After the Candlelight Vigils: Where Islam and the Left Meet

The inevitable rape-murder of Maria Ladenburger and the subsequent dhimmi reaction of her parents isn’t a new phenomenon. It has many parallels to the life and death of other modern martyr mythologies in the grand designs of Leftism. The questions following her murder brought to mind, immediately, the death of Daniel Pearl. After his grisly execution, his family began walking the same torturous path Maria’s parents have chosen in their turn.

In the Daniel Pearl case, what was never mentioned by any family member — or by any MSM journalist for that matter — was his poor judgment in choosing to go to Pakistan in the first place. There are many things that families and/or cultures can never permit themselves to know. In Daniel Pearl’s case the great unspoken-but-obvious truth is simple: Jewish Americans with any sense of discernment realize instinctively their extreme value in the propaganda war. Their capture and subsequent executions are prime fodder for Jihad, Inc.

For someone not in bondage to the neo-Marxist mythos underlying Leftist sensibilities, the questions come easily: so he chose to be a journalist? Good for him — does that mean he abandons all sense of self-protection? If you’re a Leftist, it most certainly does mean a kind of exquisite, entitled carelessness. Your cause is just and your heart is pure; both will keep you safe. Daniel’s father, Judea Pearl, has never once questioned the wisdom of his son’s decision to travel into that hellhole to “investigate” the Sheikh most likely behind the grooming of the shoe bomber.

For that was the reason for Pearl’s visit to Pakistan: to meet with the person who trained that whingeing “terrorist”, Richard Reid. No one asks the painful questions about the essential triviality of Daniel Pearl’s quest to understand the origins of this kind of behavior. Anyone who hasn’t sipped the Kool-Aid could have told him the story behind the story without leaving home. But Pearl’s thinking was formed in the outmoded mainstream media cowboy journalism of “exclusive” in-person interviews. Obviously, he didn’t realize his own value to the killer, a value that could exist only in the Western technology and Western media outlets. They would cooperate with Jihad, Inc. by dependably and eternally replaying that video of Pearl’s execution.

The Committee to Protect Journalists wrote about Pearl’s death four years later, in 2006 But this report never addressed the basic issue, which is that western reporters flying solo don’t belong in the Middle East. Without being accompanied by sufficient numbers of competent bodyguards, it’s a suicide mission.


Pearl traveled to Pakistan at a particularly tense time, according to Bruce Hoffman, a terrorism expert at the Rand Corp. in Washington. With the fall of the Taliban regime in neighboring Afghanistan in December 2001, militants were pushed out. “When they lost their geographical center of gravity in Afghanistan, they went to Pakistan, which was something of a haven because they had longstanding relations with existing (militant Islamist) groups.”…

Pearl had been researching a radical Islamic leader, Sheikh Mubarak Gilani, who had been linked to the so-called “shoe bomber” Richard Reid. Reid tried to blow up an American Airlines flight from Paris to Miami in December 2001. To find his way to Gilani, Pearl did what reporters do every day — he reached out to new contacts and made himself accessible. That also made him a target, Hoffman said. “It is a question of opportunism and access. A reporter has to chase a story, making him or her more vulnerable.”

Got that part of the mythos? Pearl did what reporters do every day — he reached out to new contacts and made himself accessible.[…] A reporter has to chase a story, making him or her more vulnerable.”

No he doesn’t need to do that. “Chasing stories” through hellholes in Pakistan is hubris. It’s 20th-century cowboy “journalism”, and it demonstrates concretely Daniel Pearl’s deep ignorance about Islam. But to say these obvious truths out loud is to violate The Narrative; his grisly execution is proof of something meaningful. Daniel Pearl, martyr for first-hand reportage.

Those who have researched Sheikh Gilani are under no illusions about his murderous intents toward non-Muslims, particularly Americans. See Gates of Vienna’s archives on Gilani and his American followers, “The Muslims of America”, here.

