Marion Maréchal Le Pen: “The Fight Will Probably Take a Whole Generation”

Marion Maréchal Le Pen, the niece of Marine Le Pen, is a leader of the Front National in France. In the interview below, Ms. Le Pen discusses the deficiencies of French immigration policy in the wake of the terrorist attack on a Christmas market in Berlin.

Like her aunt, Marion Le Pen prefers to use the terms “radical Islam” and “Islam” rather than make a blanket statement about something called “Islam”. Still, her remarks are much more encouraging than anything being uttered by other French politicians.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Frederic Delpeche, you’re live from the Palais Bourbon with Marion Maréchal Le Pen.
00:04   Yes, Marion Maréchal Le Pen,
00:08   with us live from the Parliament. Would you say tonight,
00:12   like many French politicians: “I am a Berliner”[“Ich bin ein Berliner”]?
00:16   Is it what your heart would cry tonight? — Well, I think it’s becoming a bit easy,
00:20   if you want, to re-light candles that are still smoking after the last attack.
00:24   Rather than multiply the over-emotional effects,
00:28   I would prefer French government to
00:32   go into a retrospective mode, because this attack in Berlin reminds us painfully of
00:36   the attack in Nice with the same modus operandi, the attack at the Bataclan with the throat- slitting,
00:40   and the conclusion is that nothing was done
00:44   concerning a break— in the question of borders, the question of migration;
00:48   that is a question that came up with the attacks, and that will continue to come up, or
00:52   concerning the propagation of radical Islam. So I think, to say just, you know,
00:56   “I am from Nice” or “I am Parisian”, “I am a Berliner”,
01:00   Facebook filters, we cry, we light up candles, we sing “Imagine”.
01:04   At some point it isn’t up to our responsibilities today.
01:08   It means that in your eyes, what seems to be an attack, at least that’s what
01:12   German government is saying, was predictable? —Well, it seems obvious,
01:16   you know, today we are facing a threat on a worldwide scale,
01:20   the threat of Islamism, that has ramifications everywhere,
01:24   that incidentally Russians are attempting to fight in Syria,
01:28   one of those ramifications in Aleppo is that there are al Qaeda rebels;
01:32   and as such the total laxity of the EU,
01:36   with its migration policy, allowed for what happened in Bataclan, infiltration
01:40   of terrorists, who have secretly infiltrated the migratory flux
01:44   in order to come and hit France. And of course
01:48   it’s a major subject, which our governments haven’t truly answered,
01:53   Except for a number of security measures, case by case,
01:57   among local representatives, to secure local Christmas markets for example. —So you question
02:01   the politics of Angela Merkel concerning welcoming of the migrants, which she has done
02:05   for the last 18 months? — Well, we’ll obviously see what is going on with this particular attack.
02:09   Because, as you just said, we don’t yet know
02:13   the identity of the terrorist; however,
02:17   I’d like to use it as a “booster shot” concerning what happened in France, where the question about
02:21   migration came up, and where there was no serious answer to it; let me remind you, even in Nice
02:25   the terrorist was a foreigner, Tunisian, an ex-convict of multiple crimes, who was never deported
02:29   from the country; and who attended an UOIE mosque [Union of Islamic Organisations] in Nice,
02:33   one of those famous mosques connected to Muslim Brotherhood, which, in France
02:37   are legal, [unintelligible] of the Republic, which are sometimes financed by
02:41   public money, without anyone being outraged.
02:45   This afternoon in Parliament, PM Bernard Cazeneuve
02:49   reminded us of the firmness and the determination of the government; did you approve
02:53   this discourse? —Well, I would prefer to see firmness and determination, for example,
02:57   in the closing of Salafist mosques! We know that there are more than a hundred of them in France,
03:01   and they weren’t all closed, to the contrary. I would prefer firmness towards
03:05   radical imams; I would prefer firmness in the refusal of
03:09   foreign funding coming from countries such as Qatar or Saudi Arabia
03:13   in our French neighborhoods, in our French mosques. Now I don’t see anything
03:17   being done. I see an impotent government that is paralysed
03:21   by the fear of stigmatizing and mixing up [moderates with radicals] to detriment of, incidentally,
03:25   the entire French nation, including Muslims, and that is petrified,
03:29   or at least completely impotent or even an accomplice in this migratory submersion,
03:33   which is a real danger today, in terms of terrorism.
03:37   In your opinion, will this subject of terrorism be part of the presidential campaign?
03:41   Well, it seems obvious, and I do hope it will be, because
03:46   there’s one thing I agree with Manuel Valse about: the fight will probably take a whole generation,
03:50   and we’ll need years to rebuild all that was undone in detail
03:54   by our governments; be it our judiciary, our police,
03:58   be it our legislative, be it our borders —concerning personnel and infrastructure.
04:02   All that will have to be tackled, I hope, starting in 2017,
04:06   to rebuild it in order to protect ourselves from these threats,
04:10   in order, also, to recreate a new diplomacy, which should form
04:14   a true alliance and coalition from Washington to Moscow
04:18   in order to finally agree on the essential: defending our interests in fighting
04:22   against all the Islamist ramifications, whether in Syria, in Libya,
04:26   or in other countries that are today facing being overthrown. —Thank you,
04:30   Marion Maréchal Le Pen! With us, live, from Parliament.

