A Fatal Dynamic

JLH has translated Hans Heckel’s latest op-ed, which concerns the deep denial by the German elites of the significance of the murder of Maria L. by an Afghan culture-enricher.

The translator includes this brief note:

One more time: the city, the politicians, the media. Heckel seems almost too burdened by disgust to be humorous.

The translated essay from the Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung:

A Fatal Dynamic

What we must not think about after the murder of Maria, what it is really all about, and how to count properly

The Week in Review

by Hans Heckel
December 10, 2016

When the opinion-makers of the republic, with one voice, warn against “general suspicion,” we know for what the bell tolls, i.e., a new neighbor — now called a “refugee” — has committed some awful crime.

Since an Afghan has been under the heaviest suspicion of having raped and murdered 19-year-old Maria in Freiburg, Baden, the warning against being generally suspicious has been flying out of the mouths of countless politicians and experts. Of course, there is no intention to belittle anything, or sweep it under the rug, and this too is routinely broadcast with the “general suspicion” alarm.

The chancellor is, as usual, vague: If it should prove true that it was an Afghan refugee, then that is “absolutely to be condemned,” she says to German Broadcasting. What is “absolutely to be condemned”? That something “should prove to be true” about the nationality of the alleged perpetrator?

The listeners have no clue. Besides, that (stuff about his origins) “must also be identified clearly” insists the CDU chief, in other words, “as is the case with any other murderer.” And so the line is drawn, which everyone from now on will have to walk, if they do not want to come under suspicion of being a generally suspicious character, or, as Vice Chancellor Gabriel trumpeted, a “rabble-rouser.”

The word is: We formally perceive, to be sure, the cultural milieu from which the alleged perpetrator comes, and we also know by what means and route and by means of what policy he entered the country. However, we will not allow ourselves or anyone else, under threat of ostracism or punishment, to consider that there is even the most insignificant connection with the act itself.

The effort put into eliminating any politically undesirable view of the atrocity causes a choking-up which, faced with the horrifying murder, compels one to run away. And yet, as politically engaged people, we are not inclined to run away, and so we look more closely at the statements, especially those of the experts. Thus, Jörg Kinzig, Professor and Director of the Tübingen Institute of Criminology, explains: “Most violent crimes come from the ranks of young men. Young refugee men also act like German young men.”

Does that sound familiar? That is the way it was murmured across the land after the New Year’s Eve excesses. Some pointed to Oktoberfest, where there was also groping and rape. And that worked, until someone proved that comparing the very, very isolated sexual assaults during Oktoberfest with the mass excesses of Cologne and Hamburg is just as far-fetched as finding snow on the equator.

The Constance psychologist Maggie Schauer warns us against a “fatal dynamic,” if the “population’s fear” of many young men, “who have been differently socialized,” should be strengthened by such an “isolated case.” It is at this point that a breath of truth wafts through the PC fug. It’s not about a realistic assessment of the situation, but of the “dynamic,” which could arise from the assessment — in other words, about the political consequences which must be avoided at all costs.

To accomplish this, the affair is massaged until it fits. One means of making the thing look better than it appears to the public, is by use of statistics. Der Spiegel assures us that the “assumption that young refugees are more violence-prone simply does not comport with the numbers from the Federal Criminal Police.” So there you are. It’s all just made up. A good year ago, we were comforted by another such report. At that time, Hans-Georg Maaßen, head of national security , shared the fact that his service had no knowledge of any alleged terrorists who had sneaked in as refugees. Shortly thereafter, there was the bloodbath in Paris, and there were three “refugees” among the perpetrators.

That’s how it is with numbers and perceptions. To get them, you have to be willing to count and to perceive. The head of the German police union, Rainer Wendt, recently summed up how numbers can be fabricated. If someone in authority should want to drive up the number of drug-related crimes, he would transfer the members of the drug squad to traffic control.

