Ratko Mladić on Trial for War Crimes in The Hague

The civil war in Yugoslavia is now more than twenty years in the past, but the wheels of justice are still grinding up its “war criminals” in The Hague.

Ratko Mladić is a Bosnian Serb who is accused of masterminding the Srebrenica Massacre in 1995. After being on the run for fifteen years General Mladić was captured in Serbia in 2011. Since then he has languished in The Hague, and is now finally on trial. The proceedings are expected to last another year.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this report from the Swiss daily 24 heures:

“Ratko Mladić is not a monster”

December 9, 2016

International Justice. The defense for the former military leader believes that he did his duty in protecting his people and his country in a time of war.

The former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladić is “not a monster” but a soldier, his lawyers pleaded on Friday. They believe that he should be acquitted of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The 73-year-old former “butcher of the Balkans” is accused of “ethnically cleansing” part of Bosnia to create an ethnically pure Serb state. The conflict (1992-1995) killed more than 100,000 people and displaced 2.2 million people.

He is also accused of genocide for his role in the massacre of nearly 8,000 Muslim men and boys in July 1995 in Srebrenica. This was the worst in Europe since the Second World War.

“Ratko Mladić is not a monster; he was a soldier defending himself against the monster that was the Islamic war machine,” said his lawyer Branko Lukić at the beginning of a three-day plea before the International Criminal Tribunal for The former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague.

Life without parole requested

On Wednesday Prosecutor Alan Tieger demanded the life sentence against him. “The time has come for General Mladić to be held accountable for the crimes committed against each of his victims and the community he destroyed,” he said.

The prosecutor’s office accuses him of facts that occurred “even before he was in command” and tries to “confer on General Mladić superhuman proportions and capacities as if he were omniscient and omnipotent.” “Ratko Mladić is an accused, standing before you as an innocent man.”

It was “his duty to serve the army of his country to protect his people in a war prepared and waged against them, both locally and internationally,” he argued. For him, the former military leader is being prosecuted “because he is a Serb”. “This guilt is defined by ethnicity, rather than by acts.”

In his eyes, if one were to follow the reasoning of the accusation, every soldier in every war around the world should be found guilty. The prosecutor’s office wants to “ignore all the evidence that General Mladić was constantly seeking to put an end to hostilities,” Lukić said. “Ratko Mladić neither began nor extended the war.”

Lack of evidence

In the “self-defense war” he led which “did not seek to terrorize”, the former military leader asked for assistance from humanitarian aid agencies and ensured the protection of Muslim civilians, added the defense. The prosecution suffers from “a lack of real evidence,” said the lawyer Dragan Ivatić in turn. He believes the arguments are “weak and impertinent”.

The defense also reminded the court of what was “at stake”: “General Mladić’s ability to go home, spend time with his relatives and then die surrounded by his family, not in a concrete cage in prison.”

The judgment is expected by the end of November 2017.

36 thoughts on “Ratko Mladić on Trial for War Crimes in The Hague

  1. I was in high school when war was raging in the Balkans. The sense I got from the news at the time was that the evil Bosnian Serbs were raping and killing all the defenseless muslims. Even back then the media and those who owned the makers of opinion had decided to cast their lot in with the muslims.

    As distasteful as the slaughtering of muslim men and boys was, and however much it offended Western sensibilities, such action had practical, military objectives. Any muslim male capable of carrying weapons was a potential soldier, or would grow up to avenge the death of their fathers someday. It is harder to stomach the rape or murder of muslim women, but there really is other way around it (killing that is; rape is unjustifiable except as possibly encouraging other muslims to voluntarily flee) if you are trying to ensure that there will not be a next generation to rise up and seek revenge. Since the cult/religion is incapable of coexistence and reason, they need to be separated geographically or exterminated. I don’t think we have seen the last of such massacres, and by the time the muslim invasion of the West is resolved, a massacre of 8000 is going to seem not very newsworthy or significant.

