Polish Truck Driver Fought Back Against the Christmas Market Jihadi

The latest official announcements from the German authorities indicate that the alleged Pakistani who was in custody last night was not in fact the man who drove the truck into the Christmas fair in Berlin, killing twelve people. The actual perpetrator is still at large, and is considered armed and dangerous.

From the Polish end of the story, the owner of the trucking company — who is also the murdered driver’s cousin — says that the driver fought back against his attackers, and that it would have taken more than one man to subdue him.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from Gazeta.pl:

Cousin of the murdered Pole: ‘He fought for his life. The police confirmed it to me’

In Berlin a Polish truck plowed into a Christmas fair, killing twelve people. The driver of the vehicle was killed as well. He was probably murdered a few hours before the attack. Police said he did not give up, but fought back.

Shortly after 8pm on Monday a truck drove into a Christmas fair in Berlin on the Breitscheidplatz. The vehicle belonged to a Polish company, but the company’s driver had been killed and the vehicle hijacked. Police are still looking for the perpetrators. Officers interviewed, among others, Ariel Żurawski, the owner of the transport company where the Pole worked, and who was his cousin.

180 cm tall [5’11’’], 120 kg weight [264 lbs]

“Based on his injuries you can tell, and the police confirmed it, that he fought back,” Żurawski told reporters. The man saw only a photo of his cousin’s face, but on this basis he could assess the brutality of the attack — a knife wound, bruises, a swollen eye. He did not see gunshot wounds, which were reported by some media.

According to Żurawski, his cousin must have been attacked by several people. The man was 180 cm tall and weighed approx. 120 kilograms. “One person wouldn’t be able to subdue him,” he said in an interview with reporters.

“Just a very good man”

“He was really a very good man,” argued Żurawski. He added that when he saw strange truck movements on the GPS, he immediately guessed that something was wrong. “He [the victim] had the nickname ‘Inspector’ in the company, because he followed all the rules closely,” the man said. The fact that he had left the unloading area was totally out of character.

“They call me a terrorist”

Żurawski also mentioned people’s reactions to the news that his truck was used in the attack. As he already told the police, since the incident he has been getting text messages with threats and malicious comments on the official website of the company on Facebook.

“They call me a terrorist. It’s sick,” he complained, and insisted that his truck was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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  1. C’mon, Baron, let the alliteration work for you:

    Polish Truck Driver Fought Back Against the Christmas Market Mujahid

  2. These kinds of road hijackings is precisely why I think it is proper order to carry an equalizer just in case, don’t bring a knife to a knife fight with a Jihadi Joe, instead bring lead it works evertime.

    • This has been going on all over Europe from east to west for a long time. I imagine for at least fifty years. Remember Calais? Paris today? Moving Muslims and their munitions is probably big business I can easily imagine. The screw loose ex Soviet Merkel’s open windows, doors, roofs, basements 1931 visions with added free money sex incentives for the first ten million. So what’s so terrible about having your own little jehadi express business on the side? Yeah it’s true. Pick the wrong one and you could end up dead. Is this what happened? It may be just paranoia about no borders and lucid security dreaming again. Look at the American skulduggery with the Saudi 7/11 industrial scale bombings. New York. Yemen. Weakling incompetent unqualified immature unmanly Obama’s pot head leftover mess. So what’s a little people smuggling? Be rational now. Every job can go wrong. Just saying or axing or whatever. Borders up. Pc out. Citizen safety and security first. Koran, mosques and Muslims on notice.

  3. It’s every human’s right to defend themselves against an unwarrented aggressor. . So.. peeps, how do we defend ourselves against what is almost Guerilla warfare? I have some ideas, but a lot of authorities will disagree with me.

    • What are you saying the truck drivers should take a cue from the 1978 movie, Convoy? You know the part where they rescue Spider Mike from Sheriff “Dirty Lyle” by driving through several buildings in town and the jail. I don’t think the Arizona town had a mosque in it so maybe you meant something else. I was just trying to read between the lines.

  4. Obama had the temerity to send American condolences to MERKEL – the one person responsible for this nightmare!

    I just hope the relatives of the slain don’t take up a collection for the poor refugees, like the raped and murdered parents of Maria L.

    Hopefully they will immediately join the AfD, buy some buy some guns and instigate a class action against Merkel!

    • I’m going to guess collecting cash for refugees, its Christmas.
      I’ve already seen how they treated the family of Lukasz Urban, just a whisker short of openly [micturating] on them.

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