Trumping Their Queen

Well, I guess we won’t have Hillary Clinton to kick around anymore.

Like millions of other Americans, I woke up in a cheerful frame of mind this morning. Scrolling through a seemingly endless series of Daily Mail photographs of weeping Hillary supporters made my mood even lighter. Now all those Hillarites are going to have to make good on their promises and emigrate to Canada or New Zealand. The snowflakes flying out of California and New York will form a veritable blizzard heading for Vancouver and Toronto.

What a pleasant thought!

Early this morning Dymphna described herself as “limp with relief”. The results were so much better than either of us had expected.

Yes, Hillary can still litigate it, but she will have to contest several states, not just one like Gore did in 2000. And the argument that the Russians hacked the election will no longer fly. This is going to be a tough one for her to win, even with an Obama-packed court system.

So we can also expect violent mobs of Soros-paid thugs to take to the streets at every opportunity, much like #BlackLivesMatter, but without as big a racial component. Hang on for a bumpy ride, it’s going to last for many months…

Mark Steyn* was live-blogging election night, and among other things, he said this:

12.30am Eastern: Trump was right: It’s Brexit, and the polls (right up to this afternoon’s exit polls) were bollocks. And, as in Britain, the markets have shrieked in horror and hurled themselves off the cliff. Hillary had the money and the media, the ground game and the celebrities, and 100 per cent support from her party from the President down. And a fat lot of good it did.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

11.40pm Eastern: Trump has just breached Hillary’s “blue wall” and won Wisconsin. Democrats are reported to be “subdued” over at the Clinton “party” in New York, but the court eunuchs at US Weekly are still drooling:

Inside Hillary Clinton’s Star-Studded Election Night Bash: Watch the Livestream, Get Exclusive Party Details

Katy Perry was there! And Amy Schumer! And Lady Gaga!

And all their presence — and Jay-Z’s and Bruce Springsteen’s and all the others with Hillary last night in Philly — all their glittering stellar presence does is emphasize Hillary’s remoteness from where and how non-stellar Americans live.

As I’ve said all along, the Dems would have done better with Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. You need a candidate who connects with people, not with Katy Perry.


If nothing else, he has done the republic a useful service by demonstrating you can wing an entire presidential campaign and still do better than Mitt [Romney] and the entire consultant-industrial complex.

Just think what the result would have been like if this election had been played straight — if there hadn’t been hordes of illegal aliens voting, with no armies of the dead stuffing the ballot boxes and no rigged voting machines.

Imagine there’s no media acting as a solid wall of disinformation promoting Hillary and demonizing Trump. It isn’t easy, but you can try.

What if the top leaders of both political parties hadn’t told the country that they could not vote for this evil demon from hell? What if the cultural mavens and Hollywood glitzoids hadn’t told Americans that a vote for Trump would mean the end of the world?


If the media were capable of reporting the news truthfully, if they were able to lay out all the facts in an objective fashion in news stories and present a variety of opinions when editorializing;

If the leaders of both parties had been able to say, “I respect the judgment of the American people; Mr. Trump’s popularity is instructive to us all”;

If college professors had been able to say, “The appeal of a populist shows that issues that are dear to the heart of the American people cannot be ignored by the political class”;

If all of these things had been possible, then the rise of Donald Trump would have been unnecessary. His campaign would never have gotten off the ground in the first place.

The corruption, mendacity, and totalitarian tendencies of the current elites on the one hand, and the popular appeal of Donald Trump on the other, are two halves of the same process. They are the Yin and Yang of our times. They arise mutually. One cannot exist without the other.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Now let’s discuss a neglected aspect of the 2016 election: the role of the American Celt.

I admit to a bias in this regard: my Scots blood runs strong in me. It makes me ornery and obstinate when circumstances warrant. And I’m married to an Irishwoman, which intensifies my fascination with all things Celtic.

Back in April Apollon Zamp wrote at length here about the Scots-Irish in America. They form the backbone of this country. They have plowed its fields, mined its coal, and distilled its whiskey for more than three centuries. And above all they have fought its wars, over and over again.

But unlike the Irish of Boston, the Scots-Irish are not particularly political. They tend to be apathetic about voting, and don’t generally pay much attention the political winds swirling around them.

However, they are ornery. Orneriness is the predominant Scots-Irish characteristic. You can’t push a Celt around without expecting a much harder pushback. And if firearms are involved, the pushback can be lethal.

One of the early features of the primary season of this election was the uniform instructions being given to the American electorate by the leaders of both parties, TV talking heads, and anyone else with enough celebrity to gain media attention: The American people must not vote for Donald Trump! They were not allowed to. They were forbidden to do it.

I told Dymphna at the time: “They don’t realize it, but they just locked up the Celtic vote for Trump.”

Because you can’t tell a Celt not to do something. If you do, he is honor-bound to do it.

