RTL West Commentary: “The Mood is Changing Massively”

The “university rapist” from Bochum is a “refugee” from Iraq. The “cemetery rapist” from Ibbenbüren comes from Eritrea. Below is a brief commentary from Jörg Zajonc, the head of RTL West, on the recent wave of rapes committed by migrants in Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:03   Oh, no! Not again! The rapist from Bochum
0:06   is a refugee! That’s what the police say, and so is the cemetery rapist
0:09   Of course it is not a deciding factor what country someone comes from.
0:12   The fact is, rapists can exist anywhere.
0:15   But it is also a fact that there are cultures
0:18   in which women are second-class citizens.
0:21   However, facts alone have long since lost meaning.
0:24   Truth and perception are two different things.
0:27   The mood is changing massively, and politicians?
0:30   They talk a lot, but do very little. Too little.
0:33   A limit on refugees, faster deportation, strict consequences
0:36   and punishments, no right to asylum for criminals.
0:39   These are demands that are indignantly vilified as being populist, or as right-wing.
0:42   But these are very understandable desires from very normal people.
0:45   What we need now is a little more realistic politics,
0:48   more police on the streets, judges who judge with accountability,
0:51   and politicians who make this all possible.
0:54   And… all of it really, really fast.
0:57   Being afraid is a feeling, but internal security is a fact.
0:60   We again need more facts, and fewer feelings.

19 thoughts on “RTL West Commentary: “The Mood is Changing Massively”

  1. I think the Culture-Enrichers open season it’s arround the corner. The rape and murder of Maria L and the rapist from Bochum and Ibbenbüren are opening people’s eyes. I hope Germasn and Europeans start reacting to this new muslim invasion and fight back.

      • Yes and like in the book you are named after, the crimes will stop completely when they are swiftly and violently dealt with by the citizenry.

  2. If we’re going to have feelings, let them be first, foremost, and MOST importantly for own people.
    Otherwise, all supposed “feelings” for criminal migrants amount to blatant visceral hatred for one’s own people.
    As CIVILIZED people, we take care of our own *first.*
    And we make no excuses for it.
    All such political excuses for favoring the criminal migrant over one’s own people reveals the deep, black heart of our so-called leaders who sell their own people’s rights to protection from their government — which is the ONLY justification for government in the first place: to PROTECT YOUR PEOPLE.
    But, if you “leaders” wish to replace your people with a hostile enemy encampment — invited in by YOU — then we will replace YOU.
    By any means necessary.

    • The leader of all the bleeding heart, weak kneed, gender fixated, feminazis, no border lunatics, that have polluted public life in the western world for far to long is the odious George Soros!

      Can someone not just kidnap this evil old man and deliver him to Russia where there is an arrest warrant outstanding on him.

      With him behind bars the lefties would collapse and some sanity would be restored in Europe and the USA.

      I live in hope!

      • Soros has two sons actively engaged in their father’s work (if indeed he can be likened to a real father) and not to mention, all those who are ideologically attached to ol’ George himself and who would still do his bidding without being renumerated or compensated in any way.

        His useful idiots if you will.

        I imagine the numbers of those one needs to counter the work of Soros is quite extensive given the Soros reach throughout the world.

        Which makes your proposition not an easy task to accomplish.

      • Extradition to Russia and dying of old age in a prison cell there is not good enough for the evil he has inflicted upon the world. Ideally, seeing his sons sent off to Satan ahead of him would be a start in the right direction. What would hurt him more I suspect, would be seeing his foundation and his life’s work destroyed and scattered to the winds, and all his billions used to make restitution to those nations and individuals he hurt, as well as using his ill-gotten gains to promote nationalism, borders, the segregation of the third world from the first, and the defeat of islam and its practitioners wherever they are found. And only after that should he be turned loose in a shower room full of culture enrichers to send him off to the burning lake of fire long waiting his arrival.

        • I hear the Hungarians have a special treat in store for ol’ George – that is if they can ever get their hands on him.

          I have wondered from time to time the most effective remedy for people like Soros as the death penalty never seems to bother those like him.

          Maybe you have the answer – it would be very interesting to actually find out one day, wouldn’t it?

  3. I wonder how the historians of the future will frame the awful great correction that is to come?.

    I suppose it will depend on who will win.

    Oh what our ruling class have wrought….

    • One must remember that when the time you speak of and that may occur, that those who have brought this to us are really just the puppets. We must also go after their masters, otherwise, what we now have to counter will just keep on occurring throughout history, as it has always done.

      • I’ll remind you of one of Thomas Pynchon’s “Proverbs for Paranoids”, from Gravity’s Rainbow:

        “You may not touch the Master, but you may tickle his creatures.”

        • But, that has been the problem all along, hasn’t it? The Masters are kept apart from their puppets who take the brunt of the serfs reactions – whenever it is that the serfs decide to wake up – while the real organizers and enablers escape the people’s wrath to begin anew.

  4. This guy is a chicken as most germans ( unfortunately I have to say that);I need to FEEL that HATE and real indignation coming from germans right now.This guy is just .. tra .. tra ..tra .la la That is not he attitude coming form a conquered nation in which people are afraid do go and walk on the street anymore.WTF ???

    • I think you need to take on board that what we are now seeing is not an everyday occurrence throughout Germany and not all German males have become effeminate.

      As the German girl in a previous video emphasized – they are still isolated incidents.

      There are 80 million Germans and no one really knows just how many have actually swallowed the kool-aid that has attempted to coerce German thinking for decades.

      I’m just as frustrated as you are, but one should not expect to get instantaneous and widespread reactions from the majority of whole populations who are still quite comfortable in their day to day living.

        • Yes. While the Cologne event had its reflections in other cities, and from memory, Munich was another of them, nevertheless they were isolated incidents confined to a limited area within the cities they occurred in, and did not occur as a ‘blanket event’ throughout the country.

          That would have been far too obvious an action.

  5. One aspect of this is for two positions on this, the politician and the normal person, the “resolution” will either be the politicians or a negotiated one between the normal person and the politician but will not be the normal person’s. I can’t even be cynical about this. Whose interest is this serving?

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