As the Islamic State Collapses, Hardened Mujahideen Head for Europe

The following panel discussion from Bulgarian TV addresses the likely consequence of the final mopping-up of the forces of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq: the surviving mujahideen will head for Europe, with most of them eventually passing through Bulgaria.

Many thanks to Tanya T. for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. NOTE: The featured panelist refers to “dictatorships in North Africa”. Based on the context of his remarks, he is also including Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan in that designation, so a better name for the region would probably have been “Middle East”:


07:02   [Professor Mihail Konstantinov, mathematician and political analyst]
First of all, when we talk about the reasons, let’s look at the main reason:
07:06   who went and trashed the normal dictatorships in North Africa about fifteen years ago?
07:13   Yes, they were dictatorships. Yes, with cruel dictators. But they were states nevertheless.
07:18   Bulgarians used to go to work there, not the other way around.
07:21   Who bombed these countries and turned them into territories plus tribes.
07:26   This is a disgusting crime that must first be acknowledged,
07:30   and work must begin immediately to eliminate its consequences.
07:34   In cooperation with everybody — Europe, the US, Russia,
07:38   Which also joined the melee recently, and everyone else.
07:44   Because if this isn’t done, nothing can be done.
07:48   The US alone has spent $5 trillion, in their own estimation, to destroy these states.
07:57   They should be so kind as to give as much to rebuild these countries,
08:01   and so that those people that we see here can go back to their home countries.
08:04   They have nothing to do here, nor will… —Is history going backwards? —”Could this even happen?”
08:08   — Nor will they integrate here; let’s be perfectly clear — none of them will integrate.
08:11   Mark my words, I guarantee… That’s not what they have come for, either.
08:14   Let’s return them to their home countries and help them get out of the bog that we stuck them in.
21:22   Let’s speak concretely: the fall of Mosul is imminent.
21:27   Mosul will fall, nobody has doubts about that. Aleppo will fall, before or after Mosul.
21:32   Right afterwards Raqqa will fall — these are 50,000 complete cutthroats.
21:36   I hope that at least half will be eliminated during these events,
21:41   but 25,000, half of whom will pass through here, are ready for Europe.
21:46   These are people who, first of all, have become ferocious, because they lost one war.
21:49   They have nothing to lose, they love dying for their faith
21:53   —They love killing for their faith, above all — that’s what is disturbing…
21:56   Yes, they have… smelled blood, they have tasted it…
22:00   Those are… I call them another kind of creature for a reason, I can’t call them people.
22:04   Those… call them whatever you want, will now pass through Bulgaria.
22:08   We must get ready to receive them. —How? How could that be gotten under control?
22:12   First, the army must be sent, in maximum force, to protect the borders.
22:19   We shouldn’t wait for the Hungarian army — you know the Hungarian army is coming to protect us.
22:24   Hungarians have fought for us against the Turks in the past, but I think that …
22:27   You expect John Hunyadi to come leading his crusaders, in armour and religious banners,
22:30   that’s… —Yes, we have to protect our border.
22:33   It must become clear to everybody, that the Bulgarian border is not an unfenced yard,
22:37   that there are laws here, that the Bulgarian border is sacred.
22:40   Once, what should I call him… an imbecile… said he would send the soldiers without weapons…
22:45   I’ve never heard a more idiotic statement in my whole life —
22:50   to send the Bulgarian boys without weapons against these people …
22:54   We must get down to work, to protect our country,
22:59   and those who need help, I agree — they should be helped. Bulgarians are traditionally hospitable.
23:04   There is no doubt about that, and we will be like that, but not towards people
23:08   who have come here to do heaven-knows-what.

6 thoughts on “As the Islamic State Collapses, Hardened Mujahideen Head for Europe

  1. What I get from those ‘pundits’ is that only one of them has any real handle on the future situation as it is being played out in Syria. He clearly states what needs to be done yet gets an argument against his wise counsel?

    Maybe those who cannot accept such in your face realities should go visit the border area with their Army to gain first hand experience of what it is that they are all up against.

  2. I think there is an implicit assumption that the European countries must assure a safe landing place for the jihadis fleeing from the states they wished to destroy.

    Nothing is further from the truth. The European countries have no responsibility to the jihadis/refugees. Bulgaria ought not to pass on any refugees unless there is a commitment by Germany, Austria or some other country to take that refugee specifically. For the other refugees, they could make a deal with the now-victorious government of Syria to give Syria the opportunity to make up for its depleted coffers. Syria will take the refugees off their hands, for a price per head, and Bulgaria won’t inquire too closely about the refugee after the transfer takes place. It sounds like a win-win-win to me, including the refugee, who will achieve his objective of meeting Allah sooner rather than later, as a certified martyr.

  3. As the Spanish civil war was just practice for Hitler and that other great socialist Stalin, so it seems to be working out for ISIS and the Muslims in Western Europe.

  4. The training operation finished. That is all that was the first “Islamic State”, now the real operation begins. The rich Arabs wants to get off the sandy countries before their oil runs out or the alternative technology invented and grab themselves some lush European real estate where natural water is available. (21st century will be known from its water wars!)

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