Björn Höcke: “We Say NO to a Tolerance That Ends in Self-Abandonment”

In recent years we have featured several videos of Björn Höcke, who is now an MP for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). The following video is a short extract from a speech given recently by Mr. Höcke.

Oz-Rita, who translated the clip for subtitling, includes these notes:

This speech was given just after the election victory of Donald Trump, on November 12, 2016. The event, organised by the AfD, took place in Gunzenhausen in Bavaria.

Höcke is one of my favorite MPs in Germany (passionately feared, hence hated and defamed by the dark Merkel side) because he puts his energy into Klartext (clear language) and seems fearless. I see a future Chancellor in him, if they do not kill him one way or another.

In his speech he welcomes the victory of Donald Trump, defends Populism, disparages the left-right schema, condemns Political Correctness and praises patriotism.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   A muslim
00:04   who lives here, who works, who pays his taxes,
00:08   who lives his faith in private,
00:12   who doesn’t have the will and the corresponding
00:16   aggressiveness to push his
00:20   faith ever further into public space —
00:25   such a muslim is our fellow citizen.
00:33   But I say NO
00:37   to the constant retreat from an ever more self-confident
00:41   faith and above all from the ever more self-asserting
00:45   Islamic associations. We say
00:50   NO to a tolerance that ends in self-abandonment.
01:02   We say it — no if or but — because this is Germany.
01:06   We say NO to the abolition of St. Martin processions.
01:10   We say NO to the prohibition of pork in kindergartens and schools.
01:14   We say NO to swimming lessons in burkinis.
01:19   We say — no if or but — NO to child marriages, and whoever believes
01:23   that we will submit our public life, a GERMAN public life,
01:27   to a religion, and that we will allow our freedoms
01:31   to be restricted, that one is damn mistaken.
01:35   And the Muslim, dear friends,
01:39   that Muslim
01:43   who cannot follow this clear message,
01:48   who is neither willing nor
01:52   able to understand this clear message,
01:56   for we are still living in a state with democratic rights,
02:00   this clear message to live, this muslim
02:04   who would practice an archaic kind of islam, who is
02:08   pursuing a strategy of territorial conquest by advocating for mosques with minarets, that muslim
02:12   must be told clearly: “You live according to our rules and laws here in Germany
02:17   or your take your prayer rug, you roll it up,
02:21   you squeeze it under your arm and you go back to your old country!”

5 thoughts on “Björn Höcke: “We Say NO to a Tolerance That Ends in Self-Abandonment”

  1. What is happening now in Europe, looks similar to beginning of communism in east Europe. Only that 1946 population was very different of 2016 population. People understand fast in 1946 what communism want, people rejected the sweet propaganda of communists. And they fight against that. And they die fighting. Millions. At that time soviets used tanks, guns, bombs. As result, until 1989, we all knew what communism is, we all were against and talking against communism. There were also activists on streets who try to identify the “anti-popular” individuals (by ideas) and then report them to the political apparatus. We learned that talking with people you don’t know is deadly. In this way, groups of anti-system were born. I do remember listening Radio Free Europe or Voice of America, at very low volume. This is how we, the people, made ourself ready to react when time will come. After many unsuccessful attempts, and many good people been sent in political prisons or killed, in 1989 many took the risk to be killed and react against a system. I do remember. I was in the army. The army was under political control, but the army was formed by normal young people. This why the need of political control. But I knew from first moment, me and many others near me, when the war alarm ring, that we are not going to use our weapons and bullets against our civilian people (families) on the street. We were infiltrated by political agents in those days. In very short time they knew that the army will not follow orders if there are “wrong orders” given. As result, in few hours, the army was fighting against armed security and secret forces defending the system. Many died. I saw.
    Now, returning to our days, there is no way to compare old times public resistance with today’s public reactions. Not in the west. This is why I am sure that there will be more complicated and hurtful the future. I am now in the west and I do understand how reality looks like. I do remember my self, young, in a military convoy, heavy armed, thinking about real enemies, not the “politically correct” enemies. I knew against who to open fire. Today ? Well…I think we will have to move in Korea or Japan. There will probably be popular resistance only when extremely many people will suffer. To be strong, to have the right mindset, the danger must hit almost every individual in the head. The take over of Europe will continue as planed. Fast in west, slow in east. When people of Europe will understand that without sacrifice there is no future for our own children, will probably be to late. Or, if we are lucky…some will survive. But there will be blood, there will be pain. A lot. If things are going tomorrow as today, and this will repeat for more than 5-6 years, I think in maximum 10 years west Europe will be the new Sudan, where gangs are looting, killing, raping the rest of “religious incorrect” population. But, who know ? Sometimes god do create miracles.

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