German Media: Blame the Poles

As of this writing the man who drove the truck into the Christmas market in Berlin is still at large. The German press, however, is assigning indirect blame for the atrocity on the Polish driver of the truck and the Polish company that owned it.

Ava Lon has summarized the latest German media reports, based primarily on this article in Die Welt:

Since the attack on the Berlin Christmas market, German media are trying everything to deflect people’s attention from the real perpetrator (who hasn’t been apprehended yet) to the deceased Polish truck driver, and now also to the company he was working for. reports on the security braking system, also called the automatic braking system, that Scania trucks are equipped with. The system gives the driver a warning when he gets too close to an object. On the highway the warning tends to get activated all the time, caused by close proximity to other vehicles, so truck drivers like to disable it.

German media are now arguing that this is what the Polish driver did, preventing the truck from braking when hitting the Christmas fair stands and the people. also mentions the GPS that allows the company to be aware of truck’s whereabouts at all times. Since they must have known early that the truck wasn’t in the right place, they should have reacted, according to the German press.

So now a small Polish transport company is made responsible for security in Germany at Christmas time.

27 thoughts on “German Media: Blame the Poles

  1. The Germans not yet reached the best possible spin yet. Let me help them!
    So the cunning Polish driver first murdered himself, then kidnapped the poor abused refugee who also got bullied in school. Then the zombie driver forced the dear innocent traumatized muslim to drive into the crowed. Then he kicked him out of the truck to make it look like he is fleeing. Then this evil Polish truck driver cunningly went back to his place and buried himself in the garden!

    So how am I doing so far? I think I am ready to get employed in the glorious German communication institutions and get the Goebbels prize.

    Oh almost forgot, the whole incident is orchestrated right wing white supremacist ordered by Trump and Viktor Orban. Oh and all of them are Russian spies!

    • By jove Crossware old chap, I think you’ve got it! I like ‘whodunnits’, but admit this one was completely beyond me!

      • Thanks, growing up behind the Iron Curtain helped a lot to get into practice. We had similar reports about how fast we go in the Lenin-ian road, while the capitalist pigs are dying of hunger.

        • That’s good stuff – very funny.

          So is this…..

          German police released the Pakistani suspect after determining he was not in the truck….ALTHOUGH IN THE COUNTRY ILLEGALLY AND HAVING A CRIMINAL RECORD.

          • Yeah, a sex offender.
            Going by two diferent names, it turns out, sometimes claiming to be Pakistani, sometimes Afghan. His asylum procedure is a bit difficult because of that, authorities say.
            What did they do about it?
            Why, give him a residence permit of course.
            So he can undertake the asylum procedure without ruffle.

          • He is let go because of German precision. The Chancellor’s office requested at least 100 dead to get close to the Nice numbers. He did not delivered for the first try so he was let go to do another attempt!

    • Putin was also involved, after organising his own ambassador’s assassination, to have an excuse to spend millions more and lose further Russian lives in Syria…

    • The truck driver’s terrible Islamophobia shone through, when he refused to accept getting stabbed and fought back… this must have made the poor oppressed terrorist very upset, and consequently compelled him to drive into a crowd of very tolerant Germans.

    • But… but… you left out the best part.
      The truck driver is a third cousin twice removed of Anders Breivik who happened to be an illegitimate child of Putin and a German niece of Trump.
      You see how it all fits together nicely?

        • Sympathy for this poor driver though, murdered brutally whilst going about his daily business of driving a lorry to earn a living.

          Press in the UK in full panic mode already aboout “not further alienating the vast majority of peaceful Muslim communities” with further security measures”

          Nativity scene at Canterbury Cathedral being guarded by heavily armed robot cops now,

          Is that not alienating Christian families from lingering to long with their children to explain the story of Jesus to their little ones?

  2. The rapid pace of information flow in today’s info world shall deem the German suicide channel as too slow. The plot and the outcome has become all too predictable.

    If the German government screeners are reading, please prepare a script for a complete travel ban to the US for EU citizens enacted by Pres. Trump in 30 days. A sort of “Escape from New York” theme could swing viewership in your direction.

