Culturally Enriched Rape on the Reeperbahn

A culture-enricher was arrested for the rape of a woman in a nightclub restroom on the notorious Reeperbahn in Hamburg. It turns out that the alleged perp had been through a revolving door as a criminal offender in the German justice system.

The following report from German state television discusses the career trajectory of the Reeperbahn rapist. It’s notable that NDR was willing to acknowledge the over-representation of “refugees” in violent crimes committed in Germany.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article about the rape from the Hamburger Morgenpost, also translated by Egri Nök:

Abuse: 24-year-old raped in Reeperbahn club in Hamburg

December 11, 2016

A 34-year-old repeatedly harassed a woman in a club on the Reeperbahn. Later, he pulled her into a bathroom stall.

[Photo caption: The Große Freiheit in Hamburg: allegedly a woman was raped in a club on the Reeperbahn]

Hamburg. A 24-year-old became victim of sexual violence in the night between Saturday and Sunday on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg. The young woman in the club “99 Cent” on the Grosse Freiheit initially fended off the advances the of a 34-year-old man. Later he followed her to the toilet, according to police on Sunday.

There, he pulled the woman into a bathroom stall, locked the door, and performed sexual acts on her without her consent. According to the police, the young woman finally managed to free herself.

Police arrest alleged perpetrator

She confided in a friend, who called the police. The officers surrounded the club and later arrested the man, who apparently was still inside the toilet. He is to be taken immediately to the committing magistrate.

The alleged perpetrator is already known to the police. He had been in custody for felony burglary until a few weeks ago. After his release, according to the police, his place of residence was not known to the authorities.

Video transcript:

00:00   This is the Moroccan Adil B. at his arrest. Not after the alleged rape.
00:04   These recordings are from July.
00:07   Back then, Adil B. had stolen a car after a burglary.
00:11   The 34-year-old, who has no driver’s license, promptly collided with the next tree.
00:17   [Kai Wantzen, Court Spokesman]
The court had sentenced him to a prison term of nine months.
00:21   The sentence was suspended, because he is a first offender,
00:25   who normally, after three and a half months in custody,
00:29   would be impressed enough to stay clean in the future.
00:32   Besides, the convict had declared his intentions to leave the country.
00:37   But he did not leave the country. Almost eight weeks have passed since the court ruling.
00:41   Sunday morning the Moroccan allegedly raped a 24-year-old in a bar at the Grosse Freiheit.
00:47   According to the police, he danced the woman up, but she rejected him.
00:51   When she went to the toilet, he followed her, dragged her into a stall, and sexually abused her.
00:56   A serious abuse on the Kiez shortly before Silvester.
00:59   The State Prosecutor referred to the police, but they did not want to comment
01:03   on the sensitive topic in front of the camera. But the politicians do:
01:06   [Dennis Gladiator, CDU Interior Expert]
“12 percent of all those suspected of rape and sexual abuse in Hamburg are refugees.
01:10   So this is a problem that should be taken seriously.”
01:14   Statistical assertions are tricky, because the number of severe sexual offenses is low overall.
01:18   There have been 84 accused so far this year [in Hamburg],
01:22   but at 12%, refugees are clearly over-represented,
01:26   measured against their percentage as 3% of the entire population.
01:29   Career criminals like Adil B. are an exception.
01:33   In July, he burglarized this restaurant in Harburg [near Hamburg].
01:37   [Ludwig Orben, Restaurant Owner]
I am speechless, I have to admit. I was assuming that
01:41   the gentleman was in prison, having been finally convicted,
01:44   serving his sentence, or in custody pending deportation. Or something like that.
01:49   The convicted burglar and auto thief is back in custody after the alleged rape.
01:55   An isolated event, but still, the Kiez is getting
01:59   negative headlines again three weeks before New Year’s Eve.

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  1. “It’s notable that NDR was willing to acknowledge the over-representation of “refugees” in violent crimes committed in Germany.”

    Of course they have to acknowledge it. There’s no way they can hide the crime wave engulfing Germany any longer. It’s become impossible to sweep everything under the carpet even if they would love to do so.
    Thruth of the matter is, Germany is up manure creek big time without a paddle and everyone knows it.

  2. Another jewel at 01:55 “An isolated event, but still,”
    There have been so many “isolated events” you might call them a trend.

  3. a year ago, some pickpocketting enrichers near the Reeperbahn were confronted by businessmen of the pimping kind who felt their reputation jeopardized and were transfered to adequate medical care after bat treatment.

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