Pearl must have known that Gilani was persona non grata in America. Before he left home for Pakistan, surely Pearl was cognizant of Gilani’s terrorist recruitment among the population of disaffected black American felons? Did Pearl’s research include contact with anyone in government intel to ask for background information on this murderer? The CPJ organization quoted above is well aware of the danger, as this 2014 report details.

They even have a database of dead journalists dating back to 1992, enumerating the dangers of reporting from the Middle East.

Now Pearl’s afterlife is that of a martyr. He has books and movies attesting to his courage. And most importantly, a foundation in his name. But none of those invested in The Cause is saying (nor will they ever say) “going to Pakistan was a dumb idea”.

No Israeli Jew has the luxury of that kind of ideological foolishness. At the very least his mother, father, and wife would have tried to stop him. But in America, we are protected by distance; we can afford ideological purity. After the flowers have faded, we are never forced to reflect on events. Instead we immediately go about the business of building monuments, of starting foundations in the name of the martyred.

The drama of the death of this young medical student in Germany displays the same disordered ideological feelings shown by the Left in America when Daniel Pearl died. That’s why it seems familiar. Don’t forget, over half of our registered voters went for Hillary. This is the same group who feel (they don’t think anymore) Daniel Pearl is a hero.

Thus the futility of the question posed by Politically Incorrect in our previous post:

The family now has to live with the gruelling truth about the death of their daughter, namely that they have sacrificed their own child to the moral-imperialistic hubris of the operators and supporters of this “welcoming culture”. How do the parents intend to live with this immense burden?

It’s quite possible to live with “this immense burden” if you’re a suicidal leftist whose greatest fear is not being killed, raped, or beaten by immigrants. Instead, you will do everything in your power to avoid the occasion of mortal sin, i.e., being labeled A Racist. The Ladenburgers will sink ever more deeply into their delusions about immigration rather than risk such a social/moral annihilation. Dragging their other daughters with them, Maria’s family will simply make the rest of their lives a monument to their daughter’s death. Busy with the foundation in her name that is sure to come, their all-consuming work will prevent them from ever having to face the extent of their own culpability. Their child was simply an accidental — now imperative — sacrifice for the New Germany. If it is further necessary to put their remaining children on the altar of Eternal Immigration, that will be done, too. Such is the burden of the Elites. The Marias of Germany are collateral damage in the war against Racism, the broken eggs of this poisonous neo-Marxist Merkelian omelet.

More permanent than candles or teddy bears or flowers, foundations erected in the martyr’s name often end up as large grease machines that permit life to go on. These all-consuming family monuments to the Maria Ladenburgers and the Daniel Pearls become their family business; there is no other way to avoid the truth while preserving The Narrative. Don’t you wonder what Maria, at the moment of her death, would have decided had she been given a choice? Don’t be too quick to underestimate the thoroughness of her indoctrination. Like Rachel Corrie and other martyrs for The Cause, she might have decided for death rather than risk being labeled A Racist.

For leftists, death is not the worst thing. Far more dreaded is being perceived by others as A Racist. Better to build a monument to Death than to be forced to live with the huge red “R” branded on your being. In their world it is never what you say you are, it is always what Others decide about who you are. Unlike the swiftly changing and endless enlargement of the choices to be had in sexual identity, this form of Identity Politics is binary. When Others decide you are Racist, there is no reprieve.

There may even be a perverted pride to be found, when your culture is dying, in helping it along. A cultural euthanasia, perhaps? Thus a main pillar in the West’s Leftist mythos, Death Before Racism aligns with and complements Death For Allah.

Is this the yin and yang of the Left’s Immigration Creed?

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  1. “One general law, leading to the advancement of all organic beings, namely, multiply, vary, let the strongest live and the weakest die.”
    ― Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species

  2. Well written essay Lady D., and food for thought. While some appear to be waking up in Germany, it would seem that the indoctrinated form a very large group, or perhaps they are just more insanely militant than the mindless lefties here; and we have plenty of them. (the ‘left’ coast)

    I have actually heard the term ‘racist’ applied to my name, and my wife has been called a bigot; we’re not bothered by this, we just consider who is doing the calling!

