Maria L: A Victim of Merkel’s People-Replacement Policy

The young woman who was raped and murdered in Freiburg last October by an Afghan “17-year-old” was originally known in the media only as “Maria L”, in accordance with the standard European protocol. Eventually her surname surfaced: Ladenburger. And her father is a high-ranking EU official.

It also turned out that both Maria and her father were “refugee-helpers”, with her father acting in his professional capacity to promote the cause of the refugees.

Below is a German video that analyzes the pro-multicult work done by this family of useful idiots. Oz-Rita, who translated the clip for subtitling, includes this note:

This video is in your face, quite melodramatic and perhaps a little tabloid. It’s also hard on the father, but I understand the great disappointment of the Germans: they thought that now, at last, since the child of a high official Merkelite had been murdered, the denial and hiding would stop — it did NOT. The Tagesschau would not even publish it, because it was “merely local news”.

I translated Umvolkungs Politik into my own neologism: “People-Replacement Policy”. In French it has become official as Le Grand Remplacement, but I have not yet come across a relevant new English word for it.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   In the case of the young student Maria L., murdered in Freiburg,
00:04   the police have arrested a suspect. As reported
00:08   in their afternoon press conference, he is a minor,
00:12   unaccompanied refugee. The 17-year-old Afghan came
00:16   to Germany last year.
00:20   Maria is on her way home from a party, when she encounters her suspected killer.
00:24   He rapes the 19-year-old medical student before she dies here,
00:28   near the Freiburg soccer stadium. After intensive enquiries
00:33   he has now been arrested. The suspect is a
00:37   17-year-old youth of Afghan origin
00:41   who came to Germany as refugee in 2015.
01:01   Maria
01:22   Facebook Page of
01:26   Members of the Freiburg Refugee Aid
01:30   Maria Ladenburger Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg added about one year ago
01:38   Official death notice
01:43   “…With a heavy heart but also with firm hope, bid we farewell to our dearly beloved
01:47   daughter, sister, granddaughter and cousin
01:55   6 December 1996 — 16 October 2016
01:59   (This death notice suggests that instead of flowers, money should be donated to help refugees)
02:03   The funeral took place in Brussels.
02:16   The Father of Maria is a highly paid EU Official.
02:40   The relatives call for donations
02:44   for a leftist organisation
02:49   that fights against deportations [of illegal migrants]
02:53   and agitates for the breaking down of borders.
03:09   Invitation to a lecture by Dr. Clemens Ladenburger on the topic of:
03:13   Legal Challenges facing the EU in coping with the refugee crisis.
03:18   Maria’s father is an expert and lecturer in Refugee Policy,
03:22   Central Committee of German Catholics European Integration and Presence
03:26   of the Church in Society and State, Dr. Clemens Ladenburg, Brussels.
03:30   The father is a pseudo-Christian He gives lectures on:
03:38   “Religious Diversity” is a euphemism for
03:51   Merkel is an accessory to this murder.
03:55   The killer only came to this country because of
03:59   Merkel’s Afghanistan policies
04:03   and the suicidal “welcoming culture”.
04:11   Refugee helpers are the useful idiots
04:15   of Merkel’s People-Replacement Policy.
04:19   Merkel’s People-Replacement policy in favour of Islamic men costs more than billions of Euros.
04:24   Merkel’s People-Replacement policy costs human lives.
04:28   Elite officials will also pay their price for collaborating with Merkel’s policy of high treason.
04:32   Many Nazis lost their own sons in WW2.
04:36   Many Merkel Loyalists will lose their own children
04:40   in the coming civil war-like unrest, rape-orgies,
04:44   and attempts at Islamic conquest.

20 thoughts on “Maria L: A Victim of Merkel’s People-Replacement Policy

  1. I thought the video was too mild! It ought to have been a call to arms, not merely a warning.

    Our courage is pitted against the Islamic barbarian, but primarily against the Left’s INSANITY. How else can we describe such a flight of reason?