    • I read it an article how the muslims were shelling their own schools and markets when “order for good pictures” came from the Clinton machine.
      Here is a Guardian article which is lying of course but in this case tell us Karadzic statement (depicting as lies of course) but when you read it, you can recognize typical muslim tactics: turning schools and hospitals to weapon depot or sniper nests (generally hiding behind civilian population, see more about this ISIS every day)

      • You can also check out Czech documentary “Stolen Kosovo”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1dtOAGD0pk

        That piece was made by Czech National Television, yet it never broadcasted. Good on them. Thanks to the internet many more people seen this “forbidden documentary” then they otherwise would.

        The major point – I believe – is that muslims really do outbreed local populations, and when that happens civil war comes in full force. Who cares that onse side wasnt even present 30 years ago, they are locals arn’t they – since they “live there”…

    • The truth about the war is that the Serbs were trying to create an ethnically pure state cleansed of all non-Serb elements, whether or not Muslim.

      The killing of Muslims on this scale is genocide because Mladic did not give them any genuine opportunity to abandon Islam. The right way to deal with Islam is to make their religion illegal, so that it would be a crime publicly to profess or propagate it, and in the severest cases – eg sedition – could attract the death penalty.

      • Possibly. The biggest problem I see with that solution is that it leaves them free to continue to breed like muslims, and when their numbers approach parity or surpass the non muslim population then they will resume hostilities. There really is no such thing as an apostate from islam; they might declare it publically that they are no longer muslim, but it is just driven underground. A given geographical area has to be either 100% muslim or 100% non muslim. There is no middle ground with a religious tyranny that seeks nothing lesss than the death or conversion of all unbelievers.

    • At the time I too was taken in by the corporatist media’s propaganda and accepted their narrative of the “evil Serbs.” Sad, but I have to admit it, even though I knew of the media’s dishonesty with other matters; I wasn’t yet fully schooled in the Gell-Man Amnesia affect.

      Considering the now-known foreign influence of the Muslim Brotherhood with the Clinton Crime Syndicate and that syndicate’s other alliances with the Saudi and Qatari tyrannies leaves little doubt that the anti-Serb, anti-Christian jihad by the U.S.-led NATO forces was done more for the interests of the aforementioned Islamic supremacists and the insatiable personal avarice of the Clintons than it was done for any “humanitarian” reasons. This same “humanitarian” canard was used to justify the intervention in Libya and deposition and murder of its head of state, as well as the intervention in Syria with the same aim.

      These political manipulators continually use our better natures, our humanitarianism, to propagandize the populace in the service of their evil agenda. For the Clintons and their Deep State and foreign allies it’s all about power, influence and/or self-aggrandizement and never truly about justice. This is why the Rwandan genocide was left to run its course — there was no profit in it.

      Further, the weakening of Serbia, the historical guardians of Europe from Ottoman aggression, paved the way for the current Islamic invasion of the continent. The Balkan intervention was certainly done for different reasons than the publicly-peddled humanitarian reasons. This makes one wonder if this intervention was a softening-up operation to Europe’s underbelly as a part of the grand plan to destabilize Europe and destroy its native nation states.

  2. I did not know who to believe when this war erupted. The US, MSM showed old Muslims climbing over snow covered hills driven by merciless Serbs .. Bianca Jagger wrote some devastating article about the slaughter of 8,000 boys & men. Bombing from Italy by US fighter bombers. Germany dumping massive arms into Muslim hands. Hit song: ‘God is watching us’ Wag the dog. Muslim mortaring
    their own crowded market place. Rape camps on both sides. Hillary under sniper fire. The sniper corridor in Sarajevo . Croatia coming in late & wiping everyone out. Watched Milosevich & nationalism & field of black birds. Eternal criminal state of Kosovo.. Complicated mess until I saw the reference to Muslims. Poor Muslims.+

    Did not zero in until I caught the reference to Islam. Saudis dumping rivers of cash
    Hill & Bill getting behind the muslims

  3. This is just pathetic. I was born in Bosnia. I saw the war. This man is the epitome of evil. You should be ashamed of yourselves for posting this. I do like and follow your blog, but this is just far from truth.
    This man will be judged for his crimes sooner or later, Christ is coming.
    I urge you to educate yourselves on the Yugoslavian war before posting such utter nonesense.