This is particularly true of the Scots-Irish. So all across flyover country, when those ornery people heard that they were being ordered not to vote for Donald Trump, then, by God, they went out and did it! Grizzled old grandpas and grandmas who hadn’t voted in decades, if ever, went down to the county seat and registered to vote, just so they could vote for the man they had been told they must not vote for. Their resolve was strengthened by the fact that their candidate, even with his Yankee accent, sounded a lot more like their own kind than all those fancy-pants *******s and ********s on television. So they went and voted for Donald Trump. Millions of them.

Anyone who wants to understand America must understand the Scots-Irish. It is my contention — without a shred of empirical evidence — that it was those ornery Celts from Appalachia, the Rockies, the Deep South, and the Heartland who put Donald Trump over the top.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

I’ve never been a Trump fan. Some of his policies make me cringe. But for the past twenty years he has been staunch on immigration, which is the most important issue of our time. Ever since he called for a halt to Muslim immigration after the jihad massacre in San Bernardino, I have been enthusiastic about a Trump presidency.

I don’t know if he’ll do what he promises. I don’t know if he’ll appoint worthy people to important cabinet posts.

But electing Trump made change possible. Not definite, just a slim hope. Not the fake hope ’n’ change of the Obamanauts, but real change, something that might, just might slow down our lemming-rush towards the precipice.

Real change was not possible with any of the others. From Jeb to Cruz, from Carly to Rubio, the only things on offer were slightly different flavors of the status quo. You could choose between Tweedledum and Tweedledee. And none of them could have beaten Hillary in the general election, in any case.

But now change is at least conceivable.

Trump can’t fix everything. He can’t solve the debt problem or prevent a collapse of the currency — that collapse is inevitable. But with shrewdly managed policies and widespread public support, it’s possible that the worst effects might be mitigated so that the country may conceivably avoid a descent into violent chaos.

Our chances are slim, but they exist. Under the Empress we would have had no chance at all.

This is one of those rare historic moments. The closest analogy I can think of is 1860. The country is bitterly divided, with a new president who is considered illegitimate by a large chunk of the political establishment.

But if it degenerates into violent conflict, it will be a real civil war this time. What we call “The Civil War” was in fact a sectional conflict, the War of Southern Independence. But this one will be an actual civil conflict between factions of a people divided against itself.

Dymphna sees more of a parallel with the election of 1824, however. She may be around later to elaborate on that theme.

*   Mr. Steyn joined the ranks of the immortals a few days ago by coining the phrase “Occam’s Weiner”.

128 thoughts on “Trumping Their Queen

  1. I just hope that the Hillary crowd doesn’t move to Toronto!
    Please, spare us!

    Fortunately, it’s not as easy as they’d like to imagine that it is.

    • “snowflakes flying out of California and New York will form a veritable blizzard heading for Vancouver and Toronto.

      What a pleasant thought!”

      Please have mercy, we here in Toronto or anywhere else in Canada don’t want any Trump-hating ‘celebrities’ either! Maybe they can be dumped on an uninhabited island somewhere, never to be seen or heard from again. To think we actually paid good money to see those jackasses cavorting on the silver screen!. . .

      • You can send them all here to us in Newfoundland. We need lots of spare pit-props to shore up our mine shafts.

    • >> Now all those Hillarites are going to have to make good on their promises and emigrate to Canada or New Zealand. The snowflakes flying out of California and New York will form a veritable blizzard heading for Vancouver and Toronto. <<

      Please! We DO NOT WANT your whiny SJWs in Canada. We have plenty of our own. Why don't they go to Mexico? After all. it's a lot more interesting, and the weather is much better.

    • I’m Canadian and don’t want the Hillary crowd here.
      I suggest they can go to Venezuela.

    • If Canada still had IQ tests for immigration, none of them would pass. Despite their narcissism, these guys are really dumb. Seen from the US perspective, it’s good that you dropped the IQ test. Now we can send our trash to Canada.

      • Personally I’m in favor of a government purchased 1st class ticket, and a case of Charmin, for anyone that wants to renounce their citizenship and immigrate. One way to Venezuela.

      • Just like in Brexit it’s the old white racists to blame for Trump winning according to the establishment media.

        The best longterm outcome in this American election is the death knell of that legacy media. Perhaps under a Trump presidency the internet backbone can be secured against the bureaucrats of the UN and ensure that another generation of people, not just in America, but around the world, can have continued uncensored access to what is going on in the world.

      • Or Libya?

        That’s a Hillary/Soetoro project. So it must be better than a Trump-led America eh.

        Send Amy Schumer to live in Libya & see how she gets on.

    • Didn’t crash, I’m sure it was turned of deliberately to avoid all those [w]usses applying, nobody wants them. Feed them to the sharks? No, not fair to the sharks.

      • Not fair to the sharks? What do you mean? They’re totally organic. I think it could work, although they might get a little dopey from all the drugs.

  2. I am not surprised at how the media is subtly spinning their analysis. Instead of pointing out how the left has been intolerant of those who disagree with them and what do they expect they say that perhaps the pc thing makes someone gravitate to trump if they even try to discuss the wrong side of an issue.

  3. Now, at least we have a CHANCE.

    Good luck to us all in what will become the REAL fight to preserve the nation. It begins in January, but the time to prepare is fleeting.

