights: the founders of OGP appointed by Julie McCarthy to head one of the subdivisions of the organization. She first worked at the Open Society Foundation, also founded by George Soros [which famously ties in with the w2eu organization that gives instructions to migrants on how to lie to the authorities about their age and origin, and how to avoid fingerprinting, and of course to Black Lives Matter — translator], and has worked in and later became a director of another Soros-organization: the Revenue Watch Institute. In the OGP committee, according to the author, there are a number of non-governmental organizations also funded by George Soros (such as Freedom House, Amnesty International). The author believes that member countries of the Convention are at risk when they hand over authority for their country’s affairs to “independent experts” who are delegated by the speculator to the board of directors of OGP through these non-governmental organizations.

In 2012, Hungary became a member of the Open Governmental cooperation, and in recent days the government announced our exit from it. Concerning the decision, the Foreign Ministry argued that the organization is distorting the facts, and rather than discussing good governance practices it became largely a tool for lecturing and blackmailing individual countries. They added that the reports of non-governmental organizations always appeared that constantly criticize the Hungarian government, but the government’s response has been ignored. Upon the news of exiting the agreement the mainstream media fired another salvo of criticism towards the government, demanding its resolve about the fight against corruption, and calling for accountability.

János Lázár, Minister Leader of the Office of Prime Minister, at the most recent government news conference told us in answer to our question that when we entered into the agreement, our hope was that this would be an organization where members were treated fairly, and the Hungarian government could explain its own position on the issues. He emphasized that a report is correct only if describes the position of those whom report written about; however, they denied this opportunity to Hungary.

9 thoughts on “The Civil Organizations of Soros Infect Like a Trojan Virus

  1. How different the world would be if someone had slipped his father a Trojan…

  2. I always wondered why Soros paid so much attention to Hungary, why was he so bent on inflicting damage or manipulate its destiny. One theory would be taking revenge on the country as his birthplace, which at the time when he was born, were part of a Nazi coalition…
    But this blob of excrement walking around in his meat suit does not strike me as an overly sentimental type.
    Well here comes another theory: I believe he used the country as a social experiment practice against a much larger target: the United States.
    Hungary a much smaller country, with very different resources and location so how could we say this?
    Well it is a SOCIAL experiment and Hungary has a 10% gypsy population (USA has 13% of blacks).
    This I think made Hungary a unique test location to refine his race/religion baiting techniques which he now tries to employ in the USA.
    Let me explain:
    Before the Orban government took power in 2010, the very receptive Socialist/Liberal government ruled over, most likely serving Soros every single requests without questions.
    The gypsies are in a similar social status like the blacks since the Democrats established their “virtual plantations”. Their original social structure were removed, – the gypsies were tribal lead by a “Vajda” -, a leader who kept them in line and the occasional criminals were punished by them. Most gypsies had jobs and working (example the name “Lakatos”, Locksmith was a typical gypsy family name). The communist regime destroyed the “Vajda” system, they were not trusting them as they were not “politically committed. Crime rates are skyrocketed after. The later socialist governments kept a welfare system going for them, ensured segregation which caused the same result we have seen in black families (single mother, gang member sons and father in prison). Of course they were success stories too but just like in the US it was a minority who were able to integrate and get educated. The latest soc/lib government even went as far as established a law category as “crime of living”. This enabled the gypsies to steal/rob people and below a specific daily limit they were let go unpunished…
    They had no-go zones where even police did not go when called and old people in smaller villages got murdered all the time, which went on unsolved as soon as the police find out the perp “background”.
    As a reaction from the rest of the population was the establishment of the party Jobbik (which consistently called a Nazi party, which I do not believe it’s true. They had some really strange “members” (provocateurs?) who openly made antisemitic and fascists remarks (one of them turned out to be Jewish and since left to Israel), but the majority just wanted to do something against this state supported menace. They established the “Hungarian Guard” (Magyar Gárda), which showed up in those defenseless villages and tried to show strength. (I guess this was a questionable practice, but people were desperate when the police being ordered by the elite, not to do anything).
    Once the Jobbik and the Guard were established, the second line of Soros units were deployed: media! This was the moment when Hungary and later even Orban’s government were called fascist dictatorship etc etc… You know the rest!
    Even though Orban’s government established public work, instead of welfare, child support only got paid when the kids actually went to school etc. (There is also a problem of low IQ with the gypsies as a result of centuries of inbreeding, but that is another story).

    • They did this also in Romania. But, with small different methods. During communism, gypsies had no special privilege. Need food? Go to work. No work? Go to prison. Communist party has work for you. After 1990 Soros start also in Romania this experiment using gypsies . And it was almost like in Hungary. Difference is that Romania is bigger and gypsies are a tiny minority compared to the rest of population. Even in this conditions, gypsies start doing the same like in Hungary. But, in Mountain area, where there is no police in villages, people usually don’t call the police for small things. And this is how at a moment, in Romania many gypsies got burned alive in their homes. After that, Romania was described as a racist country, and by unknown methods, gypsies got free traveling right to West Europe. More than half of gypsies from Romania run in the west, generating all the problems. With money from stealing and rubbing, some of them built big houses in Romania, without the legal approval. Now they scream again racism, because authority start demolition of those houses. They are still pack in gangs today, but it is difficult for them because nationalist groups, usually fighters in MMA, lokal combat and army soldiers, are the core. And this is how, again, gypsies prefer to under bridges and other dirty places in Italy, Germany, France,Belgium, UK. But, I must repeat, Hungary has a bigger gypsy community, and this is why also the problems are bigger. I do remember when a Romanian handball player from Vesprem was killed in Hungary by gypsies in a disco. There were groups of Romanian ‘turists’ travelling to Hungary in search for the gypsies who killed the guy. Also in Romania there were many gypsies from criminal gangs hunted, burned alive or thrown in front of high speed trains.

      • There must be longer term punishment for those who demonstrate a commitment to living in total opposition to the majority.

        Readmission to event society must involve more than completing a period of incarceration, which demonstrates only endurance and cunning, not contrition.

        Punishments can be as lenient at first as the most addled liberals will desire but, as criminals show by their unequivocal conduct that they are recalcitrant and wish to live apart from society, far more draconian punishment is in order.

        Multiple illegal border crossers in the US demonstrate the obtuseness of politicians in refusing to escalate in the face of criminal contumacy.

        The idea of event society must be brought back with a vengeance.

    • Oh, almost forgot… gypsies got their polical platform financed by Soros, using NGO’s. 2 years ago, all top leaders of the gypsies party got arrested for financial fraud and complicity in fraud in other EU countries.

    • I generally agree with your thinking in this comment.

      And here is a hint if you choose to take it.

      What you need to realize is that Soros arose to his current position of power through the leverage granted to him by those who are much more powerful and influential then Soros could ever hope to be.

      Soros is a puppet master of those he gets to control, but he in turn is also a puppet to those who have given him that control.

      In one’s endeavour to understand the forces that have been controlling this planet for hundreds of years or longer, one needs to go beyond the Soros’ and the institutions that are the Janus face of the real controllers who will always choose to remain in the shadows.

      • I am aware of this. I know Soros is a puppet. But, if you get the puppet, you can ask the puppet who is the one pulling the strings. Anyway, there is no chance in the near future to see the puppet taken in to the hands of those having many questions.

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