    • We’re safe in America for the moment. We don’t get fines and punishment for being (called) racists. Not yet. And since Trump was elected we have at least four years to scrabble back to what was once taken for granted…

      …but remember the pact between Merkel and the moral moron, Zuckerberg. That will cost some people. I wouldn’t get on Facebook if they were paying for members. But they plan to control what they can with the new “Fake News” claims.

      I keep reminding myself that enough voters saw through Hillary to vote for the relative safety of Trump. If he can stay alive, we have four years…

        • The indigenous resistance in Europe needs to establish email networks for the dissemination of news and not rely of Fascistbook or the like. Email will be the last bastion on the Internet to withstand censorship. These networks need to be robust and aggressive. Most of the news Websites I frequent I also sign up for their email service at the same time, e.g. Judicial Watch, Breitbart, etc.

          • Since we all accept the fact that NSA reads any email it wants to, I would imagine that Europe is no different – I make a habit of talking into the potted palms, myself. Don’t have GPS on our car and seldom take the dratted cell phone with us. Does anyone know of a cellphone not GPS-enabled? Our old 90s candybar finally died. It’s not that we’re doing anything wrong, it’s just the principle of the thing…oh wait: we are doing something wrong. We don’t buy stuff. I can imagine a time when there will be required spending levels…

            I would imagine there is some level of encryption that couldn’t be easily broken, but I’ll bet a really good one is pricey.

            Postal mail is still safe.

          • There is a new platform:
            it like mix of Twitter with FB,
            It promises free speech…

      • I have a page on Facebook under Ronald B Fox. It’s a minor presence, I don’t use it for much, and it they pull it, they pull it. But, in the US we have a different set of protections from the Germans, and sites like Facebook, Twitter, Periscope and YouTube are useful for spreading information, memes and news of alternative movements. Any one of those sites is always being subjected to restrictions: alt-right Twitter accounts are closed, YouTube changes its advertising policies to make the exclusion of alternative thinkers from advertising revenue easier, and Facebook always holds the threat of censoring US users like they do German users.

        And yet, taken as a totality, using these forums promotes our ideas. Some of the contributors, like Mike Cernovich, asks people to sign up for an email list as he anticipates being shut down by Twitter. The essence of guerrilla warfare is to fight where and when you can, until you can’t fight there anymore. You then move on to fight in another place.

        An alternative site that promotes itself as being a free-speech area is I myself have tried to register. When I try to sign in, it tells me to register. When I try to register, it tells me I’m already registered. So, it still pays to patronize the commercially-successful, though flawed, alternative communication media.

      • We’re safe in America for the moment.

        No. We’re not. Much as I might hope (as in whatever ostensible worth there is in the proverbial, “Hope and Change”) to agree with you, America is headed straight towards being-kicked-down-the-stairs.

        Even four full years of a Trump administration may not be sufficient to avert the incursion of similar being-kicked-down-the-stairs events.

        However lamentable it might seem, America’s harmfully tamed and Politically Correct(ed) law enforcement apparatus may well prove to be entirely inadequate with respect to the task of interdicting the predatory violence of supposed, so-called “immigrants” that have no compunction about deconstructing Western Civilization.

        Please, oh please, take a bit more time when it comes to reconsidering the imperative need to recalibrate all references about these emergent forces of Islamic jihad in the West.

    • I’ve been branded a racist since the mid 90’s, before it was cool. My sin ? I didn’t put up with certain “African Americans” that thought they could push me around at my job. I never cared and ended up with more respect from the non racist blacks than I could ever imagine. I’ve left that job after 33 years, and I have more blacks contacting me on Facebook than whites.
      Moral, many know it’s a game, if you don’t play you gain respect !

