400 Criminal Complaints Brought Against Angela Merkel

This is a quixotic effort, but still — you have to admire the people who are doing it; they’ve got guts.

The following summary (including the translation) was sent by Nash Montana.

According to Politikstube, the Institute for Asylum Law is pressing charges against Angela Merkel in the case of the murder of Maria L.

One quote from the charge:

The accused is by virtue responsible for the so-called “refugee politics” of the Federal Government. The accused is particularly responsible for the fact that already more than two million so-called “refugees” were able to — without a visa and the majority completely uncontrolled — illegally traveled into Federal territory. This is a universally known fact.

The crime committed by the suspect who presumably entered the country illegally, could only be carried out because the accused Merkel created a “regime of lawlessness” in September of 2015 when she actively lured millions of illegally migrants to Germany as her “guests”. If not for this “regime of lawlessness” that opened the German border for the presumably illegally entering primary suspect, then with absolute certainty, the victim would have not been raped and murdered.

The entire PDF is here.

It includes a picture of the tweet about Merkel saying in an irritated manner on September 22nd, 2015: “I don’t care if I am responsible for the influx of the refugees. Now they’re simply here.”

There are currently 400 criminal complaints against Merkel, among them complaints for high treason and human trafficking.

16 thoughts on “400 Criminal Complaints Brought Against Angela Merkel

  1. Good news. There is a fightback in Germany. Early days but everything must begin at the beginning.

  2. So Frau Kanzlerinn “doesn’t care if she is responsible once the migrants are in”… How similar to another crooked archliar with her statement on the benghazi lies “what difference does it make”. Hope the german failed liar follows in the steps of the american one

  3. I used to think that the only way politicians in Europe would ever sit up and listen was when the citizens started to sue their respective Governments for breach of duty and care. May many “class action” law suits start pouring in, and the people who have been adversely affected by this woman’s evil actions seek retribution through the courts.

  4. I wonder how long it would take before those 400 will disapear in one of Merkels conce… (oops) re-education camps.

  5. I clicked the link to the story and my internet security (Webroot) blocked the site. Malicious Hack warning.

    • – Reputation: HIGH RISK
      This website falls into the category “Malware Sites” and there is a high probability that you will be exposed to malicious links or payloads

      I am just curious if its censorship. anyone have any trouble or get a similar message?

  6. “I don’t care if I am responsible for the influx of the refugees. Now they’re simply here.” – Merkel
    “What difference does it make at this point” – Hillary about Benghazi
    These two best gals from hell are very much tuned together…
    Maybe they should hang together, but I will not get pissed if they hanged or shot in a different time!

  7. Regardless if this legal action produces any effective, direct results, the political importance cannot be discounted. If nothing else it moves the Overton window and possibly sows the seeds of more dissent, emboldening others and leading to greater active resistance.

    This excuse that something was inevitably going to fail to achieve a discreet, stated goal, e.g. Cruz’s filibuster against the funding and implementation of ObamaCare way back when, has been trotted out by the establishment Republicans since 2010 to do nothing about impeding the leftward lurch under Obama. This “going along to get along” attitude was what fueled the Republican base’s discontent with its supposed leadership and led to Trump’s victory.

    Resistance is fertile.

  8. I’m reminded of Tom Lehrer’s song about Werhner von Braun, designer of the V2 and later of rockets for the US’ space programme (to be read with a German accent):

    “Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down?
    That’s not my department!” says Werhner von Braun”.

    And less relevantly, but appealing to my sense of irony:

    Some have harsh words for this man of renown,
    But some feel our attitude should be one of gratitude;
    Like the widows and cripples in old London Town,
    Who owe their large pensions to Wernher von Braun.

    • Mark, you may wish to look up Enterprise Mission, a blogsite run by ex-NASA scientist, Richard C. Hoagland. He has just put up some very thought provoking detail about what von Braun discovered back in 1958 and that the whole world has been denied knowledge of.

      Von Braun took many secrets to the grave with him, but did disclose some of them to his long term female secretary or assistant (I can’t remember which) whose name eludes me at this time. Perhaps you may investigate that further as I am already familiar with what has been disclosed.

      If you do, you will need to keep that mind of yours open.

      • Thanks Nemesis, I had a look, and also found a Wiki site discrediting Hoagland; he seems to have made some basic mathematical errors and faked photos, among other things.

        • The incident as described is historically recorded – as is the discrepancy in time that the attending ‘arithmetic’ upholds. Is Hoagland now making up recorded facts that occurred 60 years ago?

          What you should consider is that when ex-NASA scientists – and Hoagland is THE person who drew NASA officials to the many unnatural ‘landmarks’ found on the Moon and Mars. Landmarks that NASA routinely obliterates on their images through photo shopping before being released to the public – choose to go public and no longer tow the ‘company line’ they get targeted to be discredited.

          Snowden is a classic example of this kind of ‘discrediting’ procedure.

          So, you would rather believe a wikileaks entry that is posted with the intention to deliberately discredit a well informed and articulate whistle blower – whose message is never attacked with any credible evidence as to the contrary – rather than bother to investigate in your own time and on your own initiative, a highly detailed and important incident that would stand up to any scrutiny?

  9. This is not the first time this has been tried, and so far it has all been unsuccessful.

    The reason it was is not because she isn’t guilty of the crimes she is accused of, but because we do not live under the rule of law anymore.

    Cowardice inside the deep state and “international treaties” outside the state have completed evaporated the rule of law.

    Merkel is a tyrant in the true sense of the word, and even if she is voted out next year, an even more leftist government is going to rise that will be even more tyrannical.

    • However senior German Constitutional Judges ruled her actions in throwing open German ( and de facto the rest of Europe’s too) borders she had acted unconstitutionally!

      Surely she should at least be impeached, the devastating results of her stupidy are there for the whole world to see!

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