    • My father was born in Medjumurje, right next to Slovenia. The first shots in the breakup of Yugoslavia were fired at Gornja Radgona, which he knew very well, as he had swum across the river in 1945 to escape to Austria.

    • I lived in Hungary at the time. The Yugoslavian war was dirty no question about it. So how would like a replay in a larger scale in Europe and maybe later in worldwide?
      There is a reason why one must look at the past… You know the whole learning from past and not to repeat it in the future thing? Bosnia is mostly now a muslim country no matter how outraged you try to make it or choose an overzealous nickname!

    • I was never taken in by the propaganda and couldnt believe the lies. I remember Izetbegovic and the Slovenians not allowing the Yugoslav forces out in any order. I also remember how they were attacking those tank troops. Then of course this was a continuation of ww2. I was already familiar with the Ustashe as we had all these post ww2 migrants from the Balkans in Australia rapidly turning our country into the Balkans.

  4. The beginning trial of Mladic in The Hague lead to these questions among many others:

    The role of American Imperialism in framing the Serbs and promoting Islam in Yugoslavia

    The historical role of British Imperialism in supporting the Ottoman Empire as attack dog against Russia

    The use of Muslim and other “ex-pats” who live in countries like Australia and America in the promotion of Serb and Christian hatred in Yugoslavia, which was also mixed in with socialism and communist (commie bashing) hatred

    The creation of “myth propaganda” and the role of the MSM in this which anticipated the Trump hatred in the recent election

    The role of Bill Clinton as President who supported fully the extreme Muslim Brotherhood operator Izetbegovic, who (Izetbegovic) also welcomed and gave a base (and passport) to Bin Laden, who was in transit from Sudan to set up his base in Afghanistan, leading to 9-11

    The creation of a myth, the so-called “Srebrenica Massacre”, by the world intelligence services and by the Media, and the creation of the court in The Hague pretty much on that basis. It was a myth. The Serbs carried out no massacre in Srebrenica. Bill Clinton and Izetbegovic were behind this big lie.

    The Serbs like the Jews were lied against by the most powerful forces in the world. There is a direct connection to the present situation of immigration and lies against Trump, against people like Tommy Robinson, Geert Wilders etcetera.

  5. Islam itself does not know the concept of distinction between civilians and combatants. Moreover, in its scriptures it says explicitly that there is none, that everybody is a fighter for the course of Allah within his or her means. Those who are not in a fighting role are at least supporting those who are as a matter of principle. Not even children are exempt. So far the West is not willing to recognize even the self-declared character of another culture, let alone to draw any consequences.

  6. First of all, we never hear of casualties on the Serbian side. That’s not because they didn’t suffer any. It’s simply because the West sided with the muslims and lied to us. The MSM were constantly spreading anti-Serbian propaganda. So the Serbs weren’t only fighting the mohammedans, but also the Western world.
    Second, muslims from Srebrenica were killing Serbian civilians in gruesome ways. Preferably on Christian holidays they liked to kill and rape Serbians in surrounding Serbian villages.
    Third, the number of 8000 casualties in Srebrenica is a fake number. I remember how they used to claim 4000 dead, a number that gradually went up to 8000 nowadays, but on the list of casualties many fake names occur. E.g. names of unknown persons, some were on the list more than one time, people who had died long ago were on the so called death list.

    Don’t believe the lies the MSM keep spreading. It’s all pro-muslim propaganda. Muslims have been the media’s favorites for many years already.

  7. From a non ‘fake news’ website:

    Despite everything I have shown, it will be tempting to fall back on the following position: “Well, but everybody is to blame in Bosnia. The Serbs certainly did carry out some horrific crimes of war, even if we can agree that they didn’t start the conflict.” It is natural to gravitate towards this position because this is the sort of belief that will salvage at least some confidence in the mainstream Western press. It would mean that the press did not lie to us absolutely about everything. This fallback position will be comforting to most people because the idea that the media made up every little detail of this war plunges them into an existential crisis.