      • In most places it’s still not cool to be called a racist. It can cost you your job if you’re in the European Union. Some of our team in the UK lost their jobs after being outed for their association with Islamophobes. New employment became “problematic”. One person had a part-time job with an individual who needed help with her paperwork; he held that position for 17 years. But once exposed, his employer was pressured by her colleagues and “friends”, who threatened her with being ostracized personally and professionally. A version of Hollywood’s “you’ll never eat lunch in this town again”…

        …that may be trivial to you, but it was frightening to this woman and so she reluctantly fired her long-time employee.

        Yes, it is a game, but in Europe it is a game with potentially draconian consequences. No one “respects” a pariah – they don’t have permission to do so.

        The classic example is Tommy Robinson’s tribulations and the suffering his family has endured. TR is undaunted but you can see the effects of PTSD in his interviews…the pushback against him by the state has been relentless. It doesn’t matter how many black friends he has, he’s still officially A Racist.

    • But what’s wrong with racism; what’s wrong with being (a) racist?

      Why is it wrong to put your own kith and kin first, and by extension those closest to you?

      And if it is wrong it must be wrong to care more for your own offspring than it is the offspring of others. Wasnt it Robespierre who consigned his own offspring to the orphanage? That’s where this is leading.

      Accusations of racism must always be met with a challenge and not denial.

      • “what’s wrong with being (a) racist?”

        The answer is, “it all depends”.

        “Racist” is simply a term with high emotional content, useful for shutting down speech. The OIC (Organization for Islamic Cooperation), the most powerful interest grouping in the UN, set out a program in 2005 to equate criticism of Islam with racism. Notice that CAIR, a relatively open front for the Muslim Brotherhood, routinely accused critics of Islam and Muslims of being racist.

        But, there is little doubt that races are different. Scientifically, it’s very difficult to argue that African blacks have the same average intelligence as European whites.

        So, people who speak openly of the differences are called racists. Funny enough, it’s permissible (mostly) to say that Ashkenazic Jews or Chinese have higher average IQs than European whites. But, when you talk about groups with lower IQs, Indians, Hispanic Indians, Afghans and so forth, you risk being labeled as racist.

        Some people are developing a white identity movement. Most say they have nothing against other races, but simply want to protect the interests of whites from being ignored. Affirmative action, for instance, obviously replaces whites with individuals of other races in desirable employment or educational slots. Higher-IQ Asians are also victimized, but carry less risk of being called “racist” if they band together to protect their interests.

        And then, there are the flagrant racists, who advocate harming individuals of another race, simply because they are members of another race. The individual characteristics of the victim don’t matter. So, looking back to the article, the Muslim Gilani killed the Jew Daniel Pearl because he was a Jew. That’s the most fundamental form of racism.

        My response to you is, it’s your own individual conscience that determines if you’re racist, and if it’s a label you dislike. Do you place a value on worthy individuals of another race and treat them as they deserve to be treated? If so, are you really hurt at being labeled as “racist” for treating a black badly who deserved to be treated badly?

      • Racism is usually in the eyes of the beholder. There are examples of genuine discrimination based on the ethnicity of the victim/s by the more intolerant amongst us, but generally most folk are tolerant of other ethnicities providing they attempt to fit in through assimilation into the new country they find themselves in and keep the peace and the law of the land.

        Discrimination is a natural human trait and part of our survival instinct that no amount of legislation can smother. As you say, those who are quick to call out ‘racist’ must be met with a challenge, and I for one have always been more than obliging on that aspect.

  3. A very interesting article, Dymphna.

    I have a hard time believing that the parents are reacting this way. I wonder if they’ve been told to (to keep their jobs) and if they’re just that base, or if they’re unable to admit the truth even to themselves.

    Either way, it’s very much a symbol of what is very wrong with German/European/Western society.

    • Remember the American girl who was killed in Africa? Didnt her parents adopt her killers?

  4. Great analysis. I often ponder how the universe began, and compounds first organized into clusters etc. Same thing about successful societies; how did the first dangerous thinkers end up corrupting their own tribe? What were the circumstances that allowed competence to be replaced with incompetence? Perhaps in the future there shall be a built in failsafe mechanism to prevent civilizations from deviating into this morass.

