Analysis of Radical Multiculturalism

In his latest essay, Nick McAvelly deconstructs the logical fallacies derived from the false premise of Multiculturalism.

Analysis of Radical Multiculturalism

by Nick McAvelly

‘But since my intention is to write something useful for anyone who understands it, it seemed more suitable for me to search after the effectual truth of the matter rather than its imagined one. Many writers have imagined republics and principalities that have never been seen nor known to exist in reality. For there is such a distance between how one lives and how one ought to live, that anyone who abandons what is done for what ought to be done achieves his downfall rather than his preservation.’ — Niccolo Machiavelli [1]

The pre-Machiavellian assumptions traditionally used to frame any enquiry into political philosophy were described many times by Isaiah Berlin. Those assumptions were ‘in the first place that, as in the sciences, all genuine questions must have one true answer and one only, all the rest being necessarily errors; in the second place, that there must be a dependable path towards the discovery of these truths; in the third place, that the true answers, when found, must necessarily be compatible with one another and form a single whole …’ [2]

If those propositions are correct, then it is theoretically possible for all peoples from all cultures, with all kinds of religious beliefs, to co-exist in a happy and harmonious utopia. If such a fabulous vision were to exist only within the imagination of a small group of shallow thinkers, then that would harm no one. Unfortunately, there are a lot of radical people who believe in that utopian vision, and therein lies the danger, for they will do absolutely anything to bring that dream-world about.

As Berlin reminded us: ‘One belief, more than any other, is responsible for the slaughter of individuals on the altars of the great historical ideals — justice or progress or the happiness of future generations, or the sacred mission or emancipation of a nation or race or class, or even liberty itself, which demands the sacrifice of individuals for the freedom of society. This is the belief that somewhere, in the past or in the future, in divine revelation or in the mind of an individual thinker, in the pronouncements of history or science, or in the simple heart of an uncorrupted good man, there is a final solution. This ancient faith rests on the conviction that all the positive values in which men have believed must, in the end, be compatible, and perhaps even entail one another…’ [3]

Multiculturalism claims that all cultural and religious values are compatible with one another; therefore it is possible for all human beings to live in peace and harmony. Radical multiculturalists believe that by creating such a fabulous utopia, they will be implementing the final solution to the age-old question of how human beings are to live together here on earth.

However, if the foundational premise of multiculturalism is false, then not only has the utopia that radical multiculturalists believe in ‘never been seen nor known to exist in reality’, it cannot exist, because it is a logical impossibility. And the assertion that all cultural and religious values are compatible is indeed false. Consider the case of Khan vs. The United Kingdom, in which a 21-year-old Muslim living in Britain persuaded a 14-year-old girl to marry him in ‘an Islamic wedding ceremony’. The records of the case state that: ‘Under Islamic law, a Muslim girl may marry without her parents’ consent on attaining the age of 12 years.’ In pre-PC Great Britain, Khan was arrested and charged with abduction and having sexual intercourse with an underage girl, under the Sexual Offences Act 1956. Khan was found guilty on both counts in a British court, but appealed to a European court, where he argued that he had the right to have sex with an underage girl, because his religion (Islam) approved of the practice of underage marriage. Khan’s appeal failed. The convictions under the 1956 Act stood.[4]

The Islamic values cited by Mr. Khan in support of his appeal were clearly not compatible with the values of 1980s Britain, where abducting underage girls and having sex with them were understood to be criminal acts. That one example illustrates what Isaiah Berlin said on this point: ‘What is clear is that values can clash — that is why civilisations are incompatible. They can be incompatible between cultures, or groups in the same culture, or between you and me.’ [5] It follows that the final solution of multiculturalism is nothing more than, as Berlin once put it, a ‘metaphysical chimera’. [6]

The realisation that there are incompatible sets of human values came to Berlin after reading Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince. In that book Machiavelli not only argued that the virtues of the classical world must be abandoned by a prince when necessary,[7] he undermined the assumption that those qualities are virtues in the first place.[8] There are undoubtedly many people living in Britain today who are not familiar with Berlin, who have managed to avoid being brainwashed into accepting the doctrines of multiculturalism, and who are quite aware that there are incompatible sets of cultural and religious values. It goes without saying that where the subject term is individuals who cross our borders, and the predicate term is individuals who commit illegal and evil acts, the universal affirmative proposition (sometimes called an A proposition) is false. However, the corresponding I proposition (Some S are P) is undeniably true. And one does not need to have read any of Isaiah Berlin’s essays to understand that grooming, abducting and sexually abusing little girls is not just illegal, it is evil.[9] To put the matter politely, the values of the perpetrators of such crimes are not compatible with our own.

