12-Year-Old Boy Plants Nail Bomb in Ludwigshafen — For ISIS

The Islamic State assigned 12-year-old boy the job of detonating a nail bomb at the Christmas market in the German town of Ludwigshafen. The detonator fortunately failed, and no explosion occurred.

It seems the alleged perpetrator is too young to be prosecuted. I don’t know what the authorities plan to do with him between now and when he reaches his majority — or after that.

This is breaking news; it just came out in Germany. Many thanks to Egri Nök for translating this article from FOCUS.de so promptly:

Security Authorities announce 12-year-old planned nail bomb attack on Christmas market


Friday, December 16, 2016, 06:01 AM (CET)

A 12-year-old boy may have been sent by the Islamic State when he planned an attack on the Christmas market in Ludwigshafen. The State Attorney and the State Prosecutor have already begun investigations.

A 12-year-old German-Iraqi apparently tried to carry out a nail bomb attack on the Christmas market in Ludwigshafen at the Rhine. Focus reports this in its latest edition, referring to legal and security authorities. According to the investigators, the “highly religiously radicalized” boy might have been “incited or instructed” by an “unknown member” of the terror militia Islamic State (IS). Only because the charger did not ignite was there no detonation.

According to Focus Information, the Federal Attorney in Karlsruhe is investigating on the grounds of a suspicion of a “severe subversive act of violence”. Parallel to that, the State Prosecutor in Frankenthal is leading the investigation of the boy, who was born in 2004 in Ludwigshafen. It is expected that the investigation will soon be closed, because the alleged perpetrator is under the age of criminal responsibility.

Boy wanted to join ISIS in Syria

According to Focus, the boy placed a backpack with a self-made charger in a bush near the town hall. A few days previously, on November 26, he had, according to Focus, attempted to ignite the bomb at the Christmas market. In the backpack was a can with a hole drilled in it, and a wire leading through the hole. It was filled with explosive material. The outside was sealed with tape and packed with nails.

After an alert passer-by informed the police about the backpack, specialists detonated part of the volatile compound. According to Focus Information, back in the summer of 2016 the boy entertained the idea of going to Syria to join ISIS. After his arrest in Ludwigshafen, the 12-year-old was placed in a juvenile shelter.

14 thoughts on “12-Year-Old Boy Plants Nail Bomb in Ludwigshafen — For ISIS

  1. A bomb planted by a 12 yr old will kill just as readily as one planted by an adult. If he is given a pass on punishment then the islamists will just start using kids to plant all their bombs. Germany does not have the death penalty, but he should spend the rest of his life in prison; in isolation if need be to drive the message home and to deter others from such attacks. If the bomb had worked as intended then many innocents; maybe other 12 yr olds, or parents of 12 yr old children would have been disfigured or killed. That is why their needs to be punishment, and no mercy given. Any pity should go to those who had such a brush with death.

    • A 12 year do not have a freedom to put this stuff together all by himself. So adults who are responsible for him should be on the hook.
      Also you are right about the punishment.

      • Come on, you see how they indoctrinate those kids in palestine, Afghanistan and if not most of the Muslim world. That kid knew what he was doing, whether he built the bomb or not, he wanted to kill kaffirs.

      • with the numerous offspring they produce, the loss of one is to be neglected.Few days ago, I saw a TV report about a refugee camp in Jordan: the family complained to have lost everything,but the four kids were all toddlers or babies.They must (4letterword)like mad. In wartime and depression struck Europe, the birth rates dropped to near zero.These people have no sense of responsability,that’ s all.

        • Yes, rats and rabbits breed like muslims… It is shocking how little value they place upon life; the West will always be at a disadvantage relative to islamic populations due to this. When a hundred westerners die in terrorist attacks it is a tragedy that paralyzes our society, while the islamists think nothing of losing thousands of muslim lives fighting us or each other. Their lives are cheap, alas, as ours are dear.

  2. Under English Law, which the Anglosphere are adherents of, a 12 year old may be tried for a capital crime once committed if intent can be proven. However, since the insane asylum has taken hold of all Western culture and turned it upside down, I doubt a 12 year old, as in the Bolger case in Britain, would be considered as being responsible for his actions.

    I would venture to add that German law now is very similar to Western values.

  3. One can imagine the cultural and ideological enviroment were a 12 year old gets the idea to make a nail-bomb and place it in public space.

    Islam – the hot bed for killers.
    I wouldn`t be surprised if his mother is proud of him.
    Just like so many “loving” muslim mothers in the middle east.

  4. And, what would happen to a 12-year-old that refused to co-operate?

    Equally important, how many months (or years) went into training for it?

  5. If you don’t want the death penalty then use solitary confinement. Bring it back. Don’t let them kill themselves. Give them a Koran, a prayer rug and halal food. No television. Don’t let them ever see another person again.

    • Why would you indulge the criminal sociopath with the comforts of their cult that inspired them to commit the very atrocity you are penalizing them for?

  6. Weaponizing children in the name of Allah. Muslims hate their supposed enemies more than they love their children. What more prove does one need to understand that islam is not a religion.

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