Michael Stürzenberger Writes the Swan Song for Die Freiheit

Die Freiheit is an Islam-critical party in Germany that was founded in 2010 by René Stadtkewitz and Marc Doll. In recent years it has been led by Michael Stürzenberger, who is also well-known for his articles at Politically Incorrect.

PEGIDA and AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) emerged after Die Freiheit. They handle the topic of Islam less gingerly than Freiheit, and are more outspoken about what must be done with respect to mass Islamic immigration. They are also more unabashedly nationalistic, which has hitherto been taboo in Germany. For these reasons they raced past Die Freiheit and eclipsed it in popularity.

Earlier this month Die Freiheit voted to dissolve itself, and tomorrow it will disband. Below is a farewell to Freiheit by Michael Stürzenberger that takes the form of an open letter to journalists.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

(Freiheit R.I.P.)

An Appeal to Journalists in Germany

by Michael Stürzenberger

At its December 4th convention in Nuremberg, the party Die Freiheit voted unanimously to dissolve at year’s end. The members confirmed this decision in a written ballot. This document states that all political tasks, including Islam-criticism, best reside in the hands of the AfD, and Freiheit is no longer needed. In this last e-mail as national head of the party, I would like to direct an urgent appeal to you.

Stop the euphemistic, down-playing, hushing-up reportage on the subject of Islam. It achieves nothing to stick our heads in the sand. History teaches us that appeasement only makes things worse.

Clarification of the dangerous political ideology inseparably connected to the religion of Islam has nothing to do with criticism of people. It is not about discrediting Muslims, but helping them to shake off the dangerous elements of Islam like persistently constrictive bonds.

When another terror attack occurs and the Muslim responsible shouts “Allahu Akhbar” in the process, do not once again translate that falsely as “God is great.” It means “Allah is greater”, and is a documentation of Islam’s claim to be the only true religion, and also claims exclusive worldly authority. The Islamic god Allah has nothing to do with the Christian, New-Testament, love-of-neighbor-and-enemy image of God. It is the polar opposite.

Construct no more phrases about the “so-called” Islamic State. It is the Islamic State. Everything that happens there is oriented towards the Koran and the model provided by the Prophet Mohammed, who — with the primitive, original Islamic community — robbed, enslaved, conquered, made war, killed, beheaded and executed critics.

Never forget that the Prophet Mohammed is recognized in Islam as the “seal of the Prophets,” the Messenger of Allah who makes the ultimate, authoritative announcement, and is to be emulated as a “complete human being” as well as a “perfect model.”

Never again claim that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam. It is a 100% embodiment of pure and original Islam.

Never again claim that terrorist attacks by Muslims — 29,993 of them just since 9/11 — have nothing to do with Islam. They are the precise fulfillment of orders issuing from the Koran. Note that the Koran — unlike the Bible — is considered the word-for-word, direct, timelessly valid command of the god Allah.

Sharia — the Islamic system of law which to us is inhuman and barbaric — is obligatory for Muslims. That is why all Islamic states have tied the so-called “human rights declaration” of Cairo inseparably to sharia.

Never again uncritically broadcast the statements of Islamic functionaries like Aiman Mazyek. It is his job to protect Islam.

He is allowed to lie to achieve this, which in Islam is called “taqiyya.” When he quotes harmless Koran verses, they are from the beginning time of the Prophet from Mecca, when he had few followers and no influence. These verses are all abrogated (replaced) by the later verses from the time in Medina, when Mohammed had power and an army. And there is where the ultimately valid commandments of violence, battle, war and killing arose.

When Mazyek maintains that killing is forbidden in Islam, he is lying through his teeth. He likes to give incomplete quotes from Koran verse 5:32, which applies to the Jews and clearly forbids killing. On the other hand, anyone who causes mischief can be killed anytime, and “mischief” includes criticizing Islam, refusing to be subjected to Islam and hindering its spread. This becomes clear in the directly following verse, 5:33:

“The payment for those who make war against Allah and his emissaries, and seek to cause ruin in the land shall be that they be killed or crucified or their hands and feet cut off or that they are driven from the land.”

The Koran contains 27 direct commandments to kill, such as “Kill the infidels wherever you find them” (2:191), and they validate it whenever a Muslim feels the urge to wage jihad against the “infidels.”

Do not let yourself be deceived by the fact that most Muslims here in this land have been relatively peaceful and unobtrusive. These are their instructions according to Islamic law when they are in a position of weakness. Only when Islam is in the majority must they uncompromisingly assist Islam to power. Before that time, the task is to continuously put the frighteners on the infidels, and that includes targeted terrorist attacks. Simultaneously, there are unrelenting demands to firmly embed Islam in the society.

Never forget that Islam and National Socialism entered into a pact and mutually confirmed their similarity: leader cult, totalitarian thinking, exclusive claim to worldly power, ethnic community, anti-Semitism, legitimization of violence and killing.

As journalists, you have the obligation to inform the population objectively. Inform yourself about Islam through its primary sources, the Koran and the Hadith. Islam is the greatest threat for us in the 21st century.

Inform yourself through the Islam critics who are really knowledgeable and explain without censoring anything. First to mention is Hamed Abdel-Samad, whose father was an imam in Egypt and who himself was for a while a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He is an expert like no other. His books, Islamic Fascism, Mohammed — A Reckoning and The Koran are ground-breaking.

I myself will continue to work to elucidate Islam. The goal must be to free Islam of all unconstitutional elements, end its claim to worldly dominance, violence, killing and suppression of women, as well as declaring sharia invalid for all time. Further, there must be a dissolution of the hitherto dominant philosophy of Islam in which all lands not ruled by Islam are designated the “House of ‘War” (dar al-harb). Otherwise, terrorism will never end.

