Foxes Guarding the Henhouse in Cologne

All the previous reports on last New Year’s Eve in Cologne were bad enough. But now comes word that recently arrived culture-enrichers were employed as security guards during the 2015 Silvester Night festivities — and they were paid below the legal minimum wage.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from Merkur:

For Five Euros per Hour

New Year’s Eve in Cologne: Refugees deployed for security

Cologne (dpa) – In Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015, according to a media report, dozens of refugees were allegedly deployed for the security services without appropriate training. According to investigations by the Bild newspaper, a security contractor recruited 59 men in reception camps as security personnel.

The refugees, mainly from North Africa, Syria, and Afghanistan, had allegedly only been in Germany for a short time. The only criteria in the job offer by the site security firm were “an at least mediocre command of the German language,” and “bring warm clothes”. The company could not be reached for an initial comment.

The workers were allegedly deployed, among other places, on the Rhine bridges. As the Bild newspaper further reports, the sub-contractor paid the men €5 per hour — not much more than half of the legal minimum wage. Later, he allegedly billed the city of Cologne €15.40 per man-hour.

On the night of last New Year’s Eve conditions were chaotic around the main train station. There were massive numbers of criminal offenses. In particular, the high number of sexual assaults on women prompted horror. Most of the identified accused come from Algeria and Morocco.

A Bomb at the Door of a Church in Toulouse

Earlier this month an incendiary device of unknown provenance was found at the door of a church in Toulouse. Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from 20 Minutes:

Toulouse: an incendiary bomb was placed in front of a church

An investigation has been opened after the discovery of an incendiary device in the forecourt of a church in Toulouse, in the Roseraie district

December 15, 2016

Police officers of the SRPJ [Regional Service of Judicial Police] in Toulouse are investigating the discovery of a homemade bomb in the forecourt of the church Saint-André, in the Roseraie district. The find dates back to the morning of Thursday December 8, but it was revealed only on Thursday.

The incendiary device was spotted by a parishioner against the door of the building. Hidden in a box the size of a wine carton, it consisted of two bottles of barbecue lighter fluid connected by electric wires. Small cubes of lighter stitched with magic birthday candles were stuck to the bottles.

The candles burned out without their sparks triggering the device. “The rudimentary device was well-designed to start a fire,” said a police source.

Vigilance in places of worship

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Germany Begins Closing Down New Year’s Celebrations

This is the way the implementation of Shariah law begins.

Don’t expect a conquering Islamic army to sweep into town, stage mass executions in front of city hall, and then post a proclamation declaring that Islamic Law will henceforward be the law of the land. That’s not how it works.

Shariah is instituted as a gradual, piecemeal process. First there is a hijra — a migration of Muslims into non-Muslim lands. Then, when Muslims are present in large enough numbers, they begin assaulting, raping, terrorizing, and killing anyone in their environs who does not follow the tenets of Shariah law — that is, all the kuffar. By these means the infidels are terrorized and “feel themselves subdued”. In order to be safe, they give up their blasphemous kafir celebrations of their own initiative, thereby bringing their behavior into line with Islamic Law. Eventually they conclude a dhimma or “pact” with Islam, and pay the jizya poll tax in order to be allowed to continue living. This makes them dhimmi, people who are inferior and subordinate to Muslims. If they want to live normally, they may decide to say the shahada (La illaha ila Allah, wa Muhammadun rasul Allah) and become Muslims themselves.

On New Year’s Eve last year in Cologne and other German cities, gangs of feral young immigrant men — mostly Muslims — went wild on the streets, groping, molesting, and raping native German women. In recent weeks authorities have been watching with apprehension the approach of December 31, especially since the truck jihad in Berlin on December 19.

And now some of the New Year’s Eve events are being cancelled. What you’ll notice about the following two reports is that the police would prefer that localities and organizations not give reasons for cancelling any events. They feel it’s better for “security” if traditions that go back decades, or even centuries, just disappear without any public explanation.

In the first report, Nash Montana summarizes an article from Der Bürgerblick Passau about the cancellation of the annual New Year’s Eve party on the bridge in Passau:

The city of Passau has cancelled its traditional Silvester (New Year’s Eve) “bridge party”. Up to 1,000 people annually celebrate on the bridge, which was named after King Ludwig I, then was renamed to “Marienbrücke” in WW2, and now is known as the Innbrücke.

A reporter accidentally overheard the mayor talking about the Silvester cancellation, and immediately published it on the Internet, prompting the mayor to make an official statement in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon. The mayor cited a “broad public discussion about the security of large events” as the reason, a so-called abstract terror threat.