  4. Hey Baron, you forgot the Welsh, coal miners, blacksmiths, carpenters and machinists all!
    and also kicked around by the arrogant Anglos

    • I didn’t forget them. But I don’t think they were as significant factor in yesterday’s vote as the Scots-Irish.

      • I, for one, was so appalled by the Democratic Party’s platform that I voted a straight Republican ticket.
        I also picked up a Newsmax article this morning as to how the voting machines were pre-programmed to vote for Hillary and how the election judge was AWOL .
        You are correct, the vote should have been a landslide as it was with Reagan.

      • Trump’s mother was born and raised in Scotland.

        She was a MacCleod.

        Their motto is “STAND FAST”.

          • Wonderful!

            We had a great old friend whose mother was also a MacCleod…he was in the graduating 1939 class of West Point and quite a fellow.

            He was the liaison officer between Gen. Eisenhower and General Dempsey before and on D DAY. He was a Historian and quite the knowledgeable man on almost anything. I think he was the only Renaissance man we ever met.

            He is missed. Next year will be the 100th anniversary of his birth.

        • There’s no need to lecture me. I know very well what they are. I have them for ancestors.

          My forebears on that side of the family considered themselves Scots. That’s how they referred to themselves. I suppose they must have forgotten to apply to your Bureau of Ethnic Nomenclature for the requisite permit to use the name.


            The Scots/Irish Immigration of the 1700s


            Most of this history is a direct paste from a review of the movie, “God’s Frontiersmen” which was written by Rory Fitzpatrick. The movie was shown on Irish TV, edited, and sent to GFS Linda by an Irish cousin of hers from Belfast. The movie was then viewed and written up by GFS Linda for her forum on America On Line. She has graciously shared it with me and given me her permission to use her material on this page.

            A few terms for your understanding:

            S/I = Scots-Irish, purely a U.S. term used to distinguish the Presbyterian/Protestant Irish, mostly from Northern Ireland, who emigrated to the U.S. in the 1700’s as separate and distinct from earlier and later Catholic emigrants.
            Papists = Roman Catholics. You should understand that much of what happened in Scotland which resulted in the emigration to Ireland was the result of the English King realizing that the Pope held a “higher” position than that of the King of England. With that thought came the outlawing of the Catholic Church in the whole of the British Isles.
            Ulstermen or Ulster-Scots = Another name for the Scots-Irish, since Ulster was the part of Northern Ireland in which the Scots were settled by the British. And Ulster Scots is the name by which the Scots-Irish are known in the United Kingdom.
            Orangemen = This name for the Scots-Irish comes from William III, Prince of Orange, and is kept because his victory over despotic power laid the foundation for the evolution of Constitutional Democracy in the British Isles. [O.K. Some of this rhetoric is rather radical, but that is the nature of the people.]

            An interesting site.

            BTW, Donald Trump’s character – and his campaign – most closely resembles Scots-Irish President Andrew Jackson. Trump’s father was of German parentage but his mother was born in Scotland. IIRC, she met Trump paterfamilias on a trip to NYC. Or she may have been here on a work visa.

  5. As a New Zealander, we don’t want the Collectivists and globalists. We are a sovereign nation and intend to stay that way – and it appears a majority of American citizens also feel that way – excellent and well done !

    Because we are so small and have been relatively culturally well-integrated we do have a welfare state that is being pared back because it is unsustainable. We also have an immigration policy that is being made even more strict lately, and makes Donald Trump’s look like a p*ssy in comparison.

    Leftists are welcome as tourists. You will see what a center-right nation can achieve.

    Congratulations America, given the choice of becoming a borderless province of the globalist New World Order where the people are subject to the elites, or turning back to your roots as a Constitutional Republic where the sovereign state serves the people, you made a very wise choice. Enjoy it.

    America The Free will be Great Again – and the rest of the World will rejoice.

    • How is NZ immigration policy becoming stricter?
      I may have to move to NZ as here in Australia we’re sick of the amount of left[ist]s using NZ as a gateway to immigrate to Australia.
      I wish we could return the favour!

      • It’s not really stricter. Political pressure is on the Government to tighten up it’s wealthy investor category, which has seen thousands of wealthy immigrants from Asia (mainly China & India) buying houses in Auckland and pushing up house prices. The result is home ownership is near impossible for many ” locals”. This is now an issue that could see the Key Government lose next years election. Where Australia is effected is the visa arrangement that allows NZ Passport holders preferential residence in Australia. As a consequence, some immigrants once gaining a NZ Passport, promptly shift to Australia, which may have been their true intention all along. Sort of a back door.

        • Is there a small space on North Island for poor old Brit (of Croat origins) to escape to? Sick and tired of bloody muslim loving libtard government and their shadow handlers.
          Got sleeping bag, willing to travel.

          • I’m sure there is. In fact I remember back in the 1970’s there was already a “Yugoslav” community, exiles and refugees from the communist era.

          • Actually, they were economic migrants. As bad as those (guest workers – rednecks) in Germany. I’d stay well clear and just loose myself in Lord of the Rings Country.
            Alas, they would not let me stay.