    I dare say that never before in human history has a political elite acted with such suicidal intent, because they must know, there will be no trade-off for themselves, once Islam gets a grip.

    • @ DiMu
      I’m with you, but in Mother Terrorista’s Germany, where Merkel had the gall to put a former STASI member (Anette Kahne) in charge of “Internet Security”, I actually expect this video (and perhaps even its publisher?) to disappear from sight before you can say “Adolf Erdogan & Soros” twice.
      What you see at minute 3.47 are the actual hands and pounch of Angela Merkel.

    • WW2 0ccupied Paris. Confident Nazis walk astound or travel the Metro unarmed. Until one day they start getting bumped off. Could Bruxelles start to crumble in a similar manner? That Doctor fella so called parent is one sick cookie in my estimation. There is nothing new under the sun.

  2. The old saying that everyone has their ‘price’ is brought to mind here with this murder. So we now know that the victim, whether she realized it or not, was actively involved in assisting to undermine her own culture through ‘refugee aid’.

    Though I’m sure that her parents knew the repercussions of what their daughter was involved in, which then adds another perspective to this murder and the end result of such behaviour whenever one chooses to accept their thirty pieces of silver knowing full well that what they are doing will forever change the people, the culture and the country they were born into.

    The phrase ‘Traitor Class’ gets bandied around quite frequently today, however, that descriptor just doesn’t seem to go far enough in explaining the delusion in some that is leading to the destruction of whole countries. In this case, is it really the fear of being likened to ‘Nazis’ that those who actively take part in their own destruction do so to avoid such a label while unwittingly falling into the trap of behaving just like the real Nazis?

    That kind of thinking reminds me of those who tell you to your face, ‘I don’t want to become like my mother or father so please tell me whenever I start to behave like them’.

    And going on my own experience of such people, it is those who utter such thinking that are generally the one’s who end up behaving just like their parents. So in all of this kind of ‘thinking’ there appears to me to be a lack of perspective mixed with a fear of being labelled by one’s peers that is a driving force amongst those who fall in with the Traitor Class.

    But, within the Traitor Class there are also those who know exactly what it is that they are actively involved in and who upbeat the utopia fantasy through distracting feel good sentiment mixed with outright lies. And it is those to whom the responsibility of cultural genocide that we must hang the word Traitor on.

    Too, we must never forget that what we now see occurring before our very eyes has had its genesis some time ago. We also need to focus on who or what it was that has caused this Globalist agenda to come about, an agenda that set the trap for those susceptible to that kind of mind game?

    When Traitors are hanged for their criminality, what is often not looked over, is what or who caused them to become a Traitor in the first place and when that happens, then those who generally brought the Traitor into being will always escape the public’s attention.

  3. Eventually Europe will be a great killing fields as the European nations become committed to removing the sticking suffocating Muslim overlay being imposed on them by the EU deletes.

  4. “In French it has become official as Le Grand Remplacement, but I have not yet come across a relevant new English word for it.”
    Why not a simple translation from French?
    The Great Replacement.

  5. Leftism is beyond doubt a mental/cognitive illness. Money must be provided for research into developing tests to identify this condition so that individuals afflicted with this malady are never allowed to occupy positions of responsibility above that of a janitor. Leftism left unchecked is dangerous.

  6. Can someone tell me – has this murder/rape become national news in Germany after they tried to bury it in the local news?

    • yes it has! But through the backdoor.
      The fact that this event was hesitantly reported in the print media but not in the main TV evening news has stirred up some editors.This morning, there was an exhaustive feature on a major radio station ( lefty WDR 5 of Cologne)where the suppression of this event was criticized with regard to the origins of the perp,like all Afghans 17 years old.I had the impression that the wind is turning.Maybe some female relative or collegue had an enriching experience near the station…..?

  7. I sincerely hope it’s NOT going to end well because that would mean the West is irrevocably lost.

    People have to stand with Geert Wilders, with Marinne Le Pen, with Nigel Farage, with Viktor Orban, with Donald Trump, with Vladimir Putin. And Pauline Hanson in Australia.