For his presser the Mayor Jürgen Dupper included this: “The cancellation of the Silvester celebration for 2016 is an uncomfortable but responsible decision. Of course nobody made the decision lightly — we all know how popular this party is, and how especially many citizens of Passau, especially young people, have waited all year for it. But circumstances being what they are, we see it as our duty not to provoke situations in which control could be lost. I appeal to all who are out on Silvester night to not make it harder for security personnel to do their job.”

Look back one week before the attack in Berlin:

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Muslims Celebrate the Christmas Jihad in Berlin

We’ve seen this sort of thing before in Europe: immediately after some Islamic atrocity, Muslims take to the streets in celebration, honking and shouting, ostensibly because of a wedding.

The following video shows events in Berlin on Christmas Eve. According to the notes accompanying the video:

The point is: They s*** on our customs and traditions, on us Germans! They don’t really give a damn about the attacks either! Sure, the Islamic associations and unions distance themselves officially, but they would never entertain the idea of demonstrating for the victims with candlelight vigils or anything! And dozens of radical Islamists live undisturbed in their ghettos without anyone doing a damn thing about it.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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The father of a victim from Berlin: “Merkel, in my entire life I will never vote for you again!”

The following video from Germany is summed up by this note from Politically Incorrect:

The Danish radio broadcast channel Danmarks Radio (DR) has spoken to the parents of a very severely injured young man at the location of the attack at Breitscheidplatz in Berlin. It is remarkable how the father of the son, who is in a coma, says: “Thank you very much Frau Merkel, in my entire life I will never vote for you again, and hopefully my entire family and all of my friends won’t, either.” Why does German television not publish these voices?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


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Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/28/2016

A 14-year-old culture-enricher in the Molenbeek district of Brussels was caught with a rucksack containing several bombs. Some of the explosive devices bore the inscription “Allahu Akhbar”. The incident had nothing to do with Islam.

In other news, 45% of Tunisian young people are considering migrating to Europe.

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Confrontation or Subjugation?

Many thanks to JLH for translating this essay from “The Daily Franz”, the conservative political blog of Marcus Franz, a concerned Austrian citizen and a Catholic.

Note: This piece was written several weeks before the truck jihad at the Christmas Market in Berlin:

Where There is Culture, There Will Be Conflict

November 30, 2016

The culture question is the central theme and logical destination in any serious thinking about mass immigration. The question is simple and clear: In the context of a longstanding folk migration, who will assume the cultural and social leadership? The inevitable answer will be an either/or, for there can only be one dominant culture. Cultural fusions are, of course, possible, but that is not a matter of quickly conducted courses on integration, intellectually dishonest and sanctimonious debates or bleeding-heart political statements; it is a matter of centuries.

What is significant in the intensification of the culture question is not so much the sheer number of immigrants, but rather the cultural strength or weakness of the infiltrated society, and, naturally, of the intruders. The more decentralized the society in question is, the easier is it for the philosophically homogeneous new arrivals to establish their own culture. A society like that of continental Europe, which persistently confuses liberal with random or arbitrary, constantly diversifies itself and devolves more and more into its individual parts, is an ideal target for any consistent, external culture supported by a spirit of conquest.

While it is no longer necessary to establish that it exists, for form’s sake we should introduce the subject: The multi-culti philosophy which regards itself as enlightened, and the Europeans who for a long time now have felt secretly superior because they are so tolerant, have both shattered on the reality of the no-go-areas and the ever-louder but intrinsically logical demands of the foreigners. To be sure, the responsible politicians position themselves and yammer about human rights, the obligation to help, and cooperative solutions which can only be achieved through efforts at integration, but really they all know the score: Without a clear and uncompromising message and visible and effective actions, a European state in the truest sense is no longer possible.

The clash of cultures is fully underway. Samuel Huntington’s prophecy of more than 20 years ago is being fulfilled — and right now. Another prophecy, namely that of Francis Fukuyama, who declared the end of history and the victory of capitalism after the fall of the Iron Curtain, has unfortunately faded away. As pathetic as it may sound, we are at a turning point. We have the choice of confrontation or subjugation.

Saying “culture” implies evaluation. And anyone who values his own culture must stick with it and say: It is mine, it is the best, and I will defend it. In the gigantic error of political correctness and the drunken rush of uncontrolled tolerance, we have forgotten ourselves, thinking too long of the patronizing, guilt-ridden European who has so much to make up for. And it has developed recently that good intentions are always the opposite of just plain good. In other words, a falsely understood, pseudo-moralistic burden of “goodness” has led us to this misery.

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Culture-Enrichers Brawl “Like Monkeys” on an Augsburg Bus

Before you all accuse me of being a racist Deplorable for using the phrase “like monkeys” when describing the actions of Syrian migrants: the simile is taken directly from an article about the incident published in the German MSM.

