Laughing into 2017

For tonight is New Year’s Eve
Uncork your spirits and welcome it in

It’s become somewhat of a New Year’s Eve tradition here at Gates of Vienna to post some or all of the lyrics to the song “Laughing into 1939”. Not every year, mind you, but occasionally.

When we first featured it, YouTube versions of songs weren’t always available. But by now virtually everything has been YouTubed, and I’ve embedded the song below so you can hear the melody as well as read the lyrics.

We’ve been laughing into 1939 for more than ten years now. Will the calendar page finally flip over to the Year of Doom this midnight?

Or will we get to live through 1938 at least one more time?

In any case, here’s a bittersweet celebration of the New Year by Al Stewart, the greatest lyricist of our time. It’s from his 1995 album Between the Wars:

Happy New Year, everyone!

The lyrics are posted below the jump:

Laughing into 1939
by Al Stewart

Party hat and satin dress
Silver paper curled in her long black hair
Tapping one small elegant shoe in time
Oh, the way she plays with them
Smile at one, then dance with another
Pretty soon they’re forming up a line
And she’s laughing, laughing into 1939
Oh, laughing, laughing into 1939

Oh, the party draws them in
It breathes and moves
To a life its own
In its arms it’s gathering all time
From the dark he watches her
Moving in and out of the bobbing crowd
If she even notices, she gives no sign
And she’s laughing, laughing into 1939
Oh, laughing, laughing into 1939

For tonight is New Year’s Eve
Uncork your spirits and welcome it in
Who knows what it’s got up its sleeve
Can’t wait for it all to begin
Stand by the girl with the purple balloon
The look in her eyes just lights up the room
In the corner of her smile
She’ll be seeing you soon
Under a mistletoe moon

Out on to the balcony
Come the King and Queen
And the crowd go wild
He’s a little bit nervous
But that’s just fine
And they’re laughing, laughing into 1939
Oh, laughing, laughing into 1939

18 thoughts on “Laughing into 2017

  1. And now the long-dead King’s daughter is very ill. I hope she makes it into 2017.

    The thought of Charles as King is almost — just-almost-but-not-quite, for the Bonny Prince is not evil — as bitter as if Hillary had won our election.

    • I hear it is going to be a very bad 2017 for Charlie’s Saudi pals. For the ultra constipated Wahhabi monkeys that is. God I wish. Before we run out of live Christians in the Muslim hud.

    • Seconded, Dymphna, and I’m a (British) republican; The Queen is dedicated, conscientious and hard working- and keeps quiet on politics, at least in public.

  2. He should change his name to Bonnie..Thanks Dymphna.(again).Happy-est and HEALTHY-EST New Year to you and the Baron!

  3. Germany is not alone. The Muslims on the other gland may start to feel a little nervous and giddy first quarter 2017.

  4. The billboard for Chevrolet says, “The car that is complete.” Does that mean if you buy a Ford you must also buy the fourth wheel and the battery from the dealer as extra items?

    Happy-er New Year to one and all

    • Actually, my son in law has a 1936 Ford V8 that he gets out to drive occasionally – I got to drive last time I was up there in Queensland.

      It is in original condition and with the ‘owners manual’ still in the small but adequate glove box.

      The battery is found under the front seat bolted to the wood floor panelling and the spare wheel in its own encasement on the lid of the ‘trunk’.

      Of course it is black in color with white sidewall tyres.

      A very comfortable vehicle to drive except for the steering, which is rather heavy, and the heat that comes into the cabin from the engine compartment, but, the toots from other motorists admiring such a fine piece of machinery more than makes up for the vehicle’s drawbacks.

      I have photo’s if the Baron is interested?

  5. I’ve never heard of this song, but I surely enjoyed it! Thanks, Baron and Dymphna and I wish you a very happy New Year (well, as happy as it can be at this time).

    • Be happy, Maria, because the times they are a changin’. And, yes, there is a long way to go and that road will be long and hard for those who choose to walk it, but is it not better to go to God walking upright and covered in the blood, sweat and wounds of the battle you have just fought rather than as a fearful child found head bowed upon her knees at the feet of barbarians?

  6. A good song and a very ominous lyrics. I feel like we laughing into 2017 the very same way. Yes Trump got elected, but essentially we just went into the cave where the Globalist Grizzly were snoozing and kicked his [goolies]… Not to mention the fact this Globalist bear already recruited all the muslim hyenas to his team.
    I feel like history it repeating itself and we are the few in 1938-39 telling everybody: hey this Hitler and the Nazis will not end well… (of course we would have been called Naziphobes).

    I think for now we can smile (I would not laugh just yet), but I think we are at the beginning of just as significant as WW2.

  7. May 2017 bring the beginning of a New Era and energize the defense against the barbarian horde. Time is running short. It is now or never.

    Best wishes to all and may the New Year bring fulfillment of hopes and plans along with iron health and clear perception of the risks we face.

  8. I absolutely love that song! Happy New Year Dymphna and Baron! And everybody: translators, writers and readers: I am so grateful for the opportunity that 2016 brought me! I have to pinch myself a lot! God bless you all!

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