Cultural Enrichment News From Germany, Late Edition

The cultural enrichment news from Germany has been coming in at an unprecedented rate for the past few months — too fast for me to keep up with. Below are three items translated by Nash Montana that have accumulated in my to-do basket since the beginning of last week.

The first two stories concern the “subway kicker” in Berlin. After they came out, the alleged perpetrator was identified (a Roma from Bulgaria named Svetoslav Stoykov) and caught at the Charlottenburg central bus terminal in Berlin on a bus arriving from Marseille.

First, a brief rant from Politically Incorrect:

Subway gang member back on the street

The latest news from the German insane asylum: The Berlin Police lets go one of the subway kicking gang members they arrested. Apparently “no concrete criminal behavior” could be proven. How about gang criminality? Or failure to render assistance? Do these concepts have no more meaning in the German judicial system? Are they just really daft, or do they WANT these kinds of assaults? If so, then the politically, legislatively, and executively responsible people belong in the crowbar hotel. Along with the subway kickers. Immediately. But this kind of discussion has been ongoing for a long time. Thank God.

The article PI referred to, from

Police let companion go, but are optimistic

The police in Berlin are still searching for the man who kicked a 26-year-old woman down the stairs at the Subway station Berlin-Neukölln.

“We assume that we will catch the main attacker”, the spokesman for the Berlin city prosecutor’s office, Martin Steltner, told NTV on Tuesday.

The police and prosecutors identified and interrogated a possible co-offender on Monday. They are expecting that the man will be back on the street by Tuesday, says spokesman Steltner.

That means that no concrete, punishable offense could have been proven against the offender. The insidious attack was recorded on CCTV, and was published by the police on Thursday. The police have recorded ten tips so far.

The third item is reminiscent of the news from Austria earlier this month, when culture-enrichers used their belts as whips while assaulting the impudent infidels of Graz.

According to

Police were called on Sunday evening, December 11th, at a bout 9:35pm to respond to an incident that happened on Borneplatz. A 47-year-old woman from Rheine was walking with her partner in the intercity. They had their dog on a leash. Three men were following them. One kept barking like a dog continuously. This prompted the couple to ask the man to stop it. The “barker” then pulled off his leather belt and hit the woman on the thigh with it. When her partner tried to intervene he also was beaten. When more witnesses noticed what was going on, the man fled. But shortly thereafter he threw cement bricks and pieces of wood, which he found at a nearby construction site, at the couple. The police were able to arrest the suspect shortly thereafter, when his two companions volunteered information to the police. The 32-year-old man from Iraq has been taken into custody so he can’t harm anyone else. It is expected he will face a trial for assault and battery.

22 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment News From Germany, Late Edition

  1. In criminal law generally, although I cannot vouch for German Law, there is no compelling of those not actually involved in the commission of a felony to render assistance after the fact, although that lack of charity is dimly viewed at court. However, there is the crime of aiding or abetting in the commission of a felony or an indictable offence, but going on that video either of those charges would be very difficult to prove.

    • ” although I cannot vouch for German Law”

      German criminal code has
      § 323c Unterlassene Hilfeleistung

      which compels to help; the way any decent and responsible person would do on their own.

      (I too can’t see that the other guys have done something unlawful; except perhaps snatching some greenish object that the woman might have lost — police won’t imprison someone for a little theft.)

      • Western criminal codes were put together by those who generally abided Christian values and lived in a Christian based culture. I guess they did not for see a time when ‘others’ not sharing those values would also become subject to those codes. Maybe the writers of that law you have put up could for see a time when Germany would become less Christian in its outlook?

        Thanks for posting that response.

        Too, you do realize that the interpretation of that law could be argued in court?

        • Firstly, i am a physicist; never attained law school. Second, I don’t master English idioms, especially when it comes to legal topics.

          Cited section contains the phrase “obwohl dies erforderlich” which translates to “though this is necessary” and this IMO hardly could be claimed: other people quickly came for help.