A brawl broke out among culture-enrichers on a bus in Augsburg on the evening of Christmas Day. As it happens, it was the same day that thousands of people were evacuated so that a recently discovered bomb left over from World War Two could be defused. The high-spirited behavior of the “refugees” was unconnected with events earlier in the day, however.

Below are excerpts from two articles about the incident. The first one was translated by Egri Nök and is from the Augsburger Allgemeine Zeitung:

Refugees brawl brutally on bus — 18-month-old child injured

December 27, 2016

On the evening after the [WW2] bomb was disarmed, there was a brutal brawl on a nighttime bus. It appears the trigger for the fight among the Syrians was a pram.

By Michael Hörmann

It happened on the evening of the successful disarming of the bomb, when people just wanted to return home at the late hour. Violence escalated on a night bus of the regular line 1, heading for Lechhausen, on Sunday. Brutal scenes took place in the bus.

18-month-old child injured

According to the initial conclusions of the police, the whole thing had nothing to do with the evacuation. The point of issue may have been a pram in the bus. Investigations are difficult, because the parties involved are Syrians.

Police are thus far certain that during a controversy among several people there were insults and massive fisticuffs, in the course of which several people were involved and an 18-month-old was injured. The child received first aid from rescue workers, the police announced.

According to a passenger, around 9pm about twenty men entered the bus from the rear at Town Hall Square. Subsequently, an argument evolved among the Syrians and, in the course of events, completely got out of control. One person jumped into a pram, with the sole of his shoe in front. Later, the bus driver opened the doors. Outside, the conflict continued with unabated severity. Only when police arrived did the situation calm down. The passenger speaks of four ambulances and twelve police cars, which were necessary that night to get the situation under control.

Police are looking for witnesses

The police are calling upon witnesses to come forward. The particulars and consistencies of the conflict are currently under investigation, says spokesperson Manfred Gottschalk. Witnesses or victims are asked to contact the Augsburg Police at the telephone number 08 21/323 21 10.

Relevant excerpts from an article in the Augsburger Stadtzeitung were translated by Nash Montana:

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Romanian President: Socialist Muslima Cannot be Prime Minister

After recent parliamentary elections in Romania, the Social Democrats (PSD) established a coalition with a smaller party, and were invited to form a government. The PSD proposed a Muslim woman for prime minister. In a surprise move, the president of Romania rejected her, and asked the PSD to propose a different candidate.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this brief German-language news report, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a brief article on the same topic from EBL News:

Romanian president rejects Muslim woman proposed as prime minister

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said Tuesday that he will not designate Sevil Shhaideh, proposed by the Social Democratic Party (PSD) for prime minister.

Saying he “carefully evaluated the proposal”, Iohannis said he rejects her and urged the PSD to nominate another person to head the next government.

Shhaideh, 52, a regional development minister with limited political exposure and experience, would have become the first female and the first Muslim prime minister of Romania.

“We were surprised by this,” the PSD deputy chief Paul Stanescu told the Mediafax news agency after Iohannis’ rebuttal of Shhaideh.

The PSD did not say yet how it plans to move forward, with Stanescu describing the situation as “the start of a crisis”.

The PSD won the December 11 elections and will form a coalition government with a small liberal partner.

Party leader Liviu Dragnea is legally barred from claiming the office because of a conviction related to election violations, but he openly said that he still intends to control the government.

Video transcript:

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Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/27/2016

The number of “extremists” living in Brussels has increased dramatically in recent years. According to the Brussels police, six terror attacks have been thwarted in the last two years alone.

In other news, a French mayor from the Front National party has renamed a street in his town “Rue de Brexit” in honor of Britain’s decision to leave the EU.

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Of Wildings, Muslim and Otherwise

A post (slightly edited for clarity, with editorial commentary supplied by GoV) from Nicolai Sennels’ site in Denmark.

Dr. Sennels wrote this a few days before Christmas, but it’s even more germane now:

Dear 10News readers,

The above photos say everything: Countries with virtually no Muslim immigration can celebrate Christmas in peace, while West Europe needs to deploy heavily armed police to protect Christmas.

Selling homes in Poland and other East European countries — especially to Swedes, Germans and Fr[ench] — will become big business very soon.

And if you haven’t noticed: It is no longer a shame to say publicly — at lunch at work, at Christmas dinners with family or friends, at Facebook — that “I think that Islam is a danger to our freedom and safety”… “I think we should stop Muslim immigration” or “We have more than enough mosques”.

[Note: On Facebook?? Perhaps for Danes it’s okay to say those things on FaceAche, but it’s dangerous if you’re German. Zuckerberg has become infamous for an increasingly repressive mind-set, but the biggest ‘tell’ on his soviet tendencies came when he sat next to Merkel at the UN and promised Angela he’d turn any German Facebook miscreants over to her.

