The Shameful Overreach of Facebook

Stalin would have loved Facebook.

Owned by an arrogant, immensely naive and uneducated man (who also owns Instagram), Facebook continues to stomp on a variety of people whose cultures it doesn’t understand. To be clear, we closed our page on Facebook some time ago (or rather, had our FB admin in Australia close it). From the beginning we didn’t see the point of having a Facebook page, but others said it was important.

The Baron never cared. He found it a time-waster and opted out from the beginning. I hung around longer, partly out of inertia, but long enough to see that it was a venue which could be dangerous to free speech.

When Zuckerberg took up Angela Merkel’s oppressive rules about what Germans would be allowed to say, I notified our admin to close the page. You can’t really get free of FB — I’m sure that if our admin is an FB person, she’s being pestered to re-open the page.

Facebook is okay for family gatherings, dog and cat cuteness, or staying in touch with school friends after you graduate. Beyond that, I don’t see the point. People on FB are rude; the p.c. Nazis reign supreme there. And when groups complain about the ongoing injustices of the “curators” (a new word for Speech Police), they are met with silence. It really is a Kafkaesque institution, opaque and impenetrable.

I won’t have any truck with an entity that shames, shuns, and silences critics of the reigning orthodoxy. Mark Zuckerberg is a profoundly ignorant and arrogant man, an exemplar of Lord Acton’s famous aphorism: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Our Polish correspondent Green Infidel wrote several weeks ago about Facebook’s unwarranted shutdown of groups that were promoting Poland’s annual Independence Day celebrations on November 11. The Zuckerberg Stasi also shut down other conservative and patriotic sites in Poland for no apparent reason except that they were deemed politically unacceptable.

The video below shows the symbolic response of the leaders of a patriotic rally in Poland to this high-handed behavior by the Lords of Facebook. See if you get the same satisfaction that I did from watching the destruction of Facebook’s icons.

A big thank you to Ava Lon for the translation, and of course to Vlad for subtitling it:


00:00   Look here, in front of the stage.
00:04   we just brought up Facebook’s symbols and we’ll show what we think about those symbols.
00:08   Let’s show the entire world see that Polish people wont be intimidated
00:12   by any American or international
00:16   global corporations!
00:44   Wait, we will,
00:48   We’ll be singing really for the official beginning.
00:52   There will also be speeches.
00:56   Look,
01:00   it’s burning fast!
01:04   Really fast, actually!
01:08   [chant] Poland against corporations!
01:12   Poland against corporations!
01:16   Poland against corporations!

13 thoughts on “The Shameful Overreach of Facebook

  1. I must admit, I have a FB page for keeping up with family and buddies from my military days… However, I never post anything political or follow anyone who is. In this day and age, it is almost more suspicious if one does not have a page.

    That being said, I believe that Mr Zuckerburg is every bit as much an odious toad as Mr Soros. Soros at least has class enough to dress somewhat close to his net worth. Mr Zuckerburg lacks any understanding of class or style and by his actions, one would assume he is still in high school. It is a shame the most evil, venal, and unscrupulous seem to become the most fabulously wealthy and powerful, and the rewards of this world are theirs for the taking. Truly the kingdom of the devil. For once, it would be nice to see justice served in this life upon the evil men who control this world.

    • It never hurts to create an account just to make sure you have your name and identity secured.

      • Just asking, but how does placing yourself on their radar ensure any measure of security? Isn’t simply providing your name and email together a personal security breach?

  2. What most don’t understand about Facebook is that its decisions are driven by algorithms. There isn’t an army of Zuckerberg clones or shills deciding on a whim or with instructions from “above” what’s pc and what isn’t.

    It’s the pure number of complaints which causes action. If many Muslims click the down-thumb on a critic of their Frankensteinian mockery of a religion, the critic gets a warning and if it doesn’t stop, shut down. If many SJW snowflakes downrate something they don’t like to hear because it hurts their feelings or those of any group they pretend to protect, the same thing happens. The system is incredibly dumb, yes. Some say it’s even democratic. Cough. In its best sense, mob rule.

    What happened in Germany was that the pc elite complained that this wasn’t happening enough. Too much free expression went unreported because too few bothered to click the alarm button, and something had to be done about it. And they went all the way up to the Chancellor, because Zuckerberg couldn’t be reached this way. This is the only thing I will say to his credit, though.

  3. I’m on Facebook. I have a particular interest in a corner of the arts that is greatly enriched by the groups I can join and the contacts and friends (even!) that I have made. But I stay out of politics and rather wish everyone else would, too.

  4. Never used FB either. A few people I know use it only under assumed names and on a dedicated computer and dedicated line. Ultimately I think “they” can spy on you no matter what. The PRISM BREAK free software alternatives do not magically exempt you from NSA’s surveillance programme either.

  5. PS: that article needs to get on Twitter – and in fact it should be put on Face Book.
    I cannot find the twitter button here, and I’m not on Face Book, so I cannot follow my own advice and can only hope someone will take it on 🙂

  6. If someone belives he is in need for participating in a social network, then there are plenty of alternatives to facebook.

    You don`t even have to use the equal dubios Russian “facebook”.
    Use Diaspora and Friendica fe. (to name just 2).
    Just let your followers and friends know where they can find you.

  7. The Obama government and their EU minions are constantly criticizing Poland (and Hungary) about the “freedom of the press” and “democracy”… Yeah that is why we are so busy translating articles from Polish and Hungarian to the people here to read. I think everybody is sick of being “educated” by criminals! Facebook is no longer growing and like Twitter starts it slow collapse.

  8. I have never participated in:
    Linked in

    In fact, name it and I HAVE NOT participated.

    I know who my friends are, I can email them or call them. Sometimes I even peel a stamp. I’m old, I used to lick a stamp and drop a dime.

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