          “Western criminal codes were put together by those who generally abided Christian values …”

          My hypothesis is reasons go even deeper. I was shocked when I noticed some years ago, that in Sweden there is nothing like German “Unterlassene Hilfeleistung” (though there is a law that compels to help on sea). Don’t Swedes care, or would a law be unnecessary, as they care anyway? I got my answer from an immediate case: a Tunisian illegal immigrant had mugged someone, who had fallen down on the rails in the station at night, and left him there; the next train cut off one leg — passengers immediately crept under the car, in spite of risk of electrical shock. You still can watch on Youtube

          Within days the mugger had become the most hated man of Sweden; contrary to their usual habits the mainstream media published clear pictures of him, and he got recognized and caught after a few days. He could only get punished for theft.

          Sweden is perhaps the least religious country in the world; see e.g.

          Inglehart-Welzel cultural map of the world

          Also, though I don’t have a thorough knowledge of Swedish history, I think Christianity (and Reformation) was rather a means for the kings to access and maintain power than something connected to strong believes. (Same thing in Germany; the Thirty Years War wasn’t really about religion).

          My impression is, that there is a correlation between what one might call “protestant values” and people of Germanic origin; there is also a correlation between protestant values and flourishing societies.

          At the core of my hypothesis is, that protestant values have similar origin as lactase persistence and depigmentation (vitamin D synthesis). Study settlement history of German mountain areas or satellite photos of Scandinavia: the nature of the underground has forced the dairy farmers for thousands of years to settle on small isles of fertile soil, in small groups, often single families.

          This made easy targets for any predator. So how could a society survive under these conditions? (Kill the suspect — select for honesty!) Distances among settlements were far; those who came in trouble on their ways would face nature which is w/o compassion. This selects for responsibility, self-critics, and well planed behavior. Those who would not bring the seeds into the soil at the right time in spring or have their tools well in shape at time of harvest would face hunger in winter and next spring the children might die. They would also have harvested more milk from their animals, when they treated them well — love of animals.

          Compare this to what was said about MENA people:

          In the Middle East, There Are Only Lose-Lose Options

          Want to add that I am also experienced as a trainer and breeder of various kinds of utility dogs. So I have strong opinions on the inheritance of behavioral traits and the possibility of selection in a population.

    • Were these thugs German? If not, I’d say the “accomplices” have shown themselves to be unfit for the civilized world and, thereofre, should be considered undesirable aliens. The standards needed for a criminal conviction need not apply to deportation.

  2. It’s a shame they never attack guys like me, a permanent limp would straighten them up.
    Or, we can keep trying the 80 odd hours of community service a bit longer.

    • They won’t attack someone who looks like can fight back, for the most part muslim thugs are not *that* stupid. At least not until they have numerical superiority that is…

      • I can hardly wait for them to pull that crap here in the USA and be introduced to 2A. America isn’t Europe.

      • Our dear dog RIP wonderful faithful friend taken recently in his sleep, would never have allowed anyone to attack us! They would regret even trying.

  3. Good to learn there are still some folks with common sense on this issue. Thanks for interpreting.

  4. Sorry, rather from the link in Tagesspiegel.
    And the Barking Babylonian of Borneplatz is worth reporting by major agencies.

  5. In German law as in France, failing to help someone either after a traffic accident or someone who has been assaulted is an offence, for which you are severly punished.

  6. Well, with much due respect I will now ask a rather rude and certainly intemperate question:

    I know, I know that decent gov’ts in decent times could do all sorts of things to alleviate the suffering caused by all this savagery and barbarism. But there are no decent gov’ts, at least not in western Europe, and this is not a decent time.

    So … does anybody have any plausible reason to believe that anything other than armed citizens, um … uh … incontrovertibly discouraging such scum, would have ANY chance of success in protecting the life of Europe qua Europe?

    Personally I cannot think of anything.

    And I will go so far as to assert that the longer Europe waits before doing anything decisive and, well, incontrovertible, the more difficult and painful it will be, when there us no longer any alternative.