    Sadly, however, I must report that the mainstream media did lie – and about everything that mattered. No, the Serbs did not commit the war crimes that they were accused of committing. http://www.hirhome.com/yugo/ihralija3.htm#return

    • The Serbs did indeed commit the crimes they were accused of, and for a long time they were supported by the British Government under John Major. They were also supported by the extreme left, because Slobodan Milosevic was seen, correctly, as a socialist.

      They committed these crimes for the sake of a totalitarian Serb nationalism and against non-Serbs. Croats as well as Muslims.

  8. and more:

    Below we have posted an analysis of what happened in Srebrenica, written by Carlos Martins Branco, a Portuguese military officer who served in Bosnia as a UNMO (UN Military Observers) Deputy Chief Operations Officer in the UNPF (UN Peace Forces) at theatre level. Meaning he knew a whole lot about what was happening on the ground.

    Branco argues that the extremist Bosnian Muslim leadership made it easy for Serbian forces to re-take Srebrenica in 1995, setting the stage to sell the world a false massacre story, with the purpose of isolating the Bosnian Serbs, internationally. He argues that it was a big mistake for the Serbs to go in, but it was not an act of genocide. That, he says, is a fabrication, and he adds that he debriefed UN Military Observers who were involved, and has read UN reports that were never shown to the public.


    • There was one guy from memory who ordered a few people off a bus. This guy was a Serb and he avenged the rape and possible murder of his sister? I cant remember but I remember the Serbs telling the women to stop crying. Maybe the Muslim males were killed but this was would have been in revenge for muslim massacres around the town on Serb villages in 1991-1992. Yes some of us have been onto islam since the early 80s or before.

  9. Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright / Halfbright should be in the Hague facing war crimes trials for their part in bombing Serbia and arming up Al Qaeda in Bosnia.
    Mladic was defending his country. Thanks to Clinton, we bombed the hell out of a longtime ally in the Serbs and enabled a bunch of bloodthirsty thugs to take over part of Europe and turn it into an islamonazi stronghold.

  10. This war happened one year before the first internet page went online and started a new era of possibilities in direct information exchange. At the time I also still believed the official line. American A-10’s were flying right over our heads where I lived, headed southeast and we were believing they did the right thing while we received the first massive wave of about 400,000 refugees from Yugoslavia. At least they were still well mixed, not all of them Muslims and much less real troublemakers. The Serbs harping on some 800-year-old history of their “Kosovo polje” they stood to lose, we laughed them off.

    Still not everybody, but at least some people know better now. Maybe the day will come to atone for this tragic mistake towards the Serbian people. If we aren’t colonized before the way Kosovo was by then. It’s a race against time to raise awareness.

  11. In a way, the old Yugoslavia is similar to the current make up of the EU – various differences have all been cobbled together through an agenda and thinking that knows full well the outcome of such attempted ‘enmeshing’.

    What occurred after the break up of Yugoslavia was foreseen by many. I remember saying to my wife, ‘wait until you see the crap that will come out this’.

    In that part of the world ethnic and religious histories do not die out and generally survive through folklore and families who ensure that everyone remembers the past.

    Especially old enmities, which are never forgotten.

    Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics and Muslims will always make for an interesting but deadly mix!

  12. There is power in this concept of “8000 men and boys” massacred in Srebrenica. I once tried to make a reckoning of the number of times this “saying” was repeated on the Irish paper of record The Irish Times and it was very high. The power of this Media, exploded by the Great American Revolution (continued) under Trump, has been very significant in our political lives.

    How did it happen?

    The old Yugoslavia was a significant national force. This is often overlooked. There WAS pride in Yugoslavia.