    • Dude, New Zealand is not conservative. We have a right of centre govt, but blimey is the country progressive at its core. It’s part of the culture.

      We are, after all, the first country to give women the right to vote in parliamentary elections.

      We made prostitution legal way back in 2003.

      We had the Civil Union Bill way back in 2005.

      We’re proud of being a nuclear-free zone. We’re proud of our strive for green energy. We’d like to charge cattle for farting, in order to progress our climate change agenda.

      NZ is a total safe space for SJW.

      • But NZ is a beautiful place. It’s like California in that regard:scenic but filled with ignorant socialists. Still, y’all have produced some fine people. Trevor Loudon is one.

  6. A little Scotch-Irish for orneriness; a little German for hard-headedness, and all Texan. My response to, “Don’t do that,” is, “Hold my beer and watch this.” 😀


  7. It seems to me that with the US Presidential election and our own Referendum to Leave the EU, God has given our two countries another chance to redeem ourselves. In both instances and for all our sakes, I pray we don’t mess it up.

  8. Yeah, you can always count on those “Stand and Fight” Liberals to stay to the bloody end, right? Not on your life or anyone else’s. More like rats trampling each other to save themselves from the sinking ship, the SS Clinton. As one with a goodly amount of Scots-Irish in me, Ornery is my middle name! Time to drain the swamp and root out the subterraneans, right after the hildabeast is fitted with a rope necklace for her High Crimes and Misdemeanors and justice is served on all of her and satan’s minions.

  9. Dear Sir, the thought of all those sniveling democrats coming north to join the already over population of sniveling liberals is too much. They are the last thing we need. Its hard enough being a conservative in Canada as it is.

    • All the snowflakes can move to Canada, where they won’t be in danger of melting. And all the red hot peppers can move down here.

      There will then be a socialist cesspit in the north, and a free-market haven here in the south.

        • I don’t know what all the fuss is about. Schumer and the rest have already claimed they were “just kidding”. We’re stuck with them all until they OD on drugs or get committed.

  10. Ding Dong the Witch is Dead,
    Who’s afraid of the Wicked Old Witch!
    Ding Dong the Wicked Old Witch is dead!

  11. “Just think what the result would have been like if this election had been played straight — if there hadn’t been hordes of illegal aliens voting, with no armies of the dead stuffing the ballot boxes and no rigged voting machines.”

    This thought has occurred to me as well. I think if the election had been free of voter fraud we would have seen a true landslide win for Trump.

    • Yes, agreed. But note my larger point: there would never have been a Trump campaign in that case, because the impetus behind it wouldn’t be there.

      For a Trump to arise from among the people, there has to be an evil empire oppressing the people.

      • Wrong. We are witnessing what we never saw before in history. Our masters have decided to dispense of us, demographically. If their self-confidence didn’t do them in, they were about to succeed. Brexit few years from now would have been a mathematical impossibility with the demographic changes going on. Even now, it happened with the help of some rain the election day. In USA, the victory was ever so narrow, the witch won the popular vote. If drastic measures aren’t taken, this is the last time in history.

        Please tell me again, why deporting Somalis from Sweden is a nazi thing to do? Is Somalia Auschwitz? Why do we need to turn Sweden into Auschwitz as well? Somalis are not becoming Swedes, Sweden is becoming Somalia.

      • Agreed. And the evil empire is falling because they have underestimated the people. One would think that Brexit would give them few clues but their overwhelming ignorance and arrogance made them blind to the facts. Not they got another slap in the face and lets hope the blows continue. It is truly the time, globally, that “we the people” take reins again and make it perfectly clear that WE are in charge.
        In the same time Illia Toli statement is also correct, the “elite” is trying to dispense us and not just demographically but also literally. Their plan to destroy white race is well in progress in Europe. Check Kalergie plan.
        We must also take note that it is not just Somalis but ALL mu[slim]s that have to be ejected from Europe and USA before they breed us out of existence. There is nothing nazi, fascist or racist about it, if not done it is the end of white race. It is the fight for our right to live.

  12. Just a cotton-picking minute–what about all the Canadians who said they would move to Texas if Trump won? Well hopefully they’ll have more sense.

    After the Y2K nonsense, and Norway and Switzerland both telling their terrified countrymen and women the sky would fall, they would all become paupers, etc., but those two countries are doing very well thank you, while not belonging to the corrupt EU.

    How long before ‘grown-ups’ realize they have a choice, that they will not be lined up and shot, and the sky will not fall on them if they do not vote as they are told?

    Certainly today’s newspapers (particularly in Europe) contain a veritable rogue’s gallery of photo’s of all the teary leftists bemoaning the fact America didn’t vote in a lying, sleazy crook.

    • I love hearing the leftists around me complaining.

      I only “soft-push” them back, because to actually state things as they are will cause them to shut down. I hope that over time, they can be made to see the light, though I highly doubt it.