9 thoughts on “Marion Maréchal Le Pen: “The Fight Will Probably Take a Whole Generation”

  1. I do not mind that for now Le Pen and Trump both careful when they wording about the Islamic threat. As long as they consult the real experts and come to the conclusion at the end that Islam is a political ideology which just use religion as a cover (uses some religious indoctrination techniques – cult style) then it is all good!

  2. Apart from the alternative media, no one has yet come forward to adequately point out the difference between radical and moderate Islam – yet most in the public eye will try to rationalize the existence of such a thing without any suitable or meaningful analysis for why it is uttered in the hope that what they utter is not questioned too deeply.

    That kind of description – which is also a deferral to Islam – and that to anyone who has bothered to take note, concerns a supremacist totalitarian ideology that has no resemblance at all to any religion that we who live in the West recognize religion to be.

    The lady in question may have meant well in trying not to ‘stigmatize’ French Muslims as somehow being included with the radical lot who take part in the Jihad, but at some point this foolishness has to cease and be recognized for the deference to Islam that it truly is.

    It is Islam that is the problem and so too are those Muslims who remain mum while the Jihadi’s go about their destructive business. Call ’em all out!

    There is only one Islam!

    • It is true! There is only one Islam! There can be no compartmentalising ! Every member of this TERRIBLE SECT would do as instructed in the Koran viz. kill the infidel! Which means anyone who is not a Muslim. These beasts are being encouraged to take over Europe by governments who are outdated!
      The French, Swedish, Danish, German, Italian ,the US and the U.K. are giving the countries away to an enemy just as bad, if not worse, than the ones we defeated in WW II ! All this is taking place, albeit, in cribs and drabs such as the attacks on Nice , Berlin et al and with the knowledge of the appropriate government offices!
      At this moment in time Russia is the last bastion against this SAVAGE HORDE!
      We must take charge and rid our countries against this FILTHY INFESTATION! The Immigrant situation is being used as a stepping point for the takeover of the West and it is happening ,unchecked, with the will of an effete PC population! We must rise up and stamp out this pestilence NOW!
      Islam is not a religion but a brutal male supremist sect intent on conquering the world! This internal strife has been going on for centuries but this time there is a great DANGER Islam will succeed!
      There are Sharia Courts, Halal Meat, the wearing of the Burka , Mosques with Imams who propose Jihad ,Sex Grooming gangs ,Mutiple rapes even telephone scams intended to rob elderly people of their savings with these monies going to further the Islamic Invasion!

      What or Who does it take to stop this gang of thugs??

      Whatever it takes someone ,somewhere needs to round up those of us who are willing to say NO! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


  3. Guess what…..The mewge are saying the same thing and propagation rates are on their side. If this problem is to be solved in our favor it must happen much soner

  4. Guess what…..The mewge are saying the same thing and propagation rates are on their side. If this problem is to be solved in our favor it must happen much sooner and that could get……messy

  5. Our entire western culture needs to take a good 5 unit course–with lab–on the Islamic movement: history, theory, practice.

    We have been fooled for 1400 years.

  6. It’s time (past time) to address the problem and the problem is Islam. Muhammad wasn’t “radical” just as those attacking our citizens aren’t radical. They’re doing what any good Muslim does, emulating Muhammad. Whether or not a certain Muslim participates in violence is irrelevant. Jihad comes in many different forms and ALL Muslims believe in and participate in Jihad, they’re OBLIGATED to. Most in the West have no stomach for the truth about Islam. As long as Islam exists, there will be no peace. Just as there’s been no peace since its inception. History shows us that we continuously push Islam back into submission yet it comes back time and time again. There are moments in history where there’s relative peace and quiet. Yet inevitably Islam constantly and consistently comes back to try to conquer the West. This will NEVER end while the teachings of Muhammad remain accessible. His teachings obligate Muslims to establish Islam in all 4 corners of the earth. The only way to stop this from repeating yet again in a few hundred years (assuming we’re successful in pushing Islam out again. There’s no guarantee) is to wipe it completely from the planet. All of it’s teachings, literature, customs, traditions, holidays and even it’s language needs removed. It’s the way it must be.

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