    Effectively it was replaced by a strange assortment of states. Yes you can rightly argue that this also was a nation forming kind of exercise. But it could also be seen as the negation (or negating) of nation because these new states are ineffective apart from soccer.

    Could the overall plan have been towards a “New World Order” so beloved of these empty minded conspiracists? Or the encirclement of Russia and extension of the EU. The Czech video mentioned claims that the second biggest US base in the world is there now. Is this really true?

    As mentioned the speech that Milosevic made at Kosovo Field was the speech of a multiculturalist. The lies of the Media about this speech as Gil White shows are breathtaking.

    Who was Milosevic then? He was at least partly a Stalinist in the Tito mould who was working to dampen down Serbian nationalism. This is where the great weakness of all analysis so far has been, in the historical role of Stalinism in the world, and in the refusal to see that Stalinism was opposed by Leon Trotsky both theoretically and organizationally. Milosevic began to change, to his credit, and break from Titoism, but his heroic period was only under captivity and in his fight in the Hague Court. He won the fight in the Hague Court, without dispute he won, and was poisoned by NATO.

    Srebrenica under a war agreement was supposed to be a safe area. It was supposed to be demilitarised. The Muslims called the UN on that. The UN backed down. It became heavily militarised and the Muslims conducted war from that “safe” area on the Serb small farming communities surrounding Srebrenica (The Serbs were the country dwellers in majority) Two Jewish/Serb people Pearlstein and North did a report on this…be warned graphic viewing https://4international.me/2008/02/15/the-real-srebrenica-genocide-the-mass-murder-of-serbs-in-srebrenica-and-gorazde/

    The response to this kind of thing by the Serbs…Around this time Clinton made it known to Izetbegovic that in order for the US to bomb Serbia there had to be a massacre of Muslims. The Serbs were thereby surprised that they entererd Srebrenica with no opposition from the significant Muslim Army. It was a trap. Things had moved beyond the “knowing” of the Serbs.

    The response of the Serbs to this situation: They hired buses to transport women, kids, old people, to a nearby Muslim controlled area. This was the important Tuzla.

    A column of some thousands ALSO set out on foot to Tuzla. These were the Islamists. Along that trail a real battle ensued and there also was inthe hot summer hurried burials.

    Why is Tuzla so important. It was there that the “massacre” took place. It took place inthe ingenuous but devious minds of the World Media who converged on Tuzla. There they invented stories of the Massacre from the Muslims who had come to Tuzla and the ones who were there, from the Red Cross and UN officials. This was picked up by the World Media stations abroad. It really was that kind of a “massacre”.

    There is a lesson in this that is not often commented upon. Once this Media that we know so much about today gets a catch phrase story like this it is never going to let go of it, because it has invested so much of its credibility in it. Using the old methods of propaganda struggle it is impossible to overcome. This has been the big weakness and mistake of those so far who have tried to fight the lies.

    The Tea Party in America, and most of all the Trump movement, has proved to be the only way to overcome this because it is a question of power. Trump has not faced the lies head on but has sidelined the liars. So Megyn Kelly was trying to bully Trump, by saying that Trump was bullying her, but the American women soon saw through Megyn and now she is fighting for a job in braodcasting. Something else has intervened that has sidelined Kelly. That did not happen in Yugoslavia. The Serbs were isolated and really were defeated. The solution to opening up the issue of Srebrenica is going to come from the Trump movement and the return to the fighting traditions of the Great American Revolution of the 18th century. It will show eventially that the Serbs like the Jews have murdered nobody. It was the opposite. They were too idealistic for that.

  13. It is to the huge credit of this website that they have covered this Mladic Trial. There is no question about that. I cover plenty of ground in my following of main political events and there are not many doing this. That is simple fact.

    Anybody who does not cover these trials of Serbs is either politically lacking in understanding or even malicious in some way. That is a harsh thing to say but I believe it strongly. I would not trust such people because when the going gets tough they will desert you.

    These trials touch many things, the Holocaust of the Jews (and Serbs), the Jewish betrayers of the Jews of today, the Serb betrayers of the Serbs of today, the same forces who are attacking Tommy Robinson, the political renegades of sites such as Harry’s Place.

