Next Year: Useful Idiot Awards?

Last night we posted a video clip of German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière discussing the rape and murder of Maria L., and the fact that the alleged murderer was a “refugee” who had been released early from prison in Greece after being sentenced to ten years for attempted murder.

The following video is evidently taken from an awards ceremony in which Mr. de Maizière gave out “German Citizen Awards”. From the context, it seems that the recipient(s) were Gutmenschen who had gotten on board with the “welcoming culture” that has brought all the wonderful, vibrant diversity into Germany.

So what will the Interior Minister do as a follow-up next year, assuming that he is still in office? I suggest Useful Idiot Awards — there should be plenty of worthy candidates for those.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling and updating this clip:


00:04   German Citizen Awards
00:08   And of course we in Germany
00:12   have discussed what it means when a refugee
00:16   rapes and kills a young student in Freiburg.
00:20   What does it mean for our issue?
00:25   Well the answers are, of course, difficult,
00:29   and therefore
00:33   I would like to mention again that some of you,
00:37   at least since New Year’s Eve in Cologne,
00:41   have been questioned critically
00:45   perhaps carefully, whether it’s useful what you do.
00:49   Maybe you were met with hostility, mobbed, bullied
00:53   [Unclear]
00:57   But our society in the long run, I am convinced of it,
01:01   will not consist of loudmouths
01:06   from the outraged and divisive people, but
01:10   of hands-on people, who, as you all did, will volunteer, will join parties,
01:14   unions and associations, will do something
01:18   together. Congratulations!

8 thoughts on “Next Year: Useful Idiot Awards?

  1. Maybe they will eventually use their heads and form militias. I doubt that dancing around the central issue of the time is going to solve anything.

  2. Useful Idiots, indeed. I think these last two years of disruption, willful blindness and deafness, and sickness in Germany will generate hundreds of papers by historians, psychologists, psychiatrists, political scientists, writers and journalists in due time.

    The government sycophants and cowardly media will not fare well. The timelines which will be written with quotes (they are engineers, architects and students fleeing from war), excuses (they don’t know our ways) and lies (isolated events) will be a fascinating, yet terrible reminder of just went so wrong.

    All that adoring audience ever had to do was listen to the people at the beginning, and usher the chancellor to a neurologist at the first sign of dementia (when she abruptly shut down the nuclear plants? when she punished Greece mercilessly?), before it became full-blown.

    The media also will pay mightily. They will lose their reputations and our trust. They were supposed to be On Guard, not grovel.

  3. It just goes to show that Germans, like these, are unhinged. The more troubling question is ‘Why?’ Is it something in the water? Is it a masochism? Is it a false sense of moral superiority? Is it a Freudian Death Wish?

    I believe it signifies the end of all highly successful materialist cultures, whose anodyne wealth removes from their minds any consideration of the the brutality inherent in human nature, especially tempting in a culture, such as the German, which conveniently side-stepped their own complicity in the Nazi apocalypse by isolating evil in one man – Hitler.

    In fact, this shows us EXACTLY how Hitler came to power. Germans IGNORE EVIL!

    • I sense is the death wish, based on unending guilt for having produced and enabled Hitler. Sadly, they dont see that suicide and copitulation to Islam, an ideology aligned with Hitler, is not the way to atone.

      • The other night at a well arosed dinner party I once again did my defence of Israel and the Jewish people and was, once again insulted by one of these terminally predictable Champagne Socialists: “you only defend Israel and the Jews because you feel guilty”. That is usually the moment when I want to slap their faces – AS IF one could only like, respect and yes ADMIRE the only democratic country in that politically and morally rotten region because of “Guilt”. Arrrrrggggghhhhhhh !!!!!!

        So, no – as a German – I dont think the Merkel Germans do “it” because of Guilt – they do it because they are STUPID as in MORONIC. Why did they follow Hitler ? What were they feeling guilty about then ?

        This time, those 55% who will (so the predictions go) vote for her again are dogs returning to their vomit.

        PS: Dear Baron Bodissey, feel free to censor my little rant.

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