    That is the nature of our condition, here after the fall. Or as the colloquial expression goes in my neighborhood — Life sucks. Then you die.

    • Your question is not at all intemperate. It would be intemperate (under the definition of the word used here) to urge, recommend, or celebrate violent retribution as a solution.

      Unfortunately, we are rapidly approaching a point where there will be no other solution to these issues except for violent retribution exacted by enraged citizens, who by their actions will put themselves in open rebellion against their own governments. At that point, what was formerly intemperate to discuss will become a routine daily occurrence.

      All avenues for peaceful change are being rapidly closed off. Since our governments are clearly unwilling to act to solve the crisis — and are in fact actively and deliberately making it worse, for reasons of state that they choose not to acknowledge — the crisis will be solved by actions that are intemperate to discuss in any detail.

      Or — the crisis will not be solved at all, and people of European extraction (with the exception of Central and Eastern Europe) will continue to cringe, grovel, submit, and give themselves over to the depredations of the invaders, and Western Civilization will come to an ignominious end.

      • Baron, You state that our governments are “actively and deliberately making it worse, for reasons of state that they choose not to acknowledge.” Do you have any idea what those reasons of state are? Theodore Dalrymple writes about the “laxisme” of the French courts: “Judges often make remarks indicating their sympathy for the criminals they are trying (based upon the usual generalizations about how society, not the criminal, is to blame). This seems to be a consistent policy throughout the West. Britain has the Rotherham scandal. In Germany a man who yelled at a murderer is being prosecuted. A rapist of a 12 year old boy is freed because he did not understand the boy’s screams. Western governments are on the side of the alien or the criminal. This is one of the reasons for Trump’s victory.

        • I can only guess at their motives. It’s clear that our leaders, with the exception of the V4 and Russia, want to inundate Western countries with unchecked immigration from the Third World, even though such policies are immensely unpopular with the electorate.

          Political leaders across the West could gain a lot of votes by reversing their positions, and thereby stave off Le Pen, Wilders, Strache, etc. Yet they don’t — they keep doubling down on policies that the majority of their voters hate.

          Why do they persist in doing so? It seems like political suicide.

          By using Occam’s razor, we conclude that they want something more than they want the votes of the electorate. What is more important to an elected politician than votes to keep him in power?

          And: Why is this trend uniform across the West, outside of the old Iron Curtain?

          There must be good reasons for politicians to act seemingly irrationally, against their own interests.

          • I keep asking myself why does Germany and Austria keep trading one Gestapo for another?

            Same outcome. Now they IMPORT the thugs to exterminate Jews, Christians, Gays .. or anyone else who doesn’t conform to their twisted ideas.

            So WHO is behind this? And why? WHY WHY?

            Could it be Saudi money bailing out the Euro banks? Influential Muslim billionaires?

            This is a murder suicide pact… no doubt about it.

    • Unfortunately, the struggle is already lost – from within… The kids of Europe and US are brainwashed by the Globalist agenda and the parents or grandparents cannot counteract.
      Yet I can imagine a phantasy scenario – the Battle of the West Grandpas against the Goatriders…

  7. Sorta reminds me of a key concept in Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy: there is a certain path to downward trends in society which causes alternatives to be cut off over time until there is no alternative left and events have no option but the severe shakeup of the status quo.

    What we’re seeing now: as the good people’s alternatives are being closed off, they (we, really) are being pushed into a corner from which the only option will be to strike back. Obviously we are not there in most of the West. Yet. But it is no longer the far away vision of some kook with a conspiracy theory to grind.

  8. The Spanish were the only ones to ever get it right. They kicked the surviving Muslim disease carriers out. After all the possibly millions who had died in the wars to crush these Islamic ants they knew that to leave any to survive on the new Spanish peninsula would mean their return one day to create mayhem death darkness. With all our experience and education and supposedly little bits of insight we open our doors wide to these cannibals and dogs of war. Visit uTube and look at Berlin 1938. Then 1945.

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