    It also touches on the issue of principled leadership. I know many who support (they say) the Serbs against NATO but who also are antisemties in their hatred abd vilification of Israel.

    As if Hajj Amin el Husseini did not organize the Bosnian Muslims for Hitler.

    It touches on how these national leaderships betray.

    What is the position of this Serb leadership today (which arrested Mladic on behalf of NATO) towards the Muslim immigration and towards Bulgarian efforts to stop it (just wondering)

    The issue of national bourgeois leaderships in all of these things is central today.

    The role of the Serb servile leaders teaches a lesson of its own:

    “Ratko Mladić was arrested on 26 May 2011 in Lazarevo, near Zrenjanin in the Banat region of the northern province of Vojvodina. His arrest was carried out by two dozen Serbian special police officers wearing black uniforms and masks, and sporting no insignia. The police were accompanied by Security Information Agency and War Crimes Prosecutor’s Office agents. The officers entered the village in four jeeps in the early morning hours, while most residents were still asleep. They pulled up to four houses simultaneously, each owned by Mladić’s relatives. Mladić was about to venture into the yard for a walk after being awakened by pain, when four officers jumped over the fence and broke into the house just as he moved toward the door, grabbing Mladić, forcing him to the floor, and demanding he identify himself. Mladić identified himself correctly, and surrendered two pistols he had been carrying. He was then taken to Belgrade.[1][2] Mladić was arrested in the house of his cousin Branislav Mladić, at the Ul. Vuka Karadžića 2.[3] Branislav had been identified as a possible suspect at least two months before, and had been under surveillance right up to his arrest. After initial doubt as to the identity of the arrested man, then Serbian President Boris Tadić confirmed that it was Mladić at a press conference and announced that the process of extraditing him to the ICTY was under way. Mladić had been using the pseudonym “Milorad Komadić” while in hiding.[4] Mladić was not wearing a beard or any disguise. His appearance reportedly showed he had “aged considerably”, and one of his arms was paralyzed due to a series of strokes.[5]

    Following his arrest, Mladić appeared before the Belgrade Higher Court for a hearing on whether he was fit to be extradited to the Hague. Judge Milan Dilparić suspended interrogation due to his poor health. Mladić’s lawyer Miloš Šaljić said that his poor health prevented him from properly communicating. He was allegedly unable to confirm his personal data, but attempted to talk to the prosecutors on several occasions, especially to Deputy War Crimes Prosecutor Bruno Vekarić.[6] However, the court ruled that he was fit to be extradited on 27 May. According to the Serbian Health Ministry, a team of prison doctors described his health as stable following checkups. Mladić was also visited in prison by Health Minister Zoran Stanković, a former friend.[7]


  14. More food for thought Felix – thank you! When the narrative is controlled by one side, and one side only, then the TRUTH of the matter is soon forgotten.

  15. Nemesis there is total control of this narrative. And the side with the power have been pushing extreme hatred of Serbs. This built up a huge momentum.

    There is now emerging on the scene new forces. The Trump revolution has challenged many of those very same forces and has (for the moment) overthrown them. The very Media that carried the Serb hatred and succeeded in pushing the Srebrenica Lie are the very ones throughout the world who opposed Trump so fiercely and are now by no means out but are hugely discredited in front of millions.

    The raising of the history of this Nazi top judge Roland Freisler raises a very interesting point.

    This is because there is not anywhere in the world, especially in an advanced country, anything that is like the Nazis.

    In my opinion, it is necessary to be very precise in language always but especially in these political issues. The Nazis took power in 1933 on the back of economic collapse in Germany caused by the 1929 Wall Street Crash, explosive growth in unemployment and other social issues. But at the last moment in 1933 power was handed to Hitler on a plate. This was the role of the trade union leadership, the social democracy and the Stalinism. These people betrayed and refused to fight. I have left out the Vatican but concentrate on these others who HAD power at their fingertips, and there are similar people today who are silent on the persecution of Geert Wilders.