    • Try the concept of “welfare state” which allows individuals without the drive or tools to survive, to survive.

      I think we’re past the point where we want incompetent individuals to die of hunger or neglect, but perhaps we could institute some sort of social contract, where unfit individuals receive generous benefits in return for an enforceable commitment to not procreate. They would not be obligated to accept the contract, but once they did, it would be binding.

      That wouldn’t affect these people directly, as the parents are from the upper class bureaucrats. But, it would prevent the society as a whole from sliding into apathy and incompetence.

  5. The first time I noticed the rotten smell in this leftist narrative was in the aftermath of the murder of Kenneth Bigley. But it’s probably due to my perception already being enhanced after the first few trips to SE Asia and learning some unfettered Muslim viewpoints directly from the horse’s mouth, not relayed through the ideological filter of our educational machinery or the carefully crafted double-think of Muslims living in the West who know exactly which buttons to push to hide their agenda. After these encounters I began to read. Yet hardcore leftists will rather gouge their own eyes out before letting them see any material that could overturn their conviction. In this they are absolutely religious.

    • Yes. I was left-inclined years ago. One of the factors in my enlightenment was the fear a much-loved lefty friend of mine had of alternative viewpoints. It encouraged me to investigate those ideas which in turn encouraged my to realign my thinking.

  6. Yes, leftist-multiculturalism is a kind of secular religion or at least held with same kind of conviction of any religion.

    Which reminds me of a 1949 book compiled by Arther Koestler, “The God That Failed,” in which former communists write about how they abandoned communism. It really was, for them, like abandoning the (formerly) heartfelt beliefs of a religion or a cult.

  7. The moral high horse must be something that many find impossible to dismount from due to their supremacist ideological indoctrination that is the hallmark of the willing Socialist.

    Is it really any wonder why Socialism in all its guises and fancy terms will always find a friend in the other more assertive ideologies such as Islam?

    Pearl got himself a ‘news scoop’ I bet he had not bargained for, his own death by way of much agony and recorded for all the world to see.

    Was he really that convinced that his ‘moral superiority’ would see him safe from harm and that those to whom he sought out would recognize his ‘morality’ as similar to their own?

    But such is the delusion of Socialism in all its guises.

    And for all of us out here in the blogosphere, how are you feeling Dymphna?

  8. I believe the Left’s affinity to Islam is a vague idea of the enemy of their enemy being their friend. Both are forms of collectivism, but I think this is where any commonality ends. In their bigoted ignorance they are not receptive to the fact that Muslims are a hundred times more conservative than the conservatives the Left is trying to crush. They are oblivious to the fact that they are trying to put out a fire with nitroglycerine. No, a nuclar bomb. They are not receptive to any warnings that they themselves are being used as a tool to further the Islamic totalitarian agenda. They import these people in the hope of corralling more voters for themselves, and they may get them in the short term. For as long as Islam in diaspora still needs growth to reach the point where they don’t need to play nice anymore. And no later will the Intifada begin in Europe. It has already in some corners, and the Left prefers to keep it from the public eye instead of drawing the conclusions. As said above, they’ll rather gouge their own eyes out than admit fault. They still will when they are getting subjugated or disposed of by the Umma. So much heroism! Martyrs for The Cause!

    • I agree with most of your comment except when you give Islam the status of being Conservative.

      Islam is not of a ‘Conservative’ ideology, it is a supremacist totalitarian system. It is inflexible in its tenets that also control the social and religious aspects of its adherents. There is simply no room to improve or even change the direction of Islam, it is that rigid an ideology.

      The above description does not reflect the proven track record of real Conservatism.

      Conservatism is about keeping in place those things that have been proven over time to work and to gradually change direction from the fundamentalist aspects if change can be proven to be a benefit to all. It is not a system that controls the free thinking of an individual as Islam does.

      • Well said.

        Genuine conservatism has been all but abandoned. The explainer for modern American conservatism was Russell Kirk. Even after his death, his wife continues to run the organization he started. But the talking heads who call themselves conservatives? Not fit to shine Kirk’s shoes.