  13. Forgot to say in the above comment………..As we would have said in Alberta………

    YYYYEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAA!! My intuition was wrong, and I’m soooo glad!!!
    Way to go, Donald! You slew the dragon!! There is, I’m sure, even more hope this morning here in Canada! The world has become a lighter place.
    Thank you America!

  14. On election day I went to Canada in the morning, returning about 1 pm. The port of entry southbound was busy but mostly commercial traffic. The northbound was almost sleepy quiet. No one asked me about fleeing the possibility of a Trump or Clinton presidency when I was questioned upon entering the Dominion. (Doesn’t that make Canadians “Minions”?)

    I get the Celtic thing. BTW, I play a mean pennywhistle and flute and can tip the bodhran well enough to be a metronome.

    ‘Nuf sed for now. I am most grateful for this auspicious day.

  15. You are so right about that ornery business — it runs deep and strong in my family, especially in this one particular daughter of mine. Ask her husband!

    We’re Scots-Irish, English, French, with small doses of German.
    My dad was true Scots-Irish: a Scottish father and an Irish mother, Frazier and McGee.
    My mom was Irish-English: an Irish dad and a Scots-English-Irish mother, whose ancestors of the 16-17th centuries brought in the French blood.

    I love my ancestry; and you can see I love talking about it. By the way, my Scots and Irish ancestors came to America mid-17th Century, those ancestors from my mom’s mom — one of whom signed the DIC: Charles Carroll of Carrollton.

    Ever hear of Dumbarton Oaks, of infamous UN plotting?
    Read this: “The land of Dumbarton Oaks was formerly part of the Rock of Dumbarton grant that Queen Anne made in 1702 to Colonel Ninian Beall (ca. 1625-1717);” via Wikipedia (ugh — I almost wrote Wikileaks ?).

    Ninian Beall was a many times over great-grandfather of mine, from my mother’s side of the family, and her mother.

    Yes; I’m in a cheery mood today, although a bit fuzzy from too much celebratory imbibing.

    • Edit:
      I think I got that wrong yesterday in my fuzzy-state.

      I don’t know from where I read that “DIC” was short for Declaration of Independence.
      Pardon my mistake — I hate making writing errors.

  16. I wonder why these leftists only express the desire to move to Canada, and not Mexico?

    They claim to be upset about the proposed wall, and thus being deprived of the opportunity to be culturally enriched by illegals from south of the border.

    Taking this into consideration, why do they then only express the desire to move to ‘white’ countries, such as Canada, New Zealand etc. and not any of the countries where these illegals actually hail from??

    Could it be that there is some subconscious ‘racism’ at play here ;^)

    • May be these idealists could volunteer for a four year Peace Corp assignment in Pakistan, (that would get them through the Trump years, unless re-elected) doing Polio vaccinations in those scenic tribal areas of the North East. A marvelous opportunity to do good in the world!

    • It isn’t subconscious – it’s sub-rosa. They don’t give a damn about minorities except to a) get them to vote Democrat, and b) show up to mow the grass, do the laundry, nanny the kids, chauffeur the car, and be invisible.

  17. I retired just ahead of the official declaration of Trump’s victory feeling more positive about the future than in a fair while. I awoke from a dream around 3:00 am.

    In the dream Donald was picking up the keys to the White House from Barry Soetoro. While Mich[elle] glared at him, Donald withdrew an envelope from his inside pocket and handed it to Barry. “Thanks for the keys Barry”, Donald said. “There’s a copy of your real birth certificate in the envelope, You’ll likely need it for the future.”

    “Slean leat, Barry”.

  18. I work pro bono in Immigration Law. I marched for Gay Rights in the early 1970s. I protested the Vietnam War. I am a college-educated woman and I voted for Mr. Trump.

    Why, because this country has become too politically correct oriented and our youngsters do not know how to debate. They accuse.

    Is Mr. Trump an ideal President, no, but he has guts. Hill was just a part of the machine.

  19. “…and emigrate to Canada or New Zealand”

    I don`t know, New Zealand just recently has toughened their Migration policy drastically.
    Only Canda seems to go astray with their leftist loony Government.
    But still not as worse as Western Europe.

    • Wear a burqa and shout “Death to the Great Satan”, and you’ll have no trouble crossing the border in the larger cities of Canada.

  20. My deepest satisfaction at the election results comes from the utter defeat of the Lying-stream Media and their pollster accomplices. May their bankruptcies in truth be reflected in their financial bankruptcies, and may those come soon and frequently. Keep the internet free! . . . even at the price of it carrying mind-rotting filth.

    Now, I wish the Fat Lady will go serenade the Grey Lady.

    • It was quite lovely this AM watching MSNBC and CNN sit around glumly at their tables wondering where the dream all went wrong. They were actually speaking in the plural “we” in regard to the Democratic party loss. No attempt at any neutrality what so ever. They just can’t seem to figure out that when they became a mouth piece for the libs, they then lost all credibility and objectiveness. Hence alt right news sources then became the only credible voice on the opposition, which then made their propaganda all the more unbelievable in comparison. You can only read and watch so many videos of liberals bragging about committing assaults on Trump supporters, engaging in voter fraud, and so many rumors of financial wrong doings on the part of Hillary where everything fell apart for them. The airport meeting between the DOJ and Willy were especially damaging, making even the usually non corruptible FBI look suspect and compromised. One of the first pieces of legislation I would propose is stricter voter registrations and voter ID laws. Second, I would propose a return to paper ballots to double check results (one could look at a reasonable cross section to see if they proportionally match with the reported election results to ensure against deliberate programming distortions of results).

