Romanian President: Socialist Muslima Cannot be Prime Minister

After recent parliamentary elections in Romania, the Social Democrats (PSD) established a coalition with a smaller party, and were invited to form a government. The PSD proposed a Muslim woman for prime minister. In a surprise move, the president of Romania rejected her, and asked the PSD to propose a different candidate.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this brief German-language news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a brief article on the same topic from EBL News:

Romanian president rejects Muslim woman proposed as prime minister

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said Tuesday that he will not designate Sevil Shhaideh, proposed by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) for prime minister.

Saying he “carefully evaluated the proposal”, Iohannis said he rejects her and urged the PSD to nominate another person to head the next government.

Shhaideh, 52, a regional development minister with limited political exposure and experience, would have become the first female and the first Muslim prime minister of Romania.

“We were surprised by this,” the PSD deputy chief Paul Stanescu told the Mediafax news agency after Iohannis’ rebuttal of Shhaideh.

The PSD did not say yet how it plans to move forward, with Stanescu describing the situation as “the start of a crisis”.

The PSD won the December 11 elections and will form a coalition government with a small liberal partner.

Party leader Liviu Dragnea is legally barred from claiming the office because of a conviction related to election violations, but he openly said that he still intends to control the government.

Video transcript:

0:01   In Romania President Klaus Iohannis rejected
0:04   the woman who was nominated by the Social Democrats
0:07   for the office of prime minister.
0:12   In a brief statement from the presidential palace
0:15   Iohannis said,
0:22   “I have weighed out the pros and cons, and I have decided
0:25   not to accept the suggestion.
0:30   Therefore I demand from both coalition parties,
0:33   PSD and ALDE, to nominate a different person.
0:38   Thank you.”
0:41   The president did not name any reasons for his decision.

7 thoughts on “Romanian President: Socialist Muslima Cannot be Prime Minister

  1. Did the people who voted for PSD (how appropriate) know that this moslem would be nominated by the party before the election?

    • Less that 40% of people came out to vote, that’s how PSD managed to get 45% of the votes cast and make a proposal for prime minister together with another socialist party clone. PSD ran a campaign against foreigners and pro-Christian Orthodox. Not only the electorate was unpleasantly surprised by the muslim proposal, but most members of the party themselves (so, to answer your question, pretty much nobody knew who would be proposed for PM or who Sevil Shhaideh was). Dragnea is a felon who dreams of more power than being the head of PSD and, in order to achieve this power, he needs a puppet to scrape the law that prevents felons from becoming president or prime minister. Dragnea was witness at the muslim’s civil marriage (second marriage) to a Syrian man, Shhaideh, who sympathizes terrorist organisations, and all 3 of them have probably worked together to steal from public funds in recent years, which is why Dragnea can count on the muslim to act as a proxi. The President did not provide a reason for rejecting the muslim married to a foreign terrorist sympathizer, so the media was full of speculations. Some even suggested that the new USA President, Trump, might have been a factor in rejecting this woman. As for the people who voted PSD… it’s pretty much like blacks voting for the democrats in the US, it’s a group of very poor people without opportunities or too lazy, who depend on the scraps that the socialists throw them. Those people stay poor, everybody suffers and the socialists stay in power . So, many of them might have still voted for the most corrupt party in the country, although the vote turnout would have been higher to stop the muslim proposed as PM.

    • No…well…long story, short…Elections this year were like a very difficult task. Parties are almost all dirty, I mean the heads of the parties. But, in past few years, PSD was in opposition. This is why, the very few that put the vote in the box, based on what PSD is saying will do, voted for them. PNL (the liberal party) did all wrong, and the very few that voted, voted for PSD. In Romania (plus diaspora) there are about 25 millions people to vote…but only about 4 millions voted. Nobody want to vote junk. As my father said once, voting was like this: I put 5 poops on the table and I tell you to choose one for breakfast. Are you crazy to select one ? Or you wait until you have also a cookie on the table, so you can select something ?
      So, this is how things works today. People are waiting for a strong right party to come.
      So, because the boss of PSD can’t claim the prime minister job, but he want a person under his control in that position, so he can control the government, he came with a stupid, absolutely sure about getting a “no” from the president. According to law, the president can reject only 2 proposals for prime minister…So, they put in front an unknown woman, been sure the president will reject it. (I was afraid he will not…he is known as not so quick …lucky us, we have secret services). So, because the president was informed, he rejected. Now, they get a new unknown guy…and the chief of PSD wanted to make it clear that: “this person has absolutely no link with terrorism, not one foreign contaminant in his blood, a mathematician and clean”…So…the president don’t want to force his luck…he can be suspended if he is rejecting 2 times more…so…I think the new guy will be accepted, I am sure the new guy is just a puppet. The muslim woman is now under investigation and as I did heard, there is proposal to take back her husband citizenship and expel to Syria, eventually after few years in prison if found guilty of relations with dangerous organisations.

    • Romanians are waiting for a similar “Viktor Orban”, actually. The right wing is getting stronger. And, as last solution, if things are getting to stupid…then…out on the streets, fight with police and claim anticipated voting procedure. Romanians can accept many things, but they explode and destroy everything in extreme stupid situations.

  2. Purge leftism from every molecule of your body. Six+ decades of leftism have almost destroyed the US. It takes about four generations for clinical pathology to show up based on previous, even unknown, pathology. Well, here we are. Just look at the screaming leftists everywhere.

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