Clandestine Mosque Under an Apartment Building in Milan

The following report from Italian television describes a tiny basement storeroom under an apartment building in Milan that is now being used as an illegal mosque. The reporter interviews local residents to get their outraged reactions.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   We are in Via Cavalcante at Civica 8
00:05   in the area of the Central (train) Station. We are on the fourth floor of a condominium
00:10   where in the interior of this courtyard, in a basement
00:14   under those grates, there has been a clandestine mosque for a few months,
00:20   and like every Friday, a gathering for the traditional prayer begins.
00:24   This is the entrance for the clandestine mosque,
00:28   and these are the residents of this neighborhood who are protesting precisely
00:32   against the realization of this
00:36   new cultural center.
00:40   They have prepared some posters where they have written
00:44   things why they are protesting. —We are protesting because we want the law respected.
00:50   We have… are in the presence of a mosque
00:54   that receives hundreds of persons — at this moment they are meeting
00:58   for Friday prayers, and (unintelligible)
01:02   It is not possible, because of the fact that it is dangerous
01:06   It is a storage room eight feet deep.
01:10   There is no security, and this is something that is absolutely
01:14   unaccountable. You can’t… In your opinion, is it better
01:18   that a mosque (unintelligible) that the groups…
01:21   No (unintelligible) discussions of this type.
01:26   There are so many faiths, so many people who pray, but they have to do so
01:30   in my personal judgment and also ours, in proper places.
01:34   In whatever proper places there are, I don’t have anything against them. I don’t have any problem.
01:38   Certainly, if they put a mosque under an apartment building,
01:42   where there can be some 50 people, and they put 200 inside
01:46   in a storage place, I remember when I did work for the company,
01:51   I had to put a lavatory, excuse the expression, for the handicapped
01:55   in a company that didn’t receive handicapped (people).
01:58   And these people here, instead, do what they want.
02:01   We don’t have anything against anybody. We want a C2 storeroom
02:05   to be treated as such, and a C2 storage room must remain a C2 storage room.
02:08   Therefore, we don’t understand why nobody acts.
02:13   Therefore, we are not making a political issue, only a security issue
02:17   for the apartment building, and because at this time they are frequenting this area.
02:21   Here this evening, at all hours all these people have keys for this entry.
02:25   The problem is… all of us sleep at night
02:29   (Unintelligible) bags They arrive with bags,
02:32   go and come with bags in the apartment building, understand?
02:36   By God, we don’t have anything against them, but we don’t know these people,
02:40   and it is this we fear. We don’t know these people.
02:44   I believe these places must be placed under surveillance by the police,
02:49   and as I requested today in the community committee, that they suspend
02:53   the ban that could note the spaces for (unintelligible) the grand mosque of Milan,
02:57   because at this time, nobody is able to guarantee that these mosques
03:02   in the middle of all these people as has happened in Milan in Via Lierna,
03:06   terror (unintelligible) potential terrorist that we have already seen,
03:09   very often, they go into these countries to fight
03:12   to create an Islamic state through a war and then they return to their country of origin
03:16   and carry out attacks. —If there was a place (unintelligible) these people,
03:22   these other places, let’s say, clandestine, alternative,
03:26   probably would end up ceasing to exist.
03:29   (unintelligible) In the meantime, there is no answer, irregularity or
03:34   illegality. If (unintelligible) close, it’s not irregular or illegal,
03:38   therefore the only possible answer is this.