The radical multiculturalists in our midst will never be able to create their fabulous utopia. As we have seen, the key premise they need to build on is false, so their entire project is an impossibility. These radicals may not be able to create the world they believe in, but what they can do is destroy everything around them, and we need to realise that they are intent on doing so. We are at war with a ruthless and deadly enemy, just as surely as we were at war between September 1939 and May 1940.

During that period, known as ‘the phoney war’, Neville Chamberlain decided that the RAF should send bombers over Germany to drop leaflets for the general public to read.[10] Halifax is on record as saying that the Germans were ‘natural readers’, and Chamberlain himself believed that dropping leaflets was ‘good and useful’.[11] Meanwhile, the Nazis were making their own military preparations. As we now know, Germany invaded western Europe on 10th May 1940. (They used tanks.)[12]

As Machiavelli advised, we have to acknowledge what is actually happening in the real world, and we have to live our lives accordingly, whatever that might entail. To that end, we would do well to remember Churchill’s words: ‘Mr. Chamberlain can’t seem to understand that we live in a very wicked world. English people want to be left alone, and I daresay a great many other people want to be left alone too. But the world is like a tired old horse plodding down a long road. Every time it strays off and tries to graze peacefully in some nice green pasture, along comes a new master to flog it a bit further along.’ [13]

In light of the way things are today, some people may be of the opinion that they can’t do anything about it, and they can’t protect themselves from the forces at play in the world anyway, so it’s not worth making any effort here. They may just as well leave everything to chance, or fortune, or whatever deity they believe in.[14]

However, it would be better, Machiavelli argues, to take the view that we can still choose to act in a meaningful way. As Machiavelli wrote, ‘It’s like one of those raging rivers that sometimes rise and flood the plain, tearing down trees and buildings, dragging soil from one place and dumping it down in another. Everybody runs for safety, no one can resist the rush, there’s no way you can stop it. Still, the fact that a river is like this doesn’t prevent us from preparing for trouble when levels are low, building banks and dykes, so that when the water rises the next time it can be contained in a single channel and the rush of the river in flood is not so uncontrolled and destructive.’ [15]

The great social engineering experiment of the radical multiculturalists is well under way, and things are almost certainly going to get worse before they get better. The anti-rational river of destruction that is running through our society may yet burst its banks, and that day may not be too far away, but there is still room for us, as individuals, to act. We must each decide for ourselves what we can do to preserve our own spiritual and intellectual integrity, our homes, our families, perhaps even some kind of remnant of our society. But there is one thing that we must all take into consideration, as we face up to the reality of the world today: We are running out of time.


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42 thoughts on “Analysis of Radical Multiculturalism

  1. “We must each decide for ourselves what we can do to preserve our own spiritual and intellectual integrity, our homes, our families, perhaps even some kind of remnant of our society.”

    Individuals or millions of individuals, who have no power/authority, cannot do anything at all. To have authority and no morals/scruples/ conscience is very scary and disastrous. Think about Sweden, Norway, France, Britain . . . all western, which have become proud pagan, atheist, know-all and everything, countries.

    Western countries left Moses, Jesus, and everything moral meme affiliated with them. They broke covenant with the Ten Commandments, Satan/Jihadis of the Pirate will break our backs and hearts. It’s in the Bible. The Traitors let jinnimushies out of the middle east bottle, and invited them, with 4 wombs preferable, to spawn healthy embryos/future jihadis called muhammads: Muhhamads in the bus, on trains, in tramways, in schools, in Universities, muhammads in police force, mayors.

    Western air, food, soil, stool, airplanes, are swarming with muhammads. They demolish our synagogues, churches, temples, cities, Christmas Markets, everything, and Traitors force us to tolerate that. We are helpless.