    But to keep on point Hitler destroyed ALL opposition. ALL! That needs to be emphasised.

    This does not happen today. The danger today comes from those who will not defend the rights of Geert Wilders, Tommy Robinson and also from those who will not defend Trump and his movement.

    Another big factor in this situation today is Antisemitism, but in new form. These are bitter enemies of mine, that is those on the “left” like Chomsky who say they opposed NATO in Yugoslavia but who carried on their hatred against Israel, which IS the Jews. Not just another state. Israel IS the Jews.

    Do not misunderstand me. I do not think that Trump will support Mladic. But there are millions raised up by this Trump movement who will do.

    I think we are far from finished. Mladic in this Hague Kangaroo Court has no chance. The verdict has already been written and all is formality. But in the end he will win.

    • I cannot argue with any of what you have written on and I do agree that we are far from done as a cultural civilization. If Hitler had known who had really assisted him into power then maybe history as we have come to know it would have been different – I am not suggesting that Hitler’s approach contained all the right solutions, but given his rabid anti-communism he at least knew which ideology was getting all the bread crumbs, (not his) its just that he did not realize who was providing all that bread.

      And from what I have picked up in your words you appear to appreciate that National Socialism did not die out but was saved via ‘neutral means’ and agencies that assisted tens of thousands of Nazis and their accumulated ill-gotten wealth to escape to all points of the compass, where over the decades, they regrouped and counter-attacked the West though financial, medical and industrial means.

      One only needs to look over how the typical large Western business is now run – shades of fascism appear to the observer who knows where to look. And so it goes for the upper echelons of our societies, the political class the judiciary and so on.

      Those you mention who ride the coat tails of their Masters can all look forward to much trouble in the near future – their deeds against their own kind have been noted by many.

      I just hope I am still around to appreciate it when it does come.

  16. This morning I have looked at the experience of a Serb General. He gave himself into the Hague in 2005. In 2011 he was sentenced to life. In 2013 the Appeal Court released him dismissing everything. That is 8 to 9 years in a Hague prison? What is that all about?

    The beast film I have seen is this https://youtu.be/MnALEecbZ-k and it is in 720 in this edition. It features a forensic scientist and a photographer/film maker among other things. These two are connected with documenting the murderous role of the Muslims in Srebrenica under Nasir Oric, agent of the Hague Court as it turned out.

    That film was reviewed by Julia Gorin and featured in a Jihadwatch article

    The biggest lesson of this posting on Gates of Vienna is the warning given by MS earlier…the warning of seeking the fall back second position. It goes like this: the Muslims massacred the Serbs cruelly and terribly from 2002 to 2005.

    Consequently the “Srebrenica Massacre of 8000 men and boys”

    False as false can be.

  17. quote…”Yet, as Mladić heads to The Hague to face trial, there will no doubt be a debate among American conservative circles over the nature of the Bosnian War. One narrative that has garnered too much currency, promoted in particular by pundits such as Julia Gorin and Andy Wilcoxson, is that Serbia was merely defending itself against jihadist aggression in the Bosnian War. This assertion stems from many myths that need to be debunked for good. Although the foreign “holy warriors,” or mujahedeen who came to Bosnia – as well as the Iranians who provided aid to Bosnia’s president, Alija Izetbegović — probably had in mind the goal of establishing an Islamic toehold or beachhead from which to further Islam in Europe, that objective never garnered any real level of popularity among the native Bosniaks. Izetbegović’s Bosnia was never an Islamic state of any sort, and the foreign mujahedeen failed to establish a base there.

    Ratko Mladić and Myths of the Bosnian War
    by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi
    June 1, 2011 at 4:30 am

    Al-Tamimi lines up on the side of the Jihad against the Serbs. Whole article needs to be dissected. The paragraph above begs so many questions…did Izetbegovic not invite these killers of Serbs, beheaders, total savages not even humans, into Bosnia. Was Iran not also heavily involved in bringing arms to the savages? Did Bin Laden not set up his base in Bosnia? Did Nasir Oric not exist?

