Putin to Hack the Bundestag Elections?

According to the German-language press, Russian President Vladimir Putin is not satisfied with just throwing the US election to Donald Trump: German security services are said to be expecting a Russian “hack” of next year’s parliamentary elections.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from OE24:

Targeted sex mobs: this is how Putin plans to topple Merkel

December 12, 2016

The German Foreign Ministry is dealing with a new danger.

A high ranking official of the German security service warned that Moscow plans to sabotage the election for the Bundestag in 2017: “We will see an exertion of influence like we have never seen before.”

It is still in question how exactly Putin & Co. want to exert influence. Currently, there are several theories:

  • The leaking of classified documents (as in the US elections)
  • targeted spreading of false rumours (“rape case” Lisa)
  • planting sex mob refugees

Gustav Gressel, an expert on Russia from the European Council on Foreign Relations, explained in the Bild newspaper: “A part of the refugees from Iraq and Syria, even if just a very small part, had connections to Assad’s or Saddam Hussein’s secret services.” These could now be used for heckling, Gressel is concerned.

“What, for example, would happen, if at a summer festival before the elections something similar like the Silvester night of Cologne repeats? How would this make Merkel look? What were the consequences for the Bundestag election? Of course this is an extreme example, but it is within the realm of possibility”, Gressel warns.

This satirical piece from Der Postillon, also translated by Egri Nök, fits right in:

CIA: Putin rigged the elections for Hitler in 1933

December 12, 2016

Berlin, Moscow (dpo) — It is beyond doubt for most media that Vladimir Putin significantly influenced the US elections. Now it has surfaced that the Russian president apparently also had a hand in German politics: According to CIA analysis, during the Reichstag election in the year 1933, Putin rigged the election with targeted propaganda for the NSDAP candidate Adolf Hitler.

According to the report, Putin influenced public opinion in Germany by targeted propaganda and fake-news in the social network “cracker-barrel” and in the short message service “Advertising Column”, notably in favour of the National Socialists, who then gained 43.9 percent of the votes in their favour in the Reichstag election in March 1933.

The damage to Germany resulting from this is enormous to this day, while Russia emerged stronger from Hitler’s Chancellorship. Is Putin planning something similar for the Bundestag election in 2017? Will he bring Frauke Petry or even Sahra Wagenknecht to power?

Just how far the Kremlin’s influence reached in those portentous times is shown in further analysis by the CIA, which examined the Reichstag fire in the night of February 27-28: “The incident shows all characteristics of a false flag operation,” according to CIA director John O. Brennan. “Coincidentally, Kremlin Chief Putin has no alibi for that precise date. No one saw him.”

In the coming months the CIA also plans to analyse the famous Hitler Diaries, to track down further fake news that the Kremlin fabricated.

25 thoughts on “Putin to Hack the Bundestag Elections?

  1. That’s right, take it steady and one step at the time. So, we’re acknowledging now that there are “refugee” sex mobs. Let’s not overwhelm ourselves and ask why they are doing this in the next session.

  2. Now I understand! So the swarthy man I saw today defecating on the street in broad daylight and the scarfed woman who absently minded texted on her phone by his side were put there by Putin to shock and disgust prudish austrian passersby and give refugees a bad name

    • I’ve wondered at this bizarre behavior as it spreads over Europe. You know they darn well don’t do this kind of thing at “home”. Defecation whenever and wherever is a deliberate insult to the hostage host country. Just one of many, but a dangerous one as it is surely a vector for the spread of various diseases.

      • Yeah, I imagine if one were to do such a thing in Saudi Arabia in downtown Riyadh, the police would likely beat even more (fecal matter) out of the perpetrator…

      • I actually heard otherwise, that in Pakistan this is rather common behaviour. Not heard it from any Arabic states. I am short of a link though, and can’t remember for the moment any context that would help with finding it again. Have to treat it as hearsay until then.

        • It is a perfectly normal sight in India. Adult men will do their “business” in the open, on the banks of the river Ganges, in the streets in front of tourist attractions…
          I was not prepared for that when I arrived in India, because no one tells you.
          After I had come back, I read V.S. Naipaul’s “An Area of Darkness”, his travelogue of his journey through India in the 60s, where he also writes about this behaviour, and I thought, not that much had changed apparently.
          Interestingly the book is banned in India. When you don’t like what a book has to say about you, ban it!

      • I know a Lady from India who told me that in her country and other cultures in asia and middle east to force to clean human waste is considered the ultimate form of humilliation and domination, according to her when muslims defecate on our parks, public transport, sidewalks and when they refuse to use the water closet in bars, hotels and restaurants they are forcing us to clean their excrements and sending us a message: you are our slaves. I think no one hates muslims more than the cleaning staff in those places.

        • OK…this explains why it must be considered a double whammy when a mohammedan jumps onto and stands on the toilet seat in a civilised country. the seat gets broken and an area around the toilet bowl gets defacated on as well, which a dhimmy will have to clean up.

  3. Those beastly Russians, I’ll bet flooding Eurabia with moslem filth was their idea!

    Seriously though, I’m not surprised at Canadian and American MSM accusing Putin of everything except ‘Global Warming’ and wiping out the polar bears, (whose numbers are increasing) but I am disappointed with FOX news for going along with it.

    I’ll take Putin any day over obama and ‘meathead!’

  4. Who is “meathead”? I apologize for my ignorance but the only meathead I recall is from “All in the Family” years ago. I agree that Putin is far more intelligent that our folks — have to be (in order to survive).

    In other (better and happier) news, I bought a load of Hungarian goodies for Christmas! Yay, since we live in the midst of Kansas where few of the natives can even spell Hungarian, much less szalon cukor (Christmas candy, Hungarian style — very delicious). Merry Christmas to all!!

    • ‘Meathead’ came to me when watching our vacuous, swell-headed, moslem-hugging Liberal PM here in the great white north Mariadee, and yes, I was indeed thinking that Trudeau, with his pompous, liberal, green tinted, invariably silly utterances, does indeed bear a certain resemblance to Archie’s long-suffering son-in-law! LOL!

  5. I am not kidding when I say:1) I hope Putin will get rid of Merkel the criminal
    2)I hope when he gets rid of her he will deport ALL refugees

    • It may very well come to that in the future.
      Poetin already has enough problems with muslims on his southern flank.
      What he doesn’t need is an islamized Europe on his western flank.
      Once Germany and Sweden have become islamic republics the rot will spread quickly to the rest of Europe. So far he has Finland, Baltic states and the Visegrad 4 as buffer states but these states are relatively weak and could be run over as well and islamized quickly. And then Russia would be realy in trouble.
      Poetin is a ruthless and shrewd operator somehow I don’t think he will let that happen. He can’t afford to.

  6. Baron, that photo of Hitler looking at the fur hat like he’s got some sort of fur fetish, is a cracker and deserves a run as a caption competition.

    • I borrowed that from the linked satire post from Germany. I just made it sepia-tone, to match the GoV color scheme.

  7. And now a Labour MP has made a statement in the House of Commons that Putin was responsible for the Brexit vote. They now have to look for the evidence (fake news) to support this claim.

    Of course if you’re from the Alt-Left you don’t need any evidence.

    • Well, I departed from my usual Labour/Liberal Democrat voting habits (smelling salts are available) to support UKIP, and was offered no incentives by Mr Putin (unless you count the numerous offers from nubile Eastern European ladies in my Spam, which have been going on for ages!)

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