Romanian Convert Arrested for Supporting Terrorism by the Islamic State

A young man in Romania who converted to Islam has been arrested after supporting the terrorist activities of the Islamic State, and engaging in propaganda on its behalf.

Many thanks to our Romanian correspondent Stefan cel Mare for translating this article from the Romanian news channel Digi 24:

Young man accused of ISIS propaganda has been arrested

Judges in the city of Craiova accepted the request of prosecutors and released an arrest warrant for a young man, 18 years old, suspected of being a promoter of ISIS propaganda. Prosecutors say he has been under strict surveillance for the past year. Even though he had been investigated before and was informed about his being forbidden to access the internet and Islamist web sites, the young man continued to contact leaders of ISIS, searching for financial help to initiate a terrorist attack.

Prosecutors discovered also that the 18-year-old man has followed online courses organized by Daesh (ISIS) about using firearms and the production of improvised bombs.

Information from DIICOT [internal security intelligence]:

Beginning on September 9, 2015, while Boicea Luigi Constantin, was still a minor, we ordered a preventive surveillance action. during all this time the minor was informed of the fact that his access to internet is totally forbidden.

At that time prosecutors did know about his conversion to Islam and the fact that he was radicalized online, and as a result, he had taken on the jihad role promoted by ISIS. Starting in 2015 Boicea Luigi Constantin promoted radical Islamic doctrine in a systematic manner, using online media, social media, promotional messages, images, video representing activities/armed actions/violence and ISIS propaganda showing individual and collective beheadings, burning humans alive, executions, radical messages from leaders of ISIS, the promotion of Sharia, with clear intention to gain attention and new recruits.

In all this time he systematically broke the interdiction to use online capabilities, including after the date of September 24, 2016, when he reached his majority. He continued to promote ISIS messages, and continued the propaganda and instruction of new recruits, maintaining online contact with leaders of ISIS and trying to gain financial and logistic support for terrorist actions.

From 2015 he participated in online training organized by ISIS on different websites regarding necessary materials, assembly operations, safety measures during construction and transport of improvised explosive devices, firearms, ammunition, methods of perverting the rational thinking using visual assimilation, conscientious assimilation and personal devotion, psychological training of new recruits and future combatants for terrorist attacks and acts of terrorism.

On December 6, 2016 we ordered, according to art. 305 and art. 311 of the penal code, the expansion of the criminal research procedure regarding the use of methods and devices of mass destruction, ammunition, and explosives in order to perform terrorist attacks, contacts and accomplices, as required by law nr. 535/2004 concerning the fight against terrorism.

Technical support and information was managed by Romanian Information Service.

Capture and arrest was made by officers from the department charged with the fight against organized criminality and acts of terrorism.

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  1. In Romania, he is pretty much dead if he is jailed.This guys do not joke.They learned form the communists a good lesson.

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