Rebellious Asylum Seekers Get Their Way in Verbania

The following Italian TV report describes a tense situation at an asylum center in the province of Verbania. Some of the residents of the center were denied asylum, and started a riot in response. As a result of their rebellion, they can’t be deported.

When you reward bad behavior, you get more of it. Verbania can therefore expect more trouble from its culture-enrichers.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:07   Two foreigners entered. Then they had an altercation between themselves.
00:12   I said, “Call the Carabinieri.” Anyway, one hit me here (with his fist) in my face.
00:16   (Unintelligible)
00:20   And I saw that they were coming here. I took a baseball bat;
00:24   I confronted them. They (unintelligible) a blow here. They left.
00:28   Aggression, theft, resisting the forces of order. We are in D’Arizzano in the province of Verbania.
00:32   A few days ago in this reception center a revolt broke out
00:38   Six of the 55 guests were denied political asylum,
00:42   and were therefore supposed to leave the center
00:45   but remained, demanding their daily allowance.
00:48   This is the office where you are demanding pocket money? —Yes.
00:52   And you tried to enter and they tried to keep you out?
00:56   Thus the police intervened. Four persons were arrested. Seven agents wound up requiring first aid.
01:00   After a few days the situation has not changed.
01:03   Notwithstanding the ultimatum, some migrants are still here.
01:07   They say, you have to leave. Go away where?
01:12   This is the situation, where there have been confrontations. At this time
01:16   there is practically nobody to control it. The boys are alone.
01:19   Later a worker arrives. If a worker earns €5,
01:23   it’s not a problem to have someone here inside?
01:28   But here the asylum seekers are not new at making news.
01:32   Some are involved in theft and attempted rape.
01:35   He started to follow me and my daughter and bother me, because he wanted
01:39   to stop me. He wanted to grab us.
01:42   He wanted to grab me. I had my daughter by the hand.
01:45   Obviously, I was scared and told my daughter to start running
01:48   and escape. Fortunately, he was so drunk,
01:51   he didn’t have the reactions to chase us. “We welcome them — violence”
02:00   Good evening, welcome to Dalla Vostra Parte. Well, you have seen some of these centers after
02:06   they become a problem, a serious problem, because the people, even those who
02:10   should be expelled, cannot be expelled because they rebel.
02:14   They don’t accept being escorted out of Italy
02:18   or to the airport, but on the other hand, there are other problems,
02:23   like those you have just heard about. Some of these asylum seekers…

7 thoughts on “Rebellious Asylum Seekers Get Their Way in Verbania

  1. Good thing the Italian govt in their infinite wisdom is importing even more of these animals straight from the Libyan shore.

    If they resist, beat them until they comply, since civilized behavior is beyond them. I would have shot the one who brandished a bat, but tben I don’t have any illusions over the value of such “guests”.

  2. It’s total insanity. None of these African’s are fleeing a war zone. They are economic migrants not refugees. They have heard of the easy money and women in Europe and there is a stampede to get in. The lunatic Italian government ferries these people from Libya to Italy, after intercepting their overcrowded boats. Not the slightest thought of giving each a Refugee Application form and towing them back to Libya with the instruction “fill in the form, post it to our nearest Embassy and it will be considered”.
    It’s really a quite simple problem to solve.

    • Under international law, merely fleeing a war zone isn’t enough to make you a refugee. The refugee convention was intended for dissidents or members of persecuted minorities. It was never intended to give rise to mass migrations.

      • Give them the form to fill in at their last port. In fact true refugees would have to claim asylum in Libya. The refugee conventions are being abused and exploited by people trafficers and economic migrants themselves.

        • Arrogant, strutting, third world, semi literate savages! You can deport them Italy you just lack the political will.

          Sent the whole population of the centre involved back as a salutary lesson to others who wish to riot.

          What’s with the Guests wanting to claim their allowance or pocket money by the way?

          They would not dare attempt this behaviour back in their own countries so why tolerate it in Italy!

  3. “When you reward bad behavior, you get more of it.”

    The EU’s been rewarding bad behaviour for many years. Illegal immigrants have been allowed to come, stay and get rewarded. And therefore many more would like to also come, stay and get rewarded..

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