It must be made clear to Muslims that laws are made by people, and not by whatever gods, and this must be accommodated day by day in the reality of life. Laws from the 7th century proclaimed by a “prophet” in what is now Saudi Arabia can play no part in the present day, or we will fall back into barbarism.

My heartfelt thanks to all of those who have kept company on the stony path of Freiheit since 2010. It took courage, for when you tell the truth, you may often need a speedy getaway. But the work was not in vain. Many peoples’ eyes were opened.

With deeply shadowed greetings and nonetheless best wishes for 2017,

Michael Stürzenberger
Partner in the refounding of the White Rose, 2012

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9 thoughts on “Michael Stürzenberger Writes the Swan Song for Die Freiheit

  1. Thank you, danke, Michael Stürzenberger, for your past efforts. You have opened the eyes of many.

    Please continue on with the educational efforts, through AfD.

    • Likewise, thank you Herr Stadtkewitz. You were a little ahead of your time and thus were constrained by what was possible, ahead of what could be said and done then.

      Hold your heads high, you and your colleagues sowed the seeds that became the shoots that grew into the strong plants that now rise up towards the Sun.

      S III.

  2. Michael Sturzenburger speaks the truth. Narcissistic…barren…self centered Europeans with little or no sense of History may bemoan his accurate portrayal of the ” Fourteen Hundred Year Scourge on Humanity “; but their objections are the mental vomit of inferior cadres of humankind. Devout Jews and practicing Christians will { in a generation or two } re assert the true values of God fearing people. The inbred ,moronic, imbecilic adherents of the fakest of all fake religions { a political movement in disguise } cannot sustain themselves without a healthy host to feed on….and when they have eaten up all the pacifistic idiots who welcome them into their countries……Actual human beings will again prevail. Look to the East toward the Visigrad four and Mother Russia for inspiration. Merkel and her kind will soon be as insignificant as old turds on the side of a road along with the fake Jew ; Soros.

  3. This is the best complete rather short explanatory version of Islam I have read. I intend to send to a couple of moronic friends I have who somehow still don’t get it a copy. Of course one of them I don’t speak to anymore, or rather he doesn’t speak to me. If I could hire someone to tie him down and play this out loud on a tape device over and over again for about a month, good food of course to be provided, I would do it.

    Anyway the second would benefit by just a reading which I think he and his wife would agree to.

    Only thing I would note is that somehow some national states like a couple of the formerly Russian ‘stans seem to be okay though they are Islamic. Perhaps it is because unlike some Arab Muslims who felt insulted because they are so close physically to the Jews and who disliked the Jews early on for denying Allah’s and Muhammad’s greatness, the Muslims from the ‘stans didn’t have that problem. Why other than Arab peoples accepted Islam, except of course those who were forced to take Islam’s vows accepted it I simply don’t understand. Malaysia, Indonesia (never to forget what at least part of their population did to the east Timorese) would have seemed to be out of the Arab sphere but yet they too accepted it. Do we have to learn about that too, haven’t these members of the Religion of Peace, the bastards annoyed us enough already these years since 9/11?

    I answer my own question like this: if President Trump can expose and jail (on some Rico like Act perhaps) the Muslim Brotherhood and all their filthy off spring like C.A.I.R., Students for Justice in Palestine, and a myriad of other murderous nazi like infiltratorious creeps and throw away the key I’d be willing to keep on following with some intensity.

    And that being said, Happy New Year to All, and to All a Good Night.

    Mike From Brooklyn

  4. Thank God for JLH, CrossWare and others who translate for the “English only” crowd. You guys and gals truly do shed the light where it never would shine without your efforts. It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway: it’s important what you do, it’s more than important, it’s critical. Please, continue your work.

    And may you have a very happy and festive New Year night and may 2017 see the swing of the pendulum. The Swing of the Pendulum. The Swing of the Pendulum.

    • Thank you very much, I try to do my best in the upcoming year too (which hopefully will be a good one)!
      Have all of us a Happy New Year!

  5. My friend and colleague GLT aka Bishop Guy is one of the best informed on the subject. He is apparently too “extreme” even for the “Far Right”, when indeed his greatest fear is the return of real Fascism. Guy is simply a scholar not a “politician”. He now refused to write anymore saying it is pointless.He thinks a great deal about Gates of Vienna and says quote” It is the best site on the Internet”. He realizes that Christianity too must be re-embraced if we are to win this.

  6. An informative article. I do wonder about his statement “laws are made by people, and not by whatever gods”. Laws based on Judeo-Christian beliefs have done us well for a long time. If we dispose of a higher basis for our laws, what we have is legalized mob rule, elite rule, or authoritarian rule. Since this is my first encounter with with Mr. Stürzenberger’s writing, I don’t know if this was just a lapse in communication, or a deeply held belief of his.

  7. El Eff, yes,thank you. Your engagement and discussion are our reward.

    Marlin–From following Michael S for a long time, I would say that he has a healthy respect for the Judaeo-Christian underpinning of Western culture, leavened by the distance of time and the impact of the Enlightenment, which is acknowledged in the US, but not so forcefully as in Europe–at least in Germany–admiring references to the Founders notwithstanding. What causes his indignation at the setting of laws by “any gods” is the arrogant assumption of superiority and authority by unthinking, bloodthirsty followers of Islam and the misprision of religious freedom. One has only to see a video of his impassioned addresses at the Stachus against the super mosque, and his confident citations of the Koran to realize that he is the equal–if not superior–of many an imam in his grasp of what is being inculcated into the warriors of ISIS and other groups. He is as close as I can come to an embodiment of righteous indignation, so his contempt for this abuse of religion bleeds through in his language.

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