    Traitors are worried if a muhhamad dies during delivery, not if 12 are dead of those useless citizens.

    • See chapter 25 of The Prince, part of which I paraphrased above, & part of which I quoted directly.

  2. MC spoke recently about ‘the narrative’. Here I speak about ‘the final solution’ (the phrase that was used by Isaiah Berlin) … the narrative is the final solution. All cultural and religious values are compatible … believe it or else!

    Talk about ‘fake news’ …

    • Actually, the Narrative is simply another word for a general convergence of opinion on various issues. So, most people with any education at all know that the earth is round, not flat. The use of the term “Narrative” just makes this convergence suspicious.

      Sometimes there is less convergence than supposed because the people writing about the relevant issue only chat with their friends.

      Sometimes convergence is actively produced. Norms are an example.

      • Well, no it’s not. It’s the final solution which the political elite and their uneducated lackeys in the media want everyone to accept, so that they can create a fabulous dream-world here on earth, and note that they are quite willing to visit harm upon those who disagree with them. The Nazis called this process of ‘education’ Gleichschaltung.

        (So, far more than a small group of people agreeing on something then.)

        However, you raise an interesting point, which John Stuart Mill addressed in ‘On Liberty’. Here is the relevant link:

        • This is just a definitional exercise. JSM actually covered the idea conceptually without the jargon. Indeed, “Narrative” is repurposed from post-structuralist-infected people. Anyway, this is boring.

          I refer you to the great semiologist Humpty Dumpty:

          • Everything is a ‘definitional exercise’. On the other hand, maybe it’s not. One thing you said is correct though, this is boring. On the other hand, maybe it’s not. Maybe words have meaning. Then again, maybe they don’t. It all depends …

  3. I know this idea won’t go anywhere but I would put it out there anyway. I think every 6-12 months elected and some non-elected officials should be questioned by an inquisitor. An inquisitor would be someone trained to question until they can prove veracity or deceit or winging it in the policies, opinions and actions of the officials. eg. What do you believe, what did you offer to do, what have you voted for… None of it should be private. It should be merciless and unavoidable. I would consider a qualification for an inquisitor be a sociopath. If you are deceitful or don’t know what you are doing you could be recalled. The only torture would be the repeated asking of questions and possibly reeducation of the definitions of words until and acceptable answer was achieved. There is no right or wrong answer necessarily just a demonstration that you are honest and understand the consequences of your policies.

    I know it would never happen but the repetition of the same thing decade after decade makes that seem to be the obvious solution.

    • ” . . . months elected and some non-elected officials should be questioned by an inquisitor.”
      e.g. Questioner : Who did Turkey belong to prior to 1453? And what was Istanbul called before May 29, 1453?
      Questioner – Who committed atrocities in Cyprus in 1974? Whose ally is that country? Do its allies have and talk day and night about human rights?
      Questioner: What should we do to have peace between Israel and its neighbors?
      Traitor: Easy: Israel should exchange land for peace? Why don’t the stiffupper lipped, with icy nerves not exchange Falkland for peace? It’s easy. Just as Norwegian, the French and the civilized Swedes are doing?
      Questioner: You are recalled. You are fired. Israel’s neighbors occupied 57 countries from Morocco to Australia. And there is no peace because now they wants all the continents. Donkey: what Israel needs is effective weapons to defend themselves. The semi peace that Israel has today after the Yom Kippur war of 1993. The result was smashing of 7 armies just like David and Goliath. Then you have peace. Now those 7 armies are still rearing their ugly heads.
      “If you want peace prepare for war.”
      You get lessons from the Ages’ Wisdom past.
      Sublime ideas of how to rule: USA Forefathers thought they included some securities to that effect: People elect and monitor their representatives, representatives watch over and investigate (when wrong), the Executive Branch, to make sure they don’e step their boundaries, rule justly, and make reasonable Speeches when they recite them in Cairo, and not indicate by those speeches that their (executive boss), gear their policies to suit the agendas of muslim countries.
      Words and speeches have great effects on friend and foe.
      But that is only good and nice on paper and theory. Who would think that representatives/ legislatures would be the last ones on earth to do what they are supposed to do. Forefather forgot about bribery and petrodollars, lobby, greed and human weaknesses and betrayals.