        Birzer has won some prizes for his book on Kirk, published in October:

        Russell Kirk: American Conservative

        Not surprisingly, the author is a professor of History at Hillsdale College. (Hillsdale took in women and black students before it was cool. It accepts NO federal funding so is free of the cant of public indoctrination camps.)

        • I believe we are about to have another new political party launched – I mean wow! We have so many registered political parties that when filling in the senate form at voting time the paper is so big it could be used as a table cloth.

          But, the next party will be a true Conservative Party. Will keep you informed.

        • I probably should have added the hint that on this side of the pond it is even very common to say things like “Islam is conservative” or of the chancellor’s guests “They come from a very conservative society” when admonishing one another to be mindful of their sensitivities. They are treading on eggshells and bend over backwards when strangers are “conservative”, but rip the hearts out of their own kin for it. I don’t need to expound on the consequences of these notions to the judgement of these people’s sanity.

          For our little circle it means the recognition, that even when using the same language, often we do speak slightly different codes. Yes, I can see now how it happened I unwittingly offended the American Conservative. It sure was not intended! 😀

          • K. I was not offended by your use of the world ‘Conservative’ but more challenged as to your use of it.

            I believe the word ‘Conservative’ has the same meaning throughout all Western cultures – that is why fundamentalist Conservative ideology and the very word that describes that ideology has been under constant attack for decades by those who value an unattainable but wished for utopia rather than deal with the real world which is what conservatism is based on.

            No hard feelings on my part and I do enjoy your comments.

          • We ran into the limit of nesting depth, so can’t reply directly to where this should attach:

            “I believe the word ‘Conservative’ has the same meaning throughout all Western cultures – […] deal with the real world which is what conservatism is based on.”

            Here is the little difference which went undetected. The bare literal meaning of the word is to keep, preserve, hold, retain etc. ( and this is how we continue to use it. The dealing with reality is a connotation which is not automatically included, since it can also mean having to (embrace) change.

          • And there is an old saying that goes, ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’, which is quite an apt adage for those who uphold Conservative values

            Read you on the postings.

      • I meant conservative in the strict sense of the word, without any association to an extant culture or stream occupying this generic term like a name. It didn’t occur to me this could cause confusion, possibly because of the background of actually having learned Latin in school. Conservative as such is simply the Latin word for the notion of wanting to keep one’s ways as much as possible, as opposed to the progressive who wants to change for the sake of changing, whether there is a need for it or not.

        • I note that all ‘modern’ dictionaries cast the term Conservative as being ‘resistant to change’, a description that by default causes the uninitiated reader to acknowledge a fault of some kind when in fact the word conservation has no reflection of even being resistant to change but, in protecting that which is accepted as worth protecting.

          Conservative and conservation are inseparable in meaning yet those who choose to attack their own culture also choose to deride those words that they would rather no one knew of or learn another aspect to, such is the undermining of the West by those who stealthily do so.

  9. People need a lot of shaking before they wake up from a dream they’ve been having for decades. Especially if the world they will awake to has the appearance of a nightmare.
    Jihad and Islamic aggression? Oooooh that’s a big pill to swallow when you are used to News Lite.

  10. One cannot be successful in German society nowadays without subscribing to the prevailing leftist paradigm of eternal guilt, bogus antifascism and moral relativism. Much less when occupying a significant position in the EU’s Central Committee.
    Germans feel compelled to elevate every ideology or movement to implementation on an industrial scale. What we observe today is the opposite of the classic furor teutonicus. Or maybe its necessary counterbalance: it’s all sweetness and light. Until it’s not.
    The reaction of the family is understandable. You see it all the time in people who have lost someone to a war with an ideological cause like anti-communism or the “War on Terror”. Grieving is hard, much harder than posthumously justifying the loss of a loved one through some religious/ideological slight of hand. Same goes for the loss of your country I guess. One has to somehow trick oneself into believing that all is well in this brave new world and that one’s cause is just.
    But the coping mechanisms seem to lose their psychological power. When reality becomes too overbearing and pokes holes into the fabric of collective delusion there will be hell to pay. The only chance for the EU to survive is to pass more and increasingly stringent speech laws in cooperation with the social media sultans. That would be the “soft” solution.
    The “hard” alternative is to continue pushing the immigration disaster and consciously steer the country towards massive social unrest, leading, in turn, to a good old military style dictatorship. The nascent EU army, whose declared objective is counter-terrorism seem to point to the latter.