  21. The Scotch Irish….The Polish…the Italians..the Hungarians..the Russians…and so many other tough ethnic groups too. The Scotch Irish are the most numerous; and thank God they live here; but do not forget the other God Fearing offspring of tough immigrants too. We cannot burn down the Ivy League universities and law schools….but we can ignore them. The ” BLUE COLLAR BILLIONAIRE ” may lead the way. God bless him.

  22. Hurrah, hurrah – the wicked witch is indeed dead. Figuratively and possibly literally in the next four years, or sooner. I worked the polls yesterday and although Texas has among the best election laws in the country it is very poor at enforcing them – no surprise there. The elections office in this county seems to exclusively hire morons. I kid you not.

    For example, at the training those being trained were told “you can get your photo in the next room” but at the end of the training we were told that photo IDs were required and that they would take the photo in the next room – duh! These people cannot even make a simply announcement and get it right.

    In the training those who checked voter IDs were require do say “do you still live in X street” instead of “what is the name, not the number, just the name of the street you are on.” It makes a difference. This is con-artistry 101 – the first provides the answer, the second puts the person being questioned on the spot. Now I know perfectly well that this may only reveal few if any fraudsters. But honestly the elections office should aim to eliminate all fraud.

    There were many other flaws, but these are short and easy to explain and are just an example of the incredible stupidity of this elections office.

  23. I meant to write “you can get a photo in the next room” – sounds rather voluntary, but it was not. When announcing this it should have been made clear that this was mandatory. I hate getting my photo taken.

  24. Those who attempt to relocate may find that it’s not so easy. When G. W. Bush was elected, a neighbor family beat a hasty retreat to Canada. We were surprised to see them return in just 2 months. They had never considered that Canada has actual immigration laws governing the length of their stay, their ability to buy property, etc. A friend who married a Canadian woman and wanted to join her in Canada faced numerous obstacles as well. These people really think they live in a borderless world instead of merely a borderless country.

  25. Just wait till you see Hillary’s new look. Gone are the Stalinesque pants suits hiding her incontinence pants … in comes the orange boiler suit & white sneakers …

  26. Those who attempt to relocate may find that it’s not so easy. When G. W. Bush was elected, a neighbor family beat a hasty retreat to Canada. We were surprised to see them return in just 2 months. They had never considered that Canada has actual immigration laws governing the length of their stay, their ability to buy property, etc. A friend who married a Canadian woman and wanted to join her in Canada faced numerous obstacles as well. These people really think they live in a borderless world instead of merely a borderless country.

    • They live in a fantasy world, and it doesn’t take much for them to come up against reality. They may be able to shout down the odd rational person who presents them with the odd pesky fact now and again, but they can hardly shout down the whole nation of Canada.

      To put this another way, it takes a country the size of Canada to make them realise that there is something out there beyond their dreamworld. Something we rational folks like to call … reality.

      • Their harshest reality is “oh my, I broke a nail”. They deserve everything they get and I do not mean anything pleasant.

    • Bluebird-

      If your neighbors had been Somali or Pakistani I am sure they would have received unlimited time and taxpayer money from the Canadian government because of all the enrichment they could have given the Great White North.

  27. It’s great to be a Celt. My mother would tell my brother and me that if she told us not to do something that we would do it or die trying!

    • Well, you know the old joke about Celts: God invented whiskey to keep them from taking over the world. And governments invented whiskey taxes, driving Celts to make even more ‘shine.

      So between God and the government (which thinks it’s God) we just have to “die trying”. George Washington’s administration should have found another thing to tax besides hard cider and distilled spirits to pay the govt’s war debts. Those Celts are still mad.

      • It made them shoot at their landlord, and it made them miss.

        Anyway, we all know why Trump lost Minnstanbul.

  28. Baron, question from Britain: why are the online Daily Mail you often cite and the Guardian so widely read in America? Only the WaPo has more online readers in the world than these two very different British papers (one right, one left, one low-brow, one high-brow, one tabloid, one broadsheet). I don’t get it. What’s the appeal?

    • The Guardian often does good news reporting, if you can grit your teeth and endure the leftist bumf that everything is wrapped in.

      Yes, the Daily Mail is a Brit rag, but if I understand it correctly, it has a major division that covers American news extensively. It is one of the most popular media outlets in the USA for that reason. They must have local stringers here, because they get on top of the major breaking news stories within 30 minutes or so of when the yellow police tape goes up, with tons of photographs, background on the people involved, local color, etc. I’m in awe of their capabilities.

      The Mail is possibly the best MSM outlet in the world. They come closer than any of the others to doing a job that a newspaper is supposed to do. Breitbart is better, but it’s still relatively small, and doesn’t have the reach of the Mail.