      Yes, you are correct: Noble and effective ideas do not fly. Are those ideas too much for the common and elite brains?

      When we were kids in school, we were told that the media’s job was to say/write freely about criticizing the big fish’s horrible wrongdoings. But that’s not happening. Some people who live in Mozambique or Mars think that western Democracies who pride themselves of being “democratic” think that the media in so called democracies are free.

      Yes they are free to criticize the noble men like Wilders, Tommy Robinson, AFG, PAGIDA, Farage, Spence, Geller, and praise muslims for being the first inventors of every technology we use today: Is not algebra an Arabic word. No algebra no space going.

      • I did not think of that. Spot on! You are exactly right. This life is a big dilemma. There is something strange and weird about the eternal human nature:

        “The men the European public admires most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

  4. I think one of the insanities that plagues us now is the power of the poster. Always, always are these posters of little children in national costumes all together, holding hands, because, Jesus, probably, and the reality is so horrible, no one wants to see it. It is this: Wee child on Umm’s knee, carefully listening and repeating back Umm’s tribal rules on the nasty, filthy infidels and Jews. Innocent hatreds learned from infancy. Meanwhile, our children are herded into educational gulags, where they are taught to basically hate themselves..but only if they are white…and even more so if they are white boys. Yesterday my grandson told his grampa that they had a ‘Celebration’ at school. He is in kindergarten. Grampa corrected him, “You mean a Christmas party?” “No,” says the Boy…a ‘Celebration.’ If I could yank him out of his school I would. But he will go home and see his parents glass-eyed in front of the television, and that is his culture. That is almost every child’s culture. In the Umma, it is not the culture. They are full of passion. Passion to pass on their culture and passion to destroy ours. Can it get any simpler than that?

    • That’s what grandparents are for: to undo the govt school propaganda. Parents often don’t have time and are products of the same lousy system. I recommend looking at the Hirsch Foundations books, one we used as home-schooling parents. I felt like I was back in school again – remember when you were issued the books for the year (or semester) and read most of them in the first two weeks?
      What Your Second Grader Needs to Know: Fundamentals of a Good Second-Grade Education Revised (Core Knowledge Series) Paperback – July 13, 2013

      We started with the kindergarten books and every year got the next one in line. PLUS, and equally important, is Hirsch’s various editions of “Cultural Literacy” – they’re on this page:

      Finally, and equally important, find the math books. Here’s a good one:

      Mastering Essential Math Skills: 20 Minutes a Day to Success, Book 1: Grades 4-5 Paperback – February 15, 2007

      For younger grades, I’d use CDs with those sing-song multiplication tables. For whatever reason, children can memorize material if they can sing it. And that includes multiplication tables or the list of all the presidents, the state capitals, etc. Anything tabulated can be memorized in song…including music.

      For young kids, the secret is repetition, repetition, repetition. When the B was a tutor, his biggest complaint about private school kids was that they didn’t spend enough time in drill (boooring) or in learning to estimate. His opinion of American math pedagogy doesn’t meet our comment guidelines.

      Grandparents, if you can get involved!

      • That’s a what I’m a doing, and I gotta four of them. De teachers dey don’t teach, dey only give ’em da homework. ‘S da matter with them? they make a more money than I do!
        Pardon the fake Italian accent. Yeah, we here on the left coast are multi-cultured. you ought to taste the yogurt we sell here. it’s liberal to say the least. 🙂

  5. These years we are experiencing an interesting revival of history in the West. Pacifism and appeasement rule the day, dressed up in tolerance and whatnot of cowardly window dressing. Pacifism also ruled after ww1, and appeasement policy.
    The winners felt sure that the Versailles Treaty in all its harshness would subdue the enemy for good and preserve peace in Europe. Stupidity led the war, and stupidity elaborated and dictated outrageous and humiliating peace conditions.
    In Germany international and national socialism fought each other to lead the subdued people into brighter uplands. Eventually the national socialists prevailed.
    The Osman/Turkish Empire, ally of Germany, vanished, leaving only Turkey as we know it today. But also leaving behind great humiliation among muslims who took pride in their lost islamic empire. Hence the roots of The Muslim Brotherhood, and the dreams of another islamic empire/state.
    In ww2 muslim states in the Middle East and Bosnia became the best of allies with national socialist (nazi) Germany, waiting for revenge to get rid of the British and French protectorates, and the jews.
    Today’s Europe can see history rehearsed. Muslims invading and building their islamic utopia, and supported and protected by socialist utopians at all levels and colors.
    Therefore, [this] is interesting indeed.

