Sore Losers Have No Shame

Bill Whittle left the following remarks under his new video, released today:

**The reference to “Leon Ponetta” near the end of this video refers to JON PODESTA. The person responsible for sacking the former quality control position has been sacked. Updating ASAP and I regret the error.

Heh. As Vlad Tepes can attest, them “quality control” folks are always missing something or other. Videographers, more than most of us, are plagued by Murphy’s Law regarding typos and mis-speaks.

Mr. Whittle also adds:

Benghazi. Emails. Even leaving her supporters out in the cold on election night while she smashed things and hit people… Just when you think she cannot sink any lower, she finds a way.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

That’s the royal “She”…

These machinations by Clinton (three guesses as to where Jill Stein may be getting sudden millions to keep up her spoiler push against the election results) are a shameless disgrace. They are also right out of the Democrat playbook, as Mr. Whittle notes regarding the “contested” George W. Bush presidency in his first term, the one that was decided by the Supreme Court. Poor Al Gore had been raised from childhood by his very political father to some day run for president. And George W. Bush spoiled that father-fueled fantasy, leaving Al-Gore with nothing but great wealth and a fervent hope for an ecopalypse.

Hillary’s loss has the same driven quality of hamartia. For more than thirty years, she pushed Bill, ultimately using his personable chicanery as the wedge into the presidency. She frantically covered up his endless Bimbo eruptions and pretended to a conjugal bliss that never existed beyond the platform lights. It would take The Charmer’s victory to get her turn in the Oval Office. Bill’s wins would mean she could eventually have the turn she deserved

But the Fickle Finger of Politics made a hugely obscene gesture in Hillary’s general direction, inserting that odious upstart, Barry (The Empty) Obama into line ahead of her. He stole her turn leaving Miz Hillary with the consolation prize of Secretary of State, a position from which she could enrich herself and where she could plot her next presidential campaign.

Oh my. That Fickle Finger would appear to have it in for Hillary…imagine putting that toad, Donald Trump, firmly athwart her path to righteous victory. As the curtain descended on her final loss, we had Hillary the Harridan screaming and scheming to somehow get what is coming to her. In her addled rage, Trump and his victory are far worse a stain on her life than anything Bill left on Monica’s blue dress.

Thus, as Bill Whittle explains, we can expect more kabuki theatre from the Democrats. Except for the (perhaps equally) dismal leading characters this one will not differ much from the performance we saw when the Bush 41 presidency was contested by al-Gore’s team, frantically counting chads in Florida. 9/11 stopped those dramatics; perhaps they could imagine only too well how Gore would have played that horror.

Barring any similar national tragedy, the Dems will spend four years decrying Trump’s “illegitimate” presidency. Democrats have distilled the essence of Sore Loser; it is wrung from their tear-sopped hankies and sprinkled repeatedly wherever they gather to bemoan this essential unfairness. In a warmed-up room full of Dems, it hisses and steams.

So we have the Dems busy-busy, pushing the useless fact that Hillary won the popular vote, just as they did with Al. They aren’t mentioning a more interesting fact (since it indicates a general direction among voters toward populism): the Republicans captured the majority of the “popular vote” in the House. Neither factoid means anything. The GOP candidates for Congress amassed three million more votes nation-wide than the Democrats managed to do. Were they riding Trump’s coat tails? Probably.

The popular vote in presidential elections is a thing, but it’s not, and never has been, a meaningful thing. What counts in presidential voting is the number of electoral votes in each state. This method was set up deliberately to avoid they tyranny of the majority. If a federation of states is to last, this system, which gives smaller states equal voice, must remain in place.

Democrats will bellow to overturn or short-circuit the Electoral College yet again because it’s not in their favor. But the very first time the situation is reversed — that is, a Democrat with the electoral majority who loses the popular vote — they will be at the forefront of preserving this arrangement they are disparaging right now. Their grievous ignorance of history and of context would be funny were it not so damaging. Your grandchildren don’t know the dates of the Civil War but they’ll treat you to fabulated reams of stories about Harriet Tubman.

That’s the thing about the Democrat Party: for them, as for any other neo-Marxist group, in governance there are no absolutes, no constancy in the rules. There are only bendable guidelines to be used in order to make a situation more favorable to their current cause. To demonstrate how this works, here’s a real-life clarification: think of some law or other you consider an absolute; choose any one you want. To Democrats, that absolute you have in mind is much like a red traffic light would be to a born-and-bred Massachusetts driver. That is, in Boston rush hour, a red light isn’t really an agreed-upon law that requires a driver to stop. In practice, it’s a kinda-sorta-maybe advisory tip; something you can take into consideration…or not, depending on the exigencies of your particular situation.