      There have been many times when the only other English-language outfit covering a particular story besides the Mail is RT.

      • Not in UK they’re not. All you have to do is look at their pages and see that they are just brainwash for pampered feminazi.

      • Thanks for the reply. The DM, oddly, is not highly regarded in Britain. I’m not a fan myself; I find the celebrity garbage that clutters the whole website a big turnoff. Nor do I find its reporting striking accurate. .. What puzzles me is why the US, so dominant in virtually every other corner of the media, has left this gap.

        • We’re aware of the status of the Daily Mail in Britain. Though we wonder why you haven’t been able to silence the treasonous Beeb, far worse than anything here.

          The thing the Mail does is to keep the garbage on the sidebar. I don’t even notice it anymore. I went there to see the photos (they should win awards) of Election Night, and for a change I read the essay that accompanied them. It was outstanding. Even-handed and insightful.

          There are no first-class newspapers or news sites in the U.S. They’re all biased but the big ones refuse to admit their bias so we avoid them. Hillary threatened several times about what she was going to do to the “alt right” which includes us. She also had big plans for “hate sites”…we probably would’ve gone down in the putsch.

          I’m not kidding: I had visions of the B in jail or paying such a large fine we’d be homeless. The woman is spiteful and unforgiving. Look at the way that poor videographer was used by her as a cover for the mess she made in Benghazi. He spent a year in federal prison.

        • The Mail has stuff that nobody else has. I just ignore the celebrities — I presume that’s their bread-bread-and-butter, making them the money they need to do the rest.

    • I read both, but more often than not just go straight to the comments, especially on the Graun. Nothing better than seeing the SJW’s in disarray as they see the walls collapsing all around them. First Brexit, then Trump, Le Pen will make it the Trinity.

  29. The Scots-Irish thing didn’t work too well over here. Scotland and Northern Ireland both voted to stay in the EU. The ornery Welsh did the right Celtic thing, though – and voted for Brexit.

    • That’s because the most feisty, contentious, and non-docile of them emigrated here three hundred years ago and poured into Pennsylvania, moving ever farther down the Appalachians whenever their neighborhood became too civilized and people started telling them what to do. One of them came down from the Blue Ridge into the Piedmont, married an Anglo cracker, and became my ancestor.

      The fierce independent spirit of the Scots-Irish is one of the major roots of the American character. Among the other sources are the Protestant Yankees, who gave us our commercial culture (hybridized with the Dutch of New Amsterdam), the Catholics and Protestants who fled repression in England and France, and the hard-working Germans who settled some of our best agricultural lands in huge numbers.

      But the Celts have their own special significance, because they fought and won our wars. The finest American warriors were mostly Scots-Irish. From the Battle of New Orleans to the Battle of Front Royal to the Battle of the Bulge, the Scots-Irish were in the van.

      • Why are you Americans so desperate to be something other than American? Get over yourselves, you aren’t Scots, Irish, or anything else, you’re simply Americans. Same as this African American bollocks, complete and utter garbage. Try embracing being American, you might find it works a whole lot better for you as a country.

        • Being an American means, among other things, understanding where you came from. I don’t see any problem with that, but maybe I lack your more expert insight.

      • Don’t forget the Scot’s and Irish fought on both sides during the War of Independence. The famous “Black Watch” 42nd Highland Regiment of Foot, were one of the best regiments the British had during that conflict.

        • Yes, I know. As Apollon Zamp mentioned in his article, the Scots-Irish like a good fight. They aren’t always particular about which side they’re on, as long as they get to fight.

  30. As an expat I just hope that Americans who voted for Trump will get all the good things they wish for. But as the ultimate skeptic I feel that to “drain the swamp” Trump would have to have the will and the know-how to begin the purges in the same way Putin did.

    • Putin wants the [mess] to stop and Trump as friendly. Surely he can point him in a right direction. I hope he will. Please…

  31. Yeeha! as we say out here on the prairie (also in Texas). The good guy won. I am thrilled.

  32. Tennessee here. We voted Trump-Pence. I’m mixed blood, American Indian from both sides, Scots-Irish, Huguenot evicted from France, through England to
    Williamsburg (Maupins). An ornery mix. Dad was a combat veteran in WWII in
    N. Africa, Italy & Germany. Shell-shocked all to pieces, but came back home ready
    to go to work! Great-great grandfather was a Rebel & fought at Shiloh. I grew up with
    my parents taking me to Shiloh more than once. I’m 70. Back then, the “Bloody Pond”
    was very dark colored from the blood stains; but has faded a lot since then. My g-g
    grandfather said that Shiloh was “such a mess that you couldn’t tell if you had killed
    anybody; but he didn’t see how he could have kept from it”. Smoke from guns was so

  33. GoV’s bylines and headlines are so nearly spot-on (perfectly put) too bad they don’t get *Drudged*.

    • With the exception of Gateway Pundit, Drudge doesn’t link blogs. Years and years ago it was said that he refused to link blogs as a matter of principle, but I don’t know if that’s true.