    • taken together with Pizzagate, it is more than readily apparent that the Elite care only for themselves and how we can be used, and kept docile, to satisfy them, their lusts, and their agendas. FDR, as per the book, “Lindbergh v. FDR” wondered what he would do with all the out of work labor force. Send them off to war was the supposed Labor Secretary’s suggestion. It makes sense, the unemployed were, and still are, surplus production units, not even human and worthy of the due care a fellow human being is entitled to. The Elite must hate with a vituperative passion the Christian Ethos that calls them to account for their selfish exploitation of others, and the hate plays out in their policies. Tsk, tsk.

      • Speaking as someone who is glad that [Hillary] will not be President, I accept that Pizzagate is a hoax. Yes, the elites which [Hillary] represented are selfish and destructive, but we should not usse a falsehood to convict them.

    • Interesting? Maddening, horrifying and totally unnecessary, more like.

      Gates of Vienna, “We are in a new phase of a very old war”.
      Our ancestors readily identified the enemy; our leaders today identify the enemy as our friend….

    • It would appear that a lot of people just don’t think that anything like a nasty old ‘war’ could ever happen, because they’re oh so virtuous and good. And even if it did, the ‘baddies’ would roll over and give up because they’re so bad, and we’re all so good. This is more than a ‘normalcy bias’. It’s a delusion.

      I think that part of the problem is the myths that have surrounded WW2 in the West – we fought a ‘good war’, we won because we were ‘good’, etc etc. (Conveniently ignoring the fact that the Russkis did all the heavy lifting, & Eastern Europe didn’t exactly experience a ‘victory’ at the end of the fighting.) We’re all so good and virtuous – except we’re not.

      People really do need to read a bit of history!

      Like they used to say in Battlestar Galactica … all of this has happened before …

  6. This is the first time in history, as far as I can make out, when the ruling elite desire to sacrifice themselves on the altar of Political Correctness. And it comes at a time when those who hate us, ie the Muslims, are fully aware of our well-intentioned naivety and fully intend to take advantage of it.

    Unless we can turf out the Merkels and Obamas. we are finished.

  7. The Theory of Multiculturalism could not have been established throughout the West, and we must realize, that it is only the West that has adopted this theory, without its quasi law enforcer political correctness and the myriad of Human Rights laws that have been used to undermine the law of the land and to ‘legally’ persecute those who object to such a ‘final solution’, which is to enmesh all cultures within individual countries, via lawfare designed to discredit the person and to divest through fines, the individual wealth of that person.

    On the above basis alone, multi-culturalism must be seen as the intended destroyer of any host country foolish enough to fall for the blatant lie, that all cultures are equal so therefore all cultures aspire to the same ideals.

    The West is run by individual authoritarian systems of Human Rights Commissions that are inching their way into replacing via immigration, the original peoples of all Western lands.

    If that in itself is not a valid reason to be revolting over then I don’t know what is!

    • From the Time Machine, an essay by Fjordman in 2006. Funny how his work doesn’t stale-date:

      The Background of Multiculturalism


      I have heard some commentators say that all the most destructive ideologies of the modern era have originated in Europe. But frankly, I’m wondering whether Multiculturalism is the one stupid idea that was actually exported from the United States to Europe. Danish writer Lars Hedegaard claims Multiculturalism comes from the United States following the Civil Rights movement in the 1960s. After thinking about it, I find this to be a plausible explanation.

      Perhaps Multiculturalism partly is an anti-European ideology, with the United States – and later Canada, Australia and New Zealand – distancing themselves from their European heritage, whereas Europe has distanced itself from itself. I noticed on one conservative American blog that it was perfectly permissible to trash European culture in any way possible, but when I carefully asked some questions about whether the cultural impact of massive Latin American immigration would be exclusively beneficial, I was accused of being “racist.”

