A Nation of Amnesiacs

The Bundestag — the national parliament of the German Federal Republic — is not planning to hold a ceremony to commemorate those citizens who died in the truck jihad attack on the Christmas market in Berlin on December 19. The ostensible reason is that the parliamentarians are away on their Christmas break.

Germany is now an official amnesiac state. Its motto: “Never Remember!”

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Epoch Times. You’ll notice that reader comments demonstrate a full awareness of the politicians’ real reason for the lack of remembrance:

Bundestag has no plans for commemorative services for the Berlin terror attack victims

The Bundestag is forgoing an official commemorative service for the victims of the terror attack at the Christmas market in Berlin.

A central ceremony is not planned, said a spokesperson for the parliament to the Münchner Merkur on Wednesday. The Bundestag is currently on Christmas break; the first session [of the new year] convenes on January 18, 2017.

Below are a few reader comments:

Sepp Adam • vor 4 Stunden

At a commemorative service it would be logical to invite the families of the victims. But in order to guarantee things go smoothly, it would have to be made sure that none of them would say one critical word about the “refugee” crisis and to put the responsible people on the spot in front of the cameras or microphone. To say it in “newspeak”, that would lead to a dreaded “instrumentalization” of the attack through the victims, and run contrary to the interests of the parties and the government. In order to prevent that, they simply will not give any potential criticism a stage, therefore no commemorative service. As the official reason, even the dumbest excuse (parliamentary Christmas break) is acceptable, because it is by far the lesser evil than to deal with the above-mentioned.

Lotte Silberfeil • vor 7 Stunden

At a commemorative service everybody will ask: who carries the responsibility for the death of these victims, who has committed a sin? The answer would undeniably be “Frau Merkel”; therefore, our government. To circumvent this accusation the responsible parties therefore decided to rather not hold a commemorative service in order to keep their reputation intact. Except their reputation was dirtied a long time ago! There are too many dead, raped, too many victims of crime etc!

Michi E. • vor 11 Stunden

Of course Gauck would have been the first one to call for commemorative services if the victims had been “enrichers”. They’re all traitors.

Markus Michi E. • vor 11 Stunden

Gauck also has a migrant background — he comes from the former DDR, which was even more racist. They had guest workers that they segregated. DDR citizens who married a guest worker had to leave the DDR after they got married and move to their partner’s home country. That way it would be excluded that they could move to the hated BRD [West Germany]. In many cases the partners were muslims from Algeria, because a lot of them worked in the DDR. The individual representatives of the government are suffering from amnesia. It explains to me why Eastern Germany has a different way of thinking. The former citizens of the so-called brother states were as popular as foot fungus.

Ingo Müller • vor 13 Stunden

Had this been an attack with 12 dead and 49 injured and the victims were so-called refugees, the Outrage Industry, the Gutmenschen, and others would be running in overdrive. The government would kiss the a** of the muslims. They are traitors. Miserable pack of politicians.

Ingo Müller • vor 14 Stunden

A commemorative service would have only brought more attention to the subject matter and sharpened the senses of the people. They don’t want that. The “Dummländer” [dumb compatriots] are not supposed to remember. Furthermore, if one starts this now, then they have to continue it and that is annoying. Miserable traitors!

Geduldete • vor 12 Stunden

Why would they, it was mostly Germans who died. If something like this happens in France then all the politicians drive there to attend commemorative services. But when a few crummy Germans die it’s not worth a thought to them. And all that even though they wouldn’t even have to drive anywhere, it happened practically in front of their door.

Geduldete Markus • vor 12 Stunden

Have we forgotten already? According to them WE are the mob and the terrorists are a treasure, more valuable than Gold.

limes • vor einem Tag

Could it be that the responsible politicians are afraid to be confronted with the righteous anger of the families the victims left behind?

Knubbelinski • vor einem Tag

It all would just be one big hypocritical event and nobody would believe this brood about what they claim to feel! It’s enough when the ordinary and real people in this country grieve for their dead. The enemy sits in the Bundestag, and they caused the death of these people in the first place.

10 thoughts on “A Nation of Amnesiacs

  1. Someone really needs to have a talk with these people. They are the walking dead. But, truly Germany needs to change voting habits to a party that puts actual Germans first which show why this decision is so wrong. And one at several levels…

  2. What is it with the Germans and their love of genocidal maniacs? First it was Hitler who devised a method of genocidal entertainment for the German people from within, and now it’s Merkel importing and imposing her genocidal entertainment by way of the importation of Islam. Can someone please explain this?

    • I hope you are not just seeing Germany here. Western Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand to name a few have already been dipped and are soaking. The US selected and elected an unqualified Muslim bred sabateur. For two terms. Tell me about Sweden. The UK. France. Denmark. Norway. ‘Post nationalist’ Canada. Perhaps if we got our borders up and started to sort this out one by one?

      • Well observed. Western countries have a mind-boggling penchant for electing the wrong people, usually leftist/liberal, islam/tolerant country wreckers, Obama being the supreme example along with mad Merkel and several in U.K. and over Eurabia.
        Canada and Australia promptly got rid of leaders like Harper and Abbott who were awake to the problem of islam, but at least the Americans have come to their senses.

        Wasn’t it Churchill who said: “Americans usually get it right–after first trying everything else?”

  3. The Bundestag has lacked the moral and intestinal fortitude to deal with the immigration jihad that is displacing German culture. So now they must face the growing animus of the majority of German people. This now represents a credible threat to the poop scared PC purveyors in the Bundestag.

  4. the muslims are doing just what these leftist politicians brought them germany to do. they hope the muslims will create the conditions that will result in dictatorship, just like the politicians in the united states hope their colonization will do.

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