When no one is counting drug offenses anymore, narcotics-related crimes “just cannot be represented in numbers,” and a citizen who complains about masses of dealers in his town (allegedly!) growing by leaps and bounds, well, he is just giving in to “diffuse anxieties.” Wendt is one of those provocateurs who mentions the connection between the deed and Merkelesque asylum policy. Die Welt goes even further and rises to the conclusion: “Had the borders stayed closed in September, 2015, the medical student from Freiburg would still be alive.” The sentence is cold, plain and, above all, true. And for that reason, it is also simply unmentionable, because of the “dynamic” that could come from it.

Besides “generalized suspicion,” what is most fiercely condemned is the “political manipulation” of the incident. We can imagine why. Picture a mayor who stubbornly refuses to have a fence erected between the playground and the four-lane highway — until a child chasing a ball is run over. How will he react when someone accuses him of being complicit in the tragedy? He will reject the “political manipulation” of this terrible tragedy and castigate it as a “mocking of the victim.” Die Welt replies to Wendt’s comment by quoting SPD deputy chief, Ralf Stegner: “Wendt is mocking the victims and his comments are, furthermore, “politically repulsive.”

Freiburg is governed by a Green mayor, supported by the CDU. People are proud of his “left-liberal” attitude; he is at the forefront of the Welcoming Culture. How does a city like this react to such a murder? Der Spiegel went there to take a closer look and has given us the picture of a deeply bewildered society.

There had been rapes before, Freiburgers said, and there had been drug dealing for a long time, before the Gambians turned up. One woman reported that she had been similarly harassed by an African and is still indignant about the feeling of helplessness she had felt. But then she immediately added to Spiegel: “If it were up to me, Germany would take even more refugees.” And she did not mean that ironically.

Maria L. herself was active in refugee aid. In the obituary, her parents asked for donations to the student aid organization Maria was involved in. You have to ask: Is that unshakeable heroism, or schizophrenia?

At any rate, the “left-liberal” Freiburgers interviewed by Spiegel were at great pains to emphasize the singularity of the murder, even though it is only one link in chain of violent crimes participated in by foreigners. At the same time, according to the magazine, they are massively covered in pepper spray and avoid certain localities at certain times. Who or what shall repair these ravaged hearts and minds?

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  1. Maybe evolution will take care of the problem. Those too dumb to understand that invaders from the third world are dangerous will be forcibly removed from the gene pool like Ms Maria. Those socialist and leftist voters who support such madness will eventually be bred out of existence, since they neither reproduce or abort what children they might have had. Either way, the future will belong to those who show up, which probably means a fight to the death between the trash of the third world and the nationalists and their descendents.

    • Exactly my thinking too. What was before saber-tooth tiger, bear, lion or poisonous snake, now its a muslim she tried to pet. Different wild animal, same result.

  2. I cannot fricking believe this. How stupid can people be? There is something seriously wrong with Germany and it isn’t the first time either. If you can’t protect your women and young girls, then what is the worth of you? Negative Zero?

    Shame on you you all, Germany. You can talk and talk and it won’t make any difference at all. You are zeros, minus manhood, and without honor. May God have mercy on your rotten souls.

    There is also the treason of Angela Merkel in bringing in so many muslims — someone should put HER on trial. What on earth was she thinking? That they would somehow become good little Germans and eat their weiner schnitzel in peace and harmony?

    She really is an idiot But worse, she is a traitor to Germany. Well, thank you — I have spoken and I feel slightly (an inch) better. But I am still very upset at the death of that girl and. . . well, I’ll stop here. I can’t say what I would like because it is not socially acceptable. But I am back to hating Germany, just as I did in Hitler’s era.

  3. Can’t wait for the final spinned story, where the Afghan was the victim and all caused by Orbán and Trump!

    • Somewhere in there you will maybe find reference to the Joooos! (who curiously seem to be in the shadows lately)

  4. A longwinded article for discribing a very simple phenomenon.
    Loudly yelling “la la la can’t hear you” and sticking your head in the sand.

  5. Somehow there’s nothing we can’t do anymore for leftists. They have pushed their “logic” to the point of no return. They’re just way too much over the rainbow. Let’s just hope they’re becoming a new minority and get less and less influence in politics.

  6. Somehow there’s nothing we can’t do anymore for leftists. They have pushed their “logic” to the point of no return. They are just way too much over the rainbow. Let’s just hope they become a minority and get less and less influence in politics.