    Finally what side is Al-Tamini on?

  18. I will conclude by a few remarks. It is quite easy to be right after the event. In most cases that is too late. In the war on Yugoslavia many things were put in place in preparation for our new era, which is a time of almost total lies in which we are all forced to swim whether we like it or not.

    It was the tardiness in reacting to Yugoslavia that was to cost dear.

    I am convinced myself that one of the big reasons that this happened is that Yugoslavia (Tito who was a communist of a Stalinist type) was seen as communism. People who think like this have no understanding of the deep divisions that gave rise to Trotskyism – itself not a simple issue but a very big issue involving mastery of much historical detail. That asks a lot.

    All of that was the basis for the Serbs being isolated and was also the basis for gigantic lies on a massive scale.

    Although I am signing off on this post at this time you can rest assured that you will be very well “informed” by the BBC. Out of the blue some sunny morning they will return to cover the suspect goings on at some kind of laboratory in Bosnia called grandly the International Commission on Missing Persons…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Commission_on_Missing_Persons

    As the BBC World Service did this very thing this very morning on their world service loop cycle of reports to the whole world and the reach is fantastic. Every hour as Islam was attacking in Berlin they brought out this feature this morning about the “missing persons” of Bosnia.

    A woman was interviewed about the “disappearance” of her husband and two sons. Could they have been “fighters” but she stayed well ckear of that thought. All was (fake) emotion.

    At first they arrested Serb leaders on the basis of the “8000 men and boys kiled in Srebrenica”. Only they had no bodies to prove this. Thus began the frantic effort to find corpses

    The first attempt failed. They had (like) 1800 thigh bones (femurs) but it was pointed out humans have two femurs so that figure was halved…not impressive.

    A new tack was needed. So they switched to DNA analysis. But they closed (in this new process) everything to the public or outside scientific competence checking. They used the old trick – we respect the feelings of the relatives so much etcetera. Therefore we must never ever upset the relatives. So no checking from independent sources. No idea what goes on there except there is elongated employment and much money involved. NATO owns the Court, the “Missing Persons” laboratory IS the Court, so there is immediately created a tight circle of utter power. This is a corrupt system of great power and Serbs seemed to have got used to being jailed for very long periods – their powerlessness has created hopelessness.

    The world service BBC report this morning lasted about 10 minutes. This repeated about 12 times every hour is 2 hours in total and that is just today. They will return (do not ever doubt) to this lie as it is a reservoir of lying filth that needs to be topped up. Julia Gorin had an interesting take on Srebrenica…the Muslims of the world felt that they needed a “Holocaust” of their own to lessen the momory and forever impact of the real nazi Holocaust and I feel this is exactly what is at stake. If that is so then it is a huge issue today facing people like Geert Wilders. People like Wilders will be forced to take up the lie of Srebrenica in an historical fashion and the same thing will happen to the Americans around the Trump movement. So Srebrenica will be solved eventually because it is an issue of survival against Islamic Jihad. But it will be solved in a way that nobody has ever expected. Many millions will be forced to take up the lies of Srebrenica because they will be forced by events to see that those lies are the same lies being used against us today all over the world. I hope Mladic and his brothers in arms against Islam can see that, as it will comfort them in their dying days in a Nazi Fascist Hague Prison.

  19. Watch this Docu!
    The film crew is from Norway. The reporter is Muslim.
    Almost all witnesses are Muslims.
    Is this fake?
    Is this Serbian propaganda?

    Pay attention (these events took place before the alleged Srebrenica crime):
    – from 7:00 to 7:40 – Muslim forces destroyed 50 Serbian villages
    – from 8:50 to end – Fuad (Muslim) said that Srebrenica was deliberately sacrificed for political goals … Serbian village Kravica was attacked on Christmas Day …

    also this german Docu about the Kosovo war-produced for german state TV!And all you hesrd was a lie!


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