      Yeah, sure. Raise your hand to ask a question and you’re “waaaycist”…

      That was a tad more than 10 years ago and America has (happily for at least half of us) just elected Da Biggest Noo Yawk Racist of them all. But between 2006 and now, Fjordman fled his country with a target on his back. For asking questions. For politely inquiring into the roots of the disorderly, disordered disease of multiculti, where rape is dismissed as a cultural quirk and honor killings are waved away.

      Who could have dreamed then that Sweden would voluntarily encourage its own multicultural nightmare? Now 40% of Swedish women don’t venture out at night and the police admit to having mapped out numerous no-go zones to guide their first responders (firemen, police, emergency vehicles). To which most of us hardened observers say “let ’em die in their own self-immolation”. But the police and firemen have a harder time of it. It’s difficult to just watch things burn; passive behavior is not part of their DNA; otherwise they’d be accountants and such.(It’s true here in the U.S., too). People willing to do that dangerous work find it difficult to let the burn-baby-burn mentality go unchecked.

      Poor Swedes. There was no referendum on welcoming these “NEW” Swedes, none of whom look even vaguely Nordic. Their certifiably insane but oh-so-multicultural politicians obviously hate peace. As do Merkel and her followers. Italy doesn’t appear infected but they are, sadly enough, the first shore these “immigrants” reach.

      Part of America is likewise infected, but fortunately for us, their star seems to be waning. Obama had eight years to transform make a ruination. Had he known who was coming after him he’d probably worked a lot harder, spent less time on the golf course. As it is, we have a whole lot of cleaning up to do. Leftists litter wherever they go.

      • It has been a nightmare ride for all of us who awoke early to the most destructive of all Globalist agendas. I think Mr. Hedegaard was one of the first to sound the alarm.

        It still amazes me that many simply cannot see what we see, but then again, that one is a story in itself.

        I note Obama is still at it just four weeks out from his successor’s inauguration – talk about a spite filled scorched earth policy! I have read where Obama is supposed to be very smart. Going on his performance over the past eight years I find that very difficult to believe and on that would put forward, that if not for the color of his skin there would have been no Obama presidency to fool the American public with.

      • The fact is that we are now in a situation where we cannot afford to lose once. All the left has to do is succeed once, and then it is over. Not a good place to be, but sometimes truly bad ideas need to be made obvious to people by their implementation. In this case I think it is necessary that things fall apart in order for all parties to understand exactly how bad the ideas were in the first place. That seems to be the human condition, but it is awful for us that have to live it out to its conclusion.

    • We are used to cries of ‘racism’ whenever anyone criticises uncontrolled immigration – very well, let us begin by accepting that human hardware has nothing to do with anything.

      Obviously, it’s all about the software – the ideas, values and religious beliefs that are in one’s mind. That goes for the ‘refugees’ as it does for everyone else.

      If that is what matters – then we are confronted with Berlin’s essays on the subject of a ‘final solution’. The assertion that all cultural and reliigious values are compatible is FALSE!!!

      If, as we all agree, people’s actions have nothing whatsoever to do with the colour of their skin (aka ‘hardware’) but rather, because of what they believe (aka ‘software’) – and this is the bedrock upon which ‘leftists’ launch their attacks on anyone who does not want to go along with their great social engineering project – it follows that people live in ways that are NOT compatible – which disagree with one another in the most profound and irreconcilable ways – and this understanding undermines the whole social engineering project from the get-go.

      Which is why Berlin’s many essays on this subject are important.

  8. “And one does not need to have read any of Isaiah Berlin’s essays to understand that grooming, abducting and sexually abusing little girls is not just illegal, it is evil.[9] To put the matter politely, the values of the perpetrators of such crimes are not compatible with our own.”

    It is more even than evil because it destroys the girl’s (and boy’s) humanity, their souls. It does same in the very culture from which it arises. There is no relativism or escaping of the damage done even in the vilest moslem hell hole wherein it is prevalent, known and statistically normal. Thus, THUS, it should not be put politely, EVER!