    • I totally agree with you the EU army had the purpose of enforcing a multi-national dictatorship over Europe. Fortunately, their timetable seems to have been thrown off, possibly fatally.

      1) They brought immigrants in too quickly, making it impossible to hide the disastrous consequences. It didn’t matter in compliant countries like Germany, but motivated the Visegrad 4 countries to basically pull out of the EU before the EU army was ready to invade sovereign countries. The EU bureaucracy may have ginned up some false flag operation to pull NATO forces into invading Visegrad 4, but the election of Trump scotched that. There is no way Trump would go along with using US forces to invade a sovereign European country. They were counting on Hillary.

      With any luck at all, the EU will totally fall apart, leaving an alliance between Belgium and Luxembourg.

  11. The young fraulein and her idiotische Vater are 2016’s Gates of Vienna Darwin Award Winners.

    …or at least the top nominee.

    You guys should start a GoV Darwin Award Contest

    • That would be too sad and cynical. Now I wouldn’t mind doing so with some of the twits and twerps in popular culture. That would be harder since I only ever see headlines about them so my knowledge is limited. For example, those Kardashians give Armenians a bad name, imho. And when I see pics of Lena Dunham, I fail to understand her appeal on any level. Maybe she has a great mind??

  12. An absolutely brilliant article! Thank you. I well remember agonizing over the death of Daniel Pearl. I also remember his wife who deplored Bush.

    The insanity of the postmodern Left needs explanation. I have been banging my head against a brick wall trying to understand their warped logic. Nothing – absolutely nothing – makes sense!

    • It makes perfect sense if you step inside The Bubble where all these people live. Their world view is congruent, at least on the surface – and they do live on the surface of things.

      This post is an attempt to explain a small part of the Left and how sacrificing people to the “greater good” is something worthy. It’s not about religious belief – the Laudbergers are believing Catholics; Daniel Pearl was a secular Jew AFAIK – but it is about meaning. We on this forum have an over-arching meaning about life and death and all the things in between that is diametrically opposed to the meaning to which Leftists adhere.

      Donald Trump’s admin will be interesting just for the fact that he can’t be categorized as Right or Left. He’s The Donald. At the moment, for political purposes he’s choosing his administration from the Right, but if he could find a centrist Democrat, he’d have no problem with doing so. Unfortunately, the DNC has become the Lemming Left. “Centrists” – as Bill Clinton attempted to be – are not in charge anymore.

      Now, with George Soros’ support and shoves, it’s all about Race and Gender and Victims. Anything that pits one identity group against another.

  13. Dymphna – thank you for your very insightful post.

    Briefly, I didn’t come to understand this totally abhorrent and preventable “situation” or “agenda” (the islamification of the West) until mid 2014. And I continue to learn.

    One of the conclusions I reached along the way was that the governing elites of the West would continue with their academic, nation killing, progressive think tank supported islamification agenda (largely instituted through unwanted and illegal immigration) until some of their own were raped and murdered by the ungrateful barbarians they foist upon their societies, cultures and nations. Another way of putting it, they (the elites) wouldn’t pay much attention to the discomfort (to put it mildly) their sick agenda was causing for the common people in their societies until they personally were affected. I figured when it started to happen to their own children, family members and friends, it would change their “point of view” about things. I still do.

    But the reaction of Maria L’s family to her rape and murder at the hands of one of the cultural enrichers her father “works for” brings this into question, for sure. However, if it keeps happening to these oh so wonderfully superior thinking culture killing elites, their family members, their friends, there may just come a time when the straw does break the camel’s back.