For Germans in particular, Zuckerberg’s fiefdom is definitely not a SafeSpace when you hold views that diverge from Merkel’s narrative.

In fact, it was this deal with the devil that prompted our decision at Gates of Vienna to exit the Facebook swamp forthwith. It remains troubling that so many people continue to use FB’s “curated” news as their main source of information. As if the MSM weren’t bad enough. — D]

DK10 News continues:

Everybody knows, and the few who don’t are becoming a small and ridiculous minority that should be ignored.

By the way: We will make a demonstration in front of the German embassy in Denmark very soon. With Europe’s open borders, Merkel’s immigration policy is putting everybody inside the Schengen in danger. We have to act.

Read and share.

10News Team

Done and done, Dr. Sennels.

Meanwhile, in the U.S., we don’t need no stinkin’ imports: we raise our own homegrown dhimmi Yutes. Here’s one summary report:

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Cultural Enrichment in Cologne: A Turk, the Police, Gasoline and a Lighter

Muslim culture-enrichers in Germany really have a thing about fire. The latest incident occurred in Cologne, where a Turk threatened to immolate himself and police officers after he was detained for molesting several women.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from

Cologne: Man (45) douses himself and policemen with gasoline — threatens with a lighter in his hand

Cologne — A dicey mission on Holy Night: A man (45) doused himself and policemen with gasoline at the main police station in Cologne. With a lighter in his hand he threatened to set everybody on fire.

One policewoman was able to kick the man’s lighter out of his hand, so that he could be overwhelmed. Two policewomen were lightly injured. The 45-year-old was committed to the municipal clinic after the incident.

He harassed employees of a car rental

The employees of a car rental company had called the police because they were molested by the man. On the way to the police station, the Turk from Dortmund then claimed that the liquid in the can in his hand was drinking water.

He threatened “I will take you all with me”

During a scuffle in the police station the man was able to open the can and to douse himself and policemen with him with gasoline. He pulled a lighter out of his pocket and yelled: “I don’t care if I die, I will take you all with me!” One of the policewomen quick-wittedly reacted and prevented a worse outcome.

Proceedings have been initiated against the man for severe bodily harm as well as resisting arrest.

The translator adds these acerbic remarks:

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Five of the Berlin Subway Firebugs Are Syrians, And One is Libyan

We reported yesterday that seven “youths” set a homeless man on fire next to a subway station in Berlin. The police published CCTV photos of the suspects, and since then six of the high-spirited young culture-enrichers have turned themselves in. The seventh suspect has not yet been apprehended was later arrested.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this follow-up report from the Süddeutsche Zeitung:

Berlin: Homeless set on fire — Suspects turned themselves in

December 27 2016

  • A homeless person in Berlin barely escaped a fire attack on Christmas Eve
  • As announced by police, seven young men allegedly set the clothes of the man on fire while he was sleeping in a subway station
  • Monday evening, police published photos and a video of the wanted persons, who subsequently turned themselves in
  • Six men reportedly are from Syria, one from Libya

After the attack on a homeless person in a Berlin subway station, the suspects turned themselves in. Six of the men turned themselves in at different police stations after Monday evening, police announced. Another man was arrested. The police had released photos and a video that showed the wanted persons. Police are investigating the incident as attempted murder.

The men, aged between 15 and 21 years, allegedly set the clothes of a homeless person on fire in the Schönleinstraße subway station on Christmas Eve, and then fled by subway. The man was sleeping on a bench. He was not injured, as passers-by intervened. A subway train driver who witnessed the incident rushed to help with a fire extinguisher.

The suspects are now being interrogated by the homicide division. “We know who the main suspect is. He is 21 years old”, says the police speaker on RBB (Radio Berlin-Brandenburg). Six of the suspects were born in Syria, and one in Libya, she confirms upon enquiry. “They immigrated as refugees”, a speaker tells Süddeutsche Zeitung. She did not announce when they came to Germany.

The subway station Schönleinstraße is located between the Kreuzberg and Neukölln districts and is monitored by video cameras. Only a short a while ago, an attack on a Berlin subway station caused nationwide outrage. A man unexpectedly kicked a woman in the back down a stairway. She fell an broke an arm. The suspect has been arrested in the meantime. Police were criticised for waiting several weeks before searching for the suspects via video stills.

Gates of Vienna News Feed 12/26/2016

Search crews in the Black Sea have found fragments of the Russian military plane that crashed yesterday, killing all 92 people on board. The Russian government has ruled out terrorism as a possible cause, saying mechanical failure or pilot error are more likely explanations.

In other news, in the wake of the truck jihad in Berlin, the CSU — Chancellor Merkel’s sister party in Bavaria — is calling for expanded police powers.

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