They Are Clueless and Stupid, in Addition to Being Evil

Wise words from Srdja Trifkovic:

“There’s something out there that’s hard to fathom,” said a CNN pundit as the map started turning uncertain or even red in unexpected places, around 4 AM my time (10 PM Eastern). “You would not have a reality-based conversation projecting this map until a few hours ago,” said another a few minutes later. These people, and their ilk in a thousand studios, editorial offices, colleges and think-tanks, and their masters — from the Vineyard and Upper East Side to Palo Alto and Beverly Hills — are clueless and stupid, in addition to being evil. They deserved this defeat, and their shock should be exploited immediately and boldly to rob them permanently of their power to do bad things to good people.

14 thoughts on “They Are Clueless and Stupid, in Addition to Being Evil

  1. I loved reading Mr. Trifkovic’s insights. So right on. The nation finally revolted against political correctness, which is simply self righteous/condescending anti Judeo-Christian
    paganism. If you don’t accept planned parenthood, LGBT and pro-Moslem agendas, then you are an ignorant racist. Thank you.

  2. This is a war and the enemy isn’t going to give up any more than the Nazis did after they were stopped at Moscow or Stalingrad. There was a lot more fighting to do after that, & like the Russkis during WW2, we’re going to have to fight them all the way back to their doorsteps then drop them where they stand – as FDR said, unconditional surrender is the only way to go here, so the enemy cannot rise again even if they ever wanted to. This is a war, and it is ongoing. In fact, it has just begun.

    • Too true! We know the RINOS still exist and will do everything they can to source the personnel and set the political agenda, and further that the Washington swamp of bureaucrats will stymie, prevaricate and stab Trump appointees in the back, leak information to their slime-bucket friends in the media and make life hell for Trump, even trying to provoke a crisis to impeach him.

      Soros refuses to die and is already kicking up a firestorm with his rent-a-crowd protests and Hillary had the gall to say that she is willing to work with Trump! Is she real?

      All the enemies are still there and now they are mad as hornets.

      Fortunately, Trump is tough. He’ll need to be.

  3. I would have liked to have been a fly on Merkel’s wall – Hillary’s favorite leader! I was dreading the three witches from Macbeth – Merkel, Hillary and Theresa May, whom Paul Weston says is caving in to the Lefties and selling out the Brexit supporters. But we’ve eliminated one, thank God. Merkel will have the wind well and truly up her, as will Hollande. Schadenfreude is so great!

  4. You can’t reason with leftists, I know, I’ve tried many times. (guess I’m just a slow learner)

    Btw, a monument to Weiner? Phallic, of course. Many in Bhutan.

  5. The “clueless and stupid” revealed themselves all over Europe on 9 November as they gave their TV reactions on Trump’s win to the roaming interviewer . The most comparable word used I heard was “shocked” (verbased, schockiert, sous le choc). This shouldn’t be a surprise either as the Establishment (politicians, media, academia) have the public pretty much hoodwinked.

  6. Looking at that big red map of the US with its thin rim of blue in California and New England and the heartland showing solid red throughout…wow…is this the end of marching through the institutions? the watershed of our brainwashing? Are people now being influenced by what they are choosing for themselves in the media instead of having to listen to what is gratuitously dumped on their ears by the MSM? Are we now selecting and choosing our own media diet and no longer being force fed by progressive mommy?

    It appears so….and that, although we still know what offal snd detritus the MSM are pushing at us, we are treating them as irrelevant clowns and jokers, as we tune into GoV or PJ Media or Diana West. Good for us!

    • The thin rim of blue extends now into Colorada (where Californians moved to get away from the hellhole they created & starting another one in CO). The founding fathers, fearful of enslavement by the majority, made the government as representative as possible. That vast red middle is sparsely settled in comparison to the blue places. So they get fewer representatives due to lower population but each state has TWO senators. Arguably the Senate has more power, but the House of Representatives has more push – e.g., the financial stuff.

      IIRC, the House was willing to impeach Bill Clinton for perjury, but the Senate – who also had to pass a bill for it – barred the door.

      BTW, Florida is a “swing state”, along with a few others. Has lots and lots of retirees from other places who bring their values with them. Plus Cubans in the south, and an influential Jewish vote in Miami environs.

  7. That Van Jones comment had me going as well. Just shows how totally racist a lot of black people are. He could not wait to redefine Trumps victory as a massive racist conspiracy. When is he going to learn that viewers just tune him out if he insults them? Is it any wonder that they have lost all credibility when they do such things? It’s amazing how many democrats have actually not listened to what Trump is saying. All they hear are the sound bites coming from their masters.

  8. I like Anthony so much right now, I’m thinking of changing my online name to CarlosDanger. What the heck, lets try it out.

  9. “…their shock should be exploited immediately and boldly to rob them permanently of their power… ”

    I’ve been working on that for decades; I can’t type what I’ve concluded after all this failure to arrive at a solution. Any ideas would be very welcome.

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