    OK she’s not the sharpest pencil in the box but she’s a patriot, and patriots are sorely needed now to defeat the economic and political globalization that has reduced nations’ taxation revenue and sovereignty.

    • I will not be surprised if the father were to ask for a lenient sentence for the murderer.
      – These mentally ill Progressives are a bigger problem than the Mohammadans, themselves.

  8. This reminds of a recent fictional movie produced several years ago by the BBC called The Boy in Striped Pajamas which is about a jewish boy in a Auschwitz concentration camp and how he is befriended by a German boy on the outside of the camp. Wont say more to ruin the movie but all i can say is that everything that Europe believes is a story or fiction is now becoming true. This wicked man is directly responsible for the death of his daughter all in the name of globalism: sieg heil.

  9. As a parent I feel very deeply for any parent who loses a child. That my own parents lost their first born child at 4 years old, which permanently damaged both of them in different ways and cast a pall over the childhoods of all their younger and future progeny only heightens this sensitivity.

    But in the case of Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, I will make an exception. If any father in Europe had to lose his 19 year old daughter to rape and murder by a Muslim “refugee”, Dr Ladenburger must surely rank amongst the least deserving of our sympathy, being a leading architect of EU immigration policy.

    Not very Christian of me, I know, but I am not a Christian. Please note I did not state in the sentence above that Dr Ladenburger was “the most deserving of his fate” or that Maria was “deserving of her fate”, as I wouldn’t want any parent to lose a child or any 19-year-old woman (or woman of any age. Or man) to suffer the fate Maria did. Moreover, Dr Ladenburger is, by his chosen occupation, placing millions of German women at risk of the same fate as his daughter and playing no small part in engineering the destruction of the German ethnos and the German state.

    One might hope this experience would cause Dr Ladenburger and his wife (who was plainly supportive of their daughter’s “Aid the Refugees” activities) to recalibrate their attitudes and policy outlook as regards the Islamic colonizers who have embarked on a population replacement of Europe, but no, they have doubled down by directing all sympathy donations to go to “Refugee Aid” charities. And held the funeral in Brussels.

    On that venue, one must ask: why? Is Dr Ladenburger too busy working on the destruction of Europe to take time out to hold the funeral in Freiburg? Or is he concerned that sensible Germans in Freiburg may have gathered at Maria’s funeral to respectfully urge a change in policy direction out of fear the same fate might before one of their daughters, sisters, wives?

    Thankfully the Ladenburgers have no other progeny so their congenital stupidity and reckless indifference to the welfare of their child will not be passed onto a new generation. No, correction, evidently, from the reference to Maria as a “sister” and the death notice, Maria had two siblings: Barbel and Dorothee. So Dr and Frau Ladenburger are not the end of their line. One sincerely hopes that such siblings are not so horribly brainwashed that over time they will come to question their parents’ values and activities and put their shoulders to a different wheel. Watch that space.

    The video states that “Many Nazis lost their own sons in WW2.” Indeed, and many more ordinary (apolitical, non-Nazi or anti-Nazi) Germans lost their own sons in WW2, millions of them, whose sons (as young as 13-14 in the last months) were forcibly conscripted by a police state and suffered terrible deaths. Many hundreds of thousands of non-Nazi German civilians: women, children and elderly also lost their lives. Professor Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, Maria’s paternal grandfather, seems to have done okay during WW2: he survived it at least and went on to upper middle class prosperity and professional status.

  10. I have no sympathy for Maria’s father. He has blood on his hands.
    As for Maria, I am sad for the way this beautiful life has been squandered on the altar of Globalism and Islam. She was doomed the day she was born in to her family.

  11. Well, they certainly replaced young Maria, in the most definitive way.

    I hope, but very much doubt, that her sick twisted treasonous parents are writhing in mental agony 24X7.

    That’s the sound of me being understanding and merciful.

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