Watch the next few weeks as the screaming and flailing and machinations, including propping up Jill Stein as the fake ‘reason’ for a recount (one she had no standing to call for in the first place) continue. Pray for Trump’s good health as he faces the hostile elites who fear his brand may surface here, there, and everywhere in a world waiting for more leaders like him.

5 thoughts on “Sore Losers Have No Shame

  1. For the very smallest of states with only one representative and the corollary one elector, the guarantee of two electors for each senator actually weights the electoral college more favorably toward the smaller states on a per capita basis.

    The Democrats have been quietly passing laws in states they control to allocate their electoral college votes based on the national tally irrespective of how their state may vote. These laws are written to become operative when they have enough states committed to this formula to achieve the 270 electoral threshold. This is a sneaky work around to create majoritarian rule and nullify the electoral college and the original intent of the Constitution of protecting minority communities, i.e. the smaller states. And for the Democrats, majoritarian rule is totalitarian rule.

  2. The Democrats since the Civil War years, have practiced deception and deceit, now you may add diabolic thuggery, and downright mean anti American behavior, mostly by a party possessing less learning, less experience in business, and a self-centered orientation, against America’s best interests, since then, rising to high spikes of activity, as with W. Wilson, and especially so with Lyndon Johnson’s great society crap to buy the American blacks to vote Democrat for 200 years, because he gave monthly payments to illegitimate babies, and their mothers, who must be WITHOUT HUSBANDS PRESENT, as the trinkets and beads to buy their loyalty on the cheap, and destroying a whole segment of a race, by removing family units and strengths, classically known to provide healthier lifestyles, talk about racism.

    Most blacks haven’t yet discovered the deceit pulled on them by the Democrats. Frederick Douglas was not a Republican by accident, he became a self-educated former slave, of considerable value and is often quoted for his intelligence. Sadly, Johnson was too successful at helping to keep ‘em on the Democrat plantations. But more are beginning to come out of the ether, and see the reality of deception, and crookedness, and deception. Now, we will see a great deal of pure thuggery, as the Democrats practice what we saw on wikileaks, and worse, not caring a jot for America.

    Only for themselves do Democrats care. See a wiser and intelligent man speak on this current subject, in an unedited video just out this afternoon, I think, by Allen West. Here: the video starts at 11 mins. into the time stream, and covers the guerilla war of deception that has begun, now with Stein and hrc, electoral vote ambushing, and sabotage, and potential or likelihood for lying, cheating, on recounts. Remember, criminal acts are not criminal if you don’t get caught, is their motto, and has been their motto for I don’t know how long, but I suspect it started with the Civil war, (and their KKK), and is their motto for their Godless party of ego. Every Hollywood type, every MSM type, and every other individual will do every possible act and word or behavior to make life as miserable under Trump and Republicans as much as they can bring forth their hate, bile, bigotry, and racism, from their guts, forever. Remember, both Schumer, and Soros’s special ‘sabotage the Republicans’ meeting promised what I described above, and Lt. Col. Allen West discussed and reviewed in his presentation, today, much of what I discussed above.

    In all my life, I had never seen an election held hostage, by such a worthless mean spirited group of people as today’s Democrat progressive, leftist socialists. They have completely gone over to agitprops, as with your earlier post, because they have no honor, nor understand honor, and integrity. We have a full internal war, funded by soros and associates and the miseducated racist hater rank and file Democrats bigots.

  3. I’m afraid this won’t turn out the way it’s being portrayed in the media. When is the last time they mislead us? Oh, that was only the last decade or more. I suspect there’s a big, ugly surprise in store for us before Jan 21 2017 led by none other than Barry Sotero.

    • So far Soros’ big ugly surprises have not had much ROI…remember when he was sure money could buy the vote in both Bush elections?? He thought he could buy the presidency for Hillary, too.

      As for Barry, he’s sticking around because his handlers want him there. He was supposed to be on hand for Hillary’s administration, to keep her on her feet and looking passably sane. Won’t be needed now…and lots of former fans have soured on him.

      Bush had his flaws, but he was no al-Gore or John Kerry.

      Of course, the Bush dynasty thought this election was to be their turn again. Sorry, boys…your ideas are past their sell-by date.

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