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A great flood of diversity is pouring into Modern Multicultural Germany, thanks to the “welcoming culture” promoted by Chancellor Angela Merkel and her allies on the Left.

Below are three recent articles, all translated by Egri Nök, about the depth of cultural enrichment that has been imported along with the “New Germans”. The first two stories concern two separate instances in which Chinese university students were raped by a migrant. The perpetrator responsible for both rapes has now been arrested.

First, from Bild:

Assaults in Bochum: Police catch the University Rapist

By Andreas Wegener
December 5, 2016

Bochum – They have the University Rapist!

The police and State Attorney in Bochum convened a press conference for Tuesday: the reason is the arrest of a man who committed both rapes at the university of Bochum.

More details have not been disclosed yet.

[Photo caption: on this bridge the rapist seized his latest victim (27)]

The Case

In Bochum in mid-November, a Chinese student was pulled into the bushes and abused. In August, a 21-year old student was raped in the same district. This victim was injured so severely that the police deployed the homicide division. “We cannot rule out the possibility that the perpetrator wanted to kill his victim,” said State Prosecutor Andreas Bachmann to Bild.

Experts used the victims’ statements to produce composite sketches. A comparison of DNA traces from the sex-beast brought certainty: it is the same perpetrator.

The Chinese had described him as a foreigner of Arab origin, and expressed the suspicion that he could be an asylum seeker. The police were preparing a mass DNA screening. It will be disclosed tomorrow whether this solved the case, or if clues from the composite sketches brought the breakthrough.

The news brings relief to the university. A spokesperson: “We were issuing warnings to female students on social media and student councils. Our security service has been offering help, for example in the evenings by walking people to their cars.”

The following day an article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung gave more details, including the fact that the culture-enricher hails from Iraq. It’s worth noting that this was no “sexual emergency” on the part of the perpetrator, since he brought his wife and children with him to Germany:

Arrest: 31-year old allegedly raped two women in Bochum

The rapes of two women in August and November seem to have been solved. The suspect is from Iraq and lives with his wife and children in a refugee shelter in Bochum.

December 6, 2016
by Reiner Burger

[Photo caption: the University Center of the Ruhr-University Bochum.]

A 31-year-old asylum seeker from Iraq is, according to police and State Prosecution, responsible for the two sex crimes in the university district of Bochum. After analyzing several DNA samples, the investigators are certain that the man in August attempted to rape a 21-year-old Chinese student, and injured her severely. In November, the man allegedly raped a 27-year-old student, also from China.

The investigators received the decisive clue from the partner of the second victim. Last week he noticed a man who seemed suspicious to him in the bushes near the crime scene, and took several photos. With the help of these — as one investigator said — “excellent” photos, the alleged perpetrator was shortly thereafter tracked down to a refugee shelter. He had come to Germany late 2015 with his wife and his two children.

The final news story about the rich rainbow tapestry of German diversity was published today by the state broadcaster NDR:

Man sets fire to woman in front of hospital in Kronshagen

December 7, 2016

Dramatic scenes these morning in front of a hospital in Kronshagen (Rendsburg-Eckernförde): A man pours a liquid over a woman on the sidewalk and sets her on fire, witnesses tell the police. The woman was ablaze over her entire body, a spokesman for the police tells NDR 1 Welle Nord. She ran away from the attacker and, still on fire, crossed the road in front of the hospital. Then passersby came to her aid and extinguished the fire. The woman was taken to the university hospital of Kiel with life-threatening injuries. “It was unrecognisable whether she was a female or male,” said the spokesman.

Police searching for motive and background

The man immediately fled — but shortly thereafter police arrested a suspect near the crime scene, a 41-year-old man. “The background and the motive are still unclear,” says the police spokesman. “We are preparing for extensive investigations,” said the spokesman. There are as many as twenty witnesses. It is still unknown whether and/or how the perpetrator and victim knew each other. “We will not speculate,” the spokesman said. “We are securing evidence, and will come to a clear picture within the next few days.”

The police blocked off a large area around the crime scene. A crisis intervention team came to take care of the witnesses. “The images are terrible, when you see a woman who is burning and screaming,” said the police spokesman.

Egri Nök adds:

After reading the this article, we learn that the man is African, 41, has been living in Germany for twenty years, and the victim his ex-wife.

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