    Until then, let us remember the spirit of Winston Churchill’s –
    “We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender . . .

    And just for the record, no, I am not British. I am an American citizen, born here. Looking forward to the day Winston’s bust once again resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    • I do not agree with you. I don’t think the doctrinaire leftists will be affected by reality.

      I met a woman from South Africa, who was active in the anti-apartheid movement there. She was raped by the blacks she thought she was helping, thus increasing her anger at the Boors, whom she blamed for apartheid.

      Whatever leftists possess, a sense of personal survival is not part of it.

      • Ronald B: You could be right! For sure, this one incident won’t do it and maybe no amount of straws will break this camel’s back. If not, posterity could awaken to their ancestor’s delusion(s) – not sure it would matter by then though.

        BTW, I always look forward to your comments. Keep ’em coming!

  14. We appreciate your very interesting article, Dymphna, and we know you ain’t feeling so terrific at this time. Thanks so much for this special effort.

    I am astonished as to the contagious quality of ideas. They are like actual infectious diseases. The Great Courses has this series on the Middle Ages to which I am now listening. One can see how heresy against the church at this time around 1000-1300 C.E. had the same pervasive, contagious, dangerous quality to it–just as racism does today. It was risky for your survival to not agree with much church dogma at this time.

    These massive–almost world wide–changes in the way we are supposed to think remind me of prion diseases. These are proteins that are mis-folded so that their new shape prevents their proper function. All it takes is a few of these seed proteins to catalyze the misfolding of many more in a chain reaction.

    Maybe man needs a huge distraction at this time like an impending asteroid impact or some horrendous flu epidemic or an adventure to Mars?…to shake our brains from racism, racism, racism.

  15. This morning came upon a exceptional journalistic essay in on the 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. As expected it engendered many comments remarking that contemporary Americans lack the fortitude and patriotism of that “Greatest Generation”.

    The Daniel Pearl saga is the cacophony of all the nonsense that has accumulated from that fateful day 75 years ago and would produce the circumstance that the Wall Street
    Journal…..yes the Wall Street Journal, would throw a special piece of meat into that den of wolves called Islamism. So interesting so little criticism of that organization in the aftermath of Daniel Pearl’s tragic end.

    The collective wealth of America (governmental, military, academic, commercial, agricultural, ecclesiastical, and so on and on produces humans that are comfortably alienated from it’s benefits and our unique sanctification from the wickedness and corruption that engulfs much off the world.

    Our hubristic nature is a symptom of our full bellies and over saturated sense of self. Hunger, even a little focuses the mind. That “Greatest Generation” experienced some to different degrees growing up in those pre WWII years, as did many of the immigrant families and those brave souls that traveled to America and then found there way to our American towns and cities then volunteering themselves and their sons to fall on battlefields their fathers had not long departed.

    The mendaciousness of our media, has always existed as it goes through its’ various phases, be it “Yellow”, “Red Scare”, “Muckracking”. What gave birth to contemporary journalism and its’ mendacity? A myriad of causes and conditions. but what I can comfortably connect is the path that leads from the demise of Daniel Pearl to the latest journalistic “fart” called “Fake News”. Contemporary media reported marijuana (pot) would do no harm to your children lives. Happily tolerated the multiple acronyms associated with the STD’s. Reporting the sexual revolution would help bring forth a happier American as they defined decency down with the divorce rates skyrocketing . Bellies sated, senses full of self congratulatory nonsense as we merrily go along our way to negotiating with the scum of the earth and in some hallucinatory act that only certain Western educated elites and they’re progeny seem to possess, imagining they can communicate with rats and roaches. Each event, Pearl and Maria Landenburger points to the martyring of ones child to a fake god.

    In addition the “Greatest Generation” possessed common sense.

  16. This essay deserves a wider audience. Anyway, it’s so darn good. Request: add Dymphna to Author list tab at top. Thanks.

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