David, Goliath and a Dead Horse

The following essay is an overview of the prospects for Hungary and the Visegrad Four as events in the EU and the USA unfold.

Many thanks to CrossWare for translating this piece from the Hungarian daily Magyar Hírlap:

David, Goliath and a dead horse

By Sándor Faggyas
December 5, 2016

Position: In next week’s EU summit, the primary topic of discussion will again be mandatory refugee quota allocations

In early January the new UN Secretary General will take office. He is António Guterres, the former Prime Minister of Portugal, who was the President of the Socialist International. It has already been revealed that the General Assembly chose badly in October, when they unanimously elected him to replace the departing South Korean Ban Ki-Moon, who served for ten years. The Portuguese politician headed the UN High Commission for Refugees for ten years, and on many occasions he advocated for the rights of the refugees. The Portuguese bishops also praised Guterres, who is a faithful Catholic, for his faith in humanity after his nomination for the post of UN Secretary-General.

Well, the other day the soon-to-be new Secretary General said the following at a conference in Lisbon: “Migration is not the problem but the solution.” In his view, “It must be recognized that migration is inevitable and will not stop,” so “we must convince Europeans that migration is inevitable, and the multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-religious societies are the ones generating wealth.” He called on politicians for tolerance and put into focus rational arguments to support their decisions. According to him, they must choose ideology instead of focusing on their next national parliamentary elections, because if you abandon ideas and ideology, it will be very difficult to bounce back again.

So this left-wing migration-philic politician will be directing the United Nations for the next five years. This is an ominous sign for us Europeans, because the vast majority of UN member states are not recipients of but source countries for migration. In other words, they support migration, and support Guterres’ “idea” that European countries must to accept, receive and distribute refugees from Asia and Africa more effectively. António Guterres does not understand, however, that there seem to be many millions seeking a better life in Europe, and migrants transported here by human trafficking gangs are not the same as real refugees in real danger — or he deliberately confuses the two categories. Just as the top offices of the European Union are still under the control of stupid and raving left-wing bureaucrats. Those who are always interested in massive and illegal immigration to the European Union, and in spreading it among the member states.

Anyone who thinks that migration is the solution is like the simpleton who has not noticed that he is sitting on a dead horse, and wonders why he cannot escape from the fast-approaching prairie fire. The future UN Secretary-General — who is not even in office yet — has not yet noticed that Germany, after spending a year with Merkel’s well-intentioned, naïve, yet suicidal Willkommenskultur doctrine, has also got off the dead horse. [I do not think the Germans have got off that proverbial horse just yet. — translator]. A few months ago Angela Merkel admitted: “If I knew what was going to happen I would turn the clock back many years.” She admitted that Germany and she herself were not prepared for the refugee crisis: “In recent years we did not do everything right, and we were not the world champions of the integration.” Germany is now at a point where a lot of public money is being spent to support and encourage the Asian and African asylum seekers to leave voluntarily and return home. The federal government estimates that since the beginning of last year, more than one million asylum seekers arrived, and by the end of this year, only around one hundred thousand people have left Germany, including nearly twenty-seven thousand deported, which is huge peak in decades of statistics.

In next week’s EU summit, the main subject matter will be the mandatory refugee quota allocation. According to the latest information, the mandatory quota supporters’ camp is slowly melting, but a great battle is expected as Brussels, Berlin, Rome, Athens and others still want to distribute economic migrants among the member states, instead of halting them with unified force at the borders of Europe. Against this, standing hardest and most consistently, are Hungary and Poland, and next to them the Czech and Slovak governments. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expects the eventual failure of those governments that do not understand that people do not want immigration; they do not want to see strangers in their midst. It’s only a matter of time, therefore — such as in his last Friday’s radio interview, when he said of the opponents of immigration: “We must hold the fort, until eventually we will have a majority.” About the scheduled EU summit in mid-December — regarding expected developments in immigration — the Hungarian Prime Minister said: “The match is a draw for now.” The balance of power was characterized by him with the example of David and Goliath, with the remark that the Visegrad Four are David. “The European Union’s decision-making system, however, requires that the prime ministers must make only unanimous decisions on important matters, so even David has a chance,” he said.

For Europe — in addition to the persistent resistance of the Visegrad countries — it may help bring a favorable turn in the French presidential elections next spring, and in the fall the German parliamentary elections. The sour choice for UN Secretary General may be offset by the new US president, who is also coming into office in January. Donald Trump may be a “Goliath”, but he will be a good ally of Christian values and national interests against the Internationalists, bravely facing off against the Globalists, and most likely a good ally for the Visegrad countries, including our country in particular. In history it rarely happens that David and Goliath are not enemies of each other, but friends. Moreover, none of them are sitting backwards on a dead horse.

19 thoughts on “David, Goliath and a Dead Horse

  1. Only those countries still under Globalist control still adhere to United Nations policies, policies that are largely reflected in the West’s current and parlous state of a slow but inevitable political upheaval.

    Whether that upheaval can be contained to peaceful means is dependant on the Globalist side and what they are prepared to give up, if anything, and is a matter that only time will reveal.