  7. As my beloved mentor used to say – People would rather die than be proved wrong!
    It seems that the same mental imbalance that afflicted the German psyche in the 1930’s has reappeared. It’s fruits are Fanaticism and Destruction.
    Only Divine Providence can rescue Europe and the German people.

  8. “Who or what shall repair these ravaged hearts and minds?” – Quem deus vult perdere, prius dementat. We expelled God from our hearts and minds.

    • For those whose Latin may have…ah…eroded over time:

      “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.”

  9. The numbers that support what is continue to decline. They still make the most noise, but that which stands behind it diminishes by the day. There will come a time in the not too distant future when those that directly profit from the status quo will be the only ones supporting it – and as for all the others that once upon a time were vocal supporters of it, they’ll be saying “What me? No, never.”

  10. I think those with the capability (state/non-state) would be appreciated if they could locate any secret studies or policies in regard to this situation. That is just a hope. I know Yuri Bezmenov had stated with the idiots it would not matter. Then if there is anything there then the people can decide what they want to do. I’m sure anything like that is more secure than the trans-Atlantic trade deal.

  11. “far-fetched as finding snow on the equator”

    In other news, it snowed in the Sahara yesterday. Climate change indeed.

  12. JLH, the translator, notes the fact that the humorist author, Henkel, seems unable to make true humor from the situation.

    This, in fact, points out a serious consequence of the policies of current governments towards immigration. Ironic humor is composed of a barely-conceivable exaggeration of a true situation, the imagery of which causes laughter.

    The problem is, the behavior of politicians and leaders is simply so bizarre as to preclude and overtake any possible exaggeration. In other words, it is impossible to even imagine a more bizarre set of actions. So, humorists are left high and dry as mere reporters, rather than funnymen.

    I noticed the same problem with Pat Condell. A few years ago, he was wickedly funny, skewing Islam and the conniving politicians with bizarre but entirely conceivable exaggerations. Listening to any recent Condell video, one notes both the accuracy and the lack of humor. Even a humorist as intelligent and witty as Condell is unable to paint a picture that is more bizarre and less conceivable than the current crop of European leadership and news reporters and their everyday communications.

    As I write this, it occurs to me that the best way to approach entertainment with this sort of material is straight reporting. Leave off the moral shading, and simply juxtapose realistic estimations with media reporting. Let the listener make the connections and the moral judgments for himself. When reality is ironic, the best irony is reality.

  13. Frau Merkel is the person responsible, more so than even the mindless dregs of humanity she has unleashed on Germany.

    Why in the name of reason and decency may we not expect ever to see her arraigned with other unsavoury contrivers, perpetrators and apologists for mass criminality and murder at The Hague? Because the radical Left is as incapable of feeling guilt as the extreme Right. But when the Left falls, there will surely be a Reckoning, as there was at Nurenberg for the Right.

    A decent politician would immediately resign. A decent human being would remove themselves from sight in unbearable shame and disgrace. But Frau Merkel coolly gambles on the same fraudulent dice of politics that for years saved the likes of the monstrous Ceaucescu.

    Her continued presence at the head of the German people, in the leading country of the EU bloc, has become offensive.

    Why is she still there, spouting her useless and contemptibly inappropriate bromides?

  14. “Maria L. herself was active in refugee aid. In the obituary, her parents asked for donations to the student aid organization Maria was involved in. You have to ask: Is that unshakeable heroism, or schizophrenia?”

    It’s left-wing ideology strangling the believer. Pure dysfunction. Recall that dysfunction is a basis for a diagnosis of mental illness. Freud did posit that whole societies could be ill.

    Me, I don’t care about that chick or her family. They are destroyers as much as Rachel Corrie, ultimately of the pancake persuasion, was.

  15. Poor Germany! I’m so blessed to have lived there in the 1970’s before the elites decided that Globalization was good for us and we are all going to take it, if we like it or not.
    Hillary’s agenda was going to have been 1. Citizenship for the 20 million illegals already living here. 2. Open our southern border and invite everyone in. 3. Settle refugees from the middle east into our neighborhoods, but not too close to where rich people live. 4. Take away our Bill of Rights, beginning with the Second Amendment.
    Thank God that America was saved!

