Christian Statues Defaced in Havixbeck

The following report from Germany describes the recent vandalism and destruction of Christian statues at churches in North Rhine-Westphalia. The police investigators interviewed for the report don’t mention JIM, but they acknowledge that there is most likely a religious motive for the destruction.

A side-note: In ancient times, when a city-state was invaded and conquered by warriors from a different political entity, during the process of conquest the invaders would systematically deface the religious sculptures of the conquered group by striking off noses, breasts, hands, and genitals, and sometimes by chiseling out the eyes. These actions were believed to neutralize any supernatural powers the statues might have.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Broken and defaced. This cross in Havixbeck is for now the most recent act
00:06   in a series. The figure of Jesus has body parts broken off and his face is disfigured.
00:12   In the meantime, just as here in Havixbeck, a perpetrator
00:15   or perpetrators have hit almost fifty times…
00:18   This is property destruction that in the open is of course noticed right away.
00:24   Also large number of the people in the neighborhood where the sculptures are
00:30   were shocked and scared. The police want this fear to disappear as soon as possible.
00:36   Behind closed doors the secret police are investigating. Back in November the employees
00:42   established a five-member investigative group.
00:48   Based on the intensity of the acts of the perpetrator, one can already conclude
00:51   that this act has a religious background.
00:54   At least this is the possibility, and also for that reason the secret police are investigating.
01:01   The police doesn’t yet know the reason for destruction like this. Possible hatred
01:07   of a particular church, or the Christian church in general. The criminologist Christian Pfeifer
01:13   believes he knows the reason behind the destruction.
01:16   From my point of view much would indicate that
01:19   it’s about someone who feels powerless against the Catholic Church,
01:25   who couldn’t have his “revenge” in any other way, who is angry and hates the Church, and now
01:31   is “having his own revenge”. The police are investigating
01:34   in several directions. They’re looking for witnesses
01:37   who by chance noticed something suspicious around the sculptures in recent weeks.
01:43   The police, who are determined to solve the case, created an investigative task force,
01:49   and depend on tips coming from citizens who say: “I’ve seen a car over here.
01:55   and I even wrote the license plate down,” or, “I took a picture of it with my phone.” So that
02:01   this is an accident that we need to solve the case and stop it. In the area of the disfigured
02:08   statues the police will be looking for witnesses in the coming days. In the very near future
02:14   they are planning to put up a poster where we ask for help again.

10 thoughts on “Christian Statues Defaced in Havixbeck

  1. It`s absolutely normal, that nonmuslim works of religious art get destroyed in muslim dominated regions and countries.
    Especially those parts that depict a human body – Head, Hands…

    One can see this fe. in ancient Taxila (Pakistan) on buddhist art, as in Turkey and turkish controlled Cyprus in former churches.
    Many mosaics even in the Hagia Sophia are hidden and protected by plaster, because during a renovation in the late 19th century the turkish craftsman started to destroy them when they were not monitored. We know only of their existence because a french painter was in Constantinople (how it still was called at that time) an made some paintings from them.
    Muslims also destroyed the remainings of the Colossus of Rhodes, destroyed the limestone cover of the egyptian pyramids (to produce burnt lime), and even tried to destroy the Pyramid of Menkaure.

    And while it`s true that some Christians in the past did similar things for a while (but also preserved and deciphered the legacy of other cultures and religions), Muslims never stopped destroying them deliberately and with delight until today.

  2. I think the Germans left their genitals at Stalingrad. They had better grow a new pair soon if they want to keep their country. Can they really not stand up to thugs who kick their wives, sisters and daughters down the stairs?

    • The backlash will come.
      Unlike individual persons, peoples are a sluggish crowd, it takes time to get them into motion.
      Slowly and steadily momentum builds up, it starts like a whisper…

      • And to be fair, in Germany there is already more resistance then lets say in Sweden, Austria, Italy or most other countries.

      • It is now extremely easy to imagine London just like Aleppo or any other Muslim occupied city. A huge boiling pot of ghetto savages lusting after the rape plunder and destruction ahead. Why would any sane people with even any survival instinct at all carry on with ahit like this?

  3. The same Muslim hyenas did the same to the iconic Santa Monica statue on the Santa Monica Palisades in Santa Monica, AND in churches in nearby Culver City, (Hollywood types), California. We did nothing! We just can’t stop losing. We seem to love it. More and more insatiable bloody soaked killer rapists from Islsm.

  4. Were the faces destroyed? That is Islamic. A person with a grudge against the Catholic Church would not be concerned about the faces. Why doesn’t that brilliant criminologist Pfeifer mention that. They really are pathetic.

  5. It might sound humurous but “someone” vandalized the garden gnomes in my grandmother’s house last summer, I can imagine who the culprits were since she lives in a town that has been burdened with lots of “cultural enrichers” and acts of vandalism are daily occurrences. I think they explicitely target anything that represents our German culture and national identity, even something as innocent as our traditional Gartenzwerge.

  6. Very soon hopefully the Muslims and their migrant fellow travelers will experience first hand very explicit other aspects of German and all the other European cultures.

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