      • It’s a well-known but unstated fact that Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit is gay – he finally decided to announce it quietly some time ago. He doesn’t do the resentment routine; Jim is, after all, a Conservative.

        Drudge is also both, and he likes Jim’s consistently early and accurate coverage. No one reads Gateway Pundit because its owner is gay; they read him because he is at the top of his game in terms of news coverage. Like the Daily Mail, he is given lots of local coverage from around the country and he posts it.

        Jim had huge numbers before Drudge ever started linking him. I like and respect what he’s done, sometimes in the face of great adversity.

        • When the Tsarnaev brothers were bombing Boston, assaulting LEO during the hunt, and then the one remaining brother hiding out in a backyard sail (?) boat, it was TGP from whom I received the most update and thorough reporting — with photos.

          Don’t know how the Hoft brothers do it, but in many cases they are on-the-spot journalists (at least they are getting their info from timely sources).

          Here at GoV we (hah! YOU) have a specialized niche.
          Maybe someone should tweak Drudge’s ear about your invaluable contribution!!

          • Gateway Pundit is due to Jim’s character. People WANT to send him stories and pictures. He has a big unpaid staff who do some of the writing and research, but he doesn’t try to be like Breitbart. He also has a WHOLE LOT of ads, something we promised to avoid at all costs, though I don’t blame others when they do it.

            When he almost went blind and was out of commission, other people stepped in to keep it going. You’ll notice many sites doing that, but no one has the breadth Jim does. He does breaking news, too, which has never been our interest…

          • No reply arrow under your post, Dymphna; so it’s above your comment, but in response to it.

            You are quite right in all you say, of course; and I appreciate your feedback. And for my part, I feel my blood pressure drop (despite the oft-times disturbing content of your blog) merely because I’m not bombarded with a myriad of inane, culture-degrading ads. Thank you!!

            Still — I’d like Drudge to get with the program and give you and Baron the recognition you merit.

  34. Baron wrote: “Yes, Hillary can still litigate it, but she will have to contest several states, not just one like Gore did in 2000.”

    Question: Should she opt to litigate, wouldn’t that open the entire ballot box up for discovery in each disputed case? Seems to me such an attempt could further jeopardize her remaining days outside the clink, given all the reports of voter fraud.

    • I think it’s moot now; it looks like there will be no litigation by the Democrats. It seems, however, that a Soros-funded street war has begun.

    • She’s too tired and too realistic to do that. It doesn’t mean she won’t try to undermine Trump’s administration in other ways…

      BTW, I watched the video of the Clinton family leaving the bldg after Hillary’s concession. Chelsea looked euphoric, almost walking on air. Took me a while to figure it out: she gets her parents back – or maybe gets them for the first time. And no more Huma 24/7. So poor deluded Chelsea gets to tend two decrepit, failing politicians. I think it will be much harder than she anticipates.

      • Agree. Currently this family is coddled with wealth and respect. That will all fall apart in the coming months. It’s also easy to imagine their speeches are not going to garner the fees which Bill and Hill have become accustomed to.
        Chelsea may suddenly begin to care about money.
        I doubt this family will ever be paupers but . . .prison isn’t celebrated for it’s accommodations. Their attorneys will likely make quite the living in the coming years. . . with or without a presidential pardon particularly because no pardon will affect foreign reaction to Hillary’s failure to win this election. All those “generous contributions” received by the various Clinton foundation coffers coming from foreign entities will demand some sort of equity. Will they demand refunds?

  35. It will be tempting for Trump to pardon Hillary’s foibles en masse. But it could be important to stop endless sniping to show how thoroughly corrupt she was. But could we ever teach the progressives anything? Look at Alger Hiss. They still believe he was innocent….even after the USSR archives yelled in their faces.. And poor old Senator McCarthy and the great exculpatory by Stanton Evans….that did nothing.

    I think we should, however, keep looking into the Clintons…forever.. just as a payback for eroding our culture with white trash psychopathy. Put Linda Tripp in charge of this permanent investigation.

  36. Well said. How about few of you coming back to UK? We could certainly use some help. I am all for standing up but I am in minority to [w]usses that let mu[slim]s walk all over them, But then, Although a UK citizen, I am from a different stock, the one that stood up to Turks for over 300 years and never let them through. Yes, the same ones that Napoleon said that with 100.000 of those he could conquer the world 🙂
    As for “celebrities” please do not make other, reasonably sane countries have to suffer them. There is a perfect place for them, a country with national IQ of 68: Somalia. They’ll fit in perfectly.

  37. Oh, yes, my other “claim to fame” is that I was married to Scottish, Irish, welsh, english woman whose grear great… grandfather was one of Guy Fawkes lads 🙂 forced to flee to Ireland. Bless him.

  38. My skills in english language are not very good but am i correct when i assume that in “…all those fancy-pants *******s and ********s on television.” the two words are [words we never allow here]? 😀

  39. Not New Zealand please – we have enough illiberal utopian totalitarian cultural warriors of the left. California is their natural home. Thank you.

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