    • We only won the first battle. The real fight just begin, we must win the war so our descendants can live in peace!

  16. Hard times will soon be upon most of the world because of the disruptions caused by credit created currencies , and unthinking people { politicians included } who believe in an ” Alice in Wonderland ” free ride through life is the norm. . Look East to Russia where the people { tho they suffered unbelievable privation under communism} still have a hard headed, realistic view on the nature of our existence. Population decline in Europe by the narcissistic natives who are not reproducing their own, will not be offset by the influx of ” LOW IQ ” inbreds who eat Nations like termites in an abandoned building. Several generations from now…..some productive Christians living in the seven time zone lands will start anew ; another decent culture. The West is finished. Teach your kids to speak Russian and head for the New America.; Putins homeland.

    • Russia? Talk about a dysfunctional people! Their solution to the drunkard Yeltsin was the KGB officer Putin. If they had no oil, they’d be nothing more than N. Korea. And that, given the significance of Russian culture, is shocking.

      • If it’s a matter of dysfunctional people who survive versus rational people who become extinct I’d take dysfunctional any day.

      • Russians dysfunctional? Not so sure about that. They have been a sorely oppressed people for practically their entire history, yet still keep a hold on sanity and decency, OK, they have hit the bottle a bit hard, but can we blame them for that?

        Years ago, (I forget how many) a group of Aussies drove vintage cars from Beijing to Paris to re-create an earlier trip. Not to attempt to describe the entire trip here, but across their entire country, Russians were consistently the most friendly and helpful people the Aussies encountered, particularly with regard to the many repairs the cars needed, and this was the Russian people–not the administration.

        Putin, the man North Americans are being told to hate, is at least a decent leader well liked by his people; in that respect, how do USA and Canada compare? (or Germany, or Sweden, or let’s face it, anywhere in Eurabia) No, I think you do the Russians a disservice.

        • Putin is also a very intelligent and thoughtful speaker.

          Look up one of his many interviews or speeches on YouTube if you need proof.

        • Russians are dysfunctional because their collective behavior has consistently ruined the median Russian’s life chances. There always miserable because they make miserable decisions. I don’t see how this can even be disputed.

          As I suggested, this does not diminish Russia’s cultural footprint (e.g. arts and literature), which is vast.

        • I have no first-hand experience with Russian people. That said, I have extensive knowledge of their political history, which has been abhorrent. Theirs is no short-term insanity like Germany.

          And, far more than in Germany, anti-Semitism in Russia has always been salient.

          Reagan didn’t call the USSR the Evil Empire out of ignorance.

          And as for Putin, he has done little for the people he represents, and has already become a typical Oriental Despot. That he may be popular (polls become untrustworthy) only makes Russians seem more … dysfunctional.

    • Sick Zion: The Russians saved our backsides in two world wars. They may well do so again. If “we” had not been trading with Hitler before during and after WW2, I doubt the space program would have been so successful. Most would trust Putin and the Russians over a backward double dealing loser like Obama. I imagine you are one of them there false news fellers. Never been out of yer own gol’ darn county.

      • That was polite. I’ve actually been to all continents but Antarctica and Africa, including almost all of Europe (Eastern, Central, and Western), India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Israel, and I’m tired of writing.

        Your history is no better than your “profile” of me, but I’ve spent enough time on you.

  17. Eric Hoffer noted, “Compassion alone stands apart from the continuous traffic between good and evil proceeding within us. Compassion is the antitoxin of the soul”
    I actually met Eric Hoffer at BYU, when he was an invited speaker in the early ’60s. I was shocked both by the size of the room when a rather casual address was made, and how few people were there. He had made a more formal address to a much larger audience earlier in the day. I thought him quite famous, but that was San Francisco.

  18. These days, it seems, the compassion is reserved for the toxin in the soul, and the soul is considered to be the toxin. I suspect that even Hoffer will be shocked and dismayed at the depths which insanity and depravity have reached in humanity.

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