    Gutteres is just another Globalist mouthpiece who places his own welfare and wealth ahead of the planet’s human inhabitants, even his own kind, which says much to me about his lack of empathy, his ambition and greed.

    Well done to the Visegrad countries who recognize the Globalist agenda while the rest of the West’s political class and puppets still pretend that nothing is amiss. Hold the fort they must because they are the only one’s at this time who have the courage to do so.

    • Thanks Baron, can I recommend David Vincent’s brilliant and overlooked “2030: Your Children’s Future in Islamic Britain” the only one of its kind.

  2. It’s no more that Mr. Guterres ‘does not understand’ than that Ms. Merkel ‘is well intentioned and naïve.’ It’s that a Socialist Mr. Guterres has the same intent as the crypto-Socialist Ms. Merkel. That intent is the obliteration of the national identity of the Europeans in their own countries.

    Mr. Guterres knows exactly what he’s doing, and so does Ms. Merkel.

    They promote the EU ideal of a nondescript people in nondescript regions. Socialists suppose the production of this human soup will cure war, intolerance, and racism.

    It’s not that they’re idiots. It’s that they are blinded by their ideology into a self-delusional state that the covers a profoundly immoral program in radiant clothes of virtue.

    They’re worse than stupid. They’re determinedly and destructively wrong; doing evil while singing goodness.

    • Well said. As you say, there’s nothing well-intentioned in Merkel’s actions. They are distilled malevolence. She ditched the small German flag when it was handed to her like it was a dead skunk. She despise Germany.

      Guterres’s elevation of “ideas and ideology” is the hallmark of the zealot who turns all before him into a Steven King landscape. “The theory was flawless” is an afterthought of every horrific human political experiment.

      While a student in France, Pol Pot said he wanted to return to Cambodia to create a perfect democracy. The desire to destroy the nation state and obliterate borders will result in something similarly demonic.

  3. Hungary,invaded by Hitler,then Stalin not seeing freedom til 91.Out of that caldron of fire we get a hero like Orban,Now the EU wants to tell Hungary how many muslims are good for them.After 140 years of Ottoman they are recalcitrant.Trump should trade obama and soros for Budapest and Danube.

  4. This reads like a satire written by Jonathan Swift. The Socialist International had its roots in working class communism, ie Marxist ideology. It has now morphed into a platform for Third world leaders and the neo-Marxists of the West. They are like a mini-UN and live in that Anti-Western fantasy-land where, only by destroying all the institutions of the West and replacing our values with communism and barbaric traditional cultures including the appalling Islam, will Progress and Wealth come in abundance. They purport to champion democracy – euphemism for totalitarian control by the likes of them.

    The ONLY remedy is to defund the UN – and I wish Trump would. Let them swan around Accra for their meetings!

  5. Once again CrossWare, many thanks for this translation. I salute the good folks like you who shed the light on events that us one language only (English) folks in the western world would never know were happening.

    Some now dead, white guy on January 8, 1825 wrote a letter to a guy named William Short. In it he laments the state of the MSM at that time and he made a keen observation about their (the MSM’s) nefarious practices and noted – “… by placing in false lights whatever admits it, and passing over in silence what does not, a plausible aspect may be presented of anything.” This is but one of the many propaganda techniques the MSM has always used. But anyway, . . .

    Without your (and those like you) “light” we’d only have the false narrative of false lights about the migration situation in Europe and never even one inkling that there are other points of view.

    On your translation of the one section of Mr. Faggyas’ article that goes, “Anyone who thinks that migration is the solution is like the simpleton who has not noticed that he is sitting on a dead horse, and wonders why he cannot escape from the fast-approaching prairie fire.” !!!!! This is a classic. Don’t know if he’s the one who came up with the analogy or not, but it’s a classic.

    Five “Star Spangled Points” for the first one who posts the name of the writer of the letter I mention above.

  6. “Sitting on a death horse”! I never heard about this proverb, I imagine it’s of Hungarian origin. I like it, I adopt it and I’m certainly going to use it.

  7. It’s a pity only multi-ethnic, etc societies are generating wealth. Otherwise the likes of Japan, S Korea and China might have been quite successful.

  8. Gutterrez: “we must convince Europeans that migration is inevitable, and the multi-ethnic, multicultural, multi-religious societies are the ones generating wealth.”

    What a masterpiece of leftist bullying and self-delusion.
    How about convincing Saudi Arabia?

    • I like it. I like it. Yeah, right SA which is facing a real lack of wealth. At least they are now considering giving women the right to drive and the guy who suggested it is not dead (yet at least). But it has a long, long way to go – although they have refused to take any “Syrians” so maybe they are smarter than we think.

  9. When António Guterres was prime minister of Portugal, like socialists often do, he led the country into economical and social chaos. His government policies included handing out so many benefits that for a lot of people it was more cost-effective not to work. When the country started to collapse, he resigned from office. In his own words, the country fell into a swamp. Like a good elitist, he let others pick up the pieces. Expect havoc.

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