  3. This whole story is getting bizarre. How could the driver, who was essentially trapped in the truck cab and surrounded by hundreds of people, just vanish into thin air?

  4. Interesting: the Welt comments section is full of people discussing the technicalities (many seem knowledgeable re trucks), very little anger or understanding of where the blame really lies.

    Many of the seem keen to be bogged down in the technical details so they don’t have to consider the actual cause of this terror attack.

    • Yes, I noticed that as well. But even if the police were equipped with “electromagnetic impulses” , the 72 virgin-seekers could still use a different method – eg a bag of nails and some explosives… so does that solve the problem?!

      Sure, there are some things that would drastically lower the chance of such incidents happening – eg getting back to how things were 20 years ago (eg stricter border controls, less followers of a 7th-century paedophile warlord being allowed to enter, etc). But such simple strps cannot be fathomed by the current “elites” . As Geert Wilders recently found out…

  5. Perhaps the Polish will decide to stay out of Germany and take back roads through Hungary.

    • Unfortunately that involves a longer route. And the driver had goods to offload in Berlin. So while Germany remains the epicentre of the EU’s economy, Polish truck drivers will continue to need to visit it, if they want to have food to eat on the table. But perhaps now they’ll take more care not to stop for kebabs in areas of German towns “with no Germans” , like this driver seems to have done..

  6. Regarding the GPS bit (from;,114881,21149675,kuzyn-zamordowanego-polaka-walczyl-przed-smiercia-potwierdzila.html#MT): “[the owner] says that once he saw on the GPS the truck making weird moves, he knew that something was off. – We used to nickname him ‘Inspector’ as he stuck to the rules so much – said the man. It wasn’t like him to leave the unloading point. “

    Later on, the owner complains about getting messages with treats or calling him a ‘terrorist’.

  7. This again is typical of the leftist, liberal media, blame the victim for thge crime. Political Correctness (cultural Marxism) at it’s best.

  8. The germans have lost the plot… totally. Unfortunately the whole Europe is suffering. USA and British army please go back to the barracks now full of male ‘refugees’…

  9. I feel this article is INCORRECT.

    While WELT.DE discusses all the technicalities about truck starting and braking again and again (like someone learning to drive) and about braking systems, etc, this is just descriptive details of what happened and not blaming the Polish Truck driver or the Polish Truck company AT ALL.

    It also describes in one of the last updates that evidence seems to show that the truck driver fought bravely until a couple of minutes before the terror attack.

    Please, Gates of Vienna, do not deflect from the terror attack yourselves.

    • I support your opinion; German is my native language!

      the “summary” is not faithful. What could be criticised is the headline and discussing such technicalities at this point of time.

  10. I appreciate the humor, but we aren’t getting any closer to the truth of why the left is wedded to the idea of Muslims as our displacement population.

    The coalition of the left is muscled with Gays and Secular Jews. WHAT in heaven’s name are they doing advancing Islam? When I questioned a gay friend in LA on this subject- he shrugged and said Muslims were better than Republican scum. This grown man – self employed and educated – parents fled Cuba in the 50’s – thinks Conservatives are worse that Muslims.

    How did we get here? How could dedicated progressives think Muslims are their friends and conservatives – the far right – are their enemies? Do you know any Christians who want women under the control of fathers, brothers and husbands?

    Do you know any Christians who would put gay progressives in cages at the bottom of their lap pools?

    This is a murder suicide pact with natural enemies.

    Could it be that the LEFT hates Israel so much – hates Christians so much – and hates Conservatives so much – that they entered this Faustian bargain with enemies of Israel and Christians – to exact revenge?

    They want to advance Muslims as the expense of the coalitions they have been conditioned to hate? This explains the American disfunction… but not the German, Belgian, French, Italian or Swiss dedication to self immolation.

    • What makes you think that Angela Merkel’s Party, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) is left wing? It’s to the left of notable US politicians such as Barry Goldwater and Joseph McCarthy but so was Ronald Reagan.

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