    • It is more even than evil because it destroys the girl’s (and boy’s) humanity, their souls. It does same in the very culture from which it arises. There is no relativism or escaping of the damage done even in the vilest moslem hell

      With the advent of fMRIs (functioning or real-time imaging of the brain) pediatric research psychiatrists and neurobiologists can now differentiate between the ‘normal’ child’s brain and the brains of those children who have experienced repeated trauma. The architecture of the traumatized child’s brain structure is strikingly different: especially the hippocampus and the amygdala.

      And now they know the transgenerational epigenetic effects of trauma. This became quite apparent with the children born in the Winter of Starvation in the Netherlands in WWII. Their suffering was passed on to their grandchildren. With luck, this effect can be greatly ameliorated in four to six generations, or so it is thought.

      Meanwhile, the vile tenets of that social disease, Islam, has continued to wreak havoc on small children for however many generations are contained in 1400 years. Sexual abuse of babies, children and animals are all sanctioned. But if you damage the goods, you have to pay the parents. Only “fair” to reimburse them, right? Never mind the change of thinking when girls become of marriageable age. Nine? Then she has to be guarded so her honor will remain unsullied.

      This inherently juridical point of view regarding human beings – making children objects – is simply another demonstration of Islam’s real nature, which is neither spiritual or religious. Islam may take on the trappings of religion when convenient but at its core it is materialistic and has no other reason for being. That’s why the West is seen as weak with its absurd rules about fair play, authentic humility, or being trustworthy. Such ideas can be used to dominate, but they have no bearing on reality.

      • That was good, Dymphna. Epigenetics is fascinating. Evolutionary theory has not quite integrated this phenomenon with Darwin. It essentially is gene expression affected by methyl or ethyl groups stuck on DNA or histone proteins. And some of this is carried from one generation to the next, depending on the species and the site of marker. These epigenetic molecules are caused to attach to the DNA/histone by the environment. [!!!] So we do have the paradox of having the inheritance of environmentally induced changes (albeit for a short time)…suppossedly a no-no in standard evolutionary theory. Think: The genes are written in ink and the epigenetic markers are written in pencil.

  9. Very interesting essay. In addition to the delusion that all cultures are ultimately compatible Multiculturalism in infected by another. As a doctrine, it’s fatally flawed by the belief, or is it a conceit, that ultimately, jihadi violence is completely the fault of the Western host society. That is, it’s the result of a provocation, more multi-culti pixie dust is required. That’s the attitude of a serf ie more accommodation to Muslims’ demands. The chilling fact is, for 1400 years non-Muslims have provoked Muslims into violence, by being unbelievers, there are only two paths to ‘peace’, conversion or resistance.

    • The Globalists package their cultural time bomb deceit by sugar coating Islam as a religion of peace knowing full well it is not, and they hide from their own kind what they expect from Islam to assist them in accomplishing their agenda.

    • The radical multiculturalists appear to believe that people do not behave in ways that are determined by their genetics, the colour of their skin, etc (that is to say, human ‘hardware’.)

      In fact, people behave in accordance with what they believe to be true (that is to say, what’s in their mind – human ‘software’.)

      Now – we can get leftists to go along with us up to that point. The next thing is to make Berlin’s argument – and demonstrate that all cultural and religious beliefs are not compatible at all.

      It follows that people not only do not, but can not live together in a happy and harmonious utopia, because they all believe different things, and live accordingly!

      The whole multicultualist dream-world is therefore a ‘metaphysical chimera’ – a logical impossibility!

      This has the potential to be a powerful argument.

  10. //Multiculturalism claims that all cultural and religious values are compatible with one another; therefore it is possible for all human beings to live in peace and harmony. Radical multiculturalists believe that by creating such a fabulous utopia, they will be implementing the final solution to the age-old question of how human beings are to live together here on earth.//

    Is there a reference for this “claim”, that is, a written source, or is this being asserted by the author?

    If the source is or are–in the case there are any–one or more Multiculterists, then some of us would like to know those names.

    Let’s agree that confusion may ensue when we discuss “Multiculturalism” when there are no “Multiculturalists” who support what would be the academic, classroom, armchair-version, that is, an “un-instanciated” theory–no instances, no examples of the doctrine.

    I’ve never heard the doctrine of “compatibility”, though I am well-versed in the doctrine of relativism in this context.

    //The anti-rational river of destruction that is running through our society may yet burst its banks, and that day may not be too far away, but there is still room for us, as individuals, to act.//

    I dare make the observation that all rivers will “burst [their] banks”–never escape that eventuality and given that the current trajectory is NOT toward an ice-age AND there are no periods of flood during the approaching ice-age. After that ice-age, then the river will, eventually, “burst its banks”, as a matter of course, and the period of time that has elapsed from today to that post-ice-age day, may be considered to be only few “blinks” of the geological eye of “Time”.

  11. For Pete’s sake, let us all ditch the word “multicultural.” 1970s Belfast was “multicultural” because it had the Catholic, Irish, Orange-Protestant and Anglo cultures, and a few gypsies and Chinese takeaways. This, we all know, is not what we are talking about. Our very use of the word “multicultural,” a term specifically designed to distort the relationships among peoples, is an acknowledgement of acceptance and defeat. What we mean is multiRACIAL or multiETHNIC. I do not rule out cultural factors; far from it; but they are implicit in the words racial and ethnic, which do not have to be genetics terms. I do not use the word multicultural at all, except when pleading for its avoidance. Always use multiracial or multiethnic.

    I’m sure this is a great piece, because GoV pieces usually are good, but I no longer read any polemic about multiracialism either. There’s nothing to discuss. I want my country, England, to remain English, just as I want my family to remain who they are. I don’t want strangers taking over my home. That’s all there is to it. There is no argument to win. There is only a message to drive home, using the crudest of propaganda if necessary.

    • I know what you’re saying – I have found that when talking with anyone about this – one of the brainwashed, that is – it’s good to have a few arrows in your quiver.

      Such as the ‘racist’ meme: “It’s not about hardware, it’s about software!”

      As for the notion that everyone can live in a happy and harmonious dream-world: “No. That’s not possible, because (as Isaiah Berlin correctly pointed out) all cultural and religious values are not compatible. And human beings live according to what they believe (it’s not about hardware – it’s all about the software!). So what you’re proposing is a complete fantasy – as Berlin put it, ‘a metaphysical chimera!’

      You can’t just say, there’s nothing to discuss. Obviously, you and I might have nothing to discuss, we would probably both be in agreement on this issue. But there are plenty of people out there who believe that all cultural and religious values are compatible, and who want to import hundreds of thousands of people who believe in the truth claims made by Islam, and force us all to live together, so there obviously is room to have the odd ‘discussion’ or two. And like I said, it’s good to have a few arrows in your quiver, just in case you find yourself in the situation where you need them …

  12. The most striking part for me was the assertion that now they can’t have their multicultural Utopia,because it was always impossible, then all that remains for them is to destroy who and what was already here. That means you and me.

  13. The postmodernists easily become multi-cultural because they CAN have incompatible cultural beliefs in their thinking. The reason for this is that they believe that we can never know what is “out there” as objective reality. We can never know what the noumena is–what is true objective reality existing outside of our thinking. The ultimate reality is just our thoughts and our mental processing. We can never prove we are not brains in a vat. Thus, we can hold any thoughts we want, incompatibke or not, and these are OUR realities.

    So, if they can think of cultures living together– even though they might have terrible incompatibilities–then, by golly, they can live together. Thoughts rule over objective reality.

    …because there is no way to discover objective reality without our brains, sense organs, and mentation being involved.

    • Even if we can never know the true objective reality behind an object, the noumena, it doesn’t then follow that we “can hold any thoughts we want, incompatible or not”. If we are stuck at the level of phenomena we still can observe relationships between phenomena that display a degree of reliability.

      If I observe object A about to collide with object B I can be entirely in the dark about the “true reality” of each object but based on prior observations I can still make a good prediction about what’s about to happen to A and B at the phenomena level.

      Even if it turns out my brain is in a vat I’m still going to step out of the way of an oncoming car.

      • The problem would be that the political elite, who are supposed to represent you and have your best interests at heart, would insist that the car doesn’t exist. (Or at least, that it couldn’t possibly be a Mohammedan driving.)

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