Germany Can’t Deport Salafists Who Abuse Their Kids Because… It Would Leave the Kids Fatherless

The following video and article are from a report that was published in Germany back in September. They concern the presence of “extremist” Salafists in Frankfurt who advocate for jihad and violence against infidels. These hate-preachers also indoctrinate and abuse their own children, who are known as “Hate-Children”.

What stands out for me in this report is the use of the “orphan defense” on behalf of the Salafist preacher who would otherwise be deported. You know the old joke — the man who murdered his parents begs for leniency before the judge because he is now an orphan. Well, this Muslim zealot who abused his children and thereby should be deported, can’t be deported under human rights laws because to do so would leave the kids without their caregiver.

Och, the puir wee bairns!

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from, also translated by Egri Nök:

Salafist Parents: State Security warns of Islamist “Hate-Children”

Published September 2, 2016, 05:53h

[Photo caption: Visitors at a rally held by the Salafist preacher Pierre Vogel 2013 in Frankfurt. Among them also children]

Children who indicate Jihad as a career aspiration: Frankfurt’s chief officer of State Security demands that if need be, children should be taken away from Salafist parents.

The Society for Protection of Children warns against giving any latitude for religion in such decisions.

by Volker Siefert (hr-iNFO)

With both her children in tow, and a pipe bomb in her luggage, a mother is caught at her departure for jihad. Now she is awaiting her trial at the District Court Frankfurt. Since she has been released from custody, her children are living with her again.

This is one of several cases in which Wolfgang Trusheim sees a new challenge for society. The chief of the State Security Frankfurt and his colleagues observe more and more cases of so-called “Hate-Children” in their work.

According to Trusheim, these children are raised by their parents from an early age to reject “infidels” and hate society. By no later than school, these children are almost impossible to handle. They draw fighters of the terror militia IS in fighting gear and fantasize of their future lives of Jihadis. “It is drilled into them at home not to accept other children, because these are infidels”, says Trusheim to hr-iNFO.

Policeman sees obligation for youth welfare offices

According to Trusheim, these are still isolated cases. But the State Security officer warns of a growing problem. As Salafist couples, as per their ideology, want many children, the number of Hate-Children will be growing in the future.

The police officer sees the obligation for youth welfare offices and family courts to proceed against such parents. “It cannot be happening that people who try to leave the country for jihad keep the children in their custody,” Trusheim reckons. When in doubt, the authorities should remove children from such families. But to his knowledge, these is not a single case in Frankfurt where this was done.

No information from social services department head

City Councillor Daniela Birkenfeld (CDU), responsible for the social policies of Frankfurt, is not commenting on the subject. She has got no time for an interview. The Hessian ministry for social affairs answers hr-iNFO’s inquiry into this specific problem with general information about prevention of extremism.

The German association for protection of children demands a consequent proceeding against radical Salafist parents. “When there are specific clues that parents are raising their children glorifying violence, the youth welfare offices must act in the interest of the child,” Heinz Hilgers, the president of the German Society for the Protection of Children, stresses. In doing so, there should be no discount latitude given for alleged religious peculiarities.

Hate preacher benefits from children

Former Federal Minister for Government Affairs Kristina Schröder deems the applicable standards for child endangerment correct. “But they need to be applied in milieus, too, which are culturally and religiously alien to us,” says the member of parliament (CDU). If need be, youth offices should be ready to remove children from families.

In one case, a hate preacher in Frankfurt even profited from the fact that he has children. The deportation of the Moroccan has previously failed because of them. It does not matter that he allegedly raises them to hate unbelievers.

Video transcript:

00:02   Salafism in schools in Frankfurt? Children of radical Salafist parents who are beaten
00:07   or emotionally abused when they do not recite the Koran correctly?
00:12   It is for real, and they are not just isolated cases,
00:15   says the leader of State Security at the Frankfurt Police Presidency.
00:21   “This is about war, about children being indoctrinated,
00:25   they are only in primary school and already fantasize about
00:28   how when they grow up, they want to join the jihad, kill infidels.
00:32   They refuse to play football with infidels, they say:
00:37   “I’m not allowed to play football with you, but when I’m grown up,
00:40   I will kill you, because you are an infidel.”
00:43   Wolfgang Trusheim of State Security Frankfurt quotes information
00:47   from police stations and schools. There were instances of radical Salafist parents,
00:52   who are willing to teach their children the hatred of believers of a different creed by any means.
00:57   “A father who puts his children in front of the TV, they are forced
01:02   to watch the most cruel decapitation videos, and will be questioned, and
01:06   just as they’ve learned, they reply that the human who
01:10   has just been burnt, or decapitated, deserves it, because he is an infidel.”
01:16   And another example, concerning a girl:
01:19   “This father hung his daughter by her feet,
01:23   for example, in his apartment, and flogged her, and then
01:26   locked her naked on the balcony, in wintry temperatures.”
01:30   The state keeps watch that children do not suffer harm from their parents.
01:34   Protection from physical and psychological violence belongs in this class.
01:38   The victims’ organisation “White Ring” warns against not determinedly addressing this problem.
01:43   “Our state must not stand by and watch when these children,
01:47   at this early age, are being raised just like this.
01:52   Prevention is called for. One has to consider removing the children from the family.”
01:57   The Frankfurt City Councillor for Youth, Daniela Birkenfeld, informed us
02:01   in writing that the Youth Welfare Offices always decide
02:05   based on the individual case whether to intervene in the family:
02:08   “Family assistance is possible, the introduction of a therapeutic diagnosis
02:13   concerning treatment, and the engaging of the Youth Court,
02:17   if the family is uncooperative, and our staff
02:21   find the well-being of the child is endangered.”
02:26   Beating children is not taboo in Islamist families,
02:30   as shown by this video of Sheikh Abdellatif, a hate preacher,
02:34   discussing the question of whether it is permissible to beat children.
02:40   “From ten. Can you beat him. But beat how?
02:44   [?] beat and then you freak out. Beating means — this,
02:49   what can I say. Small. Not so that you break him.”
02:53   “We have been dealing with this hate preacher for years;
02:57   he is actively operating. He ought to be deported.
03:02   He has been indoctrinating his own children too, and the children’s dysfunction
03:06   has already drawn attention, and the worst thing is that
03:10   these children prevent his deportation, meaning
03:14   he cannot be deported, because he is the father of these children whom he has to raise.”
03:19   State Security Frankfurt sees an intermediate and long-term danger
03:23   posed by young Salafists in the Frankfurt area.
03:27   “We have a large number of Salafists who are beginning
03:31   to enter the fertile and fecund age, who will be having children,
03:34   who will be raising these children in their spirit, so
03:38   in this respect, the problem will become bigger.”
03:41   A problem that politics, in his opinion, will have to face.

17 thoughts on “Germany Can’t Deport Salafists Who Abuse Their Kids Because… It Would Leave the Kids Fatherless

  1. Och the puir wee bairns indeed Baron, LOL. Who in their right mind would wish to take these hate filled brats on if they ever become separated from their father. Keep ’em all together and ship ’em all back to whence they came is the only REAL solution.

  2. Surely the answer is to deport the whole family. Then they can all live in a non Christian country where they will not be surrounded by infidels. They will all be much happier and the family will not be separated.

    • Surely the answer is quietly to repeal Article 102 of the Basic law and reinstate the death penalty for anyone who professes or propagates Salafism.

    • Agreed. Much better for the kids. A nice Muslim country for them.
      They can even choose !
      No pubs /alcohol, churches, Christmas, pork, short skirts, bikini’s, music, fun or unmarried little girls. No freedoms free education , health-care or welfare either, but no problem surely as they constantly tell us, their religion is the most important to them?

      They will therefore be so much happier …………surrounded by strict Sharia.
      We would be doing them a huge favour ! Win -win??

      We wish

      • Win-win!
        At that point at think it would be best if everybody just admitted that that “cohabitation” between the West and the East just doesn’t work, and if the East just packed his bags to go back home. They don’t belong in the West, unless they change it to the point where it’ll become unrecognizable.

  3. Red Letter Day for the Religion of Peace.

    Russian ambassador killed by off duty Turkish cop and now Nice comes to Berlin Christmas market – 9 dead and dozens injured.

    Most likely much higher count as I recall early Nice reports were same early low counts.

    It is so sad to see what Merckel has done to Western Europe.

      • Let’s discuss fake news. The fake news claim that there was an islamic attack in Berlin, but it is fake because, a. There was no attack, b. The attack that wasn’t was not carried by muslims, c. The muslims that did not carry the attack that wasn’t have nothing to do with Islam.

        This not a funny message, it is a sad one

    • Merkel is just the latest in a run of about 30 years or more of stupid politics. What we’re seeing now is the end result of disastrous choices made by disastrous leaders. But she might very well win the final prize.

  4. ARG!!! Stop handing them money for every kid they puke out.
    Tax breaks on “Earned Income” will still provide needed relief to families with dependents, while depriving these idiots the financial resources they depend on to survive in our countries.
    It’s to late, these kids have been imprinted, get them away from our children the humane way, or we’ll do it by other means.

    • Pull the money plug and the problem solves itself. A generous welfare system encourages immigration.
      Basic economics says reward the behavior you want repeated and tax the behavior you want to extinguish.

  5. OT news from Berlin christmas market attack

    Fascinating conclusion by German Satirist Jan Böhmermann: Get home safely. Don’t spread rumours and don’t listen to the ar**violins [eg ar**holes], who will now use this terrible event for their political ends. Because that is the absolute end.”

    So the murder of 9 people isn’t the absolute end, but ‘using’ the event politically is. No consideration that AfD and Pegida wouldn’t even exist if people weren’t doing this kind of stuff!

    „Kommt sicher nach Hause. Verbreitet keine Gerüchte und hört nicht auf die Arschgeigen, die dieses schreckliche Ereignis jetzt für ihre politischen Zwecke instrumentalisieren. Das ist nämlich das Allerletzte.“

  6. They won’t take the Salafist’s kids but they will take the kids from the German home schoolers.

  7. Put the kids up for adoption.
    Surely a “best interests